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Gallery Thirty Two
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A249. Engraving from J.J. Becher Actorum laboratorii chymici Monacensis Frankfurt, 1669.

A250. Illustration from August Strindberg Inferno Berlin 1898

A251*. Woodcut from Ashmole Theatrum Chemicum Britaanicum, London, 1652.


A253. Woodcut title page from Biringuccio De la Pirotechnia, 1540.

A254. Engraving from Dorn, Gerhardt Aurora, Basel, 1577.

A255*. From Athanasius Kircher Mundus Subterraneus, Amsterdam, 1665.

A256*. Unknown original included in Albert Poisson Theories et Symboles de Alchimistes, Paris, 1891.

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