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Updated Dec 13 1995.
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659. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 13.
69 folios. 160x120mm. Mid 15th Century.
Albertus Magnus. Semita recta. [Preceded by an incomplete and unidentified alchemical work.]

660. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 14.
2 + 39 folios. 300x205mm. 15th Century [c.1475.]
Albertus Magnus. Liber mineralium. [Books I and II only.]

661. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 22.
106 folios. 90x70mm Late 15th Century.
[Collection of alchemical, and other receipts for making artificial metals and gems, dyes and tinctures, etc. With directions for making alchemical medicine, quintessences, distillations, etc. In Italian.]

662. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 23.
2 + 145 +1 folios. 215x160mm. 16th Century [c.1510.]
[Collection of extracts from alchemical authors, alchemical processes, chemical and medical receipts, receipts for making artificial gems. etc. Mostly in Latin, but some in German. With numerous rough pen drawings of alchemical apparatus.]

663. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 24.
88 folios. 210x155mm. 16th Century [c.1525.]
[Collection of alchemical receipts and processes, in German. Illustrated with numerous small watercolour drawings of alchemical apparatus.]
[From the Julius Kohn library.]

664. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 25.
6 folios. 195x150mm. 16th Century [c.1550.]
[Unidentified alchemical work in Latin.]

665. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 26.
24 folios. 215x160mm. Mid 16th Century.
[Fragment of a collection of alchemical receipts and processes in German. Illustrated by crude maginal watercolour drawings of alchemical apparatus.]

666. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 27.
49 folios. 155x105mm. Late 16th Century.
[Collection of alchemical receipts. In Italian. Mainly written by two hands.]
[From the Julius Kohn library.]

667. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 28.
533 + 15 folios. 160x115mm. 17th Century [c.1625.]
[Collection of alchemical, chemical and medical receipts. In Italian and Latin, with some additions at the end by a later\hand. Illustrated with a few rough pen drawings of alchemical apparatus.]

668. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 29.
60 folios. 275x210mm. Mid 17th Century.
[Anonymous work containing 57 leaves of remarkable coloured pen-drawings symbolising the process of making the Stone, and of alchemical apparatus. With text in Latin.]
[Note in pencil Sloane Coll. 2056.]
f1 naked man kneeling on cubic stone in cave.
f2 naked man standing in cave.
f3 (Divided into two illustrations) miner in cave. below men sort the ore.
f4 (divided into two) Two furnaces. Below two naked men work with fire.
f5 (divided into two) Above naked man bats a basin upon an anvil.
Below a naked man sets up a furnace. He holds an alembic.
f6-28 23 illustrations from Vallis Novi MSS. though in different order and missing the first two.
f6 - 8 (corresponds to MPH); 7 - 9; 8 - 10; 9 - 11; 10 - 13; 11 - 14; 12 - 12; 13 - 15; 14 - 16; 15 - 17; 16 - 18; 17 - 19; 18 - 20; 19 - 21; 20 - 22; 21 - 23; 22 - 24; 23 - 25; 24 - 26; 25 - 3; 26 - 6; 27 - 5; 28 - 4; 4 and 5 - 7 MPH.
f 1 has title 'Tesaurum mundi hic est'.
f29 A King is pulled out of a fountain by two naked figures.
f30 A naked king stands in a fountain surrounded by 6 naked figures (of the planets?) with banners bearing text.
f31-42 An irregular form of the 'Donum Dei' with 12 flasks.
Flask 1. Man and woman are show in the flask above a green liquid. In this liquid, below the man is a sun disc, while below the woman is a green winged dragon or cockatrice.
Flask 2. A man and woman are shown lying in bed beneath a canopy in side the flask. Below in a layer of green liquid, a naked man on the left profers a heart to a naked woman on the right. Beside the flask the green dragon or cockatrice of the former flask is seen biting and devouring a sun disc.
Flask 3. A man and a woman are shown facing each other above a layer of green liquid in the Flask. Below them are depicted respectively a woman and a man looking in opposite directions.
Flask 4. An eagle's head is shown above a layer of green liquid. In this liquid is a green toad.
Flask 5. A pile of stone or earth is shown above a ;laye of green liquid in the flask, within this green liquid sic snakes are swimming. Another pile of stones or earth is seen higher up in the neck of the flask.
Flask 6. Similar to the previous except the earth is noww hovering in the space above the layer of green liquid. there are only 4 snakes swimming in this.
Flask 7. A naked man with a Sun head stands on the surface of the layer of green liquid. Nothing i s seen in this except a few waves.
Flask 8. In the layer of green liquid the green dragon or cockatrice is seen. Its head reaches back as if trying to seize its tail.
Flask 9. A bird is seen walking over the layer of green liquid. In this is a sun on the left and a moon on the right. The cockatrice or dragon of the previous figure is depicted upside down still trying to seize its own tail.
Flask 10. A naked man is seen upside down in side the flask falling towards the layer of green liquid. In this another naked man is seen kneeling in prayer. Beside the flask is a Peacock with its tail displayed.
Flask 11. A red rose is seen above the layer of green liquid, within which a man with a sun head holds up a flower.
Flask 12. A King with a red crown and sceptre, holds a red flower on the right. The layer of green liquid has now disappeared, and the king stands upon a small layer of solid grey matter.

669. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 30.
386 pages + 5 + 13 + 20 folios. 130x100mm. Mid 17th Century.
[Collection of alchemical and chemical receipts in Italian and Latin.]

670. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 33.
28 folios. 125x100mm. 16th Century [c.1500.]
1. Alemanus de Bohemia. De lapide ad Bonifacium VIII pontificem [in Italian.]
2. [Receipt for a metallic water, in Latin.]
3. Alexius Africus. De septem herbis planetis appropriatis [in Italian.]
4. De virtutibus septem herbarum.

671. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 35.
6 folios. 215x140mm. Late 15th Century.
1. [Alexius Africus.] De septem herbis et septem planetis [incomplete.]
2. [Anon.] De urinis.
[Followed by a few medical receipts.]

672. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 36.
111 folios. 210x150mm. Mid 15th Century.
1. ff1-50 [Alfarabi] Liber alchemicus.
2. ff51-70 [Alfarabi] Synonima arabico-latina.
3. ff71-75 G. Sedacerius. De vitro.
4. f76v-111 G. Sedacerius. Quadripartita de lapide philosophico.

673. London, Wellcome Institute. MS. 50.
84 folios. 215x165mm. Early 17th Century.
Arcana desumpta ex metallicis, ex mineralibus ex vegetabilibus, et ex animalibus.
[A collection of chemical and alchemical remedies.]

674. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 52.
2 + 181 folios. 195x155mm. Early 17th Century.
Arcanum arcanorum philosophorum de lapis [sic] philosophorum Mittel unnd Endt, durch viellfaltigen Beweiss dir fur beschriben wirdt und anngezeugt, damit, der wahre getrowe durstige Liebhaber und nachfolger, der rechter unnd wahre Crone aller Weissheit nachzufolgen sich zu trencken zu haben.
[This MS. is the work of a fervent disciple of Paracelsus, from whose writings he has made many extracts. There are also many quotations from, and references to the works of Basilius Valentinus.]
[8 pen drawn symbolical figures.]
[From the Julius Kohn library.]

675. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 68.
34 folios. 140x100mm. Mid 15th Century.
Secretum Aristotelis et philosophia occulta.

676. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 73.
35 + 49 + 12 pages. 225x170mm. Mid 17th Century.
Trois traitez de la philosophie naturelle non encore imprimez. Sçavoir: Le secret livre du très ancien philosophe Artephius traitant de l'art occulte et transmutation metalique. Plus les figures hieroglyphiques de Nicholas Flamel avec l'explication d'icelles par le dit Flamel. Ensemble le vray livre du docte Sinesius... sur le mesme sujet. Le tout traduit par P. Arnaud. MDCXII.
[This is a transcript of work published in Paris in 1612.]

677. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 77.
26 + 6 folios. 205x140mm. Late 16th Century.
Arnoldus de Villanova. Flos florum.
[Seemingly a compilation from the 'Flos florum' and the 'Practica'.]

678. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 88.
215 + 52 folios. 320x200mm. 16th and 20th Centuries.
1. 215ff Artzeney Puch. [c. 1550.]
2. 52ff Abschrift des 'Rosarium Philosophorum' gefertigt Januar 1903, durch Dr. Carl Gerster zu Braunfels. [A transcript of 'De alchimia opuscula complura veterum philosophorum', Frankfurt 1550, written in 1903 on the blank leaves of the original MS. Dr Gerster has pasted in pen drawn copies of the title page and woodcut illustrations, done on tracing paper.]

679. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 107.
60 folios. 145x110mm. 16th Century [1588.]
C. B. Wahrhafftiger unnd Gründlicher bericht der Zweier Universal Tincturen zu Transmutiren dÿ vnuolkommenen Metalla in die perfection, das ist in [Sun/Gold] und [Moon/Silver] darmit sie ewig fix und bestendig in den 4 Haubtproben bleiben und bestehen mugen. Auch zuuertreiben allerley kranckheiten der menschen, und dargegen zuerhalten serselben gesundheit...
[This MS. is in the form of a note book of the 'Liber amicorum' type.]
[From the Julius Kohn library.]

680. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 109.
50 pages. 205x140mm. Late 16th Century.
1. Roger Bacon. Speculum alchimiae.
2. [Anon.] Liber de duodecim aquis [in Italian.]
3. [Extract from 'Breve Breviarum'.]

681. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 116.
72 pages. 215x160mm. Mid 14th Century.
1. pp1-23 Bartholomaeus de Ripa Romea. De lapidibus.
2. pp24-37 Zael. Liber sigillorum.
3. pp37-72 Kiranides. Libri I - IV.

682. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 117.
281 pages + 51 folios. Vellum. 165x105mm. 15th Century [1462.]
[Collection of alchemical and medical works, tracts on the virtues of stones, medical receipts, etc. Copied from a MS. belonging to Bisticius, A Florentine silversmith and physician, by Bartholomaeus Marcellus.]
1. pp1-103 Bartholomaeus de Ripa Romea. De lapidibus.
2. pp104-110 Zael. Liber sigillorum.
3. pp110-206 J. de Rupescissa. De consideratione Quintae Essentiae.
4. pp207-240 R. Lullius. Ars operativa.
5. pp240-248 Bisticius. Receptae.
6. pp248-258 Pseudo - St. Albertus Magnus. De secretis philosophorum.
7. pp258-261 F. Ariosto. Superadditio dictis [ Rupescissae.]
8. pp261-278 J. de Rupescissa. Liber lucis.
9. pp229 Petrus de Abano. De venenis.

683. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 121.
24 folios. 145x85mm. Early 17th Century.
Basilius Valentinus. Epitome ex libro I [et II] Testamenti. Extract ex Libro von naturlich und übernaturlichen Dingen.

684. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 131.
27 folios. 280x210mm. Mid 16th Century.
Bernhardus Trevisanus. [De chymico miraculo quod Lapidem Philosophiae appellant. In Italian.]

685. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 140.
125 folios. 220x150mm. Late 14th Century.
Bonaventura de Iseo. Liber Compostella. [With some added alchemical receipts and processes, by contemporary hands.]

686. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 147.
12 folios. 315x205. 17th Century [c.1600.]
A Briefe Treatise or hipothesis of one Booke called Speculum Universi or Universall Mirror.
[The subject of the work is the theory of alchemy.]

687. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 149.
48 + 2 folios. 200x140mm. Mid 17th Century.
Breve sumario diviso in 7 libri circa le cose naturali, et sue operationi mediante l'arte, et senza.
Tabula smaragdina Hermetis [by another hand.]

688. London, Wellcome Institute. MS. 150.
1 + 147 folios. 300x190mm. 17th Century [c.1620.]
Jacopo Brocardo and others. Warnungs-schriefft. 1604. [With copies and extracts from 18 other works by various Authors containing prophecies, etc. claimed to forecast the coming downfall of the Papacy: and including the famous Rosicrucian 'Fama Fraternitatis'.]

689. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 164.
208 folios. 160x110mm. 15th Century [1416-1419.]
Das Buch der Heiligen Dreifaltigkeit.
[One illustration only. Text in German.]
f99v [A Woman in a blue robe stands in a nimbus of rays of light upon a moon. Above and around her head are 12 stars. From behind her rises a cross upon which Christ is crucified.]

690. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 168.
8 folios + 285 + 78 pages. 265x200mm. 17th Century [1634.]
Francisco Bulgarini. Raccolta di Varii Secreti parte al-Chimici et parte Medicinali di me... Hauuti da diversi Medici, Cirugici ed Amici. Prima con due Tauole diuise, et un Trattato Filosophico d'una Secretissima, e curiosa Scienza in fine del Libro. Et con una esplicatione de' nomi, e Vocabuli ignoti dell' Alchimia.

691. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 185.
2 + 33 + 3 folios. 155x105mm. 17th Century [1648.]
Terentius Celestinus [or Coelestinus]. Aureus libellus secreti secretorum, quem solum pii, sanctique viri, quibus et non aliis Arcanum patefit, funditus intelligere possunt.
[Compiler's name is given under the amagram 'Tessun Celi Terenszi'.]
1. ff1-3 J. Pontanus. Epistola in qua de lapide quem Philosophorum vocant agitur.
2. ff3-29 M. Sendivogius. Novum lumen chimicum.
3. ff27-33 M. Sendivogius. Parabola seu Aenigma philosophicum.
4. ff34-end R. Lullius. Nonnulla ex Proverbiis.

692. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 186.
2 + 81 + 27 folios. 160x110mm. 17th Century [1648.]
Terentius Celestinus [or Coelestinus]. Liber hic plane Divinus est, claususque sigillis tribus, quem nemo aperire potest, nisu cui D.O.M. revelare voluerit: nec revelebit alicui, nisi coelibem sanctamque vitam duxerit simulque mentem acuerit.
[Compiler's name is given under the amagram 'Tessun Coeli Terenszi'.]
1. ff1-6 Khalid ibn Jazid. Liber trium verborum.
2. ff6v-25 F.S. Pisanus. Brevis libellus.
3. ff25v-27v Epistola... de prima operatione.
4. ff27v-28 Hermes Trismegistus. Testamentum.
5. ff28-30 Aristleus [or Aristeus]. Verba... ad filium suum [in verse.]
6. ff31-34 Sibylla Erythraea. Septem versus.
7. ff34-35 T. Norton. Dicta.
8. ff35-38 Dicta de lapide sophorum.
9. ff38-47 Lux in tenebris refulgens.
10. ff47v-52v E. Philaletha. Manuductio ad rubinum coeleste ex Martino Birrio.
11. ff52v-56v Instructio super lapide maximo.
12. ff56v-59 Commendatio de pharmaco catholico.
13. ff59-81 De menstruo universali omnium metallorum et mineralium.
14. ff1-19, 21-26 J. de Rupescissa. Canones universales ad extrahendam quintam essentiam.
15. ff19v-20 R. Lullius. Arbor philosophicalis.

693. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 189.
76 folios. 155x95mm. 17th Century [1619-1626.]
Peter Chamberlayne, [1601-1683] Liber amicorum.
[Includes Salomon de Caus, Janus Gruter, William Dickinson, etc.]

694. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 190.
38 folios. 270x205mm. Mid 17th Century.
[Chimica figurata.]
f1r Drawings of distillation apparatus, and a possible filtration apparatus a 'Urinal con il pipio'.
f1v Drawings of variety of flasks.
f3 Coloured drawings of 4 flasks. The first has four heads in it, and 9 flowers growing out of the neck of the flask, The second has a winged sun and moon set about the neck. The third has within it a naked king and queen embracing each other while three blue flowers come out of the neck of the flask. The fourth has a winged dragon within it and nothing coming out of the flask.
f4 A set of five flasks. The first has aa layer of liquid with snakes swimming. Two birds and a cockatrice (?) or perhaps winged dragon with curled tail coming out of the neck. The second has a layer of liquid with no features, and a dove comes out of the neck. The third has a layer of liquid with not features and three birds come out of the neck. The fourth has a layer of liquid and now drops of red, green and blue descend down the inside of the flask, at the neck sits a dove bearing a branch with blue flowers. The fifth shows a flask with a dragon lying at the bottom, from the neck a peacock stands with tail outstretched, while two birds flying from opposite directions enter the flaks head first.]
These are to some extent based on the 'Donum Dei', but have more elaborate birds at the necks of the flasks.
Flask 1. Nine blue flowers emerging from neck of flask. Four heads and grey cloud is shown within.
Flask 2. Winged Sun and Moon approach on either side the top of the flask.
Flask 3. Three blue flowers emerge from neck of flask. Inside King and queen stand in an embrace.
Flask 4. Dragon inside flask, shaded red and green. Flask open at top, nothing in the neck.
Flask 5. Two birds fly out of the neck of the flask to the right and left. Between them stands a dragon. Inside the flask are snakes in a layer of liquid.
Flask 6. A white bird flies out of the nck of the flask, which has a band of liquid within.
Flask 7. Three dark shaded birds fly out of the neck of the flask. A band of liquid is shown.
Flask 8. A white bird sits at the neck of the flask. It holds a branch in its beak bearing three blue flowers.
Flask 9. Two white swans or geese with long necks fly into the flask, their necks entering the open top. Between them stand a Peacock displaying its tail. Inside at the bottom is a dragon.
f5v 'Pater Hermes Philosophorum'. A bearded man in a robe and crowned stand on a grassy island. Beside him is a 16 fold star.
f6r A flask shaped like a figure eight and labelled inside 'IAAT' is set at the centre of four globes of the four elements, Ignis, Aer, Aqua, Terra. Below are indicated the four qualities, Sicca, Frigid, Humi, Cali.
f7 The flask is set on the top of a cylinder divided vertically into 4 bands.
f7v The figure of eight shaped flask stands beside the Sun.
f8 The flask stands beside the Moon.
f9 A beared man in a white robe gestures to a figure of eight shaped flask beside him with a pipe growing out of its side.
f9v A round disc with three coloured bands has three faces upon it, beside are two flasks, one with a pipe growing out of it with 'IAAT'.
f10 Sun face.
f10v Disc with four horizontal layers.
f11 Flask with 'IAAT' and pipe stands on disc with four layers..
f12 Disc with two horizontal layers divided by a diameter. The top layer is futher divided by vertiical radius into two regions coloued red and blue.
f12 Moon face.
f13 Inside a circular space two moon crescents with faces gaze from opposite sides at a central flask (8 shaped).
f14 Figure of man in toga or robe, labelled 'Geber Philosophus'.
f15 Within a egg shaped space we see the disc of f12 at the base of which is a cresecent moon.
f16 A hand reaches out of a circular disc labelled A.S.A.P.H., its fingers formed into a fist.
f17 Flask with 'IAAT' and pipe betwenn Sun and Moon.
f17v-18r Figure of man in red and yellow robe is on the left. At the top is 'Aristotles Philosophus'. He gestures towards a man lying on the ground his breast pierced by a arrow, from his lower abdomen a tree grows with red flowers. A moon is on the right.
f19 A man set in a ornamental niche holds a book and gestures to the left. To his right is our flask with a pipe.
f19v-20r On the left a woman lies on the ground and gestured to a plinth upon which is set a skull. On the right 'Pan Silvanus' with cloven hoofs plays a bagpipes.
f20v Furnace/waterbath with space for four flasks.
f21 Figure showing distillation from alembic in progress.
f21v Furnace/waterbath.
f22 Figure showing circulation on progress from two alembics linked together.
f22v Figure showing distillation from alembic with spiral around it.
f23 Furnace shaped like a castle with turrets.
f23v Four interlinked circulating vessels. Also double pelican single circulating flask, and the figure 8 shaped vessel.
f24 Figure of furnace in form of castle with two turrets.
f24v Figure showing distillation from alembic and collection in another flask alongside. From a side branch on this flask liquid is being collected into another flask set below.
f25 Elaborate circular furnace with central tower around which are set spaces for 9 or 10 flasks. 'Furnus rectificationis etc.'
f25v Circular furnace enclosed at top. 'Furnus Reverberationis et calcinationis et fusionis.'
f33-34r A variety of flasks including elaborate distillation apparatus are shown.
[A collection of carefully executed water-colour drawings of symbolic alchemical illustrations, related to the 'Vallis Novi' series. cf. MS. Ashburnham 1166. The original manuscript and especially the illustrations are fully described by Carbonelli in his 'Sulle fonti storiche dell Chimica e dell' Alchimia in Italia'. 1925, pp. 46-71, 111-116.]

695. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 192.
418 pages. 230x185mm. 16th Century [1584.]
Christophorus Parisiensis. Les oeuures de Christophle Parisien, très excellent philosophe corrigées de toutte [sic] superfluité, traduites d'Italien, en françois au mois de Januier 1584.
1. Medulla artis.
2. Sommette.
3. Viollette.
4. L'oeuure vegétale et minéralle... laquelle est apellée par l'autheur Lucidaire ou Somme majeure de l'art transmutatoire des corps des métaux.
5. L'alphabet apertoire.
6. La practique de notre oeuure.

696. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 193.
169 folios. 280x245mm. Early 17th Century.
Christophorus Parisiensis. Opera [in Italian.]
f1 Iste liber dicitur. Amici ueni mecum.
f2 Opera dell'eccellentissimo filosopfo Magistro Christoforo da Parigi intitulata Lucidario.
f44 v Opera... antedetta ridutta in sostantia et sotto breuita per lo Reverendo Padre Prete Stefano de Casale Mediolanense..
f62 Copia del Lucidario... dell'Arte transmutatoria mandata per lui a Magistro Andrea d'Obingen...
f85 Auri Potabilia Virtutes secundum Arnaldum de Villa Noua... in suo Rosario.
f85v Auri Potabilia Virtutes secundum D. Nicolaum de Polonia.
f86v Auri Potabilia Virtutes secundum Arnaldum de Villa Noua.
f91v Testamentum magistri Christophori Parisiensis... et uocatur La Violetta.
f111 Alphabeto di tutte le lettere delli capitoli dell'Arbore philosophicale et l'Alphabeto del lucidario nostro.
115 Summettae Alphabetum magistri Christophori Parisiensis.
119-end [Illustrations of alchemical apparatus, with explanatory text.]

697. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 233.
70 folios. 290x200mm. Late 16th Century.
[A Dutch translation of the first part of 'De alchimia opuscula complura veterum philosophorum', Frankfurt, 1550. Incomplete.]

698. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 239.
67 pages. 205x150mm.
Practica et accurtaciones Georgii Ryplay [Ripley] et Raimundi. [In English and Latin. In the hand of John Dee.]

699. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 249.
859 pages. 235x190mm. 17th Century [1640-1658.]
1. pp1-519 Jacques Dorigny. Traité de la philosophie naturelle intitulé 'L'eau lustrale de I.D.N.C.D.T.' [This includes among other extracts 'Les recipez de Raymond Lulle', and 'Exposition de la Table d'Émeraude d'Hermes'.
2. pp521-555 N. Flamel Explication de plusieurs figures triples du grand portail de l'église de Nôtre Dame, Cathédrale de Paris.
3. pp557-644 Médicine universelle. La fleuve des perles d'Orient de la première matière. Du feu secret des Sages. De la Rivière des Perles. De oesther, ou air des Philosophes. De la fontaine perpetuelle de la Nature. De l'âme des estoilles. Du proesther de Zorooesther. Du sel verd. Du diapason, ou parfum des Philosophes. De la génération de l'agen[t] naturel. De la dessente ou métamorphose de l'âme du monde.
4. pp645-692 Artephius. L'apocalipse... pour le grand magistère, tant pour le santé que pour la transmutation métallique.
5. 693-763 Richardus Anglicus. La chimie reformée. De la génération des métaux dans la terre.
6. pp763-859 Basilius Valentinus. La régénération des sept planettes... auquel est adjouté le Table universelle de la philosophie.
[From the Julius Kohn library.]

700. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 250.
6 folios. 200x155mm. 17th Century [1631.]
James Duport. Praevacario: Quaestio sic se habet: Au aurum possit producti per artem chymicam? [Delivered at Trinity College, Cambridge in 1631.]

701. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 259.
1 + 61 + 47 + 72 folios. 190x130mm. 17th Century [1649.]
Petrus Almerigus Encherchz. De lapide philosophico opera varia diversorum auctorum fideliter collecta. MDLII [sic].
1. ff1-28 G.A. Pantheo. Ars transmutationis metallicae. 1518 [transcript].
2. ff30-43 [Anonymous alchemical work.]
3. ff43-44 [Anonymous alchemical poem in Italian, written in the semi-Greek character cypher.]
4. ff44-61 [Alchemical notes.]
5. f1-47 Arthur Dee. Fasciculus chemicus.
6. f1-72 [Alchemical text beginning 'Studio namque florenti...']

702. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 265.
293 folios. 140x100mm. 17th Century [c. 1650.]
Pierre Jean Fabre. [Palladium spagyricum.]
[This work was first published at Toulouse in 1624.]

703. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 267.
1 + 13 folios. 240x185mm. 17th Century [c. 1625.]
Anton Carl Fahnrich. Copirtes Universal-Werke der Natur durch welches die Palffy'sche Familie zu dem grosser Ansehen und Vermögen gekommen seyn soll.

704. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 301.
92 folios. 285x190mm. 17th Century [1611.]
Innocenzo Gandolfi. Descrittione del vero modo di far il solvente fisico, per far l'oro potibile, et ancor si camina all'opera maggiore. Scrito havuto da M. Innocenzo Gandolfi. Et io Agostino Bero l'ho fatto con le mani proprie conformi siegue cioe. [Bologna.]
[Illustrated with pen drawings of alchemical apparatus.]

705. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 309.
350 pages. 135x75mm. 16th Century [1572.]
Johann Gerlach. Occulta scripta chymica.
[In cypher. Illustrated with numerous small water-colour symbolic drawings.]
1. pp1-6 [Four Psalms in German, and two Latin prayers.]
2. pp7-178 Secreta alchemica [in cypher, German.]
3. pp179-180 [Prayers in German.]
4. pp181-187 Elixir Vitae [list of components in Latin.]
5. pp188-209 [Alchemical and medical receipts, prayers, etc., mainly in cypher, and in German.]
5. pp210-219 Ciment Regal [in German.]
6. pp221-252 Libellus de creatione omnium rerum Anno 1575 Die 23 Augusti. In der Naunburgk an der Sala. Authori Johanne Girlachio [in German.]
7. pp322-328 Lapis philosophorum. 1576 Die Saturni 25 February [in German.]
[From the Julius Kohn library.]

706. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 310.
4 + 269 folios. 210x160mm. 17th Century [1609-1613.]
[Collection of thirteen alchemical treatises in German and Latin, mostly in the hand of Johann Gessler.]
1. ff1-52 Guido de Montanor. Menstruum vegetabile.
2. ff54-76 George Ripley. Medulla philosophiae... de secretis alchimiae.
3. ff76-77 Aqua vitae ex M. Bartholomaeo [Anglico] in suo libro medicinae.
4. f77 Tinctura a Domino Dufall ex libro Nicolai Flamelii et D. M. Jacobi [Teutonici?]. [Dated 1613.]
5. ff79-113 Franciscus Hyarcha. Manuale.
6. ff113v-115 Boliardus. Opus ad faciendam medicinam penetrantem et fixam super 80 partes mercurii crudi ad luman verissimam. Ex volumina a doctore Ione Adelwerti.
7. ff120-156 Giacomo Antonio Gromis. Secreta secretissima medicinae spagyicae... J.A. de Gromis Marchionis, olim Paduae, 137 annos habentis: a D. Benedicto Figulo ex ipsius libro descripta.
8. ff156v-159 George Phaedro. Flos Hermaphroditi sappiricus... e tenebris eruta per Raphaelem Eglinum Iconium. MDCXII.
9. ff160-208 Franz Crell. Operationes chemico-spagyicae. Sampt allerley Handgriffen... by Churfursten Ernesto laborirt.
10. ff209-228 Mardochai de Nelle. Wie man die Sulfur, Arsenik und Salz aus des minerales Solle zu Weges bringen.
11. ff228v-235 Paracelsus. Gradationes ex Libro de gradationibus.
12. ff236-244 Ein Tabella oder Taffel darinen der Anfang, das Mittel, und das End, als der rechte, warhafftige Gründ aller Philosophischer Weisheit begrüffet ist.
13. ff245-265 Fama Fraternitatis oder Bruderschafft des hochlöblichen Ordens de fratris R[osen] C[reutzes] [Rosicrucians]. Ahn die Heubter Stende, und Gelehrten Europae.

707. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 319.
449 pages. 165x115mm. Mid 17th Century.
Le Grand-Oeuvre médical, astrologique et alchymique.

708. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 320.
362 pages + 2 folios. 170x115mm. Mid 17th Century.
La clef majeure de la sapience et science des secrets de la nature où il est s[im]plement traitez des qualitez des métaux et de leurs transmutations.
1. pp1-32 Le clef majeure de la sapience.
2. pp33-37 N. de Valois. Extraict du manuscrit de Nicholas le Valois, avis à son fils unique. Explication des livres des premiers agents.
3. pp37-76 N. de Valois. Extraict en abrégé d'un manuscrit fait sur l'oeuvre de la pierre.
4. pp77-273 P. Vicot. La clef des secrets de philosophie.
5. pp274-340 Le livre de M. Grosparmy [ecrit] en l'an 1449.
6. pp341-346 Mathon. Mémoire [alchemical processes.]
7. pp347 -end G. Duclo. [Alchemical process and recipes.]
[On p7 is a small pen drawn symbolic figure.]

709. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 321.
38 folios. 145x295mm. 17th Century [c.1650.]
Johann Baptist Grosschedel. Annotations sur le Calendrier naturel et cabalistiq[ue].
[By an unnamed commentator. Interleaved is a copy, cut up into eleven strips, of the engraved broadside 'Calendarium naturale magicum perpetuum', published by J.T. de Bry.]

710. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 329.
139 folios. 165x100mm. 17th Century [1646-1648.]
Handbuchlein vor allerhand chymischen Sachen. Colligirt unnd zusammen gezogen durch mich [...].
[Illustrated with a coloured symbolic figure, and a pen drawing of 'Sigillum Hermetis', also two drawings, one coloured of a statue of Paracelsus.]
[From the Julius Kohn library.]

711. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 330.
14 + 36 +76 folios. 200x150mm. 16 and 17th Centuries.
[Gregorius Handsch. Collection of iatro-chemical remedies and receipts in German and Latin, dated 1556 (Prague). With additional chemical, medical and alchemical receipts, etc., dated 1621 (Marburg).]

712. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 358.
2 + 26 folios. 215x150mm. 16th Century [1583.]
Johann Isaac Hollandus. L'oeuvre de Saturne. Scribebat Aegidius Sylvanus Delphen[sis].
[An abbreviated French translation of the 'Opus Saturni'.]

713. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 359.
13 +171 +103 folios. 205x160mm. 16th Century [1563.]
[Collection of extracts, receipts, notes, etc. on alchemy and chemistry. In Dutch and German.]
1. ff1-9 Instruction oder Bericht wie man den Stein genant Lapidem Philosophorum gewynnen und uberkomen mach.
2. ff9v-13 [Alchemical receipts in German.]
3. ff13v-f2 [J.I. Hollandus. Die Saltzen der Metallenn ausszuziehenn.]
4. ff3-8 [J.I. Hollandus.Nun folget wie mann die Olien deren Metallen... machenn soll.]
5. ff8v-14 [J.I. Hollandus. Hye begyndt ein werck... kunst der philozoffey nac de leringe des Szecreten Hermis trismegisty...]
6. ff14v-30 J.I. Hollandus. De lapide philosophorum ex labore Izaac [in Dutch.]
7. ff30-60 [Alchemical and chemical receipts, mostly in German.]
8. ff60v-77 J.I. Hollandus Aliud opus de lapide philosophorum ex labore Isaac [in Dutch.]
9. ff77-81[Alchemical and chemical receipts. In German.]
10. ff82-102 J.I. Hollandus De lapide philosophico ex saturno [in Dutch.]
11. f102 [Alchemical and chemical receipts, in German.]
12. ff103-108 [On white and red elixirs. In Dutch.]
13. ff109-118v [Alchemical and chemical receipts, in German and Dutch.]
14. ff118v-140 J.I. Hollandus. Von die Saeltzenn der metalen.]
15. ff140v-159 J.I. Hollandus. Twey rader van fondament der Const.
16. ff161-171 and ff1-26 J.I. Hollandus. Tot werck der olders. de lapide philosophorum.
17. ff26-37v [Alchemical and chemical receipts, in German.]
18. ff37v-41 [Johannes Viennensis] Speculum elementorum [In German.]
19. ff41-49 [Alchemical and chemical receipts. In German.]
20. ff49v-55v [J.I. Hollandus. Ein gudt Sprichtwerck der ex libris [?] die lapids [sic] philosophicis Herrn Isach.]
21. ff56-65 [Chemical, alchemical and medical receipts. In German and Dutch.]
22. f74v-91 [Elias Frater.] De Lapide Philosophorum congectione in figuris duodecim [in Dutch] [Illustrated with symbolic figure, and 12 pen uncoloured pen drawings of the 'Donum Dei' series.]
23. ff92-97 De namen der ouden int werc gesloten synde hem openbaren.
24. ff98-101 Arnoldus de Villanova. 'Testamentum' and 'Parabolae' [epitomized in Dutch verse by Mathys Goevaerts.]

714. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 383.
4 + 301 folios. 205x135mm. 16th Century [c.1565.]
Frater Joannes Baptista. [Collection of short alchemical works and extracts in Latin, with a few entries in Italian and Spanish.] Vol. I.
1. ff1-87 [Collection of short extracts from alchemical authors, mainly from Arabic and medieval alchemical writers, but also icluding excerpts from G. Agostino Pantheo, and Joannes Baptista Montanus.]
2. ff87-100 Richardus Anglicus. Correctiorum alchemiae.
3. ff100-107v R. Bacon. Speculum alchemiae.
4. ff107v-125 Khalid ibn Jazid. Liber secretorum alchemiae.
5. ff125v-129 [Miscellaneous alchemical notes and extracts.]
6. ff129-136v Johannes de Nani [or Narni]. Lapis minor.
7. ff137-152 Arnoldus de Villanova. Perfectum magisterium.
8. ff152v-183 Arnoldus de Villanova. Rosarius.
9. ff183-198 Geber. De investigatione magisterii.
10. ff198-204v Khalid ibn Jazid. Liber trium verborum.
11. f205-207v Arnoldus de Villanova. Visio mystica.
12. f207v-209v Arnoldus de Villanova. De secretis naturae.
13. ff210-224 [Miscellaneous alchemical notes and extracts.]
14. ff225-226v Hortulanus. Expositio super textum Hermetis. Part I.
15. ff227-232bis John Dastin. Practica.
16. ff232bisv-235 Hortulanus. Expositio super textum Hermetis. Part II.
17. ff236-240v Rosinus. De lapide.
18. ff240-244 R. Lullius. Epistola accurtationis.
19. ff244-244v Geber. Epistola.
20. ff245-251 J[oannes] B[aptista]. Tractatus de medicina tertii ordinis.
21. ff251-257v Alphidius. Liber methaurorum.
22. ff257-v261v {Rhazes?] Liber perfecti magisterii.
23. ff262-268v Pseudo St. Thomas Aquinas. Liber super lapidem philosophicum.
24. ff268v-268terv A. de Abbatia. Epistola.
25. ff268-289 Consilium conjugii sive de massa solis et lunae.
26. ff289v-295 Arnoldus de Villanova. Novum lumen.
27. ff295-298 Lapis hispanis.
[From the Julius Kohn library.]

715. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 384.
16 + 338 folios. 245x175mm. 16th Century [c.1565.]
1. ff1-7 R. Bacon. Speculum alchemiae.
2. ff7-17v Richardus Anglicus. Correctorium alchemiae.
3. ff17v-26v Hortulanus. Rosarius minor.
4. ff26v-34 Khalid ibn Jazid. Liber secretorum alchemiae.
5. ff34-38 Questio an lapis philosophorum valeat contra pestem Jo[annis] B[aptis]te f[ratris].
6. ff38-47v Ferrarius. Thesaurus philosophorum.
7. ff47v-52 Ferrarius. Epistola papae.
8. ff52-53v R. Lullius. Liber mercuriorum.
9. ff53v-56(1)v R. Lullius. Repertorium.
10. ff56(3)v-63v R. Lullius. Apertorium abbreviatum.
11. ff63v-76v R. Lullius. De intentione alchimistarum.
12. ff76v-86v R. Lullius. Ars intellectiva.
13. ff87-97v R. Lullius. Practica artis intellectivae.
14. ff97v-98 J. de Rupescissa. De consideratione quintae essentiae.
15. ff98-99 Odomarus. Practica ad discipulum.
16. ff101-106v Consideratio lapidis.
17. ff106v-111 Arnoldus de Villanova. Epistola ad Bonifacium VIII.
18. ff111-117v Geber. Liber fornacum.
19. ff117-146v De magni lapidis autore Jo[hanne] baptista f[ratre].
20. ff14v-215 Apologia Jo[annis] Ba[ptis]tae contra Jo[annem] Bracesco [sic] pro erroribus per ipsium fatis [sic] in espositione Geberis.
21. ff216-219v R. Lullius. Epistola accurtationis.
22. ff219v-221 Arnoldus de Villanova. Epistola ad regem Aragoniae.
23. ff221-222 Geber. Epistola.
24. ff222-222v Epistola Jo[annis] bapt[is]tae f[ratris].
25. ff222v-225v Khalid ibn Jazid. Liber trium verborum.
26. ff225v-227 Arnoldus de Villanova. Visio mystica.
27. ff227-228v Arnoldus de Villanova. De secretis naturae.
28. ff228v-234v Hortulanus. Super textum Hermetis.
29. ff 235-236 R. Lullius. Fragmenta.
30. ff236-256 Arnoldus de Villanova. Rosarius.
31. ff256-260 Arnoldus de Villanova. Novum lumen.
32. ff260-263v Arnoldus de Villanova. Perfectum Magisterium.
33. ff263v-266 Questiones xiii pro magis inteligendum infrascripta dita [sic] de Jo[annis] b[aptiste].
34. ff267-271 Rosinus. De lapide.
35. ff271-276 Alphidius. Libellus isagogicus.
36. ff276v-282v Geber. De investigatione magisterii.
37. ff282v-286v Geber. Testamentum.
38. ff287-291 [John Dastin.] Epistola ad regem Robertum.
39. ff291-294 J. de Rupescissa. Liber lucis.
40. ff294v-301 Tractatus de medisina [sic] tertii hordinis [sic] Jo[annis] B[aptistae] f[ratris]
41. ff301-302v Pseudo-Merlin. Allegoria lapidis.
42. ff302v-316 [Anon.] Consilium conjugis de massa solis et lunae.
43. ff316-318v Lapis ex substantia Joannis baptistae, etc.
44. ff318v-328 J. de Rupescissa. De consideratione quintae essentiae [part].
45. ff328-332 [Rhazes?] De perfecto magisterio.
46. ff332-333 Hermes Trismegistus. Directorium.
47. ff334-335v Daniel [Riginus]. Cantus [in Italian. This was printed in G.B. Nazari's 'Della transmutatione metallica...', Brescia, 1599.]
[Illustrated with a few rough pen drawings of alchemical apparatus.]
[From the Julius Kohn library.]

716. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 385.
16 + 313 folios. 240x170mm. 16th Century [c.1565.]
f2 [Heading]: 'Thesaurus thesaurorum. Rosarius philosophorum.'
1. ff3-14 Arnoldus de Villanova. Rosarius I.
2. ff14-21 Arnoldus de Villanova. Perfectum magisterium.
3. ff21-27v Arnoldus de Villanova. Novum lumen.
4. ff27v-30 Arnoldus de Villanova. Epistola ad regem Neapolitanum.
5. ff30-52 Arnoldus de Villanova. Rosarius II.
6. ff52-61v [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts, etc. in Italian and Latin.]
7. ff61-67v Dicta Philosophorum.
8. ff67v-73 [Anon.] De auro potabile.
9. ff74-84 Hortulanus. Super textum Hermetis.
10. ff 84v-85v Elixir sive menstruum rubeum.
11. ff85v-90 Arnoldus de Villanova. Quaestiones.
12. ff90v-92v [Alchemical poems in Latin and Italian.]
13. ff93-106v Christophorus Parisiensis. Practica.
14. f107 [Alchemical receipts in Latin and Italian.
15. ff108-113v St. Albertus Magnus. Semita recta I.
16. ff114-115v Arnoldus de Villanova. Visio mystica.
17. f116 [Latin verses on alchemy, and a receipt in Italian.]
18. f117-124v R. Lullius. Epistola accurtationis.
19. ff125-127 [Alchemical receipts in Italian and Latin.]
20. ff128-133 De sublimationibus.
21. ff133-140 Fragmenta alchemica.
22. ff140-162 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts, in Latin and Italian.]
23. ff163-167v J. de Rupescissa. Liber Lucis.
24. ff168-171 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts, in Latin.]
25. ff172-174 R. Lullius. [Fragmenta.]
26. ff175-183 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts, etc. in Latin and Italian.]
27. ff183v-187v St. Albertus Magnus. Semita recta II.
28. ff188-199 Frater Johannes Baptista. 'Vera et aprobatta ars mineralis...'
29. ff200-221 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts, etc. in Italian and Latin.]
30. ff222-240 Rosinus. De lapide philosophorum.
31. ff240-257 [Miscellaneous receipts, in Latin and Italian.]
32. ff257-263(7) J. de Rupescissa. De consideratione quintae essentiae.
33. ff263(7)-265 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts, etc. in Latin and Italian.]
34. ff265v-269v [Frater, Joannes Baptista?] 'Oarticulare qui puotest [sic] disi lapis.'
35. ff270v-274v [[Miscellaneous alchemical receipts, etc. in Latin.]
36. ff274v-278v Antonius de Abbatia. Epistola.
37. ff278v-288 [Frater Joannes Baptista.] Tractatus.
38. ff288-290v Lapis Hispanus [in Spanish.]
39. ff290v-292v [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts, etc. in Spanish and Italian.]
40. ff292v-307 Joannes Baptista Montanus. De urinis.
41. ff308-308v Alphidius. Libellus isagogus [incomplete.]
[Illustrated with rough pen drawings of alchemical apparatus, and a full page 'alchemical tree' diagram.]
[The contents bear a strong resemblance to the alchemical collection 'Verae alchemiae artisque metallicae...', published by G. Gratarolo at Basle in 1561.]
[From the Julius Kohn library.]

717. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 388.
1 + 76 folios. 210x170mm. Mid 17th Century.
Liber de Elixire Vitae secundum Ortulanum et Rosarium. Breviloquium de Lapide Philosophico. Item de Quinta Essentia et preparationibus similibus. [In English and Latin.]
1. ff1-2 Johannes Pauper. Elixir Vitae Orlon [sic] et Rosarius [In verse.]
2. ff3-33 Johannes Pauper. [Prose commentary on item 1.]
3. ff33v-36 R. Carpenter [Alchemical poem.]
4. ff36v-45 [Alchemical tract.]
5. ff46-59 Johannes Pauper. Breviloquium.
6. ff61-77 J. de Rupescissa. De consideratione quintae essentiae. [Extract.]
[cf. MS. Ashmole 1418.]

718. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 420.
4 + 253 + 15 folios. 155x105mm. Mid 17th Century.
Libretto d'alchimia e di medicina.
[Recipes and extracts on alchemical, chemical and iatro-chemical subjects.]

719. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 422.
68 + 7 folios. 210x160mm. Late 16th Century.
Libro de philosophia che de Vulgari e dita archimia e da Prudenti Arte transmutatoria.

720. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 424.
22 folios + 180 pages + 20 folios + 72 pages + 8 folios. 200x150mm. Mid 17th Century.
Livre accomply de secrets chimiques pour distillations, sublimations, cimentations, congélations, fixations, transmutations, calcinations, blancs, rouges, lune, soleil, et pierres précieuses en toute perfection. Avec sa partie ajoincte de médicaments excellents.

721. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 428.
126 folios. 170x115mm. Early 17th Century.
Livre cachetté ou sééllé [sic for 'scellé] qui est, le magistère d'Hermes Trismegiste fermé de 24 seaux [sic], dans lequel sont contenus les plus doctes énigmes serrures sophismes allégories et problesmes des philosophes égiptiens Chaldéés, Juifs, Perses, Grecs, Arrabes [sic], etc. Colligez en partie par Vincent le Grand moyne de Beauvais, et en partie recueilles par Frère Arnauld de Villeneufve son disciple, en faveur de la famille des Arnauld, doctement desliez et ouvertz par les clefz tant dudit Arnauld, que de Jean Clopinel de Meun, entièrement et sans doctrine dechiffré par Guillaume de Paris à son trèsdoux zephire.

722. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 432.
4 + 56 + 2 + 35 folios. 345x225mm. Mid 16th Century.
Livre premier de la Théorique de la verité de l'alchemie plus utille qu'on ne sçauroit estimer pour acquérir la congnoissance d'icelle. [Followed by] Livre second de la praticque.
[This MS. may possibly be a French version of the 'Testamentum' of Raimundus Lullius.]

723. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 436.
8 + 36 + 10 folios. 190x115mm. Mid 17th Century.
Benjamin Lock his Picklock to Riply his Castle. [Transcribed, with a preface, by Arthur Dee: together with 'The huntinge of the Greene Lyon', here ascribed to 'Amen', but according to Elias Ashmole, probably by Abraham Andrews.]
[On f2 'This Booke I receaued from Mr Heriot [Thomas Harriott], at Sion howse, who for many yeares, instructed the Earle of Northumberland [Henry Percy] in the Mathematicks, when he liued in the tower. Anno. 1602. June 6.']

724. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 443.
73 folios. 210x145mm. Late 15th Century.
R. Lullius. Opuscula. Vol. I.
f1-8 [Receipts.]
1. ff9-14v Practica Testamenti.
2. ff15-17v Ars Magica.
3. ff17v-19 Epistola de plumbo et antimonio.
4. f20 Ars artium [Distinctio tertia.]
5. ff20v-22 Literrae arboris philosophiae. [With diagram of the 'Opus philosophicale'.]
6. f24 Lapis occultus.
7. ff25-33v Tertio distinctio.
8. ff33v-37v Practica fundamentalis figurae.
9. ff37v-40v Arbor philosophalis.
10. ff40v-52 Questionarium.
11. ff53-73v De cura individuorum.
12. f73v Tabulae [inclomplete.] [Distinctio tertia.]
[This MS. originally formed part of a larger volume in which MSS. Wellcome 444 and 710 were included.]

725. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 444.
94 folios. 210x145mm. Late 15th Century.
R. Lullius. Opuscula II.
1. ff1-5 Accurtatio.
2. ff5-8 Ars Magna [Cap. 3.]
3. ff8-10v Pseudo St. Thomas Aquinas. De lapide philosophico.
4. ff10v-11v [Rudianus?] Liber trium verborum [extract.]
5. ff11v-12v F. Claudius. Opus ad album [incomplete.]
6. ff13-24 Anima artis.
7. ff24-27 Lapidarius [abridged.]
8. ff27-32 Arnoldus de Villanova. Epistola ad Papam Bonifacium VIII.
9. ff33-40 Practica de furnis.
10. ff41-58v Codicillus.
11. ff59v-76 Mercuria.
ff76-79 [Alchemical extracts and receipts.]
12. ff79v-85v Dicta philosophorum [unfinished.]
ff86-94 [Alchemical and other receipts.]
[Illustrated with pen drawn diagrams.]

726. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 445.
11 folios. 235x160mm. Late 15th Century.
Raymundus Lullius. Testamenti compendium quod alias apertorium nuncupatur. Item experimentorum vel declaratorium. Lapidarium. Commentum [incomplete.]
[Pen drawn diagrams in red, are in part reproduced in 'Theatrum Chemicum' Vol. IV, pp1-170.]

727. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 446.
72 + 5 folios. 205x145mm. Late 15th Century.
Raimundus Lullius. Ymage de vie. Replication. [Alchemical processes and receipts, in French and Latin.]
[f43 has symbolic drawing of two green dragons in combat, and f43v has full page emblematic figure.]

728. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 447.
462 folios. 335x225mm. 16th Century [c.1575.]
R. Lullius.
1. ff1-420 Testamentum.
2. ff420-426 Cantilena.
3. ff426v-431 Aphorismi.
4. ff431-433 [Jean de Meung. Poem in French.]
5. ff433-434 [Anon.] Une chansonnette [Peom in French.]
6. ff435-448 Testamentum: Theorica.
ff499-456 [Figures and tables.]
7. ff457-461v L'Oeuvre de Mercure.
[Illustrated with mand small pen drawn diagrams and figures.]
[From the Julius Kohn library.]

729. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 448.
71 + 10 folios. 200x150mm. 17th Century [1641.]
R. Lullius. Ars brevis.
[Illustrated with 3 pen drawings.]

730. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 449.
77 folios. 125x85mm. Mid 17th Century.
Art misterieux de Raymond Lulle, ou science généralle. Praxis argumentandi.
[Illustrated with a few pen drawn diagrams, and a small engraved portrait of Lully, below which is the signature in pencil of 'Frederick Hockley 1827'. On the fly leaf is 'Wm. Alexr. Aytoun'.]

731. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 450.
11 folios. 200x160mm. Early 16th Century.
1. ff1-2 R. Lullius. Epistola accurtationis ad Rupertum regem [incomplete.]
2. ff2-4v R. Lullius. Epistola ad Regem Angliae [in German.]
3. ff5-10v Florianus. Diadema philosophorum et secretum secretorum.

732. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 451.
56 pages. 205x140mm. Late 16th Century.
R. Lullius. [Abbreviated Italian version of the 'Testamentum', with other alchemical receipts.]

733. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 452.
119 folios. 215x135mm. Mid 17th Century.
R. Lullius.
1. ff1-66v Experimenta.
2. ff66v-69v Aquae [incomplete.]
3. ff70-75v Practica. [Fragment containing Chapters 9 (part) to 17.]
4. ff78-83v [J. de Rupescissa.] De consideratione quintae essentiae.
5. ff86-92 [J. de Rupescissa.] De consideratione quintae essentiae.
6. ff94-97v Tertia distinctio [Beginning only.]
7. f100 Arbor philosophicalis.
8. f102 Significationes Literarum huius Testamenti.
9. f103 Prima distinctio. Cap. 4.
10. f104v Figurae Individuorum.
11. ff105-107 Practica sermocinalis [End only.]
12. ff109-11v [De nostro mercurio.] [Unidentified.]
13. ff112-113 Epistola ad Elucidatio Testamenti ad Edwardum regm Angliae.
14. ff114-115v Secunda distinctio. Chap. V. [-part of IX.]
15. ff116-119 C. Gesner. De chelidoniae essentiis omnibus extrahendis. [Extracted from his 'Thesaurus de remediis secretis', Zurich, 1552.]

734. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 456.
288 folios. 139x90mm. 17th Century [1612-22.]
M.A.C. M. Manuel et exercitations spagyriques. Recuillies de plusieurs graves autheurs de l'une et l'aultre profession, et principalement du D. The. Paracelse.
[Small pen drawings of chemical and alchemical apparatus, also a few symbolic and other small sketches.]

735. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 472.
94 folios. 235x175mm. 17th Century [1633-1669.]
Dionigi Marmi. Ricordi [Containing a diary 1635-1638, an essay on alchemy, alchemical, chemical, technical amd medical receipts, etc. In Italian.]

736. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 473.
74 pages. 17th Century [1636-1674.]
Dionigi Marmi. [Collection of technical receipts for making glass, pottery, dyes, etc., including chemical, alchemical and medical receipts. with additions by other hands.]
[On the first page, dated 1636, the writer states that this MS. is a copy of an older work - about 170 or 180 years old - which was given to him at Montelupo by a 'foreigner'.]

737. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 497.
60 folios. 140x105mm. Mid 15th Century.
Jean de Meung. Le dit de maistre Jehan de meym en la fin du Rosier. Le livre que s'appelle la fontaine des amoureux... par maistre Jehan de la fontaine.

738. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 502.
264 folios. 215x15omm. 16th Century.
Miscellanea V. [In Latin and Italian.]
9. f133-154 St. Albertus Magnus. Semita recta [followed by some alchemical receipts.]
10. f158-183 J. de Rupescissa. De consideratione quintae essentiae [incomplete.]

739. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 511.
11 folios + pp 43-324. 190x130mm. Mid 17th Century.
Miscellanea Alchemica II.
1. p43-55 Proba d'un Reverendo Padre donata l'anno 1617.
2. p57-119 Benedictus Mazzotta. De mineralibus, rebusque subterraneis aliisque arcanis chymicis.
3. p120-126 Bernhardus Trevisanus. Practica de lapide. Enigma. [In Italian.]
4. p127-183 Trattato d'alcuni medicamenti spagirici [sic] e loro virtu e preparazione.
5. p185-243 Theobald von Hoghelande. Secreta revelatio verae operationis manualis tam pro universali opere et lapide sapientium quam pro particularibus quibusdam.
6. p245-290 In librum de potestate angelica. ad 206: Articulum sextum. An aurum fieri possit saltem a magis virtute Cacodaemonum?
7. p291-302 Trattato d'erbe secondo l'infussi de' pianeti.
8. p303-306 Antonius de Abbatia. Ad mentem Reverendi Antonii Arcipresbytri de Abbatia [de lapide philosophico].
9. p306-314 Raymundus Lullius. Ordo mineralium secundum Raymundum.
10. p314-315 Christophorus Parisiensis. [Extract from 'Alphabeto'.]
11. p316-319 [Alchemical process] Ex C. A. M.
12. p319-324 Raymundus Lullius. Elucidatio Testamenti.

740. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 512.
2 folios + 109 pages + pp200-290 + 1 folio. 150x95mm. Mid 17th Century.
Miscellanea Alchemica. III.
1. p1-28 Instruction à l'Arithmétique.
2. p29-42 Pseudo St Thomas Aquinas. Tractatus de lapide philosophico.
3. p42-49 Pseudo St Thomas Aquinas. Tractatus datus Fratri Reinaldo in arte alchimica.
4. p49-60 J. de Rupescissa. Liber lucis.
5. p61-73 R. Lullius. Clavicula.
6. p74 Index.
7. p75-79 De la matière des Armes et de quoy sont faictes.
8. p79 Index.
9. p80-86 [Alchemical receipts in Latin.]
10. p87-104 Theoria de lapide philosophorum.
11. p105-109, 200-232 Theoria et praxis de lapide philosophorum.
12. p233-244 H. Khunrath. Fragmenta quaedam ex libro [Amphitheatrum sapientiae aeternae. Hanover, 1609.]
13. p245-268 [Miscellaneous alchemical extracts and processes, receipts, etc. A few entries in French at the end.]
14. p269-279 Nomina et virtutes quarundam herbarum.
15. p279-end [Miscellaneous alchemical, medical and magical receipts in French and Latin.]

741. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 513.
10 + 110 folios. 215x155mm. Mid 15th Century.
Miscellanea Alchemica IV.
1. f1-38 J. de Rupescissa. Liber de consideratione uintae Essentiae.
2. f38v-40 Auctoritates philosophorum.
3. f40v [2 watercolour drawings of Lunaria, with Italian notes.]
4. f41-47 Petrus Hispanus. Liber naturalis [extract.]
5. f47v-52 Arnoldus de Villanova. De secretis naturae.
6. f52v-77 [Miscellaneous notes and extracts.]
7. f78-80 [Notes.]
8. f81-88v Hortulanus. Expositio in tabulam smaragdinam Hermetis.
9. f89-91 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts.]
10. f92-97 Guilhelmus Tecenensis. Lilium de spinis evilsum [incomplete.]
11. f97-103 [Alchemical receipts.]
12. f103v-end [Alchemical notes.]

742. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 514.
144 folios. 215x145mm. 16th Century [1507.]
Miscellanea Alchemica VI. [Venice.]
1. f1-21 Christophorus Parisiensis. Summa minor [in Italian.]
2. f22-24 Christophorus Parisiensis. Alphabetum [in Italian.]
3. f25-39 Christophorus Parisiensis. Cithara [in Italian.]
4. f39v-42 [R. Lullius. Investigatio secreti occulti: Pars III. In Latin.]
5. f43-84v Christophorus Parisiensis. Lucidarium [in Italian.]
6. f85-86 Christophorus Parisiensis. Alphabeto del Luzidario.
7. f87-113 Arnoldus de Villanova. Rosarius major.
8. f113-117v Christophorus Parisiensis. Accurtatio [in Venetian dialect.]
9. f118-122 Daniel Riginus. Carmina de lapide philosophorum [in Italian verse.]
10. f131-141v [Arnoldus de Villanova.] Recepta [in Venetian dialect.]
11. f142-end [Receipt and process for making the Universal Medecine, in Venetian dialect.]

743. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 515.
78 + 1 folios. 225x165mm. Early 17th Century.
Miscellanea Alchemica VII.
1. ff1-6v Pseudo St. Thoas Aquinas. Secreta Alchimiae.
2. ff10-20v De lapide philosophico conficiendo [in Italian.]
3. ff21-28v [Frater Elias?] Lorto delle richese della sapientia de Dio.
Begins: 'La nostra medicina a solamente comporta della natura ...' [Illustrated with 12 small watercolours of the 'Donum Dei' series. [In Italian].
4. ff28v-40 Melchior, Episcopus Brixenensis. De lapide philosophorum.
5. ff41-51 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts.]
6. ff53-56 Lapis [in verse.]
7. ff57v-64v [Symbolic figures of the planets. 8 circles with downward pointing triangles, with correspondences to the planets.]
8. ff65-65v St Albertus Magnus. Liber alchimiae.
9. ff67-74 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts in Italian.]
10. ff75-77 Tullio Benassai. [Alchemical receipts, followed by tables of chemical substances and their conventional signs.]

744. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 516.
1 + 42 + 93 + 8 folios. 145x105mm. 16th Century [1584-89.]
Miscellanea Alchemica X.
1. f1 Hermes Trismegistus. Tabula smaragdina [Beginning wanting.]
2. f1-18v Guilhelmus Tecenensis. La fleur du lys entre les espines.
3. f19 Bernhardus Georgius Penotus a Portu. Regulae seu Canones.
4. f28 F. Béroalde de Verville. Sentences.
5. f31-38v Geber. Testamentum.
6. f39-42 [Miscellaneous alchemical notes and extracts, in Latin.]
7. f1-56 Joannes Dacius [John Dastin.] Rosarius.
8. f56v-60v John Dastin [?] Aureolae sapientium.
9. f61-63 Joannes Fernelius. 'Ex libro secundo de abditis rerum causis.'
10. f63v-67v Lachalade. La manière d'ouvrer.
11. f68-93 [Miscellaneous alchemical notes and extracts.]

745. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 517.
251 folios. 215x145mm. Late 15th Century.
Miscellanea Alchemica XII.
1. f1-8 [Miscellaneous receipts.]
4. f20-22 Edwardus de parvo Monte. Visio.
5. f22 [Notes on astrology, etc.]
6. f23-27 Pseudo St. Thomas Aquinas. De essentiis essentiarum, tractatus sextus [incomplete.]
7. f27v-41v J. de Rupescissa. Compendium libri de consideratione Quintae Essentiae.
8. f43-50v Compendium alchymiae.
9. f51-60 Arnoldus de Villanova. Practica [abridged.]
10. f61-62v De quatuor elemnetis et de metallis.
11. f63-70 [Alchemical, technical and magical recipes, etc. in Dutch and Latin.]
13. f73v-83 [Alchemical, medical and magical receipts and experiments, in Dutch and Latin.]
14. f84-89v Rhazes. Liber luminum [extract.]
15. f89v-99 [Notes on vines, wine, bees, artificial gems, virtues of gems, alchemical and other recipes, in Latin and Dutch.]
22. f135-155v Nicolaus de Comitibus. Speculum alchymiae.
23. f155v-159 Hortulanus. Clavis sapientiae.
24. f159-160 Hermes Trismegistus. Tabula smaragdina.
25. f160v-164v Correctorium fatuorum.
26. f165-169 R. Bacon. Speculum alchymiae.
27. f169-202v Geber. Summa perfecti magisterii [abridged.]
28. f202v-251 [Miscellaneous alchemical, magical and technical receipts and notes, in Latin and Dutch.]

746. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 518.
137 folios. 325x210mm. 16th Century [1567.]
Miscellanea Alchemica XIII.
1. f1-18 J. I. Hollandus. De lapide philosophorum. [In German.]
2. f18v-20 Wilhelmus Theophrastus. Zwey particularia.
3. f22-46 Bernhardus Trevisanus. Processus lapidis philosophici.
4. f48-95 [Miscellaneous alchemical processes and receipts, in German.]
5. f96-end C. Encelius. De re metallica. [Incomplete.]

747. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 519.
93 folios. 200x145mm. 16th Century [1579-1582.]
Miscellanea Alchemica XIV.
1. f2-22 Johannes Viennensis. Speculum elementorum [in English.]
f23-25 [Alchemical receipts.]
2. f26-35 R. Lullius. Theorica [in English.]
3. f37 [Alchemical poem in English.]
4. f38-45v Miles Blomefield. Blossoms.
5. f47-60 John Dastin Speculum philosophiae [in English.]
6. f60v-70v [Alchemical extracts in prose and verse including on f63v the verses from the 'Ripley Scroll'.]
7. f71-81 George Ripley. [Extracts from his 'Bosom Book' and other prose works.]
8. f81v-82v Johannes de Magna Villa. Work.
9. f83v-85v Arnoldus de Villanova. Experimentum [in English.]
10. f86-90v [St. Albertus Magnus.] Miroir de lumière.
11. f91-93 [Alchemical receipts in English and French.]

748. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 520.
66 folios. 310x215mm. 15th Century [1453.]
Miscellanea Alchemica XV.
1. f1-34 J. de Rupescissa. De consideratione Quintae Essentiae.
2. f34v-44v R. Lullius. Ars operativa.
3. f44-49 [Receipts for the Aurum potabile.]
4. f49-51 Frater Elias. Vade mecum.
5. f51-65 [Miscellaneous medical receipts.]

749. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 521.
34 + 13 + 13 folios. 225x165mm. 16th Century [c.1565.]
Miscellanea Alchemica XVIII.
[Collection of alchemical receipts, etc.: with a version of the 'Tractatus in arte majori' by Arnoldus de Villanova, and an unidentified alchemical work. In Italian and Latin.]

750. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 522.
31 + 66 + 6 + 16 folios. 220x160mm. Early 16th Century.
Miscellanea Alchemica XIX.
[Collection of alchemical and pharmacy receipts, in two parts. The first containing receipts for cordials and 'waters', the second alchemical and chemical receipts and extracts. Written mainly in German, but with some sections in Latin.]

751. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 523.
100 folios. 200x140mm. 15th Century [1430.]
Miscellanea Alchemica XX. [Aix.]
1. f2-16 J. Saulnier. De la transmutation des métaux.
2. f18-71v J. de Rupescissa. De consideratione quintae essentiae [first 10 1/2 chapters wanting.]
3. f72-100v Arnoldus de Villanova. Liber de aquis.

752. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 524.
138 folios. 190x160mm. 16th Century [1543.]
Miscellanea Alchemica XXIV.
[Collection of alchemical tracts mainly in German, the last two in Latin. Illustrated by numerous water-coloured drawings.]
1. f2-15 Dicta philosophorum. ['Pretiotissime Donum Dei', in German.]
[f2v Watercolour drawing of two monks at work in an alchemical laboratory. Then sequence of 1 + 11 flasks of the 'Donum Dei' series, with a final coloured drawing of a flask with red liquid set in a furnace. The drawings are small and not particularly well executed.]
2. f16-38v Arnoldus de Villanova. De capite corvi [extract, in German.]
3. f39-41v [Alchemical verses in German.]
4. f41v-47 [Alchemical verses in 4 line stanzas.]
5. f47v-55v [G. Sedacerius.] De lapide rubeo.
6. f56-65 R. Lullius. [Alphabets. Extracts in German from 'Practica', etc.]
7. f67-71 N. Albinus. Caput corvi [in German.]
8. f71-73 Johannes Parisiensis. Elixir.
9. f73-94 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts.]
10. f98-122 C. Hartung von Hoff. Von Bereythung dess gebenedeyten philosophischen Steins.
11. ff125-129 Ex opere secreto de lapide.
12. f133-135 J. B. Montanus. [Extracts on alchemical processes, by a different hand.]
[From the library of W.T. Scott-Elliot. With bookplate of Thomas South.]

753. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 525.
194 folios. 220x160mm. 16th Century [c.1525-c.1600.]
Miscellanea Alchemica XXV.
1. f1 Johannes Hispanus. De corio serpentis.
2. f2-10 De l'azuro oltamarino.
3. f11 Jacobus Cordis. [Receipt for a metallic water.]
4. f12-25 Hortulanus. Expositio in Tabula smaragdina Hermetis.
5. f25v-27v De lapide ycar.
6. f30-35 R. Lullius. Epistola accurtationis.
7. f35v De memoria.
8. f36 Pope Urban Vi. Recepta pro memoria.
9. f37 B. Cevidosso [?] La quinta essentia del antimonio.
10. f40v-45 Ars perfecta.
11. f46-49v Arnoldus de Villanova. Questiones essentiales.
12. f50-55 Arnoldus de Villanova. Epistola ad Papam Bonifacium.
13. f55-57 Duodecim conclusiones.
14. f71-81v R. Lullius. Quaestionarium [extract.]
15. f81v-85v Hortulanus [extracts.]
16. f98-101 Arnoldus de Villanova. Recepta.
17. f102-111v Arnoldus de Villanova. Rosarius [extracts.]
18. f112-116v R. Bacon. De leone viridi [edited by Raymundus Galfredus.]
19. f123-125 De perlis conficiendis.
20. f127v-129 R. Bacon. De leoni viridi.
21. f129v-131 Carolus [Alchemista]. Opus.
22. f134-135v De perliis conficiendis.
23. f157v-158 Jacobus Teutonicus. Practica [in Italian.]
24. f163-164 Pseudo Plato. Practica [extracts.]
25. f166-167v Pseudo Plato. Practica [extracts. Another version.]
26. f184-185v Khalid ibn Jazid. Practica.
[With a number of alchemical receipts in Latin and Italian in the folios between each work.]

754. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 526.
388 [452] folios [many missing]. 220x153mm. 16th Century [c.1515-1527.]
Miscellanea Alchemica XXVI. [In German and Latin.]
1. f9-83 [Miscellaneous alchemical and chemical receipts.]
2. f84-95v [Uguictius ?] Lilium intelligentiae [?]
3. f96-102 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts.]
4. f103-111 [Compendium aureum alchimiae.]
5. f111-113 [Guilhelmus Tecenensis.] Lilium de spinis evulsum.
6. f113-113v Geber. De investigatione magisterii. ['Introductio' only.]
7. f122-250 [Miscellaneous receipts.]
8. f250v-254 Geber. Experimenta [extracts.]
9. f254v-263 [Miscellaneous receipts.]
10. f263v-266v Petrus Peregrinus. De magnete.
11. f267-296 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts.]
12. f297 Geber. Excerpta ex libro Regni.
13. f297-298 M. de Sancta Sophia. Glossa.
14. f298-316 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts.]
15. f316v [M. Ficinus. De arte chemica. Capitulum XX.]
16. f328-333 J. de Rupescissa. De consideratione quintae essentiae. Lib. II. [Beginning wanting.]
17. f333-335v [Qualities of materia medica, etc.]
18. f336-339 J. de Rupescissa. De consideratione quintae essentiae [extracts from Book I.]
19. f341-342 J. Dombleday. Capitulum de alchemia.
20. f344-345 Speculum alchimiae.
21. f346-347 Arnoldus de Villanova. Secretum.
22. f349-357 Franciscus Alchimista. 'Liber intitulatus preciosissimum dei Donum...'
23. f357v-359 [Alchemical extracts and notes.]
24. f360 Pseudo Plato. [Extract from the 'Summa'?]
25. f361-362 R. Lullius. Ars magica [extract.]
26. f363-373 [Miscellaneous receipts, with account in German of a transmutation in 1461.]
27. f374-375 Joannes ordinis Hierosolymitarum Cruciferi. Opus.
28. f388-390 [J. de Rupescissa. Extracts from 'Liber lucis'.]
29. f390v-394 Geber. Liber radicum [extracts.]
30. f395-403 F. Zaffo. secretissima ars alchemiae.
31. f404-409 R. Lullius. Elucidatio Testamenti, etc.
32. f410-411 R. Lullius. Investigatio secreti occulti.
33. f411v-413 [R. Lullius. Opus bonum ?]
34. f413-417 R. Lullius. Anima artis.
35. f417v-421 R. Lullius. Lapidarius.
36. f422-423 R. Lullius. Testamentum: Practica [Cap. 1-15 only.]
37. f429-433 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts.]
38. f434-435 Winandus de Ruffo Clipeo. Operatio ad Album.
39. f440v-444v R. Lullius. Potestas divitiarum [Cap. 1-9.] [Followed by the last section of 'Magna medicina'.]
40. f445-446 De lapidibus preciosis.
41. f447 Winandus de Ruffo Clipeo. Gloria mundi [incomplete.]
42. f449-452v Hortulanus. Practica [extracts, the second incomplete.]
[About three quarters of the volume appears to have been written by the 'Vulcanus decretorum doctor', a Benedictine monk of Wissbern, who seems to have been a practising alchemist.]

755. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 527.
24 folios. 210x155mm. Mid 16th Century.
Miscellanea Alchemica XXVIII. [In English]
1. f1-3 [Miscellaneous notes and extracts. With coloured symbolical pen drawings.]
2. f4-12 R. Lullius. Apertorium [abbreviated.]
3. f13-16v Rhazes. [Extract from 'Practica'.]
4. f17v-19v Holcot. Breviloquium.
5. f20-21v Rhazes. Rotula.
6. f22-24 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts.]

756. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 528.
24 pages + 145 folios. 220x170mm. Mid 17th Century.
Miscellanea Alchemica XXXIII.
1. p1-9 H. Khunrath. Symbole physico-chymique... du Chaos des physico-chymiques catholique, naturel, triun, admirable, merveilleux et très-secret. Subiect naif et propre, matière nécessaire et unique de l'universelle et grand pierre des Philosophes MDIIC.
2. p13-19 [J. Arndt.] Jugement d'un certain Philosophe des quatre emblêmes ou figures du grand Amphithéâtre de Khunrath.
3. p21-24 J. Pontanus. Epistre [de igne philosophico.]
4. f1-35 [Perrier.] D'un Anonyme: Dix chapitres de théorie touchant l'Oeuvre des philosophes.
5. f36-43 Perrier. Onze chapitres sur la pratique.
6. f44-55 Joannes Nannius. Le véritable secret des clouds de cinabre [with other alchemical receipts and processes.]
7. f56-58 R. Lullius. Méthode... sur le vin pour en faire une médicine excellente pour la santé et aussy pour en faire un très admirable dissolvant dont se fait l'or potable.
8. f60-65 M. Sendivogius. Operatio philosophica.
9. f65v-69 Basilius Valentinus. Opération... touchant l'or potable et la transmutation.
10. f71-84 [Perrier à St. Picard.] Processus saturninus desumptus ex quodam scripto Domini du Bois [with other alchemical receipts and processes.]
11. f85-94 M. Sendivogius. Ex manuscripto attributo Cosmopolitae.
12. f95-103 (- ) de la Magdelaine. Oeuvre ou traicté physique sur l'eau mercurielle.
13. f105-106 Opération sur l'eau de pluye pour en tirer un sel à faire l'or potable et l'or calciné.
14. f107-114 J. Saulnier [or Saunier.] Oeuvre sur le sel commun.
15. f115-119 Robertus Anglicus [?] Ars artium seu divinum opus philosophorum.
16. f130-135 l'oeuvre de la magnésie.
17. f138-145 Martyrisati liber... cujusdam philosophi ignoti de reprobatione philosophiae occultae in corporibus mineralibus...

757. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 529.
63 folios. 290x215mm. 15th Century [1470.]
Miscellanea Alchemica XXXIV. [In Italian.]
1. f1 Arnoldus de Villanova. Epistola ad Papam Bonifacium VIII.
2. f2-14 Arte d'archimia.
3. f14-19v [Pseudo Aristoteles ?] [Lumen de lumine ?]
4. f20v-26 [Alchemical receipts in Italian and Latin.]
5. f26v-32 De mercurio.
6. f32v-38 [Receipts for 'Congelacione de mercurio', etc.]
7. f39-62 [Fragment of a larger work of medical, technical, and alchemical receipts.]

758. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 530.
76 folios. 190x155mm. 17th Century [c.1625.]
Miscellanea Alchemica XXXVII. [In German.]
1. f1-15 [Basilius Valentinus.] Via veritatis.
2. f16-18 J. Lacinius. Pretiosa margarita novella de thesauro ac pretiosissimo Philosophorum lapide [extract.]
3. f20-34 Ulrich Poyselius. Spiegel der Alchymey.
4. f35-40 [R. Lullius. Lilium Intelligentiae?] Dialogus philosophiae.
5. f41-44 [Rhazes. Epistola?] Exemplum artis philosophiae.
6. f45-58 [Rhazes.] De lapide philosophorum XII capitula.
7. f59-69 Melchior Episcopus Brixiensis. Ein philosophischs Werck unnd Gesprach von dem gelben unnd rotten Mann.
8. f69-70 Von dem Rebis einem Stein.
9. f70v-74 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts.]
[With the exception of item 2, all the above were first printed in Salomon Trismosin's 'Aureum Vellus'.]
[With book plate of Comes de Chorinsky.]

759. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 563.
12 + 235 + 4 folios. 200x155mm. 16th and 17th Centuries [c.1550-1659.]
Giuseppe de Mogliettis. Altissimus liber et profundus ubi continentur multa segreta [sic] chimica, alchimia et de Lapide Philosophico. [The text mainly written about 1550 by an unnamed compiler, but with added receipts and notes by de Mogliettis, in Latin and Italian.]
1. f1-83v G. Sedacerius. Opus totius artis alchimiae.
2. f84-87v [G. Sedacerius ?] De multiplicatione.
3. f87v-88 De lapide philosophico [in Italian verse.]
4. f88v-114 G.A. Pantheo. Voarchadumia [extract in Latin.]
5. f114v-117v Arnoldus de Villanova. De sanguine humano [etc.]
6. f117v-123v De salibus, etc.
7. f123v-125v [Bonaventure de Iseo. Alchemical terms, in Latin.]
8. f125v-131v Mappae Clavicula [extracts.]
9. f132-169 [Extracts from the works of Hermes Trismegistus, Geber, and other alchemical writers.]
10. f169v-172 Pseudo Democritus. Secretum naturae.
11. f172v-185 Petrus Bonus. [Excerpts from his 'Pretiosa margarita novella'.]
12. f186-211 [Miscellaneous chemical and alchemical receipts.]
13. f211v-214 Khalid ibn Jazid. Liber trium verborum.
14. f214-215v Avicenna. De quatuor speciebus corporum mineralium.
15. f215v-217v [Khalid ibn Jazid.] De materia lapidis fragmenta.
16. f217v-218 F. Sabeo. [Alchemical poem.]
17. f218-219 Rhazes [?] Epistola.
18. f219-233 [Alchemical, chemical and medical receipts and notes.]
19. f234-end [Prayers and charms in Italian, by G. de Mogliettis.]

760. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 577.
67 folios. 190x145mm. Early 17th Century.
R. Nelson. [Collection of extracts and notes on alchemy.]
1. ff1-14 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts, including some in Italian, tables, chemical signs, etc.]
2. ff14v-22 Kent. [Letter on alchemy in English 'to his frind and Sonne M. William Johnson Dr. of Physick in the Lowe countries... July 14 1596'. This includes a copy of a letter from Edward Kelley.
3. ff22-24 St. Dunstan. Collectanea ex tractatu... de lapide philosophorum.
4. ff24-26 St. Dunstan. Abbreviationes operis ubi continentur omnia elixira.
5. ff26v-28 [Notes on elixirs.]
6. ff28v-30v J.I. Hollandus. A breefe collection from the worke of Isaac the German concerning the operation upon [Lead].
7. ff30v-31v G. de Montanor. XXX Notabilia: out of Guido Montanus the Grecian philosopher.
8. ff31v-38 [Miscellaneous alchemical extracts in Latin.]
9. f39 Hermes Trismegistus. Tabula Smaragdina, anglico carmine reddita.
10. f38v-39 [Two entries in Greek, on fire.]
11. ff43-49 [Miscellaneous alchemical processes in English.]
12. f50 G. Ripley. Cantilena.
13. f51 R. Lullius. Tabula practica.
14. ff51v-52 J. Kitchen. The best manner to make potable [Gold].
15. f52v Tatton. Opus philosophicum [Lead.] [Contains extract from verse of Pearce the Black Monk.]
16. ff57v-58 J. Kitchen. How to reduce [Gold] into Potable Liquor.
17. ff59-61v [Notes on Aurum Potabile.]
18. ff61v-64 [Miscellaneous alchemical notes in English and French.]
19. ff64v-66 Abstract of Sir Edward Harwell's worke.

761. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 580.
2 folios + 157 pages. 190x145mm. Early 17th Century.
Thomas Norton. The Ordinall of Alchymie [in verse.]

762. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 582.
105 pages. 205x140mm. Late 16th Century.
1. pp1-72 [Here ascribed to Roger Bacon.] Opera grande et reale fatta con l'olio... Recipe olio di Antimonio fatta di quello Antimonio della miniera che non sia stato colato...
2. pp79-105 [Here ascribed to Roger Bacon.] Rogerius Bacconus de antimonio. De lapide Albetio seu de Antimonio secundum quadripartite ubi sciendum est in primus de Antimonio secundum Rogerium Bacconum. [This work was printed in 1672 as 'Liber secretus' under the name of Artephius.]

763. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 583.
82 pages. 205x140mm. Late 16th Century.
Opus lapidis philosophorum. [With other short anonymous alchemical tracts in Italian and Latin.]

764. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 589.
1 + 164 + 21 folios. 165x100mm. 16th Century [c.1580-1595.]
[Collection, compiled by O. Parthololaeus of Nuremburg, of medical, chemical and alchemical extracts, receipts, etc. in German and Latin.]
1. ff1-6 [Alchemical extracts.]
2. ff6v-17 Petrus Bonus [Extract from the 'Preciosa margarita'.]
3. ff18-55 [Anon.] Usus extractionum, tinctarum, oleorum, aquarum, balsamorum, lignorum, solutionum et salium.
4. ff56-62 Sigmund Werner of Eger. [Process for the philosopher's stone.]
5. ff63-71 Augustin Streicher. Judicium urinarum. [In German.]
6. ff83-97 [Alchemical and medical receipts, in German and Latin.]
7. ff98-106 Meierdorff. Medicinae et medicamenta Meierdorfiana.
8. ff110-129 Alexander von Suchten. Tractatus de antimonio vulgari [in German.]
9. ff130v-135 Roger Bacon. Processus [Antimony] [in German.]
10. ff136-148 Paracelsus. [Alchemical and iatrochemical extracts.]
11. ff148-149 Carolus Cortesius. Recepta pro itinere, etc.
12. ff150-163 Leonhardt Thurneisser. [Extracts from 'Liber de Quinta Essentia'.]
13. ff163-164 Carolus Cortesius. Arcanum.
14. ff172-174 Orationis Dominicae brevis et succincta meditatio praecationis instar.
15. ff175-184 [Alchemical receipts in Latin and German, key to a letter cypher.]

765. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 593.
149 folios. 200x150mm. 16th Century [1563.]
Paracelsus. Desz fürnembsten Aureoli der Artzt und Philosophen Theophrasti Paracelsii Ainsidlen, fünff vast nützliche Buecher von ursachen zaichen und Cürierungen der Kranckheiten aüs dem Tartaro. Durch müeh und fleisz desz fürtreffenlichen Mans Adami von Bodenstain an den Tag... nach laut der warheit pübliciert.
[This work is dedicated to Cosimo de Medici.]

766. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 594.
63 folios. 285x140mm. 16th and 17th Centuries.
[Collection of medical, chemical and alchemical receipts, and short alchemical works, by or attributed to Paracelsus. In German, by several hands.]

767. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 595.
9 folios + 624 pages + 19 folios. 150x105mm. Mid 17th Century.
Sydus philosophorum et chimicum collectoris incerti ex operibus Paracelsi [in Latin.]
[Collection of extracts from the works of Paracelsus mainly concerned with alchemy.]

768. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 597.
247 + 46 folios. 205x155mm. 16th Century. [c.1575.]
1. Paracelsus. Quatuordecim libri Paragraphorum.
2. Paracelsus. Liber Praeparationum.
3. Giovanni Bracesco. De alchemia: Dialogus primus [in German.]
4. [Alchemical receipts in German.]
[This MS. seems very similar to one in Kassel, see Sudhoff Catalogue No. 149.]

769. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 598.
7 + 165 + 17 folios. 145x105mm. Early 17th Century.
[Collection of extracts, transcripts, etc., from the alchemical works of Paracelsus. With other extracts from similar treatises by or attributed to R. Lullius, in Spanish.]
1. ff1-5 Paracelsus. De spiritus planetarum [extract.]
2. ff6-86 Paracelsus. De natura rerum.
3. ff86-99 Paracelsus. [Extracts from various works.]
4. ff100-112v Paracelsus. De la naturaleza del hombre. [De natura hominis.]
5. ff112v-125 Paracelsus. [Extracts from various works.]
6. ff125-135 R. Lullius. Epistolla de acortacion de la piedra de los philosophos.
7. ff135-138v R. Lullius. Tratado de aquas.
8. ff138v-141 R. Lullius. Medicina para sol.
9. ff141v-143v [Anon. Alchemical receipts.]
10. f143v-150 R. Lullius. {Extracts from various works.]
11. ff150-158v J. de Rupescissa. De consideratione quintae essentiae [extract.]
12. ff158v-161v Paracelsus. Tractato de contracturis [extract.]
13. ff161v-163v [J. de Rupescissa.] De consideratione quintae essentiae [further extract.]
14. ff163v-165 Paracelsus. [Extracts.]
[There are a few other alchemical receipts in Catalan by different 18th Century hands.]

770. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 606.
253 pages. 215x160mm. Mid 17th Century.
Lazare de Pena. Anatomie nouvelle del'homme et des choses de Nature.

771. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 607.
5 folios +253 pages + 7 folios + 44 pages. 180x120mm. 17th Century [1641.]
1. Jean Penot. Traité de la Pierre.
2. [Anon.] De la matiere de la pierre et feu des philosphes.

772. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 609.
28 folios. 240x170mm. Mid 17th Century.
Sieur Dubois Perrier à S. Picard. De la pierre philosophale.

773. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 629.
28 pages. 205x140mm. Late 16th Century.
Practica faciendi aurum et argentum. Elixiris mercurii in suo vase amalgamatio cum corpore.

774. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 631.
65 folios. 125x95mm. Mid 17th Century.
1. ff1-7 [Alchemical recipes in Italian, some headings in Arabic and Armenian script.]
2. ff9-22 [Alchemical recipes in Italian with a few in latin, some with headings and paragraphs in Armenian script.]
3. ff23-52 Josephus Quercetanus [Duchesne]. Diverses expériences copies [sic] des manuscrits de feu Monsieur de la Violette [i.e. Quercetanus].
4. ff52v-end [Alchemical and other recipes, in French, Italian and Latin, on written entirely in Armenian script.]

775. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 680.
12 folios. 150x100mm. Late 14th Century.
Rhazes. Liber luminum minus et perfecti magisterii [abridged and incomplete.]

776. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 692.
Roll. 328x400mm. 17th Century [c.1600.]
Rotulum hieroglyphicum G. Riplaei Equitis Aurati. [Ripley Scroll.]
[Copy of a copy made in 1588 of the 'Emblematicall scrowle: supposed to be invented by Geo. Ripley'. It has been suggested that the copying was commissioned by John Dee.]

777. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 693.
Roll. 343x385mm. 17th Century [c.1600.]
Rotulum hieroglyphicum G. Riplaei Equitis Aurati. [Ripley Scroll.]
[In the marginal border is the inscription 'This longe Rolle w[as] drawne in Colours for me at Lubecke in Germanye 1588'.]
[From the Library of the Earl of Ashburnham.]

778. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 707.
21 folios. 200x140mm. 15th Century [c.1430.]
Johannes de Rupescissa. Liber Lucis. [Followed by alchemical and medical receipts, in French and Latin, by another contemporary hand. It seems almost certain that this MS. originally formed part of a larger volumes containing MSS. Wellcome 523 and 418.]

779. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 708.
58 folios. 210x145mm. 15th Century [1443.]
1. Johannes de Rupescissa. De consideratione quintae essentiae.
2. [Anon.] Vocabularius herbarum latino-germanicus.
[On f5v is a pen drawing in red and green of an alchemical vessel.]

780. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 709.
30 + 1 folios. 285x185mm. Late 15th Century.
Johannes de Rupescissa. De consideratione quintae essentiae.

781. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 710.
28 folios. 210x145mm. Late 15th Century.
Johannes de Rupescissa. De consideratione quintae essentiae.

782. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 711.
1 + 58 + 3 folios. 205x155mm. Mid 17th Century.
Johannes de Rupescissa. De consideratione quintae essentiae.

783. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 712.
4 + 130 + 4 folios. 160x120mm. 15th Century [c.1475.]
Johannes de Rupescissa. De consideratione quintae essentiae. [Follewed by a list of medicines and their qualities, an anonymous 'Trattato delle urine', and the 'Giudicio dell urine' by Aegidius Corboliensis, etc., with a few alchemical and medical receipts in Italian and Latin.]

784. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 719.
324 folios. 109x135mm. 16th Century [1579-1594.]
P. Sabatier. Collection of alchemical treatises in French and Latin.
1. ff2-12 Hermes Trismegistus. Septem tractatus.
2. ff13-14v Hermes Trismegistus. La Table [etc.]
3. ff15-29 Guilhelmus Tecenensis. La fleur du lys entre les espines.
4. ff30-37v Penotus à Portu (Bernardus Georgius). Regulae seu Canones.
5. ff38-44 Geber. Testamentum.
6. ff45-53 Gerbozelin. Livre.
7. ff54-63 Astanus. De fermento lapidis philosophorum.
8. ff66-121 Turba Philosophorum.
9. ff122-149 Turba Philosophorum (in French).
10. ff149v-153 Maria Propheticca. Liber Mariae.
11. ff153v-161 [Anonymous commentary on the 'Tabula smaragdina.']
12. ff161v-169v Bernhardus Trevisanus (?). Aureola.
13. ff172-183 V. Valeron du Busrebert. La composition de la Pierre des Philosophes.
14. ff184-217 Bernhardus Trevisanus. Livre de la vraye et naturelle philosophie.
15. ff218-220 [John Dastin ?] Aureolae sapientium.
16. ff220-241 Bernhardus Trevisanus. Epistola ad Thomam de Bononia [in French.]
17. ff241-246v Bernhardus Trevisanus. La branchette.
18. ff247-252 [Anon.] De la transmutation.
19. ff257-260 G.A. Augurello. Chrysopoeia minor (in verse.)
20. ff261-269v Arnoldus de Villanova. De lapide philosophorum.
21. ff270-273 Arnoldus de Villanova. Epistola ad regem Neapolitanum.
22. ff274-281 Arnoldus de Villanova. Epistola ad papam Bonifacium VIII.
23. ff281v-289v R. Bacon. Speculum.
24. ff290-199 [Notes and extracts on alchemy in French and Latin by the compiler.]
25. f299v-300v J. Fernelius. Ex libra secundo de abditis rerum causis.
26. ff300v-302 R. Lullius. De praeparatione lapidis per ipsius divisionem in quatuor elementa post putrefactionem suam.
27. ff302v-307 [Extracts from Alchemical authors.]
28. ff308-309 [Notes on alchemy in French by an 18th Century hand.]

785. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 728.
44 folios. 205x140mm. Late 16th Century.
Johannes Sawtre. Tractatus de lapide philosophico. [in Italian.]

786. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 745.
3 + 47 folios. 205x140mm. 17th Century [c. 1625.]
1. ff1-20 Michael Sendivogius. Cosmopolite ou nouvelle lumière de la phisique naturelle: traictant de la constitution généralle des élémens simples et des composés: traduict du latin d'un Aucteur incertain.
2. ff21-31 Artephius. Pratique des trois oeuvres philosophiques, assavoir minéralle végétalle selon la clef de la grande sapience d'Artephius.
3. ff32-43 Bref traicté du Grand Oeuvre.
4. ff44-45 Paracelsus. Extraict du Manuel... de la préparation de la Pierre.

787. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 758.
96 folios. 225x145mm. 16th Century [c.1500.]
[Collection of alchemical works, extracts and notes, in Latin and Italian. Probably compiled and writen by Octavianus de Spino of Bergamo.]
1. ff2-6 Turba Philosophorum [in Latin and Italian.]
2. ff7-9v Arnoldus de Villanova. Rosarius: liber secundus [in Italian.]
3. ff10-26 J. Sawtre. Radix mundi.
4. ff26v-32 [Miscellaneous receipts and extracts in Latin and Italian.]
5. ff32v-36 Arnoldus de Villanova. Visio.
6. ff37-44v R. Bacon. Speculum alchymiae.
7. ff44v-56 [Miscellaneous extracts and notes in Latin and Italian, including 'de c[h]elidonia'.]
8. ff57-62 R. Lullius. Epistola de lapide majori.
9. ff65-91 Bernardus de Grava. Opus alchemicum.
10. ff92 Barzeletta [in verse.]

788. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 789.
10 folios. Vellum. 230x170mm. Early 17th Century.
Vera pratica lapis philosophorum [in Italian.]

789. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 794.
307 folios. 300x205mm. 16th Century [1590.]
Bernhard Vischer. Probierbuech darinnen Erstlich auslegunng etlicher Lateinischer unnd Alchimistisher Wörtter, Alphabeth unnd Caractor, auch derselben Natturlichenn wurckhuung und Craft. Bernnharden Vischer der zeit Teutschen Schuelhalten zue Pfaffenhouen zughörig.
[Illustrated with small watercolour drawings of chemical and alchemical apparatus. The first 9 folios after the title contain a table of signs, followed by astrological notes, alchemical secret alphabets, and a list of alchemical terms in Latin.]

790. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 800.
Winandus de Ruffo Clipeo [and others]. Doctrina Illuminans: danz ist das Leicht aller Lichter, oder die Lehr ...
Illustrated with 19 water-colour symbolic drawings (folios 25-34).
A series of 19 flasks, not very well drawn. Beginning from an initial flask with two layers green above gold, and proceeding through green, clear, aflask with a little scens of earth and trees, a white bird flying from a layer of white intothe darkness of the upper part of the flask, a flask mottled with red blue, brown and black, Then follows and entirely black flask, a black flask with a red vapour with flowers growing out of the neck, a dark flask with a naked man inside, a dark grey flask with a winged lion or dragon breathing fire, which in the next flask rears up as if trying to leave through the neck of the flask and reveals a skeleton at the bottom of the flask. The next flask number 13 shows us a naked man in a brown flask, in the next a black crow in a black flask, then a white bird in a greyish-black flask, which leads on to a dog or fox leaping in a grey flask. Then we have a mottled red, brown and black flask, which clears to a translucent green with a king in a red robe, and then to another mottled red, brown and black flask this time with flowers growing out of the neck, which becomes in the final figure a translucent reddish brown with a knight in armour standing upon a vitriol symbol and holding a rod.

791. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 827, 828.
Two volumes. 134 folios + 187 folios. 335x220mm. Mid 18th Century.
Abyssum duplicatum cum Hyrogliphis. [In German].
Illustrated by a few pen drawings of chemical apparatus and 14 water-coloured symbolic figures from the 'Viridarium Chymicum' of Daniel Stolcius, Frankfurt 1624.
Vol. I .[Transcript of Anton Joseph Kirchweger's 'Aurea catena Homeri', Leipzig, 1723.]
Vol. II [The second volume is concerned with the 'Introitus apertus ad occulsum regic palatium' by Eirenaeus Philaletha, the german translation of which was published at Hamburg in 1705.]

792. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 859.
3 folios+222 pages+39 blank folios+11 folios. 241x110mm. Early 18th Century.
Ageron. Recueil de quelques receptes trez éprouvées.
[On spine] 'Les secrets de Mr. Ageron.'
p150-173 'Dissertation chymique adressée aux sublimes investigateurs et partisans de la Nature', concerning the making of 'or potable'.

793. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 869.
34 folios. 220x160mm. 17th Century. 1661.
[Collection of alchemical receipts and processes, followed by medical receipts, and receipts for making artificial gems, etc. In Italian, with a few entries in Latin. Incomplete.]

794. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 870
1178 pages. 200x155mm. 17th and 18th Centuries.
[Collection of alchemical receipts, extracts and processes. In German and Latin by many different hands.]
p333 [Title page] 'Arcana Chimica à Domino Johanne Ferdinando Chrzepizky Libero Barone de Modlischkowiz S. Caes. Regiaeque M. Judiciorum et Cameralium Assessori nec non Regiae Com. Boh. Consiliarius [sic]. Anno 1706, 28 Augustis mihi communicata.'
p545-558 'Arbeit so zur Tinctur gehörig Joh. v. Rehe [Rhé] Proces.'
p613-625 'Kranckheits Recepta von menschen wie abscondere auch andere Arcana von pferde undt auss einem ausserlichem MSC. Jacob de Krzbats Nobilis cujusdam Silesii et quondam Consulis Wratisslawie.'
[Engraved armorial book-plate of Ignatius Dominicus, Comes de Chorinsky, (1729-1792).]

795. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 871
343 folios + 8 folios. 200x130mm. 18th Century [c.1720.]
[Collection of notes and extracts chiefly from 17th cent. German alchemical writings: including 231 numbered, and a few other alchemical processes. Some entries are in Latin.]
p295 [Extracts from the 'Concordantia Philosophorum' by Ehrd von Naxagoras, Breslau, 1712.]
[With engraved armorial book-plate 'Ad Bibliothecam Instituti Medici Senckenbergiani' (i.e. Johann Christian Senckenberg (1707-1772)]
[From Julius Kohn Library.]

796. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 872.
56 pages. 180x125mm. 18th Century. 1725.
[Collection of alchemical processes and receipts: in German and Latin.]
[Engraved armorial book-plate of Ignatius Dominicus, Comes de Chorinsky, (1729-1792).]

797. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 873.
28 folios. 410x260mm. Unbound. 18th Century [c. 1725.]
[Alchemical notes and extracts from alchemical authors: in German.]
[The first leaf contains a symbolic alchemical pen-drawn figure. The latest work mentioned in the text is Crosset de la Haumerie (i.e. Alexandre le Crom) 'Les Secrets les plus cachés de la Philosophie des Ancients', Paris, 1722.

798. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 874.
176 folios. 205x150mm. 18th Century.
Epistolae alchemicae. Opus de lapide philosophico. Praeloquium. Tractatus Isaacci Hollandi. [Followed by various medical, iatrochemical, and alchemical receipts, and a long tract on the Powder of Sympathy. In Latin, French and Italian, with a few entries in Spanish.]
[Illustrated with a few rough pen-drawings of alchemical apparatus.]
f49 'Cascoviae nonis Februarii, 1741.' [This is probably Kaschua (formerly Kassa) in Czechoslovakia.]

799. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 875
87 folios. 150x95mm. 18th Century [c.1750.]
[Alchemist's note-book of extracts from alchemical authors, with notes and comments: in Latin and French.]
[Illustrated with pen drawings of alchemical apparatus, etc. Inside the upper cover is a full page circular diagram of the Macrocosm-Microcosm.]
f46 'Procédé de Paul Stein ou Steiner.'
f67-73 'Traite de Nicolas de Valois.'

800. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 876.
23 pages + 3 folios. 205x160mm. Unbound. Mid 18th Century.
Observations et différences. [Commentaries on an unidentified two-volume alchemical work. In French.]

801. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 877
178 pages + 18 folios. 160x110mm. 18th Century [c.1760.]
[Notes, extracts and commentaries on alchemical subjects, especially on the works of Eirenaeus Philaletha and Pantaleon : including at the end, in by a different hand, 'Les sept chapitres de Jean de Mehun, intitulez 'Miroir d'Alchimie'. With some alchemical, chemical and medical receipts: in French.]
p117-130 'Explication des figures hiérogliphiques d'Abraham Jüif'.

802. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 878.
545 pages + 13 folios. 320x215mm. 18th Century [c.1775.]
[Collection of notes on the bibliography and history of Alchemy: with copious extracts from alchemical writings of all periods: in Latin, German, French and English. By several compilers.]
[An exhuastive compilation, probably by and English alchemist and his friends.]
[From the Library of Julius Kohn.]

803. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 897.
11 folios. 350x240mm. 18th Century. 1782.
[Collection of ten full-page water colour drawings, with Latin descriptions in red, of alchemical apparatus, furnaces, etc.]
[Armorial book-plate of Christo[pher] Froschmayr E[dler] v[on] Scheibenhof.]

804. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 880.
7 folios + 47 pages + 43 folios. 165x105mm. 18th Century.
[Collection of alchemical extracts and receipts: in German.]
[Pencil drawing of an alchemical furnace.]
[From Julius Kohn Library.]

805. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 881.
12 folios. 230x190mm. 18th Century.
Observations et notes chimiques. [A journal, with notes, of a practising alchemist from 10th October 1793 to 15th May 1801.]

806. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 882.
53 folios. 200x125mm. 19th Century [c.1855.]
[Short essay on the history of alchemy to the death of Paracelsus.]
[From the Julius Kohn Library.]

807. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 937.
15 folios. 240x195mm. Late 18th Century.
Philosophia secretissima, vitae amictus victus salutis, perditionis occasio. Augustinus Alvedi conscripta anno 1541. [In German.]
[Illustrated by pen-drawings of alchemical apparatus.]

808. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 938.
1 folio + 134 pages + 4 folios. 195x145mm. 18th Century. 1746, 1747.
Philippus Jacobus Josephus de Amatis. Angelicus liber aureus de pretiosorum lapidum compositione et virtute, ac de divino maximoque arcanorum arcano, tam super simplici et philosophica extractione veri auri potabilis, quam de lapide philosophico et sua multiplicatione in Elixir, cum additione duarum cabalarum astronomicarum.
[Illustrated by pen and wash drawings of alchemical apparatus.]
[In Latin and Italian. Written in Naples.]

809. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 965.
2 folios + pages 3-325 + 4 folios + 8 blank folios + 1 folio. 200x135mm. Early 18th Century.
A. Appaix, Selecta ex eis quae D.O.M. abscondit a sapientibus, dispersit, deditque pauperibus ['praemissis constitutionibus' struck through] V.F.C. [In French and Latin.]
1. p2-16 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts and processes. [French.]
2 . p17-71 L'Aurore.
3. p72-94 L'amy de l'Aurore, ou la pratique des 5 parties générales de tous oeuvres des philosophes comprise sous douz portes.
4. p94-115 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts and extracts, in French and Latin.]
5. p116-127 C. Grummet. Sanguis Naturae. [In Latin.]
6. p128-144 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts and processes, in Latin and French.]
7. p145-150 G. Ripley. Livre de poche.
8. p151-254 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts and processes, mainly in French.]
9. p255-289 Hector de Lannoy. Opérations du Sieur Hector de la Noy. [In Frech and Latin.]
10. p290-303 Discours sur le grand oeuvre des Philosophes.
11. p304-317 Réponse à Mr. D.L. [? de la Noy.]
12. p318-325 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts and processes. Mainly in French.]
13. f1-4 [Alchemical receipts in a later hand. In Italian.]

810. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 971.
2 folios + 163 pages + 4 blank folios. 270x180mm. Early 18th Century.
Arcana divina. Der aus köstlichen Verstehung wahraffte Grundquell und Weeg der Weissheit wie der von Einigkeit gebenedyte Stein der aller Weisen Geheimnisse zu machen, und zuglich aus deren 3en Reichen ein Universal-Werck zu verfertigen sey...
[With 10 folding sheets inserted, 9 of which contain pen-drawings of alchemical mirrors and other apparatus, and the last a planetary table.]
[On the second preliminary leaf is a note 'Possessor manuscripti est F. F. Weichenhaan juris et metallurgiae peritus philosophus Serenissimi Ducis Saxo-Hildeburghusensis à Consiliis Aulicis nec non Advocatus Ordinarius et Notarius Caesaraeus publicus et juratis'.]
[From Julius Kohn Library.]

811. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 984.
28 folios. 215x155mm. Unbound. 17th Century.
Arte dell' alchimia. [A collection of alchemical and chemical receipts, followed by other technical and domestic receipts, a short tract on the virtues of human blood, and of rosemary, etc.]

812. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 985.
82 pages + 3 folios + 93 pages. 160x105mm. Mid 18th Century.
Artephius. Le Clef du Grand Art, et de la Science humaine d'Artéfius. Première [et seconde] partie.

813. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 991.
49 pages. 230x175mm. Mid 18th Century.
Arzneibuch worinn sicher Mittel für allerhand Krankheiten, und zugleich auch varia Secreta chymica befindlich. Nebst andere Kuriositäten mehr.
[The contents are almost entirely alchemical.]
p3-33 [Long extract from 'De lapide philosophorum' by Laurentius Ventura, Basel, 1571.]
[The remainder consists of alchemical notes and receipts.]

814. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1027.
339 pages. 230x180mm. 19th Century [c.1875.]
[William Alexander Ayton. Transcripts of translations by Sigismond Bacstrom of seven short German works on alchemy. These are followed by a transcript of Samuel Norton's 'Key to Alchemy', 1577, perhaps from MS. Ashmole 1421.]
[Frontispiece contains watercolour drawings of 'Apparatus to attract the Lunar Humidity'. ]
1. p11-37 Chemical Moon-shine wherein is demonstrated the true subject of Philosophy... published by a Lover of Truth. Franckfort and Leipzig 1739. 8vo. Translated from the German by S. Bacstrom, M.D., 1797.
2. p37-50 Mars [pseud.]. Philosophical considerations on the cold or wonderful Alcahest: that is the Philosphic Menstruum and Universal Azoth. Franckfurt 1659.
3. p53-84 Modestin Fachs. His art of essaying Leipzig 1678... Some useful processes translated out of the above Treatise by S.B. 1798.
4. p87-105 David Beuther. Particular processes... Published by Anonymous. Leipzig 1717. Translated from the German by S.B. 1798.
5. p109-126 On the Sphaera Saturni of Paracelsus. By which [Gold - Sun] is vitrefied into a Tinging [sic] Glass by means of [Copper - Venus]. From a MS. formerly in the possession of the Elector of Saxony. 1798.
6. p127-140 Paracelsus. Sal alembrot or Aqua mercurii. A process... written in old German verse... found in... Theophrasti Paracelsi... Manuale... Basileae. 1582. 8vo.
7. p145-156 Johann Sternhals. The war of the knights... Hamburg 1680. With the Explanation of his Hieroglyphics painted on the glass windows of the Cathedral Church at Hamburg [Abridged]. Translated from the German by S.B. 1798.
8. p159-327 Samuel Norton. The Key of Alchemy. 1577.
p163 [Pen drawn illustration of the 'Tree of Alchemy'.]
p329-337 [Illustrations of furnaces.]
[From Julius Kohn Library.]

815. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1030.
201 folios. Various sizes. 19th Century [c. 1850.]
Sigismund Bacstrom. Transcripts, extracts, and notes on alchemy. Vol. I.
1. 19 folios. Some processes copies from an Old. MSc. in folio belonging to Mr. Tilloch. Concerning the healing of wounds, T. Paracelsus, his best plaisters.
Doctor Charas Stella at Florence, his Red Powder communicated to me in March 1805 by Baron de Rosenheim from Vienna [In German].
Mr. A. T[illoch]'s thoughts how to make the Lapis by a short process.
[Holograph by Bacstrom.]
2. 94 pages + 5 folios. A philosophical and chymical manuscript. [By a different hand.]
3. 19 folios. Commentary on a treatise of Bernard, Earl of Trevisan, of the Philosophers Stone, London, 1683 in Collectanea Chymica 1684, by Alexander Tilloch Esqre. 1806.
The work by S B November 1806.
Notes on several [alchemical] authors by Mr. Tilloch.
Useful extracts by Mr. R. Ford.
[Holograph by Bacstrom.]
4. 3 folios. Alchemical notes. [Holograph by Bacstrom].
5. 5 folios. Johannes Gier his work 1512. [At the end 'Finished this Msc. 1804, the 20th April. S. Bacstrom'. Followed by notes on 'Palingenesia planatarum'. Holograph.]
6. 28 folios. Elaboration of the L[apis] P[hilosophorum], written to a Prince Elector of Saxony, partly in German, partly in Latin. Translated by S. Bacstrom for the use of his friends. London, December 6th, 1806.
The 12 labours of Hercules.
[Holograph by Bacstrom.]
7. 59 folios. Of the third Part of the Elements of Chemistry. A particular book respecting Alchemy or the making of Gold. [From Johann Conrad Barchusen's 'Elementa chemiae'. 1718.]
8. 7 folios. On sedative water, etc.
9. 21 folios. [Transcript of a translation of an unidentified alchemical work beginning 'With the blessing of God, I will show you both the practice and philosophical means to obtain the same Elixer of white and red tincture'.]

816. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1031.
224 folios. Various sizes. 19th Century [c. 1835.]
Sigismund Bacstrom. Transcripts, extracts and notes on alchemy. Vol. II.
1. 48 pages + 2 folios. Pars altera Aureliae occultae Philosophorum [attributed to Basilius Valentinus] translated from the Latin by S. B., M.D. 1806. [From 'Theatrum chymicum' Vol. IV., p. 495.]
2. 1 folio. 'A paper written by Miss Ford, which she copied from a newspaper, by the request of Mr. Ford [on the decomposition of the earths by Sir H. Davy] communicated to me on the 8 of November 1808.'
1 folio. 'Conversation with Mr. Ford [on alchemy] on the 8 of Nov. 1808.'
30 folios. Useful extracts from 'Fasciculus Chemicus' ... by James Hasolle [i.e. Elias Ashmole] London, 1650.
5 folios. 'On Sunday [sign] the 24 Jan. 1808, the following new discovery of Professor Davy [on alcali] was communicatd to me by Mr. Wagstaffe'.
3. 24 folios. Remarks on Urbigerus his Aphorisms, demonstrating the three infallible ways of preparing the Grand Elixir of the Philosophers. These notes are written by S. B. for his own improvement, and to oblige his friends. 1804.
22 folios. Some good things copied from Baron de Ruesenstein his Universal and particular processes. Frankfort and Leipzig [1754]. Annotations and explications of a valuable treatise named the Hermetical triumph or the victorious philosophical Stone... translated from the French and German, London, 1723.
6 folios. A short way or Happy Thought: March 1805 to obtain a tinging power, by means of Vital [sign of Air] or Oxygen from a calx of gold [sign].
[Pen drawings of tubes and a crucible; also a coloured drawing of a distilling apparatus.]
4. 108 folios. [George Graham]. Alchemy: a select collection of testimonies respecting the doctrines and practice of the Ancient Alchemists. Extracted from their writings. [See also Wellcome MS. 2550.]

817. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1068.
1 folio + 85 pages + 2 folios. 190x130mm. 18th Century. 1768.
[Barone. Receipts for artificial gems, and a translation of 'Demogorgon' attributed to Geber. In Italian.]
p15-85 'Demogorgon'. [First published at venice in 1544, as the first Dialogue in Giovanni Bracesco's 'De Alchimia'.]

818. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1087.
7 folios + 232 folios 210x165mm. 17th Century [c.1660.]
Basilius Valentinus. Le char de triomphe de l'antimoine. Traduite en françois du latin.
[Some rough drawings in red chalk of alchemical apparatus, etc. have been inserted on small slips facing folios 130, 153, 190, 198.]

819. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1088.
68 pages. 215x160mm. Late 17th Century.
Basilius Valentinus. Troisième livre du Testament.

820. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1089.
147 folios. 205x165mm. 18th Century [c.1750.]
Basilius Valentinus. Via veritatis... von der Quinta Essentia und Oleo Metallorum. Sowohl aus deren Metallen als auch deren Mineralien deutlich und Klahr beschrieben. Wie auch darneben von vielen geheimen Arzneyen so ich auf meiner Wallfarth erhalten und auch richtig befunden habe. Beschrieben von mir St. Petri Closer. Anno Domini 1480.
[Illustrated with 11 crude watercolours symbolising the alchemical process, and two pen drawings of alchemical apparatus. Inserted are two engraved silhouette portraits of the head of Susanna Catharina von Klettenberg, the friend of Goethe.]

821. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1090.
130 pages. 170x105mm. Late 18th Century.
[Compendium and notes on the Opera of Basilius Valentinus; In German.]
[From the Julius Kohn Library.]

822. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1091.
407 pages. 230x180mm. Written in Paris. 18th Century. 1777.
[Basilius Valentinus and others.] Le livres secrets et le dernier Testament de frère Bazile Valentin, Bénedictin. De la grande pierre des anciens philosophes, et autres mistères cachés de la Nature. Le tout tiré et transcrit de l'orginal trouvé dans le hout autel sous une petite table de marbre à Erfort. Et mis en lumière à l'instante prière des enfans de la Science... Ecrit par S.T.C.D.G. à Strasbourg 1651. Copié par N.L.D.B.R. à Paris 1777. [With other alchemical tracts and extracts.]
1. p1-234 Testament.
2. p235-265 Manifestation ou éclaircissement des secrets cachés de frère Bazile Valentine.
3. p267-275 J. von Rhe, Opération philosophique.
p232 [small marginal pen drawing of alchemical vessels.]
4. p277-310 Rosarium Philosophorum. Le Rosaire des Philosophes.
[With symbolic alchemical drawings on p281, 287, 293, 299, 307.]
5. p311-321 Manuscrit de Nicolas Flamel.
6. p321-349 Hams. Le Verger d'honneur et Jardin de Plaisance.
p346-348 [Three figures of a magical alchemical mirror.]
7. p351-407 Arcana divina.

823. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1102.
399 pages +10 folios. 210x160mm. 19th Century. 1828.
[Adrien Louis Baudeau. Transcript of 20 short essays on scientific subjects. Most of the essays deal with chemistry, and the author seems to have inclined to the views of the medieval alchemists.]

824. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1112.
48 folios. 215x170mm. 18th Century [c.1780.]
[Claude de Beauharnais] Instructions de Flamel à son neveu Perrier. Pratique de Flamel. [Holograph MS. by the Marquis de Beauharnais, with numerous notes and additions.]

825. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1113.
5 folios + 59 pages. 200x160mm. Late 18th Century.
[Claude de Beauharnais.] Pour l'opération du Grande Oeuvre. [Including the 'Pratique de Nicolas Flamel'. With many notes and extracts on alchemical processes. Author's holograph.]

826. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1116.
335 pages. 160x105mm. Written in Rome. 18th Century. 1754.
Johann Joachim Becher. Chimicus rosarum hortus seu Rosetum chimicum; una cum praefatione hic adjuncta per Fredericum Roth-Scholtzen Silesium. Versio Italica ex lingua Teutonica juxta exemplar Norimbergae 1719. Norimbergae et Altorfii. Apud. Jo. Daniel Taubers, et heredes. Anno MDCCXIX. Versio Italica. Romae. MDCCLIV.
[With an extract from Becher's 'Concordantia Mercuriorum.]

827. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1156.
302 pages. 160x70mm. 17th Century [c.1680.]
Beschreibung des gantzens Wercks. [By an anonymous German alchemist who claims to have discovered the Mathod and Praxis of the Philosophers' Stone after fifteen years of labour and research.]
p17 Descriptio Athanaris mei.
p19,20 [Introduction in which the author tells of his 15 years labour and ultimate success.]
p21 [Copy of a letter from Paracelsus.]
p22 Via sicca brevis [In Latin.]
p23 Via humida longa [In Latin.]
p29 Von der Beschaftigheit der Materi.
p65 Die Klare Praxis.
p93 Secretissima Instructio ad Lapidem pro via sicca et humida. [In German.]
p130 Via universalis ad Lapidem. [In German.]
p144 Wo und an welchen die Materi am bestem zufinden sey.
p229 Folgen etliche nützliche Arbeiten auf vorgehende Subiecta, mit den vorgesetzen Handgrieffen übereinkommen.
p279 Ein Bergliedt, vorinnen das Subiectum Catholicum Saturninum mit Nahmen genennet wirdt.
p291 Der chymischen Autorn unterschiedene Arten zu Arbeithen, auch unterschiedene Subiecta so Sie gebrauchet haben.
[Armorial bookplate of Ignatius Dominicus, S.R.I. Comes de Chorinsky.]

828. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1177, 1178.
2 vols. 150x90mm. 17th Century [c.1685.]
Bisioli. Raccolta di varii e veri autori in compendio, di quello ch'e piu nessario [sic] ad havere ampla intelligenza e in Teorico et in Pratica della vera Universal Medicina o d'Elixir Arabico, ma anco del Lapis Philosophorum et altre curiosita. [From a note it appears that there were originally 6 volumes, lettered A to F.]
[In Latin throughout, except for a few passages in Italian.]
Vol A.
1. p1-91 J. de Nuysement. De spiritu universali secreto mundi et sale philosophorum ex libro de vere sale secreto Sendivogii. Canones a B.N.M.D. collecti .
2. p92-109 M. Sendivogius. Nota ex Novo lumine [chymico].
3. p110-186 P.J. Fabre [Extracts from several works.]
4. p186-222 [Extracts from Musaeum Hermeticum.]
5. p222-225 D. Origanus. De rore.
6. p226-241 P.J. Fabre [Extracts.]
7. p241-end [Extracts from Musaeum Hermeticum.]
Vol. B.
1. p1-27 J. de Nuysement. Canones speciales ad praxin.
2. p28-149 Arthur Dee. Fasciculus chemicus.
3. p150-179 Pseudo St Dunstan. De lapide philosophorum.
4. p179-185 J. Pontanus. Epistola de philosophorum lapide.
5. p185-246 Artephius. De arte occulta atque lapide philosophorum.
6. p249-275 [Extracts from Musaeum Hermeticum.]
7. p276-293 Medicine spagiriche.
8. p294-349 [Tractatus 'Gloria Mundi' from Musaeum Hermeticum.]
9. p349-end. P.J. Fabre [Extracts.]

829. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1179.
29 pages. 215x170mm. Early18th Century.
Johannes de Bisschop. Mysterium magnum, magisterium hermeticum, Naturae et Artis ministerium.
[On the last leaf is an engraved circular figure containing alchemical signs.]

830. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1294.
112 folios. 200x140mm. [Perugia.] 17th Century [c. 1695.]
Julius de Boncambiis. Libro lettera C. [A collection of alchemical, chemical and medical receipts and 'secrets' in Italian and Latin. Compiler's holograph.]

831. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1295.
12 + 427 folios. 190x130mm. [Perugia.] 18th Century [1700]
Julius de Boncambis. Libro lettera H. A collection of alchemical and chemical receipts, processes and 'secrets': including several short treatises by alchemical authors. Illustrated with a few rough pen-drawings of alchemical apparatus.
f1-34 Libro de secreti diversi di diversi Autori... Ridotti da N. N. di N. N...
f35-53 N. de N. Opera sopra il Lapis Animale Vegetabile Minerale, cauta da diversi Authori...
f54-161 [Miscellaneous receipts and processes.]
f162-323 [Miscellaneous alchemical processes and receipts.]
f324-325 R. Lullius. Investigatio secreti occulti [in Italian.]
f335-337 [Alchemical receipt.]
f338-343 Modo di far il Lapis Filosophorum.
f344-347 [Alchemical receipts.]
f347v-415 [Extracts from works of Sendivogius.]
f416-417 [Alchemical receipts.]

832. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1296.
10 + 365 folios. 285x200mm. 18th Century [c. 1700]
Julius de Boncambis. Libro lettera N. A collection of alchemical, chemical and medical receipts, process and 'secrets', in Italian and Latin. Illustrated with a few rough pen drawings of alchemical apparatus. f263 has a crude sketch of 'Lunaria', an alchemical plant. Most of the entries are short receipts.
f160-170 Secreti del Padre Bruni [Stellar influences on plants and metals.]
f305-320 Pseudo-Thomas Aquinas. De lapide philosophico. Lapis Trattato del Beato Thomasso d'Aquino.
[Inside lower cover] 'Il Signore Bodenh[h]ausen, Maestro delle Scienze del Gran' Prencipe di Toscana, Gentilhomo Tedesco e Dottissimo nell'arte Hermetica. 1690.'

833. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1297.
460 folios. 195x135mm. [Perugia.] 18th Century [c. 1700.]
Julius de Boncambis. Libro lettera O. A collection of alchemical, chemical and medical receipts, processes, and 'secrets', in Italian and Latin. Illustrated with a few rough pen drawing of alchemical apparatus. f1v, 57v and 68 have full page symbolic drawings. The short receipts are mainly alchemical, but include entries on glass-making and artificial gems.
f1-67 Annotationes circa medicinam universalem, seu Aurum potabile et Lapidem physicum.
f252-277 Il modo nel quale si possono fare Fiore d'ogni sorte simili alle naturale et cauarle da ogni sorte de metalli...
f335v-367v La corona della rossa Croce.
f413-419 Positiones de complemento artificii philosophici vel Magisterio Hermetis.
f443v-458 Lapis del quinternetto del Pietro Rossi.

834. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1298.
13 + 601 folios. 200x135mm. [Perugia.] 18th Century [c. 1700.]
Julius de Boncambis. Libro lettera Q. A collection of alchemical treatises and extracts, with some receipts, in Italian and Latin. Illustrated with a number of rough pen drawings of alchemical apparatus.
1. f1-217 Geber. Summa perfectionis magisterii [in Italian.]
2. f218-234v Geber. De tinctura alba.
3. f234v-235v Arcanum lapidis [in verse.]
4. f235v-237 Pseudo-St Thomas Aquinas. Versus super lapidem.
5. f238-273 Hortulanus. Practica.
6. f273-280 [Nicolas Barnaud.] Quadrigae auriferae.
f280-308 [Alchemical receipts, etc.]
7. f309-312 Rosarius. Scientia et practica pretiosissimi lapidis philosophorum Rosarii...
8. f312v-326 Rosa aurea.
f226v-333 [Alchemical receipts, etc.]
9. f333-350 Frater Elias. De compositione lapidis.
f350v-428 [Alchemical receipts, etc., including section on artificial gems.]
10. f429-473 R. Lullius. Apertorium.
f473-512 [Alchemical receipts in Italian and Latin.]
11. f513-558 Basilius Valentinus. Ex Curru Triumphali Antimonii. [Extracts from the Rome edition of 1666, and Venice edition of 1689.]
12. f559-593 Basilius Valentinus. Testamentum. [Extracts.]
13. f594-601 A. B. S. Vincenzo. Opera ad oro o argento.

835. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1381.
1 folio + 178 pages. 295x200mm. 18th Century. 1727.
Johann von Brungan. [Alchemical receipts, extracts and processes in German, with some receipts for artificial gems, etc: in Latin and French, including three in Italian at the end.]
[Illustrated with a few rough pen drawings of apparatus in the margins.]

836. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1388.
89 pages + 38 folios. 310x195mm. 17th of 18th Centuries [c. 1700]
Das Buch der Geheimnüsz dess aller hochsten Schatzes dieser Welt, nach dem Göttlich Wordt, darinnen clärlich zu finden, wie man das sehr Göttliche Werck dess gebenedeyeten Steins der edlen Tinctur erlangen möge, und dadurch Gesundheit langen Lebens, Weisheit [?]... zu Wege bringen möge... ohne Falsch, fleissig und treülich beschrieben, und mit 30 Figuren nach dem Leben abgemahley, sambt einen Register.
[Note in Latin in different hand on fly-leaf mentions Theatrum Chemicum, I. p. 628, and IV. p. 945. Also 'Vide Castelli Lexicon, Lipsia 1713, p 441.]
[At end there are a series of 24 (not 30 as in the title) full page drawings in watercolour of long necked flasks open at the top (the classic Philosophers Egg). These are each labelled with a letter of the alphabet, in reverse order z,y,x,w,... and some have had their letters amended, and letters p, i and k are out of sequence at the end of the series. The flasks in general contain different coloured layers of material or else are filled to the base of the neck with a uniform crimson colouration. Flasks x and r have a silver, and flask s a gold coloured layer at the bottom. Some are set against a black background.]
[The text refers to them in sequence a-z. The flask are rather crudely drawn and coloured.]
[From Library of Julius Kohn.]

837. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1435.
2 folios +2444 pages. 170x125mm. 18th Century [c.1775.]
La Cabale magiochimique où est découvert la Science des Cabalistes hébreux et des Philosophes hermétiques. C'est à dire la Connoisance du grand et petit monde. I. G. S. D. F. B.
[Illustrated with two full-page pen-drawings of the 'Astrological Man', and an 'Astrological Head', and several number and letter Tables and diagrams, of which four are folding.]
[Note by 18th Century hand : 'Cet ouvrage n'a jamais été imprimé, il a été traduti du latin de G.G. Paris, par un célèbre alchymiste qui a passé plus de 15 années à former ce recueuil [sic] précieux pour Enfants de l'art. Vendu format in 4th. à la vente de M. Filhaut en 1779... Voyez Cailleau tome 3 page 259'.]
[Note by Stanislas de Guaita : 'MS. inédit. C'est la transcription faite au siècle dernier d'une copie plus ancienne . On trouve en cet ouvrage du bon métal spirituel engangué dans beaucoup de lettre morte. Ce curieux Manuscrit côté 25 frs. dans un Catalogue de Marseilles (F. Domene, Août 1896) No. 175 du Catalogue, a été acquis par les Successeurs de Techener, chez qui je l'ai racheté 49 francs. 10 Août. Guaita.']

838. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1436.
52 pages. 200x135mm. 18th Century [c. 1775.]
Caballe Intellective fondeé sur les nombres par le moïen desquels l'on pénétre les Secrets les plus Sublimes de l'Ecriture Sainte, et l'on perce Jusques dans le Centre de la nature.
[p31-end contain alchemical recipes and processes.]

839. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1439.
834 pages + 22 folios. 185x115mm. 18th Century.
Cahiers chimiques. [A collection of notes, extracts and short treatises on alchemical, chemical and medical subjects: including numerous medical and technical receipts for varnishes, dyes, artificial gems, etc.]
p1-12 Robola, Petrus. De facultate metallorum germinatrice secundum Hermeticos [Originally printed in Burggräv's 'Biolychnia', 1611.]
p373-416 Traité sur l'Elixir ou Pierre Philosophalle. [Account of an alledged transmutation made in 1599.]
p421-439 de La Magdelaine. Oeuvre: traduit de l'Italien.
p453-477 Deshunnelières. Deux opérations pour la transmutation métallique.
p677-701 Remarque sur la Métamorphose.
p721-756 Procédé sur la Pierre Philosophale: plus des caractères et nature des métaux, sels, et autres minéraux les plus usitez.
p757-834 Basilius Valentinus. Les Conclusions de tous les Traitez de Frère Bazile Valentin: autrement dit ses Tours de main, ou Manifestation de ses Secrets. [Followed on p 793 by] Quatrième livre du Testament.

840. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1520.
4 folios + 167 pages + 13 pages + 23 folios. 170x140mm. 18th Century [1786.]
Castaigne, Gabriel de. Le Paradis terrestre... phisique naturelle. Imprimé à Paris en 1661. En seconde édition, par Jean d'Houry. Copiato dal original... da Gio. Gasparo Vittori Balseti in Avigliana.
[The second preliminary folio has a pen-drawn illustration of the 'Annulus platonis' copied from Kirchweger's 'Aurea Catena Homeri'.]
[The two penultimate folios contain a pen-drawn 'Rota Fortunae' and a diagram 'Cabala Rutilii Benincasa ex manuscripto de 1411'.]

841. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1533.
112 folios. 205x150mm. Early 18th Century.
[Collection of alchemical extracts, notes and translations made by Padre Cavallo: in Italian and Latin. This includes an Italian translation of 'Le triomphe hermétique', a work which was first published in Amsterdam in 1689. The remainder contains alchemical extracts and nots on the stone, universal medicines, etc. Illustrated by rough pen-drawings of alchemical furnaces and apparatus.]

842. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1567.
16 folios, last 10 blank. 270x210mm. 19th Century [. 1830.]
Cekonde partie de l'Ar de Dieu ou la ciance Hermétike. [unfinished.]

843. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1634.
184 folios. 175x115mm. 18th Century [c. 1750.]
Chrisologie chimique diviseé en deux livres dans laquelle est manifesteé ce qui a été caché et violé par l'antiquité et dans laquelle toutes les difficultés de l'art sont élucideés du germe de l'or. De as généalogie avec l'anatomie de l'eau. La généalogie ou regéneration du fils du soleil.
[There is a copy of this MSS. in Harvard MS. 22226.280.]

844. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1636.
187 pages + 8 folios. 245x175mm. 18th Century [1667.]
Christophorus Parisiensis. Le Euvres de Christope parisien très excellent philosophe corrigés de toutes superfluités. Traduites d'Italien en françois au mois de Januier mil cinquant quatre vint quatre.

845. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1660.
15 folios + 13 blank folios. [c. 1890]
[Illustrated with 13 figures from the 'Geheime Figuren'. Note by Albert Poisson. From the library of Lionel Hauser.]

846. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1700.
8 folios + 233 pages + 2 folios. 210x165mm. 17th Century. [1688-1692.]
Coenders van Helpen, Fredericus. Breviarium Sapientiae. [A collection of extracts, commentaries, and notes on alchemy. In French and Latin. Compiler's holograph.]
f2-3 Breviarium Sapientiae. [In upper margin] 'À Roly. A[nn]o 1692 in Feb. F. C. ab Helpen'.
f4-7 [Alchemical aphorisms in Latin, each beginning with a letter to form the words 'Flas Cherubim de Corde Superne', which is sn anagram of the compiler's name in the form 'Fredericus Conderus ab Helpen'.]
f8 [Table of contents, signed and dated 'F. C. de Helpen. 1688'.]
p1-83 Axiomes philosophiques tirez du Cosmopolite [Michael Sendivogius] par F. C. de Helpen.
p85-140 Extrait de l'Harmonie et Constitution générale du vray sel et de l'Esprit Universal du Monde. Par Mr. de Nuisement.
p145-179 Extrait du Poème pilisiphique traittant de la Vérité de la Physique mineralé par le Sr. de Nuisement.
p180 Leges viginti sex Magisterium Philosophicum brevissime et ordine exprimentes.
p181-185 Testamentum Friderici Conders ab Helpen fait à Fontainebelau le 15 d'8bre 1688.
p188-190 Philosophia Antiquorum de se ipso loquens secundum literas niminis F. C. ab H.
p191-196 Abrégé de l'Explication de la Table d'Eméraude par Hortulain.
p197-200 Operationes et termini Artis. Autores Philosophi.
p201-202 Enigma Philosophorum Frederici Conders ab Helpen. 1691.
p203-207 Magni Lapidis Philosophorum definitiones 26 secundum ordinem literarum nominis F. C. ab H.
p208 [Illustration of 'Circulus Philosophicus'.]
p209-214 Aurum diaphanum in Philosophia carminice [carmine?] concentrata a F. Conders ab Helpen. 1691.
p215-216 [Anagrams.]
p217-227 Extractum F. C. ab H. ex Apocalypsi Spiritus secreti. Incerto Autore. [At the end: 'Ce traitté m'est communiqué à Paris de Mr. D'Aubenas à Salignac gentilhomme Provençal le 6e de 9e, 1691, qui a fait cette anagramme de mon nom.']
p229-end [Alchemical extracts.]
[Four anagrams on the name of F. C. ab Helpen on loose slips .]

847. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1701.
9 folios +1999 [1001] pages + 2 folios. 110x80mm. 17th Century [1689.]
Coenders van Helpen, Fredericus. Le soleil terrifié par l'art métellique. Méthodiquement traitt‘par un Amateur de la Vérité. Eb debes pulchra ferundo scire. Per anagramma Fredericus Conderus ab Helpen. 1689.
[Author's holograph.]
[An alchemical encyclopaedia in 29 chapters, made up from extracts in Latin and French from a very large number of alchemical authors of all periods.]

848. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1702.
2 folios + 393 pages + 50 folios. 165x110mm. 18th Century [c. 1725.]
Coenders van Helpen, Fredericus. Introduction à la philosophie des anciens par un Amateur de la Vérité. En, debes pulchra ferundo scire. Paris: Veuve Claude Thiboust. 1689. Transcript.
[Note in same hand : 'Erreur. Pompeé Colonne est le véritable Traducteur.']

849. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1715.
200 pages + 9 folios + 60 pages + 91 folios. 200x165mm. 17th Century [c. 1695.
Collecta ex variis auctoribus. [A collection of alchemical, chemical and medical receipts in German, Latin and Italian.]
[Begins with condensed version of Peter Kertzenmacher 'Alchimia. Wie man alle farben, wasser, olea, salia und alumina... machen sol', Strassburg 1539.]
p38-73 [Condensed version of Timotheo Rosselli, 'Somma de secreti universali. Venice'. 1580. In Italian.]
[Contains many receipts.]

850. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1716.
Various formats. Unbound. 18th and 19th Centuries.
1. ( ) von Bacozi. relation d'une transmutation qui a été faite 16 novembre 1769 par S. E. le comte Moszynsky Stolnik de la Couronne, et qu'il a présenté au Roy. [c. 1770.]
2. Cent vingt et neuf Propositions tirées de Geber et de Lullius propres à donner l'intelligence des livres d'un auteur inconnu. 1753.
4. Erfahrungen und Aufschlüsse über das wirkliche Bestehen einer Universal Medizin aud dem Golde, und was in Medizinischer Hindsicht von einen sogennanten Auro potabili vero und dem philosophischen Goldsalze zu erwarten seye. [c.1785]
7. Introduction à la philosophie hermétique... Trevoux, 1720 [c. 1750.] [A fragment containing the 'Explication des Figure du Juif d'apres la description de Nicolas Flamel.]

851. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1737.
92 pages + 1 folio + 232 pages. + 11 folios. 235x190mm. 19th Century [c. 1850-1875.]
Colonne, François Marie Pompée [and others].
p1-92 The Seed of the Chemical Philosophers. To serve justly as an answer to the objections and observations of a Modern Author which has been made against the Great Art of Alchemy... By Monsr. Colonne.
p1-193 Mysteries and Secrets of the Cabala and Chemical Philosophers [etc.]
p193-205 [Notes and extracts on alchemy.]
p206-end The Aesch-Mezareph or Purifying Fire. [Translated, with an index to the Hebrew words from the 'Kabbala denudata' by Christian Knorr von Rosenroth.]
[Holograph translation and an original treatise, etc. by Charles William Hoyland.]
[With some notes by Julius Kohn.]

852. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1763.
2 folios + 227 pages. 190x160mm. 18th Century [c. 1725.]
Compendium libri cabalistico-chymici [Hebrew] seu Aesch Mezareph dicti de Lapide Philosophorum.
1. f2, p1-42 Compendium libri cabalistico-chymici.
2. p43-107 M[eere], L[eander] à. Exercitatio in Compendium.
3. p109-119 Quaestio praeliminaris ad Tractatum cabalistico-magico-chymicum.
4. p121-135 Electrum sive Speculm seu Sphaera Sapientia Salomonis et Catharina Medicaeae. [In German.]
5. p136-202 Nusdorff. Descriptio de Lapide Philosophorum ist communicirt bon Monsr. Nusdorff die 15 Martis 1722.
6. p203-206 Process.
7. p208-226 Schroeder, Johann. Aus D. Joh. Schröders Artzney-Schatz der Medicin Chymischen Apothecken Dritten Buch.
8. p226,227 [An extract from Schröder's work, written by a different contemporary hand.]

853. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1764.
120 folios. 195x160mm. 18th Century [c. 1725.]
Compendium libri cabalistico-chymici [Hebrew] seu Aesch Mezareph dicti de Lapide Philosophorum.
1. f1-20 Compendium libri cabalistico-chymici.
2. f21-42 M[eere], L[eander] à. Exercitatio in Compendium.
3. f45-49 Quaestio praeliminaris ad Tractatum cabalistico-magico-chymicum.
4. f51-58 Electrum sive Speculm seu Sphaera Sapientia Salomonis et Catharina Medicaeae. [In German.]
5. f59-83 Nusdorff. Descriptio de Lapide Philosophorum ist communicirt bon Monsr. Nusdorff die 15 Martis 1722.
6. f83v-85v Process.
7. f85v-98v Schroeder, Johann. Aus D. Joh. Schröders Artzney-Schatz der Medicin Chymischen Apothecken Dritten Buch.
8. f98v,99 [An extract from Schröder's work, written by G.C.H.]

854. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1781.
1 folio + 131 pages + 9 folios. 220x170mm. 18th Century [c. 1775.]
Concordance mytho-phisico-cabalo-hermétique.
[Other copies of this work are in Harvard and the Library of Congress.]

855. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 1903.
250 + 228 pages. 150x85mm. 17th Century [c. 1665.]
p13-25 [Introductory verses by the author.]
p25-250 Crassellame, Marco Antonio. Lux obnubilata, suapte Natura refulgens. Vera de Lapide Philosophico
p1-Theorica, metro Italico descripta, et ab Auctore innominato Commenti gratia ampliata
[Johannes Florentinus] Liber Magistri Artis Generalis Floerentiae de compositione et operatione magni lapidis
p195-end De lapide minerali.
[Although the titles are in Latin , these works are in Italian throughout.]

856. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2078.
2 folios + 85 pages. 170x105mm. 19th Century [c.1850.]
p1-27 De la vraie connaissance de la nature. [See Harvard MS. 24226.296.]
p29-44 Oeuvre sur la première matière qui se trouve dans les terres argileuses dont il y en a de 4 sortes, de la blanch, de la rouge, de la rougeâtre, et de la grise qu'on apelle proprement pyrites partout.
p44-end [Extracts and notes from MSS. and printed books on Alchemy.]
p47 [Illustrated with pen drawings of retorts.]
p84,84 [Notes by Albert Poisson.]

857. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2101.
2 folios +92 pages. 230x170mm. 17th Century [c. 1690.]
Des principes de la nature en Général, et particulièrement du premier qui est l'esprit Général du Monde.
[From Julius Kohn Library. A note by Kohn, states that this MS. was printed at Frankfort in 1750 under the title of 'Eröfnetes Philosophisches Vater-Herz']

858. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2109.
2 folios + 65 folios + 7 folios. 18th Century [c. 1750.]
[Desmaillet]. Du livre intitulé 'Bibliothèque en abrégé concernant la vraie médicine' Année 1745, a été extrait ce qui suit.
[This work was first published at Amsterdam in 1745.]

859. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2124.
2 folios + 256 pages + 2 folios. 205x155mm. 17th Century [1668.]
Digby, Sir Kenelm. Collections de procédés de Chymie de feu Monsr. le Chevallier Digby, Chancellier de la Reyne de la Grande Bretagne Celons de sa propre main. Comme aussi de perfumes et autres curiosités.
[Text in French, Englsh and Latin. Illustrated with pen drawings of alchemical apparatus.]

860. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2130.
38 folios. 230x170mm. 17th Century [c. 1685.]
Discours préliminaire pour servir de préface, et faciliter l'intelligence des Étudians en la lecture des Auteurs Philosophes Hermétique[s].

861. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2219.
6 folios + 204 pages. 215x175mm. 18th Century [c.1770]
Du Grand Oeuvre. Extraits des mes lectures rélatives au Grand Oeuvre.
[In same hand as MS. Wellcome 3968.]

862. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2283.
2 folios + 165 pages + 1 folio. 155x205mm. 18th Century [1743]
Ehrenthal, von [and others]. Notata et agenda alchemica.
1. p1-62 Montesnyder. De medicina universali.
2. p63-65 Mea notata et agenda.
3. p66-73 Spiritus Mercurii et Monarchus.
4. p73-74 Monte Raphaim, J. de. Aurum plusquam perfectum.
5. p75-81 Erbinäus von Brandau, M. [Extracts.]
6. p82-85 Agenda.
7. p86-100 Cor patris.
8. p101-103 Erbinäus von Brandau, M. [Extracts.]
9. p104-110 Agenda in Porta [?].
10. p111-116 Pseudo-Aristotles. De practica lapidis philosophici ad Alexandrum [Extracts.]
11. p117-149 Agenda in Porta [?]. De dracone, etc.
12. p150-160 Solea. [Extracts.]
13. p161-162 Agenda.
14. p163-end Naissances de mes nièces et de mon neveu. [The first and last entries of this section are in French, the rest in Geman.]

863. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2288.
2 folios + 152 folios. 235x175mm. 19th Century [c. 1825]
Eleazar. Livre des Figures hiéroglyphiques avec l'explication des fables des Poètes, des Mistères du Christianisme, de la Chymie, et de la Pharmacie, suivant les Nombres.
[Illustrated with 13 full page symbolic water-coloured drawings of Flamel's 'hieroglyphic figures'. f2 contains a pen-drawing of 'Les deux tables de la Loy, and there are several pen-drawn vignettes.]

864. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2298.
202 pages + 5 folios. 170x110mm. 18th Century [c. 1720]
Essai pour déveloper la science et la pratique de l'Oeuvre des Philosophes chimiques.
[From Julius Kohn Library.]

865. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2299.
3 folos + 60 pages + 7 folios. 170x110mm. 18th Century [1733-43]
Essais de Phisique apliquéz au genre Métallique.
[6 pages of drawings of alchemical apparatus and symbols. Notes of an alchemical dream on the second flyleaf.]

866. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2308.
94 folios. 345x245mm 18th Century [c. 1775]
Eugenius. Eugenii Discours von Natür derer Elementen, und von der Gestalt eines Saturnischen Mercurii. Discours von einer grossen Artzeney und von der balsamischen Phosphoro derer lebenden Thiere. Discour von den eigenen Feur und Wasser derer Cörper und von der Coruscation und Tinctur derer Metallen.
[Seemingly not connected with the works of 'Eugenius Philalethes' - Thomas Vaughan.]

867. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2317.
10 folios. 165x105mm. 18th Century [c. 1775]
Experimenta tincturarum. [Notes of 18 'Experimenta' of an alchemical nature.]
[From the Julius Kohn Library.]

868. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2320.
74 folios. 215x175mm. 18th Century [c. 1725]
Extraits de différentes opérations et manipulations. Traduite d'un manuscrit Almand. [A work by an unidentified German alchemist who claims to have successfully transformed silver into gold.]

869. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2324.
726 pages. 165x105mm. 18th Century [1738]
F., J. V. and W., J. Chymische Schrifften.
[Illustrated by rough pen-drawings of alchemical apparatus. The text, in several hands, is in German and Latin, but one article is in Italian and another in French. The first part consists chiefly of receipts for making artificial gems etc., the remainder is concerned with chemical and alchemical processes.]

870. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2346.
192 pages. 185x115mm. 17th Century [1699]
p3-6 Introdutione alla lectura del presente libro.
p9-30 Copia de Lettera scritta in Venetia a 23, Maggio 1697: all' illustrissimo Signore Cavalliere Felici da Rimino.
p31-41 Ricapitulatione delli Testi Filosofici descritti sotto li luoghi della sudetta lettera.
p49-111 Modo che tennero li Antichi di fare il Lapis grande con tutte quello notitie che a tale effetto si ricercana.
p119 Arbore teorico filosofico da mettersi in prattica con tutte le cautele necessarie conforme l'opinione de gravissimi Autori si antichi come moderni. Opera del Cavalliere D. Daniell' Antonio Felici, Capello Riminese [Rimini.] [Title only.]

871. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2358.
1 folio + 115 pages + 8 folios + 21 pages. 160x105mm. 18th Century [c. 1725]
[The first section consists mainly of extracts from the works of J. B. van Helmont. Pages 3-13 of this section give an account of William Butler [1535-1618] and his cures.]
[The second section begins from the end of the volume, and is headed 'Alchimie'.]
[The MSS. has been ascribed to 'J. Feuilly' whose name is inscribed on the inside cover.]
[From the Julius Kohn Library.]

872. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2381.
39 pages. 240x180mm. 18th Century [c. 1750]
Flamel, Nicolas. Trésor des trésors. [Transcript.]
[Illustrated with small pen-drawn symbolic figures in the margins.]
[See also MS. Wellcome 2383.]

873. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2382.
118 folios. 245x180mm. 18th Century [c. 1775]
Flamel, Nicolas. Livre des Lavûres.
f2-94 Livre des Lavûres.
f95-115 [Anon.] Introduction à la Philosophie hermétique où l'on donne une juste idée des principes de cette Science et de leurs préparation. À Trévoux. M.D.CC.XX.
f116 Épitaphe que Flamel a fait poser sur le Tombeau de Me Canches dans l'Église de Ste. Croix d'Orleans.
[At the end: 'Ce traité Des Laveures a été copié mot à mot sur un manuscrit écrit de la propre main de Flamel, qui est conservé à la Bibliothéque de St. Germain des Près, No. 2705 des manuscrits françois..']

874. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2383.
14 folios. 195x150mm. 19th Century [1802]
Flamel, Nicolas. Trésor des trésors: ou la science de la transmutation des métaux enseignée par Nicolas Flamel à son neveu en 1414, mise en bon françois sans commentaires ni altération du texte... par moi N[icol]as Ch[arl]es Mathieu.
[Illustrated with rough pen-drawn symbolis figures, some partly coloured. This manuscript appears to be a variant version of that in MS. Wellcome 2381: it contains additional symbolic figures, and the text is longer.]

875. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2384.
299 folios. 220x175mm. 17th Century [c. 1650-1720]
Christoph Hercules Flöhl. Manuscripta medico-hermetica. [In German and Latin.]
[More to be added.]

876. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2385.
217 folios. 215x170mm. 17th - 18th Centuries.
Manuscripta chimico-medica. [In German and Latin, by various hands.]
[A collection of short alchemical, chemical and iatro-chemical tracts, letters, reciots and oddments. The letters are addressed to C. W. Flöhl, pastor of Wurz, which is most probaly the compiler of this MS.]

877. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2386.
1 folio + 82 pages + 105 folios. 360x200mm. 18th Century.
Manuscripta medica [In German and Latin.]
[A collection mainly of medical and iatro-chemical receipts, with a few entries on alchemical subjects, together with original letters, some addressed to C. H. Flöhl, which is probably the compiler of this MS.]

878. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2394.
12 folios +12 folios + 8 folios + 8 folios. 215x160mm. 18th Century [c. 1750]
1. Fontanellus, Ferdinand [and others.] Extracta quaedam ex philosophia recondita Ferdinandi Fontanelli. Coloniae impressa anno 1723. [Incomplete.]
[With 3 other anonymous works on Alchemy in French, also incomplete, written in the same hand throughout.]
2. Abrégé de toute la philosophie démonstrative universelle. Première partie.
3. Préparation et usage d'un Secret menstrue universel avec lequel en peut faire l'anatomie des végétaux, animaux, minéraux, les corriger et en préparer de bons médicaments [Incomplete].
4. Application et usages des surdits Elixirs des Philosophes [Unfinished].

879. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2449.
6 folios +108 pages. 205x165m. 18th Century [1750]
Frydau, Johann Ferdinand von. Anonymous MS on Cabalistic Alchemy.
[In German].
[Illustrated with 4 full page symbolic figures in watercolour.]
[There is a statement signed 'v. Friedau' in cypher, followed by the letters 'F.R.C.' The name has been deciphered in a pencil not by Julius Kohn.]

880. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2454.
1 folio + 510 pages + 12 folios. 305x195mm. 18th Century [c. 1765]
G., G. [and others]. Recueil de divers secrets rares et éprouvés concernant la Chymie, l'Alchymie, la Médicine, la Philosophie Hermétique. le tout tiré des plus célèbres Médicins et Artistes de l'Europe. Traduit du latin et de l'italien par G.G., Interprète juré des langues orientales. Vol. I.
1. p1-250 [Miscellaneous alchemical and iatro-chemical extracts and receipts.]
2. p251-290 G., S. Trésor des trésors ou Oeuvre réelle pour faire la poudre de projection. Abrégé du même Auteur.
3. p290-366 [Miscellaneous alchemical and iatro-chemical extracts and receipts, mainly composed of tin and silver.]
4. p366-441 Médecine universelle. La Fleuve des Perles d'Orient de la première matière. Du feu sacré des Sages. De la Rivière des Perles. De l'Aesther ou Air des Philosophes. De la Fontaine perpétuelle de la Nature. De l'Ame des étoiles. Du Proesther de Zorooesther. Du sel verd. Du Diapason ou Perfum des Sages. De la génération et de la glorification de l'Agent naturel. de la desente ou métamorphose de l'Ame du Monde.
5. p442-483 Artephius. L'Apocalipse... pour le grande Magistère, tant pour le santé que pour la transmutation métallique.
6. p483-510 Flamel, N. Explication de plusieurs figures triples du grand portail de l'église de Notre Dame Cathédrale de Paris.
f1-12 [Index.]

881. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2455.
2 folios + 657 pages + 9 folios. 305x195mm. 18th Century [c. 1765]
G., G. [and others]. Recueil de divers secrets rares et éprouvés concernant la Chymie, l'Alchymie, la Médicine, la Philosophie Hermétique. le tout tiré des plus célèbres Médicins et Artistes de l'Europe. Traduit du latin et de l'italien par G.G., Interprète juré des langues orientales. Vol. II.
1. p1-637 Marengus, J. B. Traité singulier de la génération des métaux dans la terre de leurs propriétez et de la mainère de les tirer de la terre et de leurs mines, avec l'instruction et la pratique pour faire la Pierre Philosphale en plusieurs façons, et celle de faire diverses transmutations des métaux imparfaits en argent et en or, et plusieurs autres secrets concernant la métallique... Traduit du latin. [Seemingly based on his 'Palladis chymicae arcan detecta' Genoa 1674.]
2. p637-657 Poème philosophique sure le sujet des Sages.
Begins : 'Depuis l'illustre jour qu'aux yeux de cent rivaux.'
f1-9 [Index.]

882. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2456.
584 pages + 7 folios. 305x195mm. 18th Century [c. 1765]
G., G. [and others]. Recueil de divers secrets rares et éprouvés concernant la Chymie, l'Alchymie, la Médicine, la Philosophie Hermétique. le tout tiré des plus célèbres Médicins et Artistes de l'Europe. Traduit du latin et de l'italien par G.G., Interprète juré des langues orientales. Vol. III.
1. p1-18 Don de Dieu.
Begins : 'Nôtre matière est quasi de couleur verte...'
2. p19-302 La vérité hermétique aux Amateurs de la Vérité.
3. p303-359 [The Crowning of Nature, or 'Sapientia Veterum'] La Sagesse des Anciens, ou leur doctrine de la souveraine Médecine universelle... totalement expliqué par les hièrogliphiques.
4. p360-486 Hermes Trismegistus. Traité de la science d'Hermès Trismégiste... avec l'Exposition de Moÿse le premier des Juifs.
5. Valois, N. Extrait d'un manuscrit ancien de noble homme Noë de Vallois touchant le Magistère et grand oeuvre des Philosophes. Théorie. Pour le pratique et accomplissement de l'oeuvre...
6. p512-584 [Miscellaneous alchemical and iatro-chemical extracts and receipts.]
f1-4 [Index.]

883. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2457.
106 folios. 170x105mm. 18th Century [1728-39]
G., S.D. [Collection of alchemical notes, extracts, processes, etc., including two short diaries of alchemical operations. Mainly in German, with a few entries in Italian and Latin. Illustrated with a few rough pen drawings of alchemical apparatus.]
1. (3 folios) Chymische Zeichen nebst deren Bedeutung ex Patris Athan[asii] Kircheri Libro XL, Sectione IV, fol. 342. 'Mundi subterranei'.
2. (6 folios) Chemicorum aliquot terminorum explicatio.
3. (6 folios) Excerpta ex 'Auriferae Artis quam Chemiam vocant' Vol. 2do.
4. (8 + 4 folios) G., S.D. Processus primus [et secundus], 1728-32.
5. (12 folios) G., S.D. Varia chimica, 1733.
6. (1 folio + 12 pages) Beringer, C. von. Secreta Beringerana, 1732.
7. (44 folios) G., S.D. Collectanea Arcanissima Arcanorum, 1732. [This includes alchemical processes, receipts and some chemical remedies in Italian, ascribed to B. von Paschetag: they are dated from 1732 to 1739.]
[From the Julius Kohn Library.]

884. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2492.
1 folio + 165 pages. 320x200mm 18th Century [c. 1735]
Gemma Sapientiae et Prudentiae. [In German throughout].
[Illustrated with 5 full-page coloured and illuminated symbolic drawings, four of which are from the Geheime Figuren, and a smaller illustration of the 'Sigillum Sielentium Arts', showing two double-headed eagles.]
[The text is a remarkable mixture of transcendental alchemy, Cabbalistic speculations, and religious controversies. It ends with a chapter on Biblical prophecies and the Apocalypse.]

885. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2509.
68 folios. 170x115mm 18th Century [c. 1750]
Germain, Claude. Icon philosophiae occultae, sive vera methodus componendi magnum antiquorum philosophorum lapidem... 1678 . [Transcript of the second edition, Rotterdam. The first edition appeared in Paris in 1672.]

886. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2519.
38 pages. 185x130mm. 18th Century [1763]
Gigli, Gian Battista. Libro della vera Alchimia. Composto... in grazia di Maria Gigli sua carissima consorte l'anno 1630. Copiato dal suo proprio manuscritto damme Giuseppe Morgante l'anno 1763.
[At the beginning are four engravings pasted in.
1. Arms of Gigli (Lilius) family, 1610.
2. Potrait of Joannes Baptista Lilius, 1620.
3. Philosopher seated between 'Fatuus and Doctus'; 1616.
4. Symbolic scene with Lilius, emblematic figures, and alchemical apparatus. dated 1618.]
[On p4 is a pen drawn cruciform figure.]

887. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2530.
59 folios. 170x110mm. 18th Century [c. 1760]
Gobineau de Montluisant, Esprit. Epitome des secrets de Nature.
[A copy of a work published in J. M. de Richebourg 'Bibliothèque des Philosophes chimiques', Paris, 1754.]

888. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2540.
19 folios + 12 pages + 17 pages. 285x210mm. Late 18th Century.
Görnner. Chymisher Auszug.
[Extracts from the works of 17th and 18th century alchemical authors, mostly German.]
[From the Julius Kohn Library.]

889. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2541.
4 folios + 301 pages + 5 folios + 234 pages + 1 folio. 205x175mm. 18th Century [c. 1730]
2. Philosophiae hermeticae theoria et praxis. [In German]
[Colophon] 'Philosophia hermetico naturalis, oder die wahre und in der Lichte der Natur verborgene Weltwissheit welche der Weg zur naturlichen Erkanntnus aller dinge richtig zeiget und zu der Hermetischen Chymie unbetruglichsten Führung giebet.' [This work seems to be connected with Kirchweger's 'Aurea catena Homeri' and the 'Experientia' of Ehrd von Naxagoras.]

890. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2550.
10 parts in I volume. Various sizes. 18th and 19th Centuries.
[Collection of notes and extracts on Alchemy, by Mrs. M. Graham and others.]
1. [Note book lettered 'Martial tincture 1500'.]
2. Ripley, Sir. G. The Bosom Book on the Philosopher's Stone. A General secret of Accurtation. [Transcript dated 1827.]
3. [Alchemical receipts.]
4. [Alchemical receipts.]
5. [Alchemical receipts.]
6. [Extracts and notes on Alchemy.]
7. [Notes on Sal ammoniac.]
8. [Alchemical notes and extracts. Notes of the 'Manual practise of assaying' by John Mitchell.
9. Of the Solution of our Salt. [By an earlier 19th century hand.]
10. Limojon de Saint Disdier, Alexandre Toussaint de. Lettre aux vrays disciple[s] d'Hermes contenant les six premiers clefs de la Philosophie scrette de Sendivogius. [Transcript c. 1765, of the work first published in 1689.]
[This is followed by alchemical notes and extracts, including some from Pernety's 'Dictionnaire mytho-Hermétique', Paris 1758.]

891. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2587.
2 folios + 131 pages. 165x105mm. 18th Century [c. 1750]
Grand Oeuvre sur le Mercure et l'Or pour faire la Poudre de Projection, qui transmue tous les métaux imparfaits en sol parfait à toutes épreuves, avec des particuliers réels et lucratifs.
[In same hand as MS. Wellcome 2588.]

892. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2588.
2 folios + 45 pages. 165x105mm. 18th Century [c. 1750]
Le Grand-Oeuvre pour le blanc et pour le rouge, et pour faire la Médicine universelle et la vrai or et argent potables pour la santé des hommes: traduit du Latin.
[In same hand as MS. Wellcome 2587.]

893. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2590.
76 folios. 245x180mm. Early 18th Century.
[Grasshoff, Johann]. Le mistère de la nature cachée. Par Valchius disciple de Jean Grasseus dit Cortolassée. Traduit du latin en françois par Raymond Baçon S[ieur] de Presle. 1690.
[Grasshof aso wrote under the names of 'Johannes Chortalasseus', 'Grassaeus', 'Grasseus', and 'Herman Condeesyanus'. No French printed translation of this work seems to be recorded, but the original (?) German version was published in Hamburg in 1657, and a Latin translation in Zetzner's 'Theatrum Chemicum' Vol VI.]
[f52-4 contain a 'Relation de M. Helvetius' extracted from his 'Vitulus aureus', dated 1664, concerning an alleged transmutation of lead into gold by a goldsmith named Grib at the Hague.]

894. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2591.
8 folios + 184 pages + 130 pages. 195x160mm. 18th Century.
[Grasshof, Johann.] Aperta Arca Arcani Artificiosissimi, or the Chest open and opened by the Great and Little Bauer. Of the greatest and most secret Mysteries of Nature, together with the right and veritable Physica Naturalis Rotunda, and thus made completly intelligible by the Chemico-Cabalistical Figure. Also: Cautions and Warning-Instructions and Proofs against all those who falsely persuade other people that they are able to prepare the Aurum Potabile without the Tincture of the Universal Lapis Philosophorum in less time by itself. Hamburg & Stockholm. 1687. With other Alchemical extracts.
[The 'Aperta Arca' seems first to have been published under the title 'Der Kleine Baur' in a slightly different version, at Frankfort in 1617. It was included in Zetzner's 'Theatrum Chemicum' Vol VI, 1661 in Latin.]
[The 'Cautions' were published originally as 'Warnung' at Cologne in 1607, and were possibly written by Franz, Krelle.]
[The two translators are the Rev. W.A. Ayton, and C. W. Hoyland.]
[See MS. Wellcome 2592.]

895. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2592.
74 folios + 54 folios. 230x190mm. 19th Century [1857]
[Grasshof, Johann.] Aperta Arca Arcani Artificiosissimi (By F. Grassius otherwise called Cortalasius). The Chest open and opened by the Great and Little Baur (Klein Baur), or the Treatise of the greatest and most secret Mysteries of Nature, together with the right and veritable Physica Naturalis Rotunda, and now made entirely intelligible by the Chemico-Cabalistical Figure. Also: Cautions or a Warning, Instructions and Proofs against all those who falsely persuade other people and themselves that they are able to prepare the Aurum Potabile without the Tincture of the Universal Lapis Philosophorum in less time by itself. Hamburgh & Stockholm. 1687. Translated by D.R.N. [?] and C.W.H. Michelser [?] 1847. Copied from the rough. Constantinople. April, 1857.
[The 'Aperta Arca' seems first to have been published under the title 'Der Kleine Baur' in a slightly different version, at Frankfort in 1617. It was included in Zetzner's 'Theatrum Chemicum' Vol VI, 1661 in Latin.]
[The 'Cautions' were published originally as 'Warnung' at Cologne in 1607, and were possibly written by Franz, Krelle.]
[The two translators are the Rev. W.A. Ayton, and C. W. Hoyland.]
[Followed by a work on heraldry.]
[See MS. Wellcome 2591.]

896. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2634.
5 folios +483 folios +53 folios. Various sizes. 20th Century [1921]
Grillot de Givry, Émile Angelo. Anthologie de l'Occultisme. Choix des meilleures pages des auteurs qui se sont illustrés dans les sciences hermétiques depuis les Temps anciens jusqu'a nos jours. Traductions, notices et préface. [Authors holograph MS.]

897. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2635-37.
6 folios + 740 folios + 44 folios. 235x180mm. 18th Century.
Grillot de Givry, Émile Angelo. Le Musée des sociers, mages et alchimistes. [Author's holograph in 3 folders.]

898. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2640.
86 double folios. 180x110mm. 18th Century [1716]
Grosschedel, Johann Baptist. Calendarium naturale magicum perpetuum profundissimam rerum secretissimarum contemplationem totiusque philosophiae cognitionem completens. Copied by F. Vallée, mathématicien en 1716 à Paris.
[Illustrated with pen and wash drawings.]

899. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2641.
91 folios. 180x110mm. Mid 18th Century.
Grosschedel, Johann Baptist. Calendarium naturale magicum perpetuum profundissimam rerum secretissimarum contemplationem totiusque philosophiae cognitionem completens.
[Illustrated with pen drawings.]
[Armorial book plate of Ignatius Dominicus S.R. Comes de Chorinsky.]

900. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2659.
424 folios. 195x160mm. 18th Century [1714-27]
H., G.C. [Diary of an alchemist, contaning details of experiments, processes, etc.: from 22 June 1714 to 19th June 1715; and in greater detail from 10th March 1724 to 10th January 1727. [Mainly in German, but with some passages in cypher.]
[MS. Wellcome 3757 and the notes in MS. Wellcome1764 , are in the same hand.]
[Armorial book plate of Ignatius Dominicus, S.R.I., Comes de Chorinsky.]

901. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2660.
50 pages + 84 folios +14 folios. 190x160mm. 18th Century [c. 1730]
H., G.C. [Notes on an unidentified alchemical work, mainly in German, with a few passages in Latin. Preceded by a printed copy of 'Apologia pro arte sympathetica' by Carl Joseph von Buckisch und Löwenfels. Posonii [Pozsony=Bratislava] 1737, and followed by the same author's printed 'Tractatus curiosus symptheticus, actiones magneticas et curae sympatheticae observationes complectens [1732]'.]

902. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2856.
2 folios + 17 folios. 200x135mm 18th Century [1706]
Hoghelande, Theobaldus de. Praxis extrahendi mercurios corporum... secreta revelandae nostrae operationis manualis, pro universali opera, et lapide sapientum, ac extrahendi variis modis mercurios metallorum ad transmutationem, morborum curationem, et methodo adhibendi mercurios. Rome, 1706.
[Below the title] 'Dominus Jacobus de Murria Boni [?Bononiensis] depromptum fuit presens opus, ex alio manuscripto in carta Pergamena, magnia diligentia a suo Domini custodito, Romae anno 1706'.

903. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2865.
87 pages + 87 pages. 235x180mm. Mid 18th Century.
Hollandus, Johann Isaac.
Traité d'ouvrages minéraux, ou de la Pierre des Philosophes.
[Illustrated with frontispiece of symbolic figure of man rescuing a child from drowning in a lake.]
[This work was published in German in 1600, no record of a French translation has been traced.]

904. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2866.
699 pages + 4 folios. 18th Century [c. 1725]
Hollandus, Johann Isaac and others. Testament de Jean Isaac ou opération minérale: traduite du flammand en latin par Jaques de Zomere.
[Illustrated wit numerous small darwings in pen, ink and wash of alchemical apparatus.]
1. p1-306 Testament.
2. p307-314 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts.]
3. p314-322 Uguictius [?] Dialogue touchant la composition de la pierre des philosophes tiré d'un traité de Hugontion de Pise. [This seems to be a translation of 'Lilium intelligentiae' Singer 161.]
4. p322-324 Almasatus. Le philosophie Almazat de la coagulation du mercure.
5. p325-344 Grand ouvrage du Plomb par Jean Isaac.
6. p345-371 Ouvrage manuel d'Isaac pour tirer la quinte essence de fuxxuge.
7. p371-386 [Anonymous work beginning 'Le corps humanin est d'une nature plus tempérée que tous les autres corps.
8. p386-400 Almasatus. Abbrégé du livre que envoiat Almasatus Mahomette à l'Archevêcque de Saragouse.
9. p400-415 Bernhardus Trevisanus. Practicque du Conte Trévisan.
10. p415-431 Traité véridique de M. le philosophe authentique touchant la composition de la pierre bénite.
11. p432-435 Jean de Tirlemont. De l'abrégé de Jean de Tirlemont, célèbre philosophe. Parabole.
12. p435-450 Fabricius, J. Fabrice, Pédagogue de S. A. le Prince de Liège étant à Rome a appris de M. Orbion et l'Ange ce qui suit.
13. p451-456 Oeuvre philosophique particulière par le dissolvant de [Lead].
14. p.457-498 Donum Dei. [Illustrated with 12 symbolical watercolours.]
15. p499-513 Quintessence de [Lead] dissolvant universel.
16. p515-577 Descriptions évidentes et fidèles des plus excellens remèdes des minéraux dont les plus habiles physiciens ont coûtume de se servir.
17. p577-699 Rares secrets touchant diverses préparations de minéraux et de métaux.
[From the Julius Kohn Library.]

905. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2950.
219 folios. Various formats. 19th Century [1865].
Hoyland, Charles William. Collection of translations, notes and extracts from alchemical authors, and from Knorr von Rosenroth's 'Cabbala denudata', mostly incomplete or fragmentary. Authors holograph. Includes :
Resumé of 'Sepher Itzirah'.
Sancta Kabbala.
'The Keys' - remarks and enquiries on the great mysteries of Hermetic Philosophy.
'Aesch Mezareph' (fragments.)
Analysis of the 'Seven Chapters of Hermes.'
Resumé of the 'Four Keys of Occult Sciences'.
Translation of alchemical writing of Alexander von Suchten.
Extracts from the 'Kabbala denudata' on the Hebrew alphabet.
'Mysteries and secrets of the Cabala combined with the Chemical Philosophers, showing the connection of the two from whence derived.'
[See Welcome MS. 1737.]

906. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 2951.
56 folios. Various formats. 19th Century [c. 1865.]
Hoyland, Charles William. Notes on the Isaic Table, extracted from Athanasius Kircher, translations of parts of Knorr von Rosenroth's 'Kabbala denudata', and a detailed index to the 'Concordantia alchymica' of Alexander von Suchten.

907. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3078.
35 folios. 190x130mm. 19th Century [1803.]
Jesus Christ. On the Humanity of our Blessed Saviour. Introduction: After the Fall of Adam.
[A curious work dealing with the Fall of Man and the Redemption, in part stated in terms of transcendental alchemy.]

908. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3102.
3 folios + 62 pages. 220x175mm. 19th Century [1818.]
Edward Kelley. Théâtre de l'astronomie terrestre.
[Illustrated with 16 small watercolour drawings. Unpublished translation of the Latin edition of this work, Hamburg 1676.]

909. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3106.
48 folios. 205x160mm. 18th Century [c. 1775.]
Heinrich, Khunrath. Confession touchant le Cahos Naturel de la première matière universelle et naturelle du Cahos chimique et phisichimique des choses chimiques naturelles: revüe derechef et augmentée.
[Anonymous translation of the author's 'Pyr-materialisches Catholisches oder Natur-Chaos', Frankfurt 1708, which was version of 'De Chao triuno phyisco chemicorum', first issued in 1597.]
[There are frequent references in marinal notes to 'Paul Steiner juxta meum MS. de germanico gallicam versionem'.]

910. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3112, 3113.
2 vols 276 and 229 folios. 195x150mm. 18th Century [1749.]
Kirchweger, Anton Joseph. Chaine d'or d'Homere: c'est à dire, Description de l'origine de la Nature, et des choses naturelles. Sçavoir d'où elles naissent
, et s'engendrent. De quelle manière elles se conservent. Comment elles se détruisent et retournent en leur première origine, et quel est le sujet qui les produit et qui les détruit. Toute la description faitte simplement, selon la Nature, et selon l'ordre qu'elle observe, et partout appuyée de plus beaux raisonnements naturels, tirés d'un manuscrit complet et exact, et traduit de l'allemand en françois. Par Sitandre. à Paris l'an 1749.
[With pen-drawn watercolour illustration of the 'Chain'.]

911. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3114.
79 folios. 225x175mm. 18th Century [ c. 1795.]
Kirchweger, Anton Joseph. Microscopium Basilii Valentini sive Commentariolum et Cribellum ueber den grossen Kreuzapfel de Welt, ein Euporiston der gantzen Medicin.
[Frontispiece illustration of a man with a flowing wig, and gown kneeling before an altar.]

912. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3117.
96 pages. 210x150mm. 17th Century [c. 1685.]
Christian Knorr von Rosenroth. Hypothesis Kabbalae recentioris, prout hinc inde legitur dispersa in prima parte Apparatus in Librum Zohar.
[Translated extracts from 'Kabbala denudata.']

913. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3123.
125 pages + 72 folios + 2 folios. 305x205mm. 19th - 20th Century [1889-1919.]
Julius Kohn [Transcripts of alchemical works: in German and French.]
1. p1-82 Arcana divina [Collection of alchemical receipts, processes and 'secrets' in German.]
2. p85-113 Principes généraux de l'Alchimie. MSS. inédit du commencement de ce siècle (XIX).
3. p115-125, 15 folios Abraham Eleazar. Explication des figures hiéroglyphiques d'Abraham juif. [Illustrated with 7 watercolour drawings from Flamel, numbered from 2 to 8. At the beginning this MS. is stated to be 'MS. XVII siècle (peut-être commencement du XVIII) avec douze jolies miniatures sur velin. Il provient de la Bibliothèque de Jules Favre, à qui il avait été offert en présent.']
4. f16-19 François du Limon. Explication... des figures et caractère chimiques: ainsy que leur vertu et correspondance des sept planettes célestes.
5. f20-22 Progression de l'Oeuvre Particulier donne par un hermite (Mr. Bidache mort à Bastille. Vinache du Faubourg St. Antoine et de l'Arsenal) au Sieur de Rouvière, Apothiquaire du Roy. Pour la transmutation de la Lune en Soleil.
6. f23-24 Eirenaeus Philalethes. Voye courte de Philalette, ou Ouvrage des Pauvres: par lequel on peut avoir dans une semaine, la Pierre des Vrays Philosophes.
7. f25-35 Jean Tachard. Extraits d'un Manuscrit envoyé de Munich. Enseignemens Philosophiques de Jean Tachard à ses enfans. I.C.M. 1599.
8. f36-47 Recueil des secrets de médecine.
9. f49-72 Kettlingen (ab) Golbergwercks. 'Alchemie Manuscript. C[omiti]s ab Kettlingen scriptum'.
10. 2 folios. Explication courte des travaux d'Hercule selon le sens de l'oeuvree hermétique philosophique.

914. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3129.
18 folios. 260x205mm. Early 19th Century.
Johann David Kornreuter. Magia naturalis et supernaturalis, sive Almucabula, Absegalem, Alkakib, Albaon. Pragae Anno 1496. [In German throughout.]
[Illustrated with pen-drawings of sigils, etc.]
[From Julius Kohn Library.]

915. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3130.
18 folios. 115x105mm. 18th Century [c.1725.]
Johann David Kornreuter. Nobilis Johannis Kornreutheri, ordinis St. Augustini Prioris, Magia ordinis artium et scientiarum abstrusarum. Anno 1515.
[Illustrated with pen-drawings of sigils, etc.]
[From Julius Kohn Library.]

916. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3132.
50 folios numbered as pages. 315x200mm. 17th Century [1677.]
Christian William von Krohnemann. Von der Universel Tinctur. [Author's holograph text in German.]
[Dedicated to the Princess of Brandenburg and signed 'Christian William, Baro von Krohnemann. Actum Bayreuth den 10 Augusti. 1677.']
[p39-68 illustrated with 50 large drawings in water-colour.]
p39 [Wide necked flask containing grey layer at bottom with green layer on top. Labels in German.]
p40 [Flask as before with green and grey layers, now fitted with still head.]
p41-49 [Series of 18 flasks, two to a page, each containing a layer of liquid. Initially crimson this darkens though 2-5 to a black layer, then becomes grey in 6 and 7, through two green phases 8 and 9, 9 having threads of gold and almost vegetation like forms in the flask beneath an arching layer of blue and red filaments. The process then goes through grey flask 10, through white stippled with silver 11 and 12, then to yellow with filaments of red, blue and gold running horizontally across in flasks 13 and 14. Flasks 15-18 show purple then red, purple and red again layers with horizontal filaments of gold.]
p50-51 [Four flasks, two on each page, larger than before each with plain red liquid. Paragraph of text in German.]
p52-53 [Four flasks set in a waterbath.]
f54 [Bottle with green layer set above a purple one. The Green layer appears to be shedding a purple precipitate which falls down to form the lower layer.]
p55,56,58, 59 [Four furnaces elaborately decorated.]
p60-61 [Two distillation apparatus.]
p62-68 [Series of 14 flasks as in the first group. This appears to be an incomplete though exact copy of the first series.]
[From Julius Kohn Library.]

917. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3133.
39 folios. Various formats. Early 19th Century.
August Krumhaar, and others. [Collection of scraps, and loose sheets containing alchemical receipts, in German.]
[From Julius Kohn Library.]

918. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3138.
52 pages. 195x125mm. 18th Century [c. 1775.]
Influssi de' segni celesti sopra li corpi umani.

919. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3139.
200 + 43 pages.140x100mm. 18th Century [1742.]
Bernard de la Badie. Traité de l'âme de philosophie naturelle. De la composition de l'Aurum potabile. Extractions des opérations dissolvant.

920. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3141.
3 folios + 312 pages + 7 folios. 160x100mm. 17th Century [1682.]
Laboratorium chymicum super petram nobilissimam hoc est., Tabulam Smaragdinam Hermetis Trismegisti fundatum, et ex clarissimorum Chymicorum monumentis, in Triunius Dei (Chymiae Autoris et Datoris) honorem, nec non Filiorum Doctrinae informationem, concinnatum. Anno 1682. [In German.]
[Illustrated with pen drawing of the 'Sigillum Hermetis'.]

921. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3166.
197 folios. 300x210mm. 18th Century.
Giuseppe Lanzioni. Opusculi diversi... raccolti da Girolamo Baruffaldi.

922. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3175.
65 + 3 + 30 + 8 +1 + 21 + 6 folios. 135x95mm. 18th Century [1702.]
[Collection of short alchemical tracts and extracts, in French and Latin, stated to have been written by Lascaris.]
1. f3-65 De la pierre des philosophes.
2. 24 folios. Grand Oeuvre.
3. 6 folios. Opus phisicum ex... Marte et Venere.
4. f1-3 Aureolae Sapientum philosophorum pro compositione lapidis eorum et metallorum.
5. f4-5 Joannes Frenellus [Fernelius] Lapis philosophicus. [Extract from 'De abditis rerum causis'.]
6. f5-7 Un philosophe inconnu. Pour venir à la pratique.
7. f7v-11 - de La Chalade. Manière d'ouvrer.
8. f11-17 [B.G. Penotus à Portu] Regulae seu canones philosophici veri.
9. f17-19 Sentences philosophiques choisies.
10. f19-21 [J. Grasshof] Le lys les épines.
11. f21v [Guido de Montanor] Scala philosophorum. [Beginning only.]
12. 3 folios. Questions sur lle pierre philosophale extraites d'un livre transcrit à la main.

923. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3210.
3 folios + 63 pages. 230x175mm. 18th Century [c.1750.]
Le Comte. Sommaire de la Philosophie naturelle. Divisé en deuax Parties, ou Cathégories. Dans lesquelles sont renfermées par suite et ordre de matière, La Théorie et la Pratique: concernant la formation de la Pierre, appellée Philosophale. Fait aux Champs Hermétiques, dans le Courant du Mois de saturne, l'an du Mistère de l'Azoth Philosophique.

924. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3235.
18 folios + 416 + 331 pages + 12 + 22 folios. 200x145mm. 17th Century [1654.]
Leone Milanese. Compendio impirico, o arte medicinale impirica composta de Fra Leone Milanese cappuccino. Ad istancia delli sua conpagni alli quali a portato, e porte particulare affetto di cuore, e questo a fatto per che possino esercitare l'infermeria con maggior lume e sicureza... Dato in luce a me Fra Francesco da Peretola A.D. 1654, povero capuccino. Pratica medicinale D.F. Leone da Milano. Christophorus Parisiensis. Alfabeto de Alchimia, 1476 [Transcript.]

925. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3320.
127 pages. 220x170mm. 18th Century [1749.]
Nicolas de Locques. L'Alchymie ou suite de la Pyrotechnie de Nicolas de Locques, Médecin Spargirique de Louis XIV, contenant la véritable Préparation des Sels, Végétables, Animals, minérals et métalliques tant pour la médecine des Hommes que des Métaux. Livre second, écrit à Paris 1749.

926. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3346.
16 folios + 318 pages + 100 folios. 140x80mm. Late 17th Century.
Raymundus Lullius. Traicté des secrets de la nature, ou de la quinte essence... divisé en trois distinctions.
[This appears to be a translation of the 'Liber de secretis Naturae', Venice 1514.

927. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3347.
190 folios. 210x135mm. 19th Century [c. 1875.]
Raymundus Lullius. Le Testament: Théorie. Abrégé de l'art de la transmutation de l'âme des métaux transmis par Raymond Lulle au roi d' Angleterre Robert.
[Illustrated with a few pen-drawn symbolic figures and diagrams.]

928. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3349.
60 folios. 215x170mm. 18th Century [c. 1715.]
1. f1-36v Unvermeidliche Requisita zu der wahren Hermetischen Wissenschafft entworffen von G. M.
2. f37-48 'Extracte aus einigen tieffgrundenden Sendschriben eines wahren Theosophi'. [Copies of letters from Johann Wilhelm Ueberfeld possibly to M. E. C. A. von Sporck.]
3. [Extracts from the 'Epistolae' of 'B. Gicht', possibly Johann Georg Gichtel.]

929. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3418.
205 folios. 155x200mm. 18th Century [c. 1730.]
Manuale vade mecum.
1. f1-1 Praenotatio seu Explication quaedam notarum chymicarum vel medicinalium.
2. f7v-19 Praeponuntur praeliminaria Alchymiae peroptime notanda [in Latin and German.]
3. f20-24 Speculum totius operis. [f20 has pen drawn symbolic 'Naturae Speculum.]
4. f24v-41 Silentium Sigilli Hermetis: oder Erden Schatz Universal Processus der gerechte und wahrhaffte [Katoleikos] vel Höchster Schatz und grosses Kleinod der Welt.
5. f53-69 Daniel Marsilius von Kempten Schrifftliche Praesentation und Philosophisches Proiect... Anno 1689.
6. f70-83 Nun wollen wir diser vorgeschriben Process mit de Dr. Jo. Joachim Bechers Meinung in seiner 'Psychosophia'.
7. f83v-89 Vier Haupt-Axiomata der Kunst der Alchymie.
8. f89v-90 Albertus Magnus. Expositio Chymiae S. Alberti Magni. [In German.]
9. f91-93 Maria Prophetissa [Extract.]
10. f93-105 Liber optimus de fundamento Artis et Naturae Magistri theoretice datus. [In German.]
11. f106-110 B. Mazzotta. De mineralibus, p. 153.
12. f111-112 Bernhardus Trevisanus. Epistola ad Thoman de Bononia. [In German.]
13. f113-149 [Miscellaneous extracts in German and Latin.]
14. f149v-159 R. Tauladanus. [Aphorismi alchemici.]
15. f159v-176v [Miscellaneous extracts in Latin and German.]
16. f176v-179 Brief welchen ein Herr Geistlicher sub dato 12te Julii 1714 an Herrn Michael Z[...] communicirt hat.
17. f179v-180 Alia epistola ab Amico meo Venetiis 2o Kalendas Junii anno 1734 mihi transmissa.
18. f182-188 Minera domestica Solaris perpetua, das is ein ewiges Hauss- Bergwerck... Ad norman Processus D. Danielis Marsilii von Kempten.
19. f188v-205 Basilius Valentinus. Processus Tincturae universalis [in German.]
[From Julius Kohn Library.]

930. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3425.
2 folios + 18 pages. 310x200mm. 19th Century [c. 1860.]
Manuscrit hermétique du 17me siècle dont toutes les opérations du Grand Oeuvre sont expliquées avec la plus grande vérité.
[Apparently transcribed for E. H. C. Monkton by an anonymous French alchemist.]

931. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3426.
354 pages. 215x145mm. Late 19th Century.
Manuscrit précieux contenant les Secrets les plus rares et les plus cachés.
[Illustrated with a few pen drawings, some of chemical apparatus and some symbolic.]
1. pp1-190 [Transcipt of a work titled 'Manuscrit septante sept', and is an 18th century collection of 'Secrets' mainly alchemical.]
2. pp191-202 Paracelsus. Recettes d'Alchimie tirées des Arcanes rares de Paracelse.
3. pp203-225 Traitté pur l'éclaircissement sur la Pierre philosophelle adressés 'Mrs. Les savants de l'art'.
4. pp231-303 Samuel Wolsky. La mathématique hermétique dévoilée dans ses trois parties qui sont: L'Arithmétique, la Géometrie alchimique, la Dynamique alchimique, pourdonner l'intelligence complète du Grand Oeuvre. [At the end 'Paris 1821'.]

932. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3427.
A number of works bound together. 165x105mm. 18th Century [c. 1750.]
Manuscrit renfermant sept [neuf] traités sur le Grand Oeuvre.
1. [2f + 55pp + 2ff] Flamel. Testament... à son Neveu Perier en forme d'instruction sur la maîtrise de la poudre de projection ou pierre philosophale
2. [61pp] Lambspringk. [De lapide philosophico] traduit du latin.
3. [1f + 14pp] Maria Prophetissa. Le manuscrit... traitan de la secrète préparation de la matière de la Pierre des philosophes.
4. [58pp] Observations sure le Magistaire des philosophes.
5. [42pp] Extrait des Auteurs hermétiques sure le mercure philosophique, de sa nature et propriété.
6. [2ff + 57pp + 1f] J. Tollius. Traité du Ciel chimique par Jacque Tol hollandois... Discours philosophique qui déclare ouvertement la vraye Matière et voye pour faire en peu de tems et dépenses la Pierre des Philosophes et le véritable Alkaëst de Paracelse.
7. [16pp] Opération du Grand Oeuvre que le Sieur Petit a veu faire à un Adepte demeurent avec luy à Manem [sic for 'Mannheim'.]
8. [1f + 18pp] [F. Coenders van Helpen.] Les instructions philosophiques d'un Amatheur de la Vérité.
9. [pp 446-495] [A. T. de Limojon de Saint Didier.] Lettre d'un Philosophe sur le secret du Grand Oeuvre... au suject de ce qu' Aristée a laissé par écrit a son fils touchant le Magistère philosophique... Imprimé à La Haye chez Adrian Moetiens. 1686.
[From the Julius Kohn library.]

933. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3428.
17 folios. 185x155mm. 18th Century [1731?]
Manuscrit renferment la science hermétique.

934. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3429.
3 folios + 133 + 101 + 71 + 54 pages. 160x100mm. 18th Century [c. 1750.]
Manuscrit renferment quatres traités sur la science hermétique.
1. [133pp] Nicolas Roux de Fommartin. Manuscrit sur la science hermétique, où le opérations du Grand Oeuvre sont voilés sous une aventure Cabaliste.
2. [101pp] Acouchement de la pierre d'Hermès et de Gerbert.
3. [71pp] Introduction à la philosophie hermétique où l'on donne une juste idée des principes de cette science et de leur préparations. À Trevoux. MDCXX. [This is an explanation of the hieroglyphic figures of Abraham Eleazar as given by Flamel.]
4. [54pp] L'Oeuvre de philosophie par un Rose Croix [entitled] 'Initium sapientiae timor Domini'.

935. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3434.
149 folios. 315x205mm. 19th Century [c. 1895]
Joannes à Marck. [Transcript of 13 letters on alchemy, written 1617-1619. Ex manuscripto Comitis Stampfer. Transcript in German, written mainly by Julius Kohn, with holograph preface in French.]

936. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3436.
190 folios. 160x100mm. 18th Century [c. 1725.]
Joannes Baptista. Palladis chymiae arcana detecta, sive Mineralogia naturalis et artificialis. Opus... in quo praecipue ostenditur modus efficiendi Philosophorum lapidem et multa alia lucrosa traduntur. Secunda editio. In multis praxeis aucta, in omnibus clarius explicata, et in duas partes divisa. Auctois nomen in hoc puro Anagrammate iterum delitescit: Janus Gobrat sapiens manet. Genuae. 1678. Typis Antonii Georgii Franchelli.

937. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3442.
6 + 54 + 12 pages (numbered 55-66). 390x255mm. 18th Century [c. 1785.]
Marinier, Honoré. Miracle naturel, ou le grand Mistère des Mistères de la Nature, dans lequel on voit la Pierre magicochimique composée et perfectionée selon les vrais écrits des vrais Philosophes choisis hermétiques ce qui compose la Médecine Universelle.
[24 full page symbolical drawings most in watercolour.]
[From the Library of De Guaita.]

938. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3458.
288 pages. 220x140mm. 18th Century [c. 1785.]
Franciscus Onuphrius de Marsciano. Lux hermetica clarificata, seu Circulus Quadratus Sapientum. Opus Hermeticum de vero ac probato Lapide Philosophorum... Klagenfurt: Typis Joan-Frid-Kleinmayr. 1742.
[Illustrated with a few pen drawings of symbolic figures and alchemical apparatus.]

939. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3463.
368 pages. 160x110mm. 18th Century [1724.]
Innocentius Martelli. Il vero Giardino de' Philosophi piantato da Raimonde Lullo e Giovanni Bracesco, Bresciano. Opera in forma di dialogo, ove, gl'interlocutori sono Reimondo in qualità di Maestro, e Giovanni di discipolo dell' arte. [Author's holograph manuscript.]

940. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3502.
2 folios + 469 pages + 3 folios. 175x115mm. 18th Century [1772.]
La Médecine oculte dévoilée selon Hermès, et tous les adeptes, parvenus à la parfaite sagesse par la permission de Dieu, et la puissance des Planètes phisiques et tous les méthéores... Tome premier pour la théorie. À Amsterdam. Chez Jacque le Lion verd, à l'ensigne de la pierre de feu. Rue des quatre Éléments. Constaté le Ier 8bre 1772. Par L. d'.

941. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3556.
225 folios. 215x165mm 17th Century [c.1685.]
[Miscellanea Alchemica I.]
1. p1-27 G. Ripley. Duodecim portarum axiomata philosophica.
2. p27-33 J.I. Hollandus. Fragmentum de lapide philosophico.
3. p33-39 B.G. Penotus. Questiones et responsiones philosophiae.
4. p39-44 B.G. Penotus. Regulae seu Canones philosophici LVII.
5. p45-47 B.G. Penotus. Mercurii sive argenti vivi ex auro vera extractio.
6. 45pp + 3ff. Aegidius de Vadis Dialogus inter Naturam et filium Philosophiae. 1521. [Edited with a preface by Penotus.]
7. 27pp Basilius Valentinus. [Extracts from 'Currus triumphalis Antimonii.']
8. 2ff + 141pp G.A. Pantheo. Ars et theoria transmutationis metallicae cum Voarchadumia.
9. 118pp P. Müller. Miracula chymica, et misteria medica. 1611. [Wittemberg.] Sumptibus Clementis Bergeri.
10. 43pp Compendium grandis operis. [Partly in Italian. The author claims to have made the transmutation in 1508, 1522 and 1523.]
11. 2ff L.C. Rhodoginus. Ex Lectionum antiquarum libro de Kabala.
12. 3pp D. Magri. Raccolta dalla libro intitulato 'Notitia de'i vocaboli Ecclesiastici...' Bologna, Presso G. Longhi, 1682.
13. 4ff S. Baluti. [Extract from a review in 'Giornale de Letterati', Amsterdam 1679, on Gabriel Clauder's 'Dissertatio de tinctura universali', Altenburg, 1678. In Italian and Latin.]

942. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3557.
4 folios + 158 pages + 26 folios + pp.159-206 + 5 folios. 165x100mm. 17th Century [c.1675.]
[Miscellanea Alchemica V.]
1. 4ff + p1-26 [Extracts, notes and alchemical receipts, in French.]
2. p27-49 M. Sendivogius. Novum lumen chimicum [Extracts from the French version by Jean Beguin. 1608.]
3. p51-61 J. Cremer. Testamentum [in French.]
4. p65-72 R. Lullius. Elucidatio Testamenti [in Latin.]
5. p73-81 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts in Latin.]
6. p83-122 R. Lullius. Clavicula [in Latin.]
7. p123-133 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts, in French.]
8. p143-156 Canones id est Portae Intelligentiarum hermetici [in Latin.]
9. p157-158 + 11ff [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts in French.]
10. f11v-26 Arcanum sanguinis [in Latin and French.]
11. pp159-201 M[anière] D[e] f[aire] g[rand] O[euvre] d[es] P[hilosophes].
12. p202-end [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts, etc., in French.]

943. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3558.
312 + 65 + 42 + 28 pages. 330x220mm. Mid 18th Century.
[Miscellanea Alchemica VIII. In French with two sections in Latin.]
1. 312pp Geber [and others]. Narration Méthodique des trois médecines de Geber, contenant la véritable Confection de la Pierre des Filosophes.
2. 65pp La Sagesse des Anciens, où leur doctrine touchant la Médecine souverains et universelle, et par laquelle la crasse des métaux est ostée. Expliquée en 40 hierogliphes avec les Explications des mêmes Sages. ['Crowning of Nature' with 40 symbolic water-coloured drawings.]
3. p1-11 [Collection from various authors.]
4. p13 David L'Agneau [or Laigneau]. Ex David Ligneo in Harmonia Chymica.
5. p13-14 R. Lullius. Extrait du Compendium de la Transmutation de l'Ame fait par Raymond Lulle, et envoyé au Roy Robert d' Angleterre.
6. p15-22 Basilius Valentinus. Aphorismes, au Conons Hermétiques de l'esprit, âme, et corps, moyen du grand et petit monde.
7. p23-24 Paracelsus. Extrait de Paracelse touchant le feu.
8. p25-42 Arnoldus de Villanova. Extrait de quelques unes des questions essentielles envoyées par Arnault au Pape Boniface VIII.
9. 28pp J.S. de Rennefort. Extrait de l'Histoire des Indes Orientales imprimée à Paris... 1688

944. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3559.
257 folios. 300x205mm. Early 18th Century.
[Miscellanea ALchemica IX. In Italian, with a few sections in Latin. Written by various hands. With some rough pen drawings of apparatus and symbolic figures.]
1. f1-16 Trattato della Virtu et exquisitezza dell'acqua Filosofica.
2. f17-24 Giochi di arithmethica.
3. f25 Segreti per fare crescere li capelli.
4. f26-27 [Letter on alchemy dated 19/1/1713, possibly signed by Giacinto Bragadino.]
5. f28 Per prouare le minere.
6. f29-30 Evangelista Noni. Esplicatione delli caratteri de'metalli, minerali, et altre cose chimiche, 1706.
7. f31-32 Donum Dei. [Begins "La materia nostra quale a quasi di color verde."]
8. f33-34 modo facile e singolare de far del lino setta.
9. f35-37 Secreto massimo. Congelazioni.
10. f38-46 Seconda operations chiamata trituratione.
11. f47-55 Joannes Albertus Anconitanus. Secretum omnium maximum. De modo conficiendi Philosophorum lapis [in Italian.]
12. f55 Frater Elias. Practica fratris Elie [in Latin verse.]
13. f56 Michael Scotus. Tinctura [in Italian.]
14. f56v-76 Bernhardus Trevisanus. De lapide philosophorum.
15. f77-85 Demonstratione della vera practica nel componere la Pietra de' Philosophi .
16. f85v-91 Nicolaus de Comitibus. Specchio d'alchimia scritta da un Padre al suo figiuolo.
17. f92-105 [Miscellaneous alchemical extracts and notes, in Latin.]
18. f106-112 Usus secundus mercuriorum ex corporibus extractorum.
19. f113-114 Paolo Francesco d'Agro Ciciliano. Trattato sopra il Lapis de' Philosophi [in Italian verse.]
20. f116 [Copy of item 5.]
21. f117-127 [Miscellaneous alchemical extracts and notes.]
22. f128-138 Prima (et seconda) operatione filosophica.
23. f139-151 [Miscellaneous alchemical extracts and notes.]
24. f152-223 [Copies of items 10-16.]
25. f224-243 Prattica minerale.
26. f244-257 F.E. N. Trattato de' minerali, metalli, e miniere. [Possibly by Frater Evangelista Noni.]

945. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3560.
3 folios + 544 pages + 2 folios. 260x170mm. 17th Century [c.1685.]
[Miscellanea Alchemica XI, in French.]
1. p1-48 Jean Malbec de Tresfel. La caméléon phisique anciennement [?] discours sur la transmutation des métaux contre les Imposteurs et les Ignorants de cette Science.
2. p66-70 Le déroulement des vérités fondamentales de la pierre des philosophes.
3. p71-84 Abraham Eleazar. Oeuvre.
4. p85-92 Theatrum Chemicum. Cathalogue des autheurs des six volumes du 'Théâtre chimique'.
5. p93-100 Extraction de l'or par un particulier.
6. p101-113 Statuta Philosophorum Incognitorum.
7. p177-135 Hortulanus. L'Oeuvre pratique à Paris en 1358, extrait du 'Théâtre chimique', Vol IV, p912.
8. p137-158 Artephius. Premier traité de la Clef majeure de Sapience, extrait du 'Théâtre chimique', Vol IV, p198.
9. p158-160 Médecine universelle dite le Flos Coeli.
10. p160-162 Mémoire de couleurs commencée le 15 février 1680.
11. p163-171 La Grand Petit Oeuvre sans origine. [See item 33.]
12. p172-179 Grand Oeuvre sur l'esprit de vin.
13. p160-189 [Alchemical, chemical and medical receipts.]
14. p195-198 Arisleus [or Aristeus]. Verba ad filium suum [with translation into French.]
15. p198-210 [Alchemical and chemical receipts.]
16. p211-245 Perrier. Epistre et traitté... composez par le feu Sieur Perrier médecin et philosophe mort et enterré à Souarre sur Marne et addressez à François de Mailley... duquel je l'ay eu le Dimanche 16 Mars 1636.
17. p246-271 Nicholas Flamel. Traitté et explication des figures hiéroglyphiques.
18. p271-283 Synesius. Le vray livre. Traduit par Pierre Arnould.
19. p283-298 La calcination de l'antimoine [and other alchemical receipts.]
20. p298-315 Mansfeld. Memoires du manuscrit de M. le comte de Mansfeld sur l'argent [etc.] Oeuvre phisique ou soufre végétal [etc.]
21. p319-332 [Alchemical and chemical receipts.]
22. p335-358 Pierre Arnauld. Trois traités [printed in 1612.]
23. p391-393 De spiritu universali.
24. p393-406 Basilius Valentinus. Concernant l'ouvrage universel.
25. p407-412 [Verses on the stone, alchemical and chemical receipts.]
26. p413-428 Les accouchés de la pierre philosophale par le Chevalier Inconnu.
27. p429-439 Arbre doré de la véritable matière de la bénite pierre philosophale, avec sa théorie et sa pratique.
28. p439-442 Bernhardus Trevisanus. Du dissolvant [extract.]
29. p443-450 Bernard de la Badie. Les particuliers.
30. p450-453 [Medical and alchemical receipts.]
31. p453-469 Alexander von Suchten. Second traitté de l'antimoine vulgaire.
32. p469-478 Alexander von Suchten. Dialogue.
33. p479-487 Jean de Meung. Epistre contenant le parfaict secret de la Grande et surnaturelle oeuvre des Philosophes. Art delivrée à mon... fils Jean Clopinel de Monts le 12 Juillet 1323.
34. p488-498 Discours et pratique de l'Élixir ou Pierre des Philosophes.
35. p499-502 Michael Sendivogius. Traité du vray Cosmopolite sous le nom de Michael Sendivogius décédé le 5 Juillet 1651. Tiré du cabinet de M. de Mon[t]rouge.
36. p503-510 Procedé qui fut donné à M. l'abbé de Beaumont par un Allemand à Venise.
37. p511-531 Hadrian von Mynsicht. Opus selon qu'il a esté pratiqué par M. du M[ontrouge?]
38. p532-533 Josephus Anglus. Teincture particulier que Joseph anglois un peu avant que de mourir, donna à Jean Justenhoffer de Offenbourg le 25 jour de mars... 1387 à Strassbourg.
39. p534-535 George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham. Dissolvant radical.. du duc de Boucquinquant.
40. p536-544 [Alchemical and chemical receipts.]
2ff. [Table of contents.]

946. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3561.
38 + 7 folios + 64 pages + 17 folios. 245x185mm. Early 18th Century.
[Miscellanea Alchemica XVI. In Latin and Italian.]
1. 38ff Sapientia Veterum, sive doctrina eorundem de summa et universali Medicina... ['Crowning of Nature', with 42 symbolical figures in watercolour.]
2. 6ff M.A. Crassellame. Ai veri Sapienti si discorre Teoricamente sopra la compositione de la Pietra de' Filosofi. [Poem in 3 cantos.]
3. 2ff Robertus Vallensis. [Alchemical poem in Latin, followed by miscellaneous prose extracts.]
4. 64pp + 2ff Bernhardus Trevisanus. Ad Thomam de Bononia... Responsio.
5. 3ff [Miscellaneous notes and extracts.]
6. 12ff Paracelsus. Plura... a Paracelso extracta de lapide Philosophorum.

947. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3562.
166 folios. 195x140mm. 18th Century [c.1735.]
[Miscellanea Alchemica XVII, in Italian and Latin.]
1. f1-51 [Christophorus Parisiensis.] Elucidario.
2. f53v-70v Trattato dell' Alchimia.
3. f71-77 Parabola dell' instrutione filosofica. Foco di Turena.
4. f78 J. Pontanus. Epistola in qua de Lapide, quem Philosophorum vocant, agitur.
5. f79-106 Giovanni Battista Comestri. Specchio della Verità... sopra la Filosofia Hermetica. Alla Maiesta di Christina Regina di Suecia [Queen Christina of Sweden.]
6. f107-115 Artephius. Liber secretus.
7. f116-132 Androgenes Hermeticus in duobus opusculis selectissimis. Nempe I Minera Philosophorum brevis libellus. II Radius ab umbra, sive restricus teoricus de vera Lapidis Philosophorum tinctura. Cui accessit Dialogus continens interrogationes factas a Magistro Adepto ad quendam Discipulum cum responsionibus.
8. f132v-160 Marc-Antonio Crassellame. Lux obnubilata suapte natura refulgens vera de Lapide Philosophico Theoria metro Italico descripta et ab Auctore innominato comenti gratia ampliata... Venetiis 1668 apud Alexandrum Zacta [in Latin and Italian.]
9. f161-164 Alessandro Mazzadri. Tesoro Ermetico overo Luce matutina della tanto decantata Medicina Filosophica, secondo l'esperienza fatta da me Alessandro Mezzadri Ferrarese manifestata l'anno 1729 in Ferrara.
10. f165-166 [Alchemical receipts and processes with pen drawing of a still.]

948. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3563.
Miscellanea Alchemica XXI.
Illustrated with pen-drawn symbolical figures.

949. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3564.
3 +72 + 2 + ff65-110 + 3 folios. 160x105mm. Mid 18th Century.
[Miscellanea Alchemica XXII. In French, with numerous small pen-drawn alchemical symbols and figures in the margins.]
1. f1-45 de Bremens. Traité de vraye Alchimie physique.
2. f45-72 R.P. M. Proceédé du R.P.M. [This contains 'Epilogue des Philosophes', 'Dissolvant philosophique lequel est je croy dans R. Lulle', and some alchemical receipts.]
3. f65-87 Sidonius Neapolitain. Procédé sur l'Oeuvre de [Saturn/Lead] faite [Sun/Gold] par le médecin Sidonius Neapolitain. Du Rd. P.M.
4. f91 R.P. M. Autre opération ad metal[la].
5. f92-110 R.P. M. Traité de la pierre philosophale tant sur le grand que sur le petit oeuvre.
f92v [Alchemical receipts in a later hand.]

950. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3565.
134 pages (67-81 cut out). 165x110mm. Mid 18th Century.
[Miscellanea Alchemica XXIII. In French, and with one item in Italian.]
1. p1-62 Médecine sur les sels métaliques.
2. p63-66, p81-110 Sel de tous les métaux.
3. p111-114 Isabella Cortese. [Verses on alchemy in French and Italian.]
4. p115-117 Médicine particulière d'un Gentilhomme Espagnol.
5. p117-145 M.A. Crassellame. Ai veri Sapienti [verses on alchemy, with a French prose translation.]
6. p147-148 [Iatrochemical receipts.]

951. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3566.
18th Century.

952. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3567.
2 folios + 28 + 88 pages + 15 + 7 folios. Late 18th Century.
[Miscellanea Alchemica XXIX. In German.]
1. 28pp Lapis Philosophorum. Der gebenedyte Stein der Weysen, mit allen Umbständten, Handtgriffen, unndt Nothwendikheiten von Anfang bisz zum Ende ohne einigen Hindterhalt.
2. 88pp von Wagnerekh. Processus Alchymicis veram tincturam zu maucen. Herrens Barons von Wagnereck. Gasthaimb.
3. 8ff Discursus von der Materia prima.
4. 7ff Rosarium de Passione Domini N[ostri] J[esu] Christi [in German.]

953. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3568.
32 + 24 + 52 + 26 + 24 +42 + 32 folios. 280x220mm. 20th Century [c.1910.]
[Miscellanea Alchemica XXX. Collection of seven alchemical tracts, in French translations, and abridged.]
1. 32ff La Sapience alchimique en Chine. Un antique recueil d'hiéroglyphes hermétiques; avec sa grammaire secrète selon les explications d'un initié Chinois.
2. 24ff [Pantaleon.] Explication d'un excellent traité intitulé: La Réfutation de l'Anonyme Pantaléon soi-disant disciple d'Hermes.
3. 52ff Roger de Figuières. Inventaires des gîtes de l'or dans la Nature.
4. 26ff Hensing. Précis de la Dissertation sur la Pierre Philosophale de Hensing, philosophe Anglais.
5. 24ff Gaston Duclon. Dix régles relatives à la Pierre philosophes... Traduction et paraphrases selon la véritable Esprit de la Table d'Emeraude; par un disciple de la Lumière. Du latin: Canones decem. Tome IV. du Théatre Chimique p414-419.
6. 42ff Nicolas Valois. La livre des Arcanes les plus cachés.
7. 32ff Lettres d'un Hermétiste sur l'Examen de la Nature.

954. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3569.
35 folios. 350x220mm. Late 18th Century.
[Miscellanea Alchemica XXXI. Collection of alchemical essays in German, written by different contemporary hands.]
1. 10ff Wie die geistigen Wesen mit den Cörperlichen in Verbindung stehen.
2. 6ff Von der ersten Materie des Steines.
3. 8ff Von der Calcination.
4. 11ff Beweisz von dem Saamen.
[From the Julius Kohn Library.]

955. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3570.
89 folios. 195x140mm Early 19th Century.
[Miscellanea Alchemica XXXII, in French.]
1. f2-17 Hermes Trismegistus. Abord de la Terre promise par Hermès.
2. f18-35 Poème hermétique dont l'autheur est inconnu. [See Library of Congress, MS. Div. acc. 5644.]
3. f37-57 I.C. H. Le vrai et vieux chemin de Nature d'Hermes Trismégiste. Pou la préparation de la Teinture universelle propre à la purification des animaux et minéraux: mis au jour par un vrai franc-maçon I.C.H. Traduiy de l'allemand [imprimé] à Leipsig, en [178]2 chez Fréderic Bogme [sic for 'Boehme'].
4. f58-71 Extrait de la 'Gazette Salutaire' du Jeudi 11 7bre 1769... 'Médecine hermétique' [followed by 'Réponse du 12 8bre 1809']
5. f72-89 N. Flamel. Testament... en faveur de son Neveu.

956. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3571.
18th Century.

957. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3572.
103 folios. Various formats Late 18th Century.
[Miscellanea Alchemica XXXVI. Collection of notes, oddment and scraps on alchemical subjects, receipts etc, by various hands, mainly in German, but with items in latin, Italian and French. Much in same hand as Wellcome MS. 3571.]

958. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3573.
55 + 80 + 128 pages. 155x90mm. 18th Century [1700.]
[Miscellanea Alchemica XXXVIII. In German.]
1. 55pp [Chrysogonus de Puris.] Von dem Pontischen oder Mercurial-Waser der Weisen.
2. 54pp Baro Urbigerus. Aphorismi Urbigerani, oder Gewisse Reguln welche klärlich anweisen die 3 unfehlbaren Wege umb das Grosse Elixir oder Circulatum Majus der Philosophen.
3. p55-80 Baro Urbigerus. Circulatum Minus, oder das Philosophische Elixir aus dem Vegetabilischen Reiche, ehe von Anfang biss zum Ende in 31 Aphorismis auff 3 unterscheidlicher Wegen völlig und Klar angeweisen.
4. p1-41 N. N. Misterium Misterium das ist Geheimniss der Geheimnisse.
5. p42-128 L. Grasshoff. Dieses ist geschreiben aus einen Buch welches gennant ist 'Dyas Chymica Tripartita'... an Tag geben... durch H.C.D. Francfürt m Mayn... Anno 1625. [This contains only the first treatise complete which is entitled 'Ein güldner Tractat von Philosophischen Stein', and the beginning of the second 'Aureum seculum redivivum' by Hadrianus à Mynsicht.]

959. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3574.
18th Century.

960. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3575.
18th Century.

961. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3585.
48 + 54 pages. 310x210mm. 18th Century [1767-69]
Mithologie hermétique. Journal pour la coction de la pierre. [Incomplete.]
[Illustrated with small maringal pen-drawings of alchemical apparatus and symbolic figures. The first part is a commentary on Pernety's 'Fables égyptiennes et greces dévoilées', 1758. The second part is a diary by an unnamed working alchemist.]

962. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3596 - 3613.
Various formats. 19th Century.
Edward Henry Cradock. [Collection of chemical, alchemical, medical and miscellaneous receipts, translated from Hindustani.]

963. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3622.
173 pages + 4 folios. 130x80mm 18th Century [1763.]
Montaigne des Anciens Philosophes ou la transmutation supérieur du Mercur en lune et en soleil fixe, de mars en vénus, etc. Relevé par une Philosophe inconnue dans l'an 1763.

964. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3624.
485 pages + 7 folios. 115x80mm. 18th Century.
Guido de Montanor. Le menstrue végétab[le], petit et grand circulé: ou la Quint'Essence de vin accuée ou aiguisée.
[Followed by notes and extracts from alchemical authors.]
[Illustrated with small pen drawings of alchemical apparatus.]

965. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3639.
3 folios + 198 pages + 37 folios. 305x190mm. 17th Century [1698.]
D. Moulin. [Collection of translations, with added notes, of ten short alchemical works.]
1. R. Lullius. Experiments.
2. The most new Testament, dedicated to King Charles.
3. Christophorus Parisiensis. The Elucidary.
4. J. I. Hollandus. [De lapide philosophico.]
5. Hugo de Parma. Alchemical work.
6. R. Lullius [and others]. Extracts.
7. D. Moulin. The operation of our Glorious Mercury upon the Calxes of all mettals.
8. G. Ripley. Accurtation.
9. C. Grummet. The Praxis of the Vitriol of Venus in the 2 book of 'Sanguis Naturae'.
10. Caducean of Mercury [with notes of D. Moulin].
11. A. von Suchten. The Concordance.
12. D. Moulin. [Notes.]

966. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3644.
240 folios. 200x260mm. [Dresden.] 17th Century.
Müller, Jodocus. Ars algebra et analytica ac alma cabula. MDCLXXX. [In German].
[A work of cabbalistic alchemy, illustrated by many remarkable, wash drawings, symbolic emblems and pictures in red chalk. There are two elaborate processions, composed of various archetypal figures, triumphal cars, etc. Each of the figures in the processions illustrates some facet of this cabalistic-alchemical philosophy.]

967. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3657.
87 folios. 200x160mm. 19th Century [1832-47.]
[A collection of manuscipts on Alchemy by T.I.N. This is a notebook of a practising alchemist, and includes notes of the writer's own experiments, as well as translated extracts from alchemical authors.]
[The first seven leaves contain transcripts of two pieces by Sigismund Bacstrom.]
1. Bacstrom's Declaration made on the occasion of his initiation into the Brethren of the Rosy Cross.]
2. Bacstrom's account of 'Mr. Yardley's Process'.

968. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3664.
7 folios + 188 pages. 175x110mm. 18th Century [1739.]
Ehrd von Naxagoras. La Toison d'Or. Contenant la vraye Concordances des Philosophes, avec les Opérations de l'Art Philosophical. 1739. [A French version of 'Experientia Naxagorae secundum Annulos Platonicos et Catenam auream Homeri', Franckfurt, 1723.]
[The first of the last three folios at the beginning contains a pen drawn symbolic figure, the second is an engraved plate from 'Annulus Platonis' 1723, and the third a pen drawn copy of the symbolic 'Abyssum duplicatum'.]

969. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3684.
266 pages + 3 folios + 16 +12 + 58 pages. 255 x195mm. 18th Century [1776.]
1. p1-266 Neuvième traité contenant toutes les opérations qui se font sur le Vitriol qui est le troisième sel de Nature.
2. p1-16 Le Grand Oeuvre des Philosophes, ou Pierre Phisique.
3. p1-12 J. J. Hollandus. Autre oeuvre philosophique du [Vitriol].
4. p1-30 La véritable et parfaite préparation de la Pierre Philosophale, enseignée à un Amy, par un Chevalier de Rose-Croix, appellée autrement l'ouvrage des Pauves, par rapport au peu de dépense.
5. p31-46 Oeuvre sur la férémie.
6. p47-56 Joducus von Rhé. Opération physique du Vitriol.
7. p57-58 A. P. T. Paracelsus. Teinture d'antimoine de Parcelse, laquell a été faite le 24 octobre 1743.

970. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3690.
5 folios + 1091 pages. 235x165mm. 17th Century [c. 1660-1750.]
[Celius Noery. Collection of alchemical, medical and other receipts, mainly in French, a few in Latin.]

971. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3699.
1 + 256 +2 + 44 folios. 255x175mm. 17th Century [1671.]
1. Jacques de Nuysement. Traittés de l'harmonie et constitution generalle du vray sel... Poème philosophic de la vérité de la phisique minéralle... À la Haye, Théodore Le Maire MDCXXXIX.
2. Sendivogius. Cosmopolite, ou nouvelle lumière de la phisique naturelle... Traduit... par le Sieur de Bosnay.
3. Sendivogius. Traicté du soulphre... Traduit... par. F. Guiraud.
4. [Arnauld, Pierre. Trois traités de la philosophie naturelle] Artephius, Flamel, Synesius. [Transcripts.]

972. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3703.
78 folios. 185x115mm. 18th Century [1795.]
J. E. Odoardus. Aus dem philosophischen Pallast der Haupt-Schlüssel, in welchen dasjenige goeffenbahret wird was von der Alten, Egyptiern, Arabern, Caldäern, Assyriern, und Griechen auf das behutsamste und verborgenste beschrieben werden. Aufgesetzt von J. E. Odoardo einen Schottlander in dem Jahre 1523. Ausgezogen vom Original des Philosophischen Pallasts im Jahr 1795.

973. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3743.
3 folios + 39 pages +2 folios. 185x125mm. 19th Century [1806.]
Pantaleon [pseud.] Deux traitez nouveau sur la Philosophie naturelle, contenant Le tombeau de Semiramis nouvellement ouvert aux Sages, et La réfutation de l'Anonyme Pantaleon soy disant Disciple d'Hermes.
[Illustrated by 5 pen drawn figures in red, blue and black.]

974. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3750.
340 pages + 14 folios. 160x110mm. Early 18th Century.
Paracelsus. Le grand admirable et prétieux Manuel ou Trésor des Expériences particulières de chimie de Paracelse Théophraste.

975. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3751.
20 folios + 62 + 28 + 51 pages. 235x175mm. 18th Century [1733.]
Paracelsus. L'Archidoxe magique de Paracelse, divisée en sept Livres. Traduit du latin par G. G. à Paris en MDCCXXXIII.
[Illustrated with numerous pen-drawings of sigils, magical figures, etc.]

976. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3752.
122 folios. 180x115mm. Mid 18th Century.
[Extracts and notes on alchemical processes and the preparations of spagyric remedies: based on the works of Paracelsus.]

977. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3753.
5 folios. 215x170mm. Late 18th Century.
Paracelsus. Le traité de la teinture physique de Philippe Théophraste Paracelse.
[First printed at Strassburg in 1570, as part of the 'Archidoxa'.]

978. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3754.
15 + 89 + 18 + 26 pages. 250x190mm. 19th Century [c. 1825.]
[Collection of 8 short treatises by or ascribed to Paracelus; translated into Dutch.]
1. p1-15 Apocalypsis Hermetis ab illustrissimo viro Aureolo Helvetio qui fuit Hermes secundus: dat ist, Van de openbarung des verborgenen geests der Natuur. [Opera, ed. Hauser, 1603, Vol II, pp668-671]
2. p1-50 De lapide Philosophorum. Secretum magicum van drie gebenedyde magische steenen. [Ibid., pp671-682]
3. p50-68 De lumine Naturae. [Ibid., pp682-686]
4. p69-70 Van de elementische aarden.
5. p71-89 [Het boek des Wysheid, van den oorspong der Adelaarsteens.] [Ibid., pp686-691]
6. p1-18 De tinctura Phisicorum contra Sophistas natos post diluvium. [Ibid., Vol I, pp921-925]
7. p1-8 Thesaurus thesaurorum. [Ibid., pp934-936]
8. p1-26 Manuel de lapide philosophico medicinali. [Ibid., pp943-949]

979. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3755.
140 folios. 195x150mm. 19th Century [c. 1890.]
Paracelsus. Le Discours sur l'Alchimie. Traité des Definitions, des Passages et Mot obscurs dans les Écrits de Paracelse by Gerardus Dorn. Holograph MSS. by Albert Poisson.

980. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3756.
50 folios. 220x170mm. 19th Century [c. 1890.]
Paracelsus. Prognosticatio eximii doctoris Theophrasti Paracelsi MDXXXVI. Translated by Christallin in 1710. Holograph transcript by Albert Poisson.

981. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3757.
289 + 159 pages. 200x165mm. 18th Century [c. 1725.]
Paracelsus. Schatz Kammer der Natur: Grundliche Erklärung dreyer grossen Geheimnussen... Von neuen aus Leicht gebracht durch Jacobum Lupium F.D. Anno MDCLI. With other tracts, transcribed by G.C.H.
1. p1-135 Schatz Kammer der Natur. 1651.
2. p136-161 De spiritibus Planetarum sive Metallorum... Basilea. 1679.
3. p162-177 De Mercurii Philosophorum tincturis et Fermentis ipsorum... Basilea. Anno 1579.
4. p178-195 De praeparandis tincturis Solis et Lunae... Basilea. Anno 1671.
5. p196-298 [Anon.] De lapide Philosophorum.
6. p1-159 [Anon.] Tractatus de auro.
[Armorial bookplate of Comes de Chorinsky.]

982. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3758-3759.
2 vols. 943 pages. 526 pages +104 folios. 160x165mm Mid 18th Century.
Paracelsus. Aurore australe de Théophraste A[u]réole Paracelse Archydoxes magiques contenand l'Art de la Chryzopée.
[Written in French, German, and Latin. Illustrated with a few rough pen drawings of alchemical apparatus.]
[From the library of De Guaita.]

983. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3830.
557 pages. 200x140mm. 18th Century [c. 1750.]
Bernardo Perez de Vargas. De re metallica. En qual se tratan muchos i diversos secretos del conocimiento de toda suerte de minerales... En la... Villa de Madrid en casa de Pierre Cosin. Año MDLXIX.
[Illustrated with carefully executed wash drawings of chemical apparatus. This MS. is a transcript of the very rare printed edition.]

984. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3831.
168 folios. 215x160mm. 18th Century [c. 1825.]
Bernardo Perez de Vargas. Tratado de re metallica. Madrid 1569.
[Transcript. Illustrated with pen drawings.]

985. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3870.
189 folios. 300x245mm. [Venice, Pesaro.] 17th Century [1664-84.]
[Collection of original and other letters, extracts and short works concerning Alchemy, mostly from Vincenzo Pezzi of Venice and Pesaro, addessed to the Marchese Francisco Maria Santinelli of Rome. In Italian and Latin.]

986. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3875.
236 pages. 195x160mm. Late 17th Century.
Eirenaeus Philaletha. Anonymi Philalethae Intoitus apertus ad occlusum Regis Palatium. Verüber der Schlüssel hiemet com[m]unicirt undt beygefügt worden, nach welchen Schlüssel alle Hermetische undt wahre Adeptische Schrifften einhellig zu vernehmen, undt zu verstehendt seindt, ex Manu Scriptis Domini Jo[hannis] Ge[orgii] Stirckii [Starkey].
[Armorial bookplate of Comes de Chorinsky.]

987. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3876.
39 + 49 pages. Late 17th Century.
Eirenaeus Philaletha. Fonte della Filosophia Chimica dell'Anonimo Filaleta. Breve conducimento a mano al possesso del Rubino Celeste.
[These two works were published in 'Tres tractatus de metallorum transmutatione', Amsterdam, 1668.]

988. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3877.
1 folio + 405 pages. 300x215mm. 18th Century.
Eirenaeus Philaletha. Riplée ressucité ou l'explication des poèmes hermétiques des Georges Riplée [Ripley]... Par Eirenée Philalèthe anglois Cosmopolite. À Londres 1678.

989. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3878.
6 folios + 186 pages + 4 folios. 235x155mm. 18th Century [1728.]
Eirenaeus Philaletha. Il toson d'oro, o sia Il Velo di Frigia di Filaleta portato dal Francese in Italiano dal M.I.V.
[An Italian version of 'Introitus apertus'.

990. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3879.
2 + 13 + 5 + 3 + 13 + 20 folios. 145x90mm. Early 18th Century.
Commentarius in Menstruum Universale conficiendum et illius beneficio Lapidem Physicum, adjunctis glossis ad opus notabilibus nobilissimi Angli Styrchens alias Philalethae dicti et particularibus tinturis diversorum Authorum. [In Latin and German, by several hands.]
1. [13ff] Tinctura Universalis Medicinalis et Metallurgica ex Regno Universali desumpta.
2. [5ff] Adam Kelleus. Opus Philosophicum Practicum nobilissimi Adami Kellei Orttenburgi communicavit legendum et Passavii describendum manu propria Doctoris Mylae. [In Latin and German.]
3. [3ff] Ein anderer mein gutter freundt laborirte das Philaletische universall werck also. [In Latin.]
4. [13ff] Commentarius rerum magis notabilium nobilissimi Angli Styrchens alias Philalethae cum aliquibus circumstantiis et cautionibus.
5. [10ff] Alia Philalethae explicatio.
6. [20ff] Johannes de. Arcana Arcanorum in Solari Latino sermone suo ut Deo serviant proximoque beneficiant propria manu relicta... Anno Domini 1589. [Followed by some alchemical recipes.]

991. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3884.
34 folios + 333 pages + 2 folios. 130x100mm. 18th Century [1756.]
Philosophisch Hand-Buchlein darinnen von der Universal Medicin, wie auch von der Particular Medicin aus dem [Copper] [Antimony]nii handelt.
[Illustrated with pen drawings, some coloured, of alchemical apparatus, furnaces etc.]

992. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3930.
32 folios. 295x190mm. 19th Century [1885-97.]
Holograph copies of correspondence between Albert Poisson and Paul Reybet, and other; mainly from 2 April, 1892 to 21 March, 1893, on alchemical matters. With inserted original letters, etc., from other contemporary French alchemists.

993. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3931.
194 folios. 200x155mm. 19th Century [1887.]
[Five folders containing 'Essais gemmiques', 'Essais alchimiques', 'Essais adamantiques' (2 vols), 'Mémoire adamantique', by Albert Poisson.]

994. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3932.
55 folios. 200x155mm, and 230x180mm. 19th Century [1887.]
Holograph MSS. of Albert Poisson of translations from Latin of six short alchemical works.
1. R. Bacon. Lettre... sur les oeuvres secrètes de l'art et de la nature et sur la nullité de la Magie.
2. St. Albertus Magnus. Le composé des composés.
3. R. Bacon. Petit traité d'alchimie... intitulé Miroir d'alchimie.
4. Paracelsus. Le trésor des trésors alchimiques.
5. E. Philaletha. Traité de la transmutation des métaux [unfinished] 1887.
6. Pseudo-St. Thomas Aquinas. Traité de la Pierre Philosophale et des corps supracélestes [unfinished].

995. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3933.
4 folios + 37 pages +29 folios. 210x170mm. 19th Century [1887-91.]
Albert Poisson. Cahier V. Notes de chimie.

996. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3934.
407 pages + 29 folios. 285x175mm 19th Century [1890-93.]
Bibliothèque hermétique. Recueil de traités alchimiques originaux, ou traduits du latin par A. Poisson.
Vol. I.
1. pp1-22 Arnoldus de Villanova. Semita semitae. Le Chemin du Chemin.
2. pp23-48 R. Lullius. Clavicula. La Clavicule de Raymond Lulle.
3. pp51-72 R. Bacon. Speculum alchimiae. Le Miroir d'Alchimie.
4. pp75-85 Paracelsus. Le Trésor des trésors des alchimistes... Traduit du latin.
5. pp87-126 St. Albertus Magnus. Compositum de compositis. Le Composé des composés...
6. pp131-138 Hermes Trismegistus. Tabula Smaragdina. La Table d'Émeraude. Traduction de Soloman, revue et corrigée, accompagnée des [deux] pantacles composés par les alchimistes mystiques pour la compléter et la résumer, accompagnée de la traduction de Basile Valentin.
7. pp139-156 Tractatus philosophicus ad rubeum et album Anonymi. Traité philosophique du blanc et du rouge par un Anonyme.
8. pp157-169 Khalid ibn Jazid. Liber trium verborum. Le livre des trois paroles de Kalid, le roi très-subtil. Traduit du latin pour la première fois.
9. pp.171-185 A. Kircher. Dictionnaire explicatif de quelques termes alchimiques obscurs du père Kircher... dans le 'Mundus subterraneus', tome II, page 324, édition de 1668.
10. pp187-226 Le Ciel des Philosophes, ou le Livre des Vexations.
11. pp231-328 A. Poisson. Essais sur les théories et symboles des alchimistes. Pour servir à l'intelligence de leurs oeuvres.
12. pp329-341 Avicenna. Traité de la formation des pierres par agglutination et cristallisation... Traduit pour la première fois.
13. pp343-361 P. Eck de Sultzbach. La clef des Philosophes, Jeu des enfants et travail de femmes... Composé en 1489... Traduit pour la première fois.
14. pp363-407 + 29ff A. Poisson. Les pantacles hermétiques expliqués d'après la théorie alchimique chez les anciens et les modernes.

997. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3935.
111 pages + 79 folios. 285x175mm. 19th Century [1890-93.]
Bibliothèque hermétique. Recueil de traités alchimiques originaux, ou traduits du latin par A. Poisson.
Vol. II.
1. pp1-34 G. Colletet. Le vie de Raymond Lulle... tirée de son 'Histoire des vies des hommes illustres'.
2. pp35-46 D. de Planiscampy. Liste des caractères hermétiques employés par les alchimistes. Tirée du 'Bouquet composée des plus belles fleurs chimiques...' Paris, 1629.
3. pp47-90 D. de Planiscampy. Dictionnaire d'alchimie [Tiré du même livre.]
4. pp91-111 + ff22 A. Poisson. Liste des manuscrits d'alchimie, magie, etc. de la Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal.
5. ff23-29 A. Poisson. L'alchimie à Paris au moyen-âge.
6. ff30-79 A. Poisson. Histoire et Légende de Nicolas Flamel.

998. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3936.
94 folios. 285x175mm. 19th Century [1890-93.]
Bibliothèque hermétique. Recueil de traités alchimiques originaux, ou traduits du latin par A. Poisson.
Vol. III.
1. 28ff A. Poisson. Histoire et Légende de Nicolas Flamel. [Continuation from Vol. II.]
2. ff29-39 A. Poisson. Sommaire de l'Histoire alchimique de Paris.
3. ff40-46 A. Poisson. Notes sur le manuscrit de Vital Chaussegross, alchimiste du XIX siècle.
4. ff47-84 J. Dee. La monade hiéroglyphique... traduite pour la première fois du latin, et commentée.
5. ff85-88 H. Kalbsohr. Inventaire de Théophraste Paracelse.
6. ff89-94 St. Albertus Magnus. De alchimia. Traité d'alchimie.

999. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3938.
43 folios. 230x180mm. 19th Century [c.1890.]
Albert Poisson. Translation of biography of John Dee, from Thomas Smith 'Vitae quorundam eruditissimorum et illustrium virorum'.

1000. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3939.
14 + 7 folios. 220x165mm. 20 folios. 200x160mm. 19th Century [c.1890.]
1. Albert Poisson. Les monuments alchimiques de Paris.
2. Albert Poisson. L'Unité de la matière.

1001. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3940.
37 + 40 folios. Various formats. 19th Century [c.1890.]
Albert Poisson. Mélanges alchimiques. Notes diverses.
[Illustrated with a few rough pen drawings of symbolic figures.]

1002. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3941.
16 + 9 folios. 220x175mm. 19th Century [c.1890.]
Albert Poisson. Societe Hermetique des Protylites. Reglements, statuts, etc. With inserted notes and additions, and a 'Discours au Neophyte'. Authors Holograph manuscript.
Paris, c 1890.
[Written in a ruled note-book, and illustrated with pen-drawings of designs for signet-rings, a secret alphabet etc. The Constitution of a secret society for the study and practise of alchemy, based on Masonic lines. Women, financiers, military men and Jews were automatically barred from membership.]

1003. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3942.
152 folios. 300x180mm. 19th Century [1893.]
Albert Poisson. Grand répertoire hermétique présenté sous forme de dictionnaire consacré à toutes les branches des sciences occultes: mais principalement à l'alchimie.
[Illustrated with pen drawings of alchemical apparatus.]

1004. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3943.
156 folios. 200x155mm. 19th Century [1893.]
Albert Poisson. L'Alchimie: théories, pratiques, histoire, bibliographie textes.
[The frontispiece has a pasted in reproduction of Tenier's 'L'alchimiste'.]

1005. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3944.
276 pages + 15 +5 folios. 215x175mm. 19th Century [1894.]
Albert Poisson. Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal. Copies de pièces manuscrites rélatives à l'Alchimie et aux sciences occultes.
[Illustrated by pen drawings of alchemical symbolic figures, apparatus, etc.]

1006. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3945.
299 folios. 205x155mm. 19th Century [1887, 1904.]
Bibliothèque alchimique: Tome I. Holograph MS. by Albert Poisson of his translations from Latin of 14 short alchemical tracts, and two original works on Alchemy. Included are two translated works, a copy of a short tract, and a Table of Contents by Emmanuel Lalande, written under the pseudonym of 'Marc Haven'.
[Illustrated with a few pen drawn symbolic figures.]
1. ff2-20 F. M. van Helmont. CLIII Aphorismes chymiques... Mis en ordre par les soins... de l'Hermite du Fauxbourgh. Nouvellement traduit du Latin par M.D.S.R. [Alexandre Toussaint de Limojon de Saint-Disdier.] À Paris. Chez L. d'Houry. MDCXCIII.
2. ff21-41 Marcus Graecus. Liber ignium. Le livre des feax.
3. ff42-52 Arnoldus de Villanova. Semita semitae. Le Chemin du chemin.
4. ff54-63 J. B. van Helmont. Autobiographie. Jeunesse studieuse... racontée par lui-même. Traduit du latin (Studia Authoris dans le 'Ortus medicinae').
5. ff66-91 Frater Elias. Miroir d'alchimie. Traduit.. sur l'original latin 'Speculum alchymiae'. Paris. Ère vulgaire 1887. Ère hermétique 3887.
6. ff95-123 G. Ripley. La moëlle de la philosophie chimique. Paris. 1887.
7. ff126-129 Les dix règles de la pierre philosophale. Par un auteur incertain. Paris. [1887].
8. ff130-135 J. Pontanus [Brückner]. Lettre sur le pierre des philosophes. Paris [1887].
9. ff. 136-142 G. Etschenreuter. Lettre sure la pierre. Paris [1887].
10. ff143-148 [Arnoldus de Villanova] [Catena aurea] Livre des sept sceaux. Par un Auteur inconnu. Paris [1887].
11. ff149-164 R. Lullius. Clavicula seu Apertorium. La Clavicule ou clef universelle. Paris [1887].
12. ff165-170 N. Melchior Cibenensis. La Messe hermétique. Paris. 1887.
13. ff171-173 Dicta Sapientum. Maximes des Sages. Paris.
14. ff174-237 A. Poisson. Catalogue général des auteurs qui ont écrit sur l'Alchimie, la science hermétique et tout ce que s'y rapport.
15. ff238-259 A. Poisson. Recueil de notes alchimique manuscrites. Paris [1887].
16. ff260-265 Le livre des douze portes d'alchymie: autre que celui de G. Riplée anglois, publié sous le même titre pour la première fois par Sara, imprimeur, Paris, 1618. Se trouve comme suite à la 'Tourbe des Philosophes' en français. Copié par Marc Haven. Paris. n.d.
17. Pseudo St. Thomas Aquinas.
18. ff279-282 Arnoldus de Villanova. La chaîne d'or. Traduite du latin 'Opera omnia', t. ii, pp. 46-47. Lyons. 1586. par Marc Haven, Lyons. 1904.
19. ff283-293 G. Ripley. Traité du mercure et de la pierre de philosophes tel qu'il se trouve dans le livre du Sieur Arnould de la Chevalerie sous le titre: 'Philosophie naturelle de trois anciens philosophes' Paris, L. d'Houry. 1632. [Holograph translation by Marc Haven.]
20. f299 E. Lalande. Table les matières.

1007. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3946.
100 + 101 + 15 +10 + 15 folios. 200x155mm. 19th Century [1886-91.]
[Original correspondence between Poisson and Lucien Bernard Eugène Saint Fargeau (47 letters) from 25/2/1877 to 2/2/1888, on the practise of alchemy, and other materials.]

1008. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3952.
2 folios + 209pages + 1 folio + 363 pages. 225x185mm. Early 18th Century.
John Pordage. Theologia mystica. The Mystic Divinity of the Eternal Invisibles. Viz. The Archetypous Globe, or the Original Globe, or World of Globes, World's Essences, Centers, Elements, Principles and Creations whatsoever. [Transcript of the work published in 1683.]

1009. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3955.
66 pages. 215x170mm. Early 18th Century.
Pot-Pourri [alchimique].
1. pp2-9 Magnésie très propre pour la Médicine animale et pour les oeuvres particuliers du règne minéral.
2. pp10-15 Recettes générales de plusieurs médecines. [In Latin.]
3. pp16-21 De l'intention chimique, en l'invention et ordre des douze signes du Zodiaque.
4. pp22-24 W. Salmon. Matière dont les philosophes disent que leur pierre se fait. [Extract from the preface of the author's 'Bibliothèque des Philosophes'.]
5. pp24-42 N. de Grosparmy. De l'oeuvre minérale. De l'oeuvre végétale. de l'oeuvre animale.
6. pp59-62 [Miscellaneous medical receipts, in French.]
7. pp62-66 Traduction du latin de pp. 10 et seq.

1010. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3968.
1 folio + 18 pages. 230x195mm. 18th Century [c. 1770.]
The Practice or how to make Gold step by step.
[Text in French. In the same hand as MS. Wellcome 2220.]

1011. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 3999-4004.
Six volumes. 135x90mm. 19th Century [1828-34.]
Principes fondamentaux et réflections [sur l'Alchimie.]
[A collection of extracts and notes on alchemy, with a detailed account of the unidentified author's own experiments.]

1012. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4032-4039.
8 volumes. 175x115mm. 18th Century [c. 1785.]
[Notes and extracts from alchemical authors in English, French, German and Latin: with particulars of experiments, etc. made by the author, General Charles Rainford.]

1013. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4041.
1 folio + 178 pages + 6 folios. 310x200mm. 18th Century [1783.]
Rathlauw, Jan Pieter. Collection of alchemical extracts, translations, notes etc, with medical and other recipes in English, Dutch, German, French and Latin.
On the first leaf is a symbolic alchemical picture, beneath which is written ' In this hiroglyphic Picture are contained the whole Science of Hermetical arth, it was given me by an adept in the year 1769.'

1014. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4144.
4 + 205 + 3 folios. 205x130mm. 20th Century [c.1910.]
Elizabeth Charlotte Constantia von der Recke. Nachtricht von des Berüchtigten Cagliostro Aufenthalte in Mitau im Jahre 1779 und von dessen dortigen magischen Operationen... Berlin: F. Nicolai. 1787.
[Holograph translation into French by Alfred Haehl, made fro Dr. E. Lalande in connection with his book 'Le maître inconnu - Cagliostro'.]

1015. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4146.
3 folios + 139 pages. 225x170mm. Mid 18th Century.
Recueil de divers manuscrits qui n'ont jamais eté imprimés.
1. pp1-13 J. de la Fontaine. Complainte ou la Remonstrance de Nature à l'alchimiste.
2. pp14-25 J. de la Fontaine. Réponse de l'alchimiste à Nature.
3. pp25-39 J. de la Fontaine. La fontaine des amoureaux des sciences: traduit de rhimes en prose.
4. pp39-47 Méditation sur la production des métaux.
5. pp47-50 Arnoldus de Villanova. Epitre... au Roy Robert.
6. pp50-52 Énigme en forme de sonnet touchant l'oeuvre des philosophes.
7. pp52-159 Livre de la philosophie, où l'auteur n'est point nommé.

1016. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4147.
249 pages. 165x115mm. 18th Century [c. 1750.]
Recueil de divers secrets concernans la Médecine universelle et la transmutations des métaux.
pp1-15 and 127-249 [Miscellanous alchemical receipts and processes.]
pp16-126 Basilius Valentinus. La Pierre de feu Basil Valentin, reconnue pour Médecine Universelle... avec toutes le préparations pour le faire, prises du même Auteur et de son Commentateur au Char de triomphe de l'Antimoine.
[f1 has pen drawing of an alchemical vessel.]

1017. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4164.
1 folio + 159 pages. 180x125mm. Mid 18th Century.
Recuil de secrets éprouves de Philosophie Hermétique pour la transmutation des métaux imparfaits en or et argent fins et parfaits, traduit de l'italien par Caspar Gautier.
[Illustrated with pen drawings of alchemical apparatus.]
[In same hand as MSS. Wellcome 4165 and 4166.]

1018. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4165.
2 folios + 195 pages. 175x110mm. Mid 18th Century.
Recueil de secrets seurs et éprouvés de Médecine des Arts et Métiers tant pour la santé et beauté du corps que pour guérir toutes maladies internes et externes.
pp100-127 Médecine universelle de Mr de Maubac Seigneur de Copponay.
pp127-179 Nicholas de Grosparmy. Pratique de l'Oeuvre minérale, envoyé à son ami N[icolas] de Valois.

