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Music from 'Atalanta fugiens' emblem 13

Michael Maier's alchemical emblem book Atalanta fugiens was first published in Latin in 1617. It was a most amazing book as it incorporated 50 emblems with a motto, an epigram and a discourse, but extended the concept of an emblem book by incorporating 50 pieces of music the 'fugues' or canons. In this sense it was an early example of multimedia.

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Atalanta Fugiens

Emblem 13

The ore of the philosophers is dropsical and wants to be washed seven times in the river, just as Naaman, the leper, washed in the Jordan.

Epigram 13

The sick ore of the Wise is entirely swollen by dropsy,
And therefore it yearns for the benefiting waters.
Just as Naaman expelled the traces of leprosy in the Jordan,
It is washed by its waters three and four times:
So throw your body into the sweet water
And soon that will bring the strength of health in cases of disease.

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