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Model of an alchemical laboratory

An Alchemical Laboratory c.1540
by Tom McRae
This reconstruction is really quite small being scratch built to a scale of 1/12th. Vessels are mainly made from FIMO and the solid looking walls and flagstones are actually just painted card. The model is electrified with candles and athenor fire flickering. Dried snakes hang from the left hand side of the front beam while at left hand wall remains of a spillage can be seen beside the bench. A rat lies poisoned in the spillage, reminding us of the toxic conditions in which those pioneers worked.
A great press can be seen at the left of the back wall and the Athenor is built at the centre with the bellows to its right. Vessels stand on shelves around the athenor for heating at different temperature gradients. To the left of the front shelf can be seen The Pelican with its akimbo tubes for spirit production.
On the floor in front of the bellows stands a cauldron of decomposing organic material, best not to enquire too closely. A large pentacle has been drawn in the centre of the floor with candles at each point. Within the circle a mortar like altar is used to hold mixtures which "Other Powers" are invoked to charge with occult powers. A ritual sword leans on the altar used to close the circle when the Practitioner started working.