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The Elissa group is a non-demoninational and non-sectarian research group devoted to western traditions, and the exploration of all arguments and point of view related to them.. The papers produced during this project can be found in the Elissa collections of books (at the moment comprising 5 items) edited by Editrice Miriamica, a publisher devoted to western esoteric publications.
Elissa group was created by the meeting of various exponents of traditional and initiatic orders, free researchers and scholars. The works are directed by Paolo Aldo Rossi (Headmaster of the department of Storia del pensiero scientifico, Università di Genova, Italy).
In 1997 our group has found an as yet unpublished parchment bearing the trace of a very important historical episode dating from 1452.
The parchment contains the absolution of the whole town of Montemonaco (near the Sybilla mountains, Ascoli Piceno, in an italian region called Marche) from the count of indictment of heresy for alchemical and magical activity. People of Montemonaco gave shelter and covered a group of alchemists coming from Spain and Naples during their activities in the magical and traditional region of the Sybilla mountain. The alchemists escaped to the secular arm with the collaboration of the people. In that document the inquisitor absolved the people of Montemonaco for the general silence and collaboration between the people, the nobles and the elders of the town.
The parchment has been the subject of a book Sulle tracce della Sibilla : un documento del XV sec., translated by Mons. Ghilarducci (headmaster of the Archivio Arcivescovile of Lucca -IT) with a preface of Paolo Aldo Rossi, Ed. Miriamica.
This historical episode will be the starting point for a international congress in Montemonaco, about the investigation on the diffusion of alchemy and nature's science in the southern Italy and the role of the marchigian lands (the native land of heretic and hermetist Cecco D'Ascoli ) in the cultural and scientific knowledge in the XVth century, in relation with the mythical, literary, architectural, and folkloric magical traditions of the "Sybilla appenninica". A preliminary part will be devoted to a short description of the culture and the esoteric milieu in Spain and in the Neapolitan kingdom in the XV th. Century.

The following scholars are working with the Elissa group on the congress :
Dr. Marcus Engelhardt (department of musicology of Istituto Storico Germanico di Roma)
Dr. Detlev Kraak (Università di Berlino)
Dr. Mauro Ristori (Università di Firenze)
Prof.ssa Ida Li Vigni (università di Genova - Storia del pensiero scientifico)
Prof. Feruccio Bertini (Università di Genova - Cattedra di letteratura Latina)
Prof.ssa Margherita Rubino (Cattedra di Teatro e Drammaturgia dell'antichità.)
ECOLE FRANCAISE DE ROME : Dir. Dr. André Vauchez

We are waiting the confirmation of others scholars and, very soon, we will be able to provide the definitive and detailed program, with the titles of all the papers.
The convention is sponsored by :

Ente Parco Nazionale Monti Sibillini
Comunità montana Monti Sibillini
Regione Marche
Provincia di Ascoli Piceno
Comune di Ascoli Piceno
Comune di Montemonaco.

The congress will begin on November 6th, and any information is available on our web site