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The alchemy academy - Policy statement.
This e-mail discussion group is devoted to the scholarly and academic investigation of alchemy. This group has arisen out of a number of more broadly-based and speculative groups, and the membership of this present group wishes to pursue alchemy entirely through a scholarly methodology. There are currently about 300 members of this discussion group. There are only a small number of postings each week and there are often gaps in postings for a day or two.

This alchemy academy is strongly moderated and by joining this group you agree to abide by my decisions as to what is relevant to be discussed on this group.

Those who take a scholarly and academic view on alchemy will entirely understand the approach that I am taking here, but others with less understanding of what constitutes a scholarly and academic approach should pay attention to the following:-

Opinion and unreferenced speculation is discouraged. Postings should be of a scholarly nature with references to back up any statements. Vague and unsubtantiated remarks will not be posted onto this group. Postings must be relevant to alchemy. Peripheral matters, such as tarot, freemasonry, magic, general occultism and new age ideas, will not be pursued on this discussion group. Those who feel this to be too restrictive, are probably subscribed to the wrong group and should instead join one of the more speculative alchemy discussion group

I as moderator will not post on messages which do not come up to the necessary scholarly standard. No reasons will be given and I will not have time to enter into dialogue as to why a particular posting is acceptable or not. No bona fide scholars will have any problem in having their messages posted out. The only people who may find their posting rejected are those who do not adopt a scholarly approach, and who have perhaps joined the wrong group. To repeat -- there are a number of other groups set up for the more speculative and wide-ranging free discussion of alchemy related matters.

New members should perhaps take some time to read through the archives of this academic group as this will give them a better idea of the approach taken in the discussions.

This is a working research group where scholars can exchange information, research, bibliographical information, and explore various ideas on the nature of the alchemical tradition. Those who do not adopt a scholarly approach may nevertheless benefit from evesdropping upon these ongoing workaday discussions.

Adam McLean