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Database of alchemical manuscripts - Trinity - Dublin

Updated Dec 14 1995.
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1601. Dublin, Trinity College Library MS. 389.
Paper. Folio. 16th Century.
1. De quintis essentiis vegetabilium.
2. G. Ripley. Chymical Preparations.
3. Modus lapidis albi componendi.
4. A work wrought and fully proved in 1406.
5. Geoffrey Chaucer, his Chymical Preparations, called his Worke.
6. Treatise of the Medicinal Stone mentioned by Aristotle.

1602. Dublin, Trinity College Library MS. 401.
Paper. Octavo. 16th Century.
Lux Scientiae, seu Lumiere de Science. [With other treatises on Alchemy, in French, including John Gastebos, Letter on the Philosopher's Stone.]

1603. Dublin, Trinity College Library MS. 631.
Paper. Quarto. 16th/17th Century.
2. Tracts on Alchemy and Astrology. [Inest Epistola Joh. Dee ad Guil. Camden, 1574.]

1604. Dublin, Trinity College Library MS. 684.
Paper. Quarto. 17th Century [1600.]
Thomas Norton. Ordinal of Alchymy in Rhyme.

1605. Dublin, Trinity College Library MS. 2100.
Parchment. 16th Century.
Delminio Giulio Camillo. l'Interpretatione dell' arca del patto.

1606. Dublin, National Library of Ireland MS. 3880.
17th Century.
[Borates] Insigne philosophicum.