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Gallery Nineteen
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A145. Woodcut from Petrus Bonus, Pretiosa margarita novella, Venice, 1546,

A146. Frontispiece from Geber, Summa perfectionis Magisteri, Danzig, 1682.

A147. Engraving from Vincentius Koffsky, Hermetische schriften, Nurnberg, 1786.

A148. Engraving from G. B. Diana Paleologo, Sacra Universal Filosofia, Lucca, 1713.

A149. Engraving from Valentine's 'Twelve Keys' in the Musaeum hermeticum, Frankfurt 1678.
A150. Emblem 2 from Barchusen, Elementa chemiae, Leiden, 1718. A151. Reisch, Margarita Philosophica, Freiburg 1504. A152. From titlepage of J.B. Van Helmont Opera Omnia, Franckfurt, 1682.

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