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Adam McLean's Gallery of alchemical images
Emblems reflecting alchemical and hermetic ideas
Religious, mystical and other material with some relationship to alchemy.
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EMB16. Emblem from Camerarius, Symbolorum et Emblematum, 1595.

EMB17. Engraving of Mercury as inventor of Astronomy from Monde primitif, Paris, 1773.

EMB18. Woodcut 'Chronos as an Angel' from Stephen Hawes, The Pastyme of Pleasure, 1509.

EMB19. Woodcut of hermaphrodite from Barthelemy Aneau, Picta Poesis, 1552.

EMB20. Woodcut of two witches from Ulrich Molitor, 1508.

EMB21. Woodcut portrait of Albertus Magnus in his study from Liber Secretorum Alberti Magni, 1502.



All these images are copyright © Adam McLean 2006.