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Emblems and Alchemy Colloquium

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Glasgow Emblem Studies

Emblems and Alchemy Colloquium

A small colloquium on Emblems and Alchemy, organised in association with the Society for Emblem Studies, will be held in the University of Glasgow on 24 June 1998. Glasgow University Library possesses both the Stirling Maxwell Collection of Emblem Books and the Ferguson Collection of alchemical literature, and the University of Strathclyde (also in Glasgow) also has an important alchemical collection. Participants would have the opportunity of consulting these rich resources.

09.15 Registration

09.30 Jeffrey Raff (Independent Scholar), 'The Psychological Interpretation of Alchemical Emblems'
10.00 M.E. Warlick (University of Denver), 'The Domestic Alchemist: Women as Housewives in Alchemical Emblems'
10.30 Patrick Riviere (Independent Scholar) 'Les Allegories dans les ouvrages hermetiques': Les Noces Chymiques de Christian Rosenkreutz, et Le Traite de l'Azoth de Basile Valentin'


11.20 Ilana Zinguer (University of Haifa), 'Le frontispice emblematique du Tableau des Riches Inventions de Beroalde de Verville (1610)'
11.50 Susan Sirc (University of Glasgow), 'Goethe and the alchemical emblem'


14.00 Stanton J. Linden (Washington State University), 'The Ripley Scrolls and the Compound of Alchemy'
14.30 Lyndy Abraham (University of New South Wales), 'Edward Kelly's Hieroglyph'
15.00 Stephen Clucas, (Birkbeck College, London) 'Non est legendum, sed inspicendum solum: inspectival knowledge and the visual components of John Dee's Liber Mysteriorium'


15.50 Peggy Simonds (Emeritus, Montgomery College), '"A spirit all compact of Fire": The Alchemical Conjunctio in Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis'
16.20 Paul Cheshire (Bath), Milton's Use of Lunar Imagery in Paradise Lost'

Colleagues interested in attending should write to the organisers for further information:

Alison Adams
Department of French
University of Glasgow
Glasgow G12 8QQ
Fax: (44) 141 330 4234 E-mail:

Registration fee: 10 to cover administrative costs
Unfortunately there is no funding available from the University, but advice will be given about reasonably priced accommodation.

Library Facilities
Those attending are welcome to arrive early or stay on after the colloquium to use the unrivalled collections in the University's Special Collections Department. Enquiries should be addressed to David Weston, Keeper of Special Collections (E-mail: