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Gallery Twenty Four
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A185. Title page engraving from Christoph Glasser, Chimischer Wegweiser, 1710.

A186.Frontispiece engraving from J.J . Becher, Tripus hermeticus fatidicus, 1689.

A187.Woodcut from Johann Sternhals, Ritter-Krieg... Hamburg 1580.

A188.Part of engraved titlepage from Johann Rhenanus, Solis e puteo emergentis, Frankfurt, 1613

A189. Enraving from Johann Christoph von Ettner Des getreuen Eckharts Entlauffener Chymicus, Augsburg, 1697.

A190.Woodcut from Hortus Sanitatis, Strasbourg c. 1497.

A191.Engraved frontispiece from Giambattista della Porta, Magiae naturalis libri vigenti, Leiden 1644.

A192.Engraving from Maier Septimana philosophica, Franckfurt, 1620.

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