1019. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4166.
2 folios + 352 pages. 190x130mm. Mid 18th Century.
Recueil de secrets tirez de l'Harmonie du Cosmopolite et de dives auteurs cèlèbres Touchant la Pierre des Philosophes. Traduit de l'allemand et du latin par A.C.D. en 1640.
1. pp1-60 Traité des agens métalliques.
2. pp61-79 Traité curieux de Philosophie Chymique traduit d'un manuscrit latin.
3. pp79-83 Paracelsus Procédé abrégé de la Teinture des Philosophes... traduit du latin de son livre des Teintures.
4. pp84-89 J.I. Hollandus Oeuvre... sur le Saturne.
5. pp89-220 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts and processes.]
6. pp220-259 R. Lullius. Le Vademecum.
7. pp259-317 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts and processes.]
8. N. de Grosparmy. Pratique de l'oeuvre minérale... envoyée à Nicolas de Valois son ami, sans Énigmes.
pp338-352 Index.

1020. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4186.
86 folios. 200x160mm. Mid 18th Century.
Christoph Reibehand. Neuer chymischer Discurs von den grausamen und verführischen Irrwegen der Alchymisten... und dann was doch endlich der rechte uhralte einige Weg zu dem allerhöchsten Secreto sey... Denen sind nach beygefüget 79 grosse sonderbahre Wunder.
[This work, with title 'Filium Ariadnes: das ist Neuer chymischer Discurs' was first published at Leipzig in 1636, under the pseudonym of Heinrich von Batsdorff.]
[The last six folios contain transcripts from Salomon Trismosin's 'Aurum Vellus', 1599.]
1. Hermes Trismegistus. Tabula smaragdina [in Latin].
2. Alchemical poem.
3. Georg Bildtdorff. Ein Augment. Das ander Augment.

1021. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4189.
1 folio + 24 pages. 195x155mm. Late 18th Century.
Remarques sur les philosophes Telputh, Hakoston, Jorasel.

1022. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4195.
8 folios + 163 pages. 235x180mm. Mid 18th Century.
P. Moras de Respour. Rares expéeriences sur l'esprit minéral pour la préparation et transmutation des corps métaliques. Où est enseigné la manière de faire les Agens jusque aujourd'huy inconnus et cachés au Public. Avec la connaissance du mouvement général et particulier du monde Élémentaire et de ce qui y est contenu. Par Monsieur De R... À Paris. 1668.
[A transcript of the rare first edition of this work.]

1023. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4196.
12 folios + 292 pages. 165x105mm. 18th Century [c. 1775.]
P. Moras de Respour. Rares expéeriences sur l'esprit minéral pour la préparation et transmutation des corps métalliques. Où est enseigné la manière de faire les agents necéssaires qui ont été jusques aujourd'huy inconnus et cachés au public. Avec la connaissance du mouvement général et particulier du monde élémentaire de ce qui y est contenu. Par Monsieur D. ***. À Paris ches Lauernt d'Houry, rue St. Jacques MDCCI.

1024. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4256.
1 folio + 340 pages + 1 folio. 220x170mm. 18th Century [1743.]
Rosarium Philosophorum. Livre appellé 'Le grand Rozaire' de Philsophes, très diligemment composé, et redigé en un vol. Traduit du latin en francois par S.V.D.L. en 1743.
[The 20 plates at the end, and perhaps some leaves of text are wanting. This is a translation of the anonymous text printed by Mangetus in his 'Bibliotheca Chemica curiosa' 1702., Vol II, pp. 87-119, in which the plates are omitted.]

1025. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4259.
16 + 3 folios. 510x360mm. Early 19th Century.
Geheime Figuren der Rosenkreuzer aus dem 16ten und 17ten Jahrhundert
[24 full page illustrations.]

1026. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4286.
20 folios. 240x180mm. Early 18th Century.
[Philippe Rouillac ?] La pratique du Grand oeuvre de la Pierre.

1027. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4316.
1 folio + 18 + 223 pages. 210x165mm. 18th Century [1780.]
Alexius von Ruesenstein. Russensteins chymische Schriften.
[The second part is apparently a version of 'Auserlesene chymische Universal und Particular Processe, welche Herr Baron vin Rusenstein...', Frankfurt and Leipzig 1754.
[From Julius Kohn Library.]

1028. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4317.
1 folio + 220 pages. 20th Century [c. 1905.]
Alexius von Ruesenstein. Ruesenstein's chymical writings. Arcanum Ruesensteinianum.
[Appears to be a transcript of a translation made by Rev. W. A. Ayton. There is also an inserted transcript 'An attempt to ascertain the chemical meaning of the Reusenstein MS. Processes...']

1029. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4323.
1 folio + 45 pages + 2 folios. 175x120mm. 18th Century.
Frère de la Rose S. L'Oeuvre des Philosophes.
[From the Julius Kohn library.]

1030. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4365.
66 folios. 210x160mm. Mid 18th Century.
[The Crowning of Nature.] La Sagesse des Anciens, ou leur doctrine de la souveraine médecine universelle par la quelle la santé humaine, étant en son entier, est conservée en même état: interrompue est rétablie et se conserva. Étant presque toute perdue, même la lèpre les métaux est ostée totalement. Expliquée par quarante hiérogliphes lesquels sont icy figurés.
[Illustrated with 40 full page symbolic water-colours.]

1031. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4366.
94 + 91 pages + 10 folios. 210x155mm. Late 18th Century.
1. Sapientia Veterum sive doctrina eorundem de summa et universali medicina qua sanitas humana adhuc integra in eodem statu conservatur, interrupto vero pristino restituatur et penitus amissa recuperetur. Nec non leprositas metallorum totaliter auferatur. Quadraginta Hyeroglyphicis explicata quibus asserunt totidem eorum explanationes sapientiam eorundem veterum Arabum videlicet, Caldeorum et Aegiptiorum. De re medica ad amissum praesertim delineationes.
[Full page symbolic water-colours of the first 40 of 'Crowning of Nature' series.]
2. p1 Aenigma [in German verse.]
3. pp2-28 Descriptio furni [in German, partly in cypher.]
4. pp29-30 De prima materia lapidis philosophorum [in German verse.]
5. pp31-50 De la matière [in French.]
6. pp51-64 Ein philosophisches Liedt oder Gesang.
7. pp 65-91 [Alchemical receipts and processes in German and French.]
[This second section contains 11 wash drawings of furnaces. At the end are 14 symbolic water-colour drawings, with titles in cypher.]

1032. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4369.
3 + 184 +26 folios. 205x160mm. 20th Century [1903.]
Transcript of a MS. dated 1728, containing the 'Oeuvres' of Jean Saulnier (or Saunier) 'Ce livre appartient a Jean Baugier, qui vient de la Bibliothèque de Monsieur D'Espagnet de Bourdeaux. Braguier. 1728.'
1. ff1-85 J. Saulnier. Oeuvre... à son fils.
2. ff86-94 Petit traité touchant l'oeuvre de Jean Saulnier.
3. ff94-98 J. Saulnier. [Gold] calciné selon Jean Saulnier, extrait d'un livre imprimé a Paris 1615 savoir est du 'Paradis terrestre de Castagne'.
4. ff98-100 Annotations et corrections sur l'opération précédente prises sur un ancien Manuscrit.
5. ff101-105 J. Saulnier. L'Oeuvre. [Another version.]
6. ff107-148 J.I. Hollandus. Abrégé ou opération sur le vin selon Isaac Hollandus en son Ier Livre de l'Oeuvre végétale.
7. ff149-173 J.I. Hollandus. Abrégé ou opération sur la Chélidoine selon Isaac Hollandus en son 2me Livre de l'Oeuvre végétale.
8. ff174-184 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts.]
9. 26ff 6. ff107-148 J.I. Hollandus. Abrégé ou opération sur la Chélidoine [another version.]

1033. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4421.
157 pages + 12 folios. 165x100mm. 18th Century [1728.]
Schlüssel der wahren Weisheit unter einem Gespräch eines wohlerfahrnen und der Weisheit sehr nahe kommenden Sophisten mit der Weisheit welche alle Fehler ohne einigem Hinterhalt in die Hände giebt F.C.R.
[On p3 there is a pen drawn symbolic figure.]
[MS. Wellcome 3566 contains a copy of this work.]

1034. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4467.
4 folios + 123 pages. 240x170mm. Mid 18th Century.
Sebald Schwaertzer. Manuscripta die von dem Adepto Sebold Schwärtzern herrühren und bey Chur-Furst Augusti und Christiani I zeithen mit unausprechlichen Nutzen tractieret werden.

1035. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4471.
4 folios + 111 pages. 290x200mm. Late 17th Century.
Scotus, Odoardus. Liber sapientiae.
[Illustrated cover with symbolic figures.]
[There is a German MS. translation in the Library of Congress.]

1036. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4481-6.
2 volumes + 4 volumes. 325x210mm. 18th Century [1772-6.]
Johann David Seeger. Philosophische und Theologische Gedanken von der Entelechie, oder von der bewegenden und herfürbringenden Krafft der Natur und ihrer von dem Schöpfer von Anfang beygelegten Fortpflantzungs-Weise der Menschen unde der Thiere und ihrer Seelen.
[Authors holograph MS.]
[From the Julius Kohn Library.]

1037. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4493.
2 folios + 227 pages. 190x120mm. Mid 18th Century.
Michael Sendivogius. Les oeuvres du Cosmopolite, divisez en trois traitez dans lesquels sont clairement expliques les trois Principes des Philosophes Chymiques, à sçavoir: Le Ier Traité du mercure, le II du soufre, et le III du vray sel des philosophes.

1038. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4593.
499 pages + 1 folio. 200x140mm. Mid 18th Century.
[Sias. Letter-book containing transcripts of his letters on alchemical matters and 'secrets' to M. Chevalier, Ingénieur du Roi, amateur des Sciences, between 29 October, 1719 and 15 March, 1723.]
[From the Julius Kohn library.]

1039. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4594.
17 + 11 + 12 + 5 + 5 + 2 + 9 + 7 + 32 + 14 folios. 365 x235mm. 18th Century [1791.]
Ebenezar Sibly. The Dumb made to speak, or Secret Things manifested in Hirogliphics, or the Grand Arcanum of the Adepts: with notes, observations, and experiments extracted from various Authors.
[Illustrated by watercolour copies of the symbolic plates and figures from the various works.]
1. G. von Welling. Copies of 14 symbolic plates, and one Table form his 'Opus mago-cabalisticum', 1735.
2. H. Khunrath. Six engravings from the 'Amphitheatrum sapientiae aeternae', 1602, pasted in.
3. J.C. Barchusen. 19 engraved sumbolic plates from 'Elementa chemiae, 1718 pasted in. [This is the 'Crowning of Nature' series.]
4. T. Norton Engraved plate of astrological scheme from the 'Ordinall of Alchimy', printed in Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum, 1652.
5. Altus. Mutus Liber, 1677. Complete copy pasted in.
6. Geheime Figuren der Rosenkreuzer, 1785-1788. Copies of 13 of the plates in water colour, with English tranlation of the titles, labels etc.
7. H. à Mynsicht. Extract, with one wtaercolour copy of a symbolic figure, from 'Aureum seculum redivivum', 1621.

1040. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4598.
182 folios. 290x230mm. 18th Century [1739-41.]
Signard. Journal de l'Oeuvre secrette de Philalethe dans son Introitus qui est ce qu'il y a de plus impénétrable. Ou L'Entrée ouverte au Palais fermé du Roy, contenant le plus grand trésor qu'il y ait au monde. Ce qui sera suivit de ses trois ouvrages différentes. Le second avec l'or veulgaire et le troisième avec le régule d'or, avec le Journal à chaque opération. [Authors holograph MS.]

1041. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4650.
6 folios + 115 pages. 270x200mm. Mid 18th Century.
Solidonius. Texte latin tiré d'un exemplaire où les figures de Solidonius philosophe sont dépeintes.
Texte enrichi de ses figures hiéroglifiques tirées des Égyptiens avec leur Explication.
[Illustrated with 18 full page water-colour drawings.]

1042. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4651.
54 folios. 200x150mm. Mid 18th Century.
Solidonius. Explication des figures hiéroglifiques des Égyptiens.
[Text only, no illustrations.]

1043. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4652.
1 + 52 + 7 folios. 195x145mm. 19th Century [c.1890.]
Le Philosophe Solidonius: le premiere qui a sceu accorder les quatre Eléments... Inventaire fait à la mort de Théophraste Paracelsus, par Hans Kalbsohr, 18th October, 1541. [Holograph transcript and translation by Albert Poisson.]
[With 18 pencil drawings on tracing paper of the symbolic figures.]

1044. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4672.
155 folios. 185x145mm. 18th Century [1714-15.]
Placidus Soraci. Le très ancien duel des chevaliers, ou dialogue chymique de la Pierre Phisique avec l'Or et le Mercure, touchant la véritable Matière dont se doit préparer la Pierre des Philosophes avec l'aide du feu luminaire. Avec des Annotations... pour l'éclaircissement de cette Matière. Faites par Sudicalp Icaros Philosophe.
[Illustrated with several ornamental title-pages, calligraphic decorations and ornaments in water-colour. There are some small pasted in symbolic engravings and vignettes.]

1045. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4680.
156 folios. 210x155mm. 18th Century [c.1775.]
Spiegazione del Primo capitolo della Sacra Genesi per rapporto alla Pietra Filosophale e sua pratica d'incerto Autore.
[This appears to be translation of an original written in the second half of the 17th Century.]

1046. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4731.
38 folios. 225x165mm. Early 18th Century.
Alexander von Suchten. Traité... sur les secrets de l'Antimoine tant magique que vulgaire.

1047. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4732.
42 folios. 230x180mm. Mid 18th Century.
Alexander von Suchten. Traité... sur les secrets de l'Antimoine tant magique que vulgaire.

1048. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4745.
54 + 26 + 150 pages. 190x125mm. 18th Century.
Swibach des Fontaines. La moëlle de la philosophie hermétique. [Complirs holograph.]
1. pp1-50 Le livre de N. Flamel contenant l'explication des figures et hyeroglyphes qu'il avait fait mettre au Cimetière des Innocens à Paris.
2. pp51-54 Arisleus [or Aristeus] Letre de [Sinetus] Aristée à son fils.
3. 26pp N. Flamel. Le désir désirez.
4. pp1-38 Le livre d'Artephius entien philosophe.
5. pp39-69 Bernardus Trevisanus. Le livre du bon Trévisan.
6. pp71-76 J. B. von Hellwig. Introduction à l Philosophie hermétique. Par Helbing ouvrage très exelent et véridique.
7. pp77-88 [Artephius] La Clef de Sapience qui donne l'intelligence des XII Secrets cachés de la Science des Sages.
8. pp 89-95 W. Butler. Médecine philosophique.
9. pp96-131 Geber. Extraits.
10. pp132-150 H. Khunrath. Le livre de Khunrad philosophe hermétique en l'an 1602, et traduit du latin en 1747 par Charle Gueydon, et ensuite rédigé par Sw[ibach] des Fontaines. [This is extracted from 'Amphitheatrum Sapientiae'.]

1049. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4750, 4751.
2 vols. 384 pages and 406 pages. 170x110mm. Late 17th Century.
[Collection of notes, extracts, translations etc., from alchemical works... in French and Latin. Compiled bt C.T., M.D.]
Vol I.
1. pp1-62 Traitté de la Grand Oeuvre.
2. pp86-113 Basilius Valentinus. Enseignemans des Artifices concernant l'Ouvrage Universel... et les Conclusions de tous ses escripts.
3. pp196-209 J. B. van Helmont. Imago firminti Liquor Alchaest.
4. pp210-213 Stichiomantia. De li dadi [in Italian.]
5. pp224-243 Bernhardus Trevisanus. Resonsio as Thomam de Bononia.
6. pp306-322 C. Glaser. Annotations tirées de la Chimie de Glaser.
Vol II.
7. pp200-231 E. Philalethes. La confection du Grand Élixir métallique selon la pratique du Philalèthe conforme à celle du Cosmopolite et à la doctrine de Gebir. [This seems to be a condensed version of the 'Enarratio methodica'.]
8. pp358-371 Martinus Copus [pseud. Arioponus Cephalus] Apotelesmata philosophica Mercurii triumphantis 1601.
9. pp384-388 St. Albertus Magnus. Collectiones ex libro de animalibus, etc.
10. pp394-406 A.B. Densinger. Geber ressuscité [an abbreviated version in French of the author's 'Geber redivivus'.]

1050. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4755.
2 folios + 331 pages. 190x140mm. 18th Century [c.1730.]
Divers traittez de la Médecine universelle des végétaux, minéraux, et animaux. ValenLe tout composé et des expériences de E. Bazille Valentin, réligieux de l'ordre de St. Benoist. Avec la véritable pratique de faire la Teinture Phisique connüe seulement des antiens Sages. Receuilly par F. T. Sieur D. T., Disciple de philosophie.
1. pp1-184 Basilius Valentinus. Premiere traité Aligraphie, ou Description de tous les sels en quatre parties.
2. pp187-207 Basilius Valentinus. Les conclusions de tous les traittez et escrits de frère Bazille Valentin. Ensemble ses aphosismes touchant le soufre, le vitriol et aymant tant vulgaires que philosophiques.
3. pp209-214 Pratique de l'oeuvre philosophique.
4. pp214-225 S. Michelspacher. Feu philosophique Estienne Michel Pacher. La cabale Miroir de l'art et de la Nature dans l'Alchimie. [It is stated that this extract is copied 'De l'impression de David le Franc... 1616. It is and analysis of the illustrations in Michaelspacher's 'Cabala, Spiegel der Kunst und Natur in Alchimia, 1616.]
5. p227-233 Déclaration de la très ancienne pierre en forme de dialogues. [Signed at end 'L.V.']
6. p233-256 Traitté général... touchant les différences des seux naturels.
7. p257-321 [Miscellaneous alchemical recipes, and processes, including the extraction of the 'Salts' of various plants. the making of quintessences, and 'arcanes'.]

1051. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4770.
185 + 3 folios. 240x170mm. 18th Century [c. 1725.]
Tesson, Jacques and others. Le livre de Jacques Taisson orphèvre contenant le Secret du Grand Oeuvre. Composé à Marseille l'année 1581.
1. ff1-120 J. Tesson. Le Livre).
2. ff121-164 N. Valois. Hebdomas hebdomadarum. [With 37 illustrations, instead of 42, and no text, except for the legends in Sanscrit, Chaldean, Hebrew etc. as in MS. Wellcome 4907.]
3. ff164v-172 La Pierre des Philosophes [in verse.]
4. ff173-185 Rencontre et entrétien d'un philosophe inconnu. [3 leaves containing 6 symbolic alchemical watercolour illustrations 2 to a page.]
Drawing 1. A cauldron is placed in a fire to the lower centre of the figure. Two cows look out from the right and left of the drawing. In the steam or grey fume which rises from the cauldron (or curcible?) we see a yellow sun face, an orange star, and a green plant with a red bud. Seven saturn symbols are also seen in the fumes. From an overhanging branch a dog, or some other such animal is suspended in the fumes. It is not clear whether this animal is dead and being roasted or alive.
Drawing 2. Against a blue background of the sky and clouds, we see a snake forming an ourouborus circle. The circular space this defined contains an outpouring of light with rays, and the face of a woman.
Drawing 3. Here the ourobouros snake with the Woman face within the circular space has decsended from the sky onto the earth. From above the Sun and Moon send down beams upon this ourouros snake.
Drawing 4. A mountain with a few trees or vegetation almost fills the frmae of this figure. At the bottom centre is a cave with seven symbols of Jupiter, while another 15 Jupiter symbols circle round the bottom of the mountain.
Drawing 5. In an interior cell with brown rocky walls or perhaps inside the cave, we see a distillation in progress and a red liquid being collected in the receiver.
Drawing 6. Within a circular fume of grey clouds against a blue background of the sky, we see a naked Saturn-Chronos figure with his scythe, and grey beard. Above him are the Sun aand Moon.
A copy of this treatise also of the 18th century is found in the Bibliothéque de Lyon No. 971( 900), where it is entered as 'Jacques Tesson ou Le Tesson. Le grand et excellent Oeuvre de Sages, contenant trois traités ou dialogues; Dialogue du Lyon verd, du grand Thériac, et du Régime'.

1052. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4775.
123 pages. 330x205mm. 18th Century [c.1725]
Thesaurus thesaurorum et secretum secretissimum.
Illustrated with numerous symbolic water-colour drawings.
+G+G+G+ In Nomine Domini Dei Omnipotentis totiusque Naturae Directoris. +++ Incipit Thesaurus thesaurorum, et Secretorum Secretissimum, in quo omnia mundi arcana latent, quodque Deus per ineffabilem suam misercordiam homini vili et abjecto, peccatorique maximo revelavit.
[Figure 1. 'Menstrui Praeparatio'. Saturn with scythe, hour-glass and wooden peg leg, confronts a dragon with three heads, each breathing fire. The dragon whose body contains the symbols of the seven planets, stands outside the entrance to its cave. Above in the sky are the Sun and Moon. Below we see a furnace with alembic distilling, and below this again is a waterbath with the flask removed and lying on the ground.
Figure 2. 'Acetum Solvens'. A man with a feathered hat shoots a faling arrow from his bow at a Lion. The blood runs from the Lion's wounded breast onto the ground from which grows a plant with three roses. Above we see a Flask with a red liquid and a lower layer of dark matter.
Figure 3. A Seven pointed star is seen in the sky each point differently coloured. It sends down yellow rays of light upon a Flask with a cover round its neck sitting in a wooden bucket.
Figure 4. Purificatio. Mercurius aquorum. On the left, Mercury in the form of a winged woman carrying a red caduceus steps into a wooden bath, while above her a cerub wind blows down upon her. On the right we wee a furnace with a vessel of water boiling upon it emitting steam. Below is depicted some alchemical distillation apparatus, mounted on a furnace, paralleling the process of purification above.
Figure 5. A three headed serpent (one white, another red and the other yellow) emerges on the bank of a lake. The yellow head is seen in the act of devouring a small winged dragon. Reference is made to a texts from Genesis chapter 1 'Producant aquae reptile animae viventis'. Below is seen a distillation apparatus with three flasks one with a white, another with a yellow and the third with a red liquid.
Figure 6. A young man is in the act of whipping a naked woman rushing away to the left. On her head is the sign for venus, and in her hand she holds a flaming heart pierced with an arrow.
The young man holds fast by the wrist another figure clothed with the sign for vitriol on (his or her head). Below we see a flask set on a furnace. It has a cover upon it with holes through which a steam or fume escapes. Beside it the flask is placed in a wooden bucket of water. Below we see an alembic and collecting vessel.]

1053. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4808.
4 folios + 265 pages + 8 folios. 18th Century [1737.]
J. G. Toeltius. Coelum reseratum chymicum. Geheimer Schlüssel über des Tholdii Coelum reseratum. De Magia divina oder Caballistischer Geheimnisse.
[Illustrated with water-coloured drawings of symbolic alchemical figures.]
[From the Julius Kohn library.]

1054. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4809.
13 folios + 265 pages. 360x215mm. 18th Century [c. 1775.]
J. G. Toeltius. Coelum reseratum chymicum. Wie ess von der Fraternitaet Rosae Crucis ist übersetzet worden philosophice et cabalistice, mit allen der zugehörigen Handgruffen... und Theütsche übersetzt A[nno] 1612 die 12 Maii zu Tortecht.

1055. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4812.
23 pages. 165x110mm. Mid 18th Century.
Jacob Tollius. Le conducteur au Ciel chimique... traduit par Raymon Bascon Sieur Depresles... Amsterdam MDCLXXXVIII.

1056. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4828.
18th Century.

1057. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4838.
92 pages. 260x190mm. Mid 18th Century.
Traité de la médecine universelle.
[An essay on the making of the 'Philosopher's Stone', based on the instructions of various authors.]

1058. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4850.
96 folios. 225x160mm. Early 18th Century.
Trebbi, Giovanni. Secret diversi, et miracolosi. Raccolti, da me... Farmacopeo, et approbati da altri Medici di gran fama... [Author's holograph MS.]
[Illustrated by a symbolic pen-drawn frontispiece of miners digging for gold.]

1059. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4852.
8 folios + 86 pages. 155x110mm. 18th Century [1710.]
Il Trionfo Ermetico ovvero la Pietra Filosophale vittoriosa: trattato piu completo, e piu intelligibile di qualunque oltro toccante il Majistero Ermetico.
[This MS. is an Italian translation of the Latin version of the work translated into French under the title of 'L'ancienne guerre des Chevaliers'. It was printed at Amsterdam in 1689, and reprinted in 1710.]

1060. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4853, 4854.
2 volumes. 98 folios and 94 folios. 295x205mm and 330x200mm. 20th Century [1920.]
Splendor Solis. Alchemical treatises of Salomon Trismosin, adept and teacher of Paracelsus. Including allegorical pictures reproduced from the original paintings on vellum, dated 1582, in the British Museum. With introduction, elucidation of the paintings, aiding the interpretation of their occult meaning, Trismosin's autobiographical account of his travels in search of the Philosophers Stone, a summary of his alchemical process called 'The Red Lion', and [explanatory notes.] By Julius Kohn. Two typescript copies, on on large 4to. sheets mounted, and prepared for the press, with the Editor's holograph corrections and additions: the other on folio typing paper.
[This work was published by Kegan Paul in 1920.]

1061. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4856.
4 folios + 431 pages + 13 folios. 165x105mm. 18th Century.
Christophorus Trokhmayr. Collectanea medico-chymica [in Latin and German.]
1. pp1-24 Gabriel Fallopius. Secreten. [Extracts in German. Medical and iatro-chemical receipts.]
2. pp25-61 Carolus Musitanus. Mantissa. [Extracts in Latin.]
3. pp61-75 Hieronymous Piper. Corollarium. [Extracts in Latin. Published in 1707. A continuation and addition to Hadrianus à Mynsicht 'Thesaurus et armmanentarium medico-chymicum'.]
4. pp75-138 De alchymia [alchemical recipes and processes.]
5. pp138-165 Federico Gualdo. De Lapide Philosophorum [extracts in German Verse.]
6. pp165-174 Auctarium in quo traduntur practice omnes labores ad conficiendum nostrum lapidem per doctrinas paucas rhythmicas.
7. pp174-177 Carmina de confectione lapidis et virtutibus eius.
8. pp177-207 Explication lapidis philosophici in via fixa [in German.]
9. pp208-229 Explicatio lapidis philosophici seu Tinctura physicorum per viam humidam [in German.]
10. pp229-274 Paracelsus. Magna chirurgia particularia. [Extracts in German, with other receipts.]
11. pp274-281 G. Ripley. Medulla philosophiae. [Extracts in Latin and German.]
12. pp281-296 Urin Biechel.
13. pp296-302 [Medical receipts.]
14. pp303-339 Jonas Petriner de Aschen. Der Catholischen Ascher Mittwoch... welcher folget an dem Heiliges Ostertag die freudenreiche Aufferstehung des glorificierten Leibs Lapis Philosophorum styo Chymico-Philosophico beschriben. [Dated 29th September 1718.]
15. pp340-431 [Miscellaneous alchemical receipts and processes, extracts from alchemical writings. In German.]

1062. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4889.
355 pages. 200x150mm. 18th Century [1760.]
Frater Ulmannus. Libri tres Sanctissimae et Individuae Trinitatis. Cum indice duplici: in German. Item Axiomata philosophica et figurae Gebri Philosophi, Georgii Riplei Philosophi, Laurentii Dani Civis Augustani, Egidii de Vadis, Hermetis Philosophi, Theoph[rasti] Phil[osophi] et Med[ici], M[agistri] Valentini Wigelii. Item Tabula Smaragdina Hermetis Trismegist, Johannes Thrithemii abbatis Grund und Ausslegung aller wahren Philosophi[a]e jedes I.F.A.M.S. zugleichen. Olim a Manuscriptis Fratris Ulmanni anno Domini 1488 conscripti, nunc autem anno 1760 de verbo ad verbum de novo descripti fuerunt.
[There are blank spaces left for the 116 'Figurae' mentioned in the title.]
[This work is related to the 'Pandora' of Hieronimus Reusner.]
1. pp1-207 Libri tres Sanctissimae Trinitatis [related to the 'Buch der heiligen Dreifaltigheit' MS.]
2. p208 Geber. Testamentum [in Latin.]
3. pp208-212 Aegidius de Vadis, George Ripley. [Extracts in Latin.]
4. pp236-243 Laurentius Danus. Figurae ex communicatione... mense Julio anno 1598. [Text only.]
5. pp244-277 Pseudo Thomas Aquinas. Aurora Consurgens. [Extracts. Text only.]
6. pp277-278 Hermes Trismegistus. Tabula Smaragdina.
7. pp279-291 [Alchemical verses in Latin.]
8. pp292-300 Paracelsus. [Extracts from Liber Tincturarum.]
9. pp303-306 J. Trithemius. Grund und Ausslegung aller wahren Philosophiae [extract.]
10. pp307-314 Practica, sive Processus [in German and Latin.]
11. pp315-318 Maria Prophetissa. Disputatio [in German.]
12. p320 I. F. A. [Alchemical verses in German.]
13. pp322-324 Valentin Weigel. De lapide philosophorum [in German. Extracted from his 'Ausslegung' to the 'Offenbahrung Christi of Paul Lautersack.]
[From the Julius Kohn library.]

1063. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4903.
1 + 105 + 20 folios. 180x110mm. Late 17th Century.
1. 105ff Nicolas Valois. Le grand Olimpe ou philosophie poétique attribuée au trés renommé Ouide. Traduit des vers latins en vers françois avec l'explication.
2. 20ff Stanièvre. Abrégé du Grand Olimpe.

1064. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4904.
1 folio + 88 pages + 1 folio. 245x190mm. Late 17th Century.
Nicholas Valois.
Les cinq livres de Nicolas Vallois Seigneur de Normandie, gendre du Seigneur de Grosparmy et son associé avec Pierre Vicot en 1320.
[Illustrated with a few pen-drawings of alchemical apparatus, etc mostly found among the marginal notes.]

1065. 1London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4905.
54 folios. 220x165mm. Mid 18th Century.
Nicholas Valois.
Hebdomas Hebdomadarum Kabalistarum, Magorum, Brachmanarum, antiquorumque omnium sapientum secreta mysteria continens.
[Illustrated by 37 full page symbolic alchemical water colour drawings.]

1066. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4906.
50 folios. 235x180mm. Mid 18th Century.
Nicholas Valois.
Hebdomas Hebdomadum Kabalistarum, Magorum, Brachmanarum, Antiquorumque Omnium Sapientum secreta misteria Continens.
[Illustrated by 38 (one doubled) full-page symbolic alchemical water-colour darwings.]

1067. 1London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4907.
50 folios. 195x155mm. 18th Century [c.1775.]
Nicholas Valois, Nicholas.
Hebdomas Hebdomadum Kabalistarum, Magorum, Brachmanarum, Antiquorumque Omnium Sapientum secreta misteria Continens.
Illustrated by 37 full page symbolic alchemical water colour drawings.

1068. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4934.
3 + 634 folios. 185x130mm. 18th Century.
Les trois livre [sic] manuscrits de Vicot, prestre compagnon de Grosparmy, et Valois, Seigneurs de Normandie, fidellement copié d'après l'original. Pratique de Videcoq, laquelle est divisé en trois parties, sçavoir en instrumants practiquaux et matériels, en pratique philosophique, et pratique de ce livre. Autre traité de Videcoq. Pratique générale de ce livre qui est une suite du précédent.
[Illustrated with a few pen drawings of alchemical apparatus.]

1069. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4955.
68 folios. 260x165mm. Late 18th Century.
Ein Vornehmer Tractat, darinnen umbstandiglich und aussfuhrlich begrieffen, was die 4 E[lementen] sein, auch wass auss ihnen von Anfang entsprungen, und nach biss zum ende der Weldt entspringt. Unndt was P[rima] M[ateria] ist, daraus der Lapis Philisophicus durch die Zulassung Göttlicher allmacht zugericht kan werden. Erstliches da ist alles in allem, als ein uneschöpflicher Brun. Erstlich Schwartz, als der ärgste gifft, dan Weiss, als die allerhöchste Medicin. Endlich Rubinroth als der beste Reichtumb, alls in einem, und aus einem gebohrn, ohne sondern uncosten mühe oder arbeit, in einem geschirr, Offen, unndt feuer.
[From the Julius Kohn library.]

1070. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4957.
1 + 108 folios. 240x180mm. Early 18th Century.
1. La vraye pratique de l'oeuvre des philosophes.
2. J. Grasshof [pseud. Chortalassus]. Le petit et le grand paisan [sic].
[The work by Grasshof was published in German as 'Der kleine Baur' in 1617.]

1071. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4989.
6 folios + 228 pages. 310x205mm. Mid 18th Century.
Georg von Welling.
Opus Mago-Cabalisticum et Theologicum. Vom Uhrsprung und Erzeugung des Saltzes... Da den zugleich die Erzeugung aller Metallen und Mineralien... Auch viel Theosophica nach Gelegenheit der Materien mituntergemischt werden.
[Illustrated by watercoloured pen-drawings.]

1072. London, Wellcome Institute MS. 4991.
3 + 106 folios. 220x130mm. 19th Century [1848.]
Wheeler, James.
The Alchymist. A poetical Romance. [Author's holograph.]