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Atalanta fugiens animation

I have now turned the amazing Atalanta fugiens into an multimedia animated sequence, which only runs under the Windows 95, 98 and NT operating systems. It will not work on a Macintosh.
In making this animation I have scanned in my hand coloured versions of the fifty pictures that make up the Atalanta fugiens series. I believe this hand colouring makes these images even more accessible, and I have tried to use a consistent colouring scheme to emphasise the various elements of the symbolic sequence. Each image is shown in sequence while the music associated with that image plays for 30 seconds. Thus the complete work runs for 25 minutes and shows the 50 emblems. The music I have programmed on a high quality Yamaha SY77 synthesiser and I have individually instrumented each fugue in an individual manner to add different tonal textures and nuances. The sound is recorded in CD quality for the CD-Rom, and uses some effects processing to enhance the stereo effect. (The sound on the sample is in a slightly lower quality in order not to create too large a file for downloading.)
I have placed the first fugue with its associated music into the sample file for download. It is 3.5 megabtyes in size when unzipped. The complete animation is nearly 300 megabytes. It now be available on a CD-Rom sold through the alchemy web bookshop.

Download the sample animation of Atalanta fugiens
2.7 megs in zip format - only for Windows 95, 98 and NT

Buy the animation of Atalanta fugiens