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Ashmole's account of Tincture found at Bath Abbey

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In MS. Ashmole 972, folio 311v, Elias Ashmole describes the finding of a tincture in Bath Abbey. This tincture belonged to the last Prior of Bath Abbey, William Holleweye, or Gibbs, who had received it through an intermediary from George Ripley. Prior Giibs had hidden it in a wall of the Abbey during the time it was suppressed, but on returning a few days later could not find it again. This Prior passed on his secret to Thomas Charnock.

Shortly after the dissolucon of Bath Abbey, upon the pulling downe some of the Walls, there was a Glasse fond in a Wall full of Red Tincture, which being flung away to a dunghill, forthwith it coloured it, exceeding red. This dunghill (or Rubish) was after fetched away by Boate by Bathwicke men, and layd in Bathwicke field, and in the places where it was spread, for a long tyme after, the Corne grew wonderfully ranke, thick and high: insomuch as it was there look'd upon as a wonder. This Belcher and Foster (2 Shoomakers of Bath, who dyed about 20 yeares since) can very well remember; as also one called Old Anthony, a Butcher who dyed about 12 yeares since.
This Relacon I recd: from Mr. Rich: Wakeman Towne Clearke of Bath; (who hath often heerd the said Old Anthony tell this story) in Michaelmas Tearme 1651.