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Images of alchemical apparatus

Illustrations of Alexandrian chemical apparatus, from a 10/11th century manuscript in St Mark's, Venice. These drawings were first published by the French chemist M. Berthelot in his Introduction a l'etude de Ia chimie des anciens et du moyen age, Paris, 1889.

1. Alembic with two delivery tubes (dibikos) on a furnace.
2. Alembic on furnace vessels for fixation.
3. Alembic, on furnace, with receiver.
4. Vessel for fixation, on furnace.
5. Dibikos with two receivers.
6. Tribikos on furnace, with two receivers.
7. Copper distillation apparatus and receiver: no still-head.
8. Tribikos.
9. Distilling furnace. The distillate falls into a heated cauldron.
10. Still-head.
11. Cylindrical digestion vessels of earthenware, heated.
12. Kerotakis apparatus (heated palette).
13. Ash-bath on tripod.
14. Container for the substance to be treated.
15. Kerotakis.
16. Condensation vessel for the sublimate.
17. Kerotakis apparatus.
18. Kerotakis apparatus.
19. Palette with two containers for substances.
20. Kerotakis (heated palette).
21. Kerotakis apparatus.
22. Condensers for sublimation.
23. Kerotakis apparatus.

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