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Gallery Twenty One
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A161.Redrawn version of George Ripley's tomb.

A162.Titlepage engraving from Schweighardt Speculum sophicum Rhodostauroticum, 1618.

A163.Engraved titlepage from Johann Joachim Becher, Natur-Kündigung der Metallen, Frankfurt, 1661.

A164.Engraving from Nicolas Le Fèvre, Chymischer Handleiter, und guldnes Kleinod, Nurnberg, 1676.

A165. J. De Vries, Fourneau, 16th Century.

A166. Woodcut from Philip Ulstad, Coelum Philosophorum, Strassburg, 1526.

A167. Engraving from Hermogenes, Des aufrichtigen Hermogenes Apocalypsis, Leipzig, 1739.

A168. Engraving from Johann Joachim Becher, Opuscula chymica rariora, Nurnberg, 1719

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