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Gallery Twenty
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A153. Engraving from Robert Fludd, Summum bonum, Frankfurt 1629.

A154. Engraving from later edition of Flamel in Jean Maugin de Richenbourg, Bibliotheque des philosophes chimiques, Paris, 1741.

A155. Engraved title page from Michael Maier, Viatorium, hoc est, de montibus planetarum septem seu metallorum, Rouen, 1651.

A156. Engraving, 19th Century.

A157. Frontispiece engraving from Johann Michael Faust Philalethes Illustratus Frankfurt, 1706.

A158. Woodcut from Ramon Lull, Liber de ascensu et descensu intellectus, Valencia, 1512.

A159. Engraving from Christian Friedrich Sendimir von Siebenstern Chymischer Monden-schein, Frankfurt, 1739.

A160. Engraving from De Hooghe, Hieroglyphica oder Denkbilder der alten Völker, Amsterdam, 1744.

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