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Alchemical Laboratories in Art

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Engavings and woodcuts:

Hans Weiditz (fl. early 16th century) An Alchemist, c. 1520.

Woodcut by Cornelis A. Teunissen, 1541

Pieter Brueghel the Elder (1525-1569) An Alchemist at work, mid 16th cent.

Engraving of Jan van der Straet (1523-1605) Distillatio, late 16th cent.

Copperplate engraving from 1675 from a painting by F. van Mieris.

Engraving of goldmakers from 1698

Paintings in manuscripts:

Alchemist with his furnace, fresco, Padua c. 1380.

Raimon Lull as alchemist, from the Opera chemica manuscript c. 1470, now in Florence.

Manuscript from 1470

Miniature of alchemist in his laboratory from Janus Lacinius manuscript, 1583


Jan van der Straet (1523-1605) Distillatio, late 16th cent.

Adrian van Ostade (1610-85) The Alchemists, 1657.

David Teniers (1610-1690) The Alchemist, c.1645

David Teniers (1610-1690) The Alchemist, 1680

Jan Steen (1626-1679) The Last Coin

Jan Steen (1626-1679) The Village Alchemist

Heindrick Heerschop (1627-?) The Alchemist's Experiment takes Fire 17th cent.

Pietro Longhi The Alchymist, 1761.

Joseph Wright of Derby (1734-97) The Alchymist in Search of the Philosophers' Stone discovers Phosphorus

J. Zoffany David Garrick as Abel Drugger in Jonson's The Alchemy, c.1770.

J.J. Rink, based on a painting of David Teniers The 'Laboratory, 1793.

Sir William Fettes Douglas The Alchemist 19th cent.

David Scott Paracelsus Lecturing on the Elixir Vitae, 19th cent.
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