Key Locations in Acid Dreams

Basil, Switzerland Where Dr. Albert Hofmann, working at Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, first synthesized and discovered the hallucinogenic effects of LSD

Saskatchewan, Canada Where Dr. Humphry Osmond first successfully utilized LSD therapy to cure alcoholism

Vancouver, Canada The home base of Captain Alfred Hubbard, who set up an LSD clinic at Hollywood Hospital

Los Angeles, California Where LSD was first used as a social drug in the 1950s; a center of LSD research and therapeutic sessions

San Francisco Bay Area LSD tests on unwitting Americans at a CIA safehouse during the 1950s and early 1960s; Haight-Ashbury, the most famous psychedelic city-state took shape in the mid-1960s

Berkeley, California Home of the Free Speech Movement and focal point of student radicalism in the 1960s

Ann Arbor, Michigan Birthplace of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the White Panther Party

Mexican highlands The place of pilgrimage for G. Gordon Wasson, who first wrote about the magic mushrooms for Life magazine

London Site of the first clinic specializing in LSD therapy in the earluy 1950s; a swinging psychedelic scene in the 1960s

Amsterdam Home of the Provos, the Dutch forerunners of the Yippies

Millbrook, New York Where Timothy Leary set up an LSD commune in the mid-1960s

Czechoslovakia The Communist government manufactured LSD during the 1950s and 1960s, some of which found its way to acidheads in the West

AlgiersTimothy Leary lived briefly in exile with leaders of the Black Panther party before he fled to Switzerland

La Honda, Palo Alto Home base of novelist Ken Kesey in the early 1960s when the Merry Pranksters emerged

Laguna Beach, Idylwild, California Stomping grounds of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, major distributors of blackmarket acid in the late 1960s and early 1970s

Woodstock, New York The artists' community that provided the name for the legendary three-day music festival in August 1969

Bahamas Where William Mellon Hitchcock stashed some of the illegal proceeds of the underground LSD trade

Bologna, Italy Where the mysterious Ronald Stark was arrested and jailed for drug possession before he was fingered as a US intelligence operative by an Italian judge

Paris, France The site of a major illegal LSD laboratory run by Ronald Stark

Brussels, Belgium The site of one of Ronald Stark's pharmaceutical fronts

New York City, New York Army drug tests at the New York State Psychiatric Institute killed at least one human guinea pig; CIA-sponsored LSD research at Columbia University; drug subculture associated with the beat community and later the center of a thriving grassroots acid scene

Boston area Site of early CIA-sponsored LSD research; later the home base of Timothy Leary at Harvard

CIA sites

Washington, DC area CIA headquarters, where several hallucinogenic escapades and covert operations with LSD were plotted

Lexington, Kentucky CIA conducted extensive drug testing at the National Institutes of Mental Health Addiction Research Center
Read more about drug tests at Lexington, excerpted from the text. Montreal, Canada CIA contracted brainwashing and drug studies involving LSD and PCP at the Allain Memorial Hospital

Vacaville, California One of several prisons where the CIA tested drugs and behavior modification techniques

Manilla, Philippines Where the CIA stored LSD for covert warfare

Atsugi Air Base, Japan Where Lee Harvey Oswald's Marine unit was given LSD

West Germany Where the CIA conducted LSD interrogations during the Cold war

Army sites

New York City, New York Army drug tests at the New York State Psychiatric Institute killed at least one human guinea pig

Edgewood Arsenal, Maryland Headquarters of the US Army Chemical Corps, where thousands of soldiers were given LSD, the superhallucinogen BZ, and other mind-altering drugs
Read more about BZ at Edgewood, excerpted from the text of Acid Dreams.

Ft. Bragg, North Carolina US soldiers were given LSD and told to perform tank drills and other military manuevers in the late 1950s

Ft. Benning, Georgia US soldiers perfomed war games under the influence of LSD in the late 1950s

Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland Where BZ-type weapons were developed for domestic crowd control purposes

Pine Bluff, Arkansas Where large quantities of BZ were stored

Dugway Proving Ground, Utah Project Dork, a multiphase field test, was conducted with BZ in the early 1960s; a BZ accident later sent several soldiers to the hospital

Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas The site of additional Army LSD tests

Ft. McLellan, Alabama US Army instructors attempted to teach classes while under the inluence of LSD in the late 1950s

Ft. Dietrich, Maryland Headquarters of the US Army's Special Operations Division, which was devoted to biological warfare reasearch in the 1950s

Orleans, France Under the auspices of Operation "Third Chance," US officers used LSD to torture an African-American private who was falsely accused of stealing classified documents

Far East Army LSD interrogations performed under the auspice of Operation "Derby Hat"

Hawaiian Islands Open air BZ tests conducted by the Army in preparation for use in Vietnam combat situations

Vietnam BZ gas used to flush out enemy hideouts in South Vietnam during the war.

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