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Gallery Thirty
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A233. Frontispiece engraving from Johann Heinrich Cohausen Lumen Novum Phosphoris Accensum Amsterdam 1717.

A234. Frontispiece engraving from Johann Heinrich Cohausen Helmontius ecstaticus Amsterdam, 1731.

A235. Engraving from Giambattista della Porta Magia Naturalis Nuremberg, 1680.

A236. Engraving from Glauber Furni novi philosophici Amsterdam, 1651.

A237. Engraving from Felix Maurer Observationes Curioso-Physicae Frankfurt and Leipzig, 1713.

A238. Frontispiece engraving from Johannes Kunckel Observationes Chymicae London and Rotterdam, 1678.

A239. Woodcut from Philipp Ulstad Coelum philosophorum Lyon, 1553.

A240. Woodcut from Vannoccio Biringuccio Pirotechnia Venice, 1540.

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