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Lili Kolisko Quarter-Centenary Conference -- Preliminary Announcement & Call For Papers

A group of people including members of both the Science Group of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain Science and the Section of the School of Spiritual Science are planning a weekend conference in November 2001 to commemorate the work of Lili Kolisko who died on 20th November 1976.

Likely dates are 23-25 November 2001 and the venue will probably be Stroud Centre for Science & Art. The aim will be to have oral presentations, an exhibition of work, a visit to Kolisko Farm, a demonstration of capillary dynamolysis and opportunities for discussion. This conference comes at a time when there is a growing interest in picture-forming qualitative methods. Indeed, their application in food quality assessment was featured in a presentation of Ursula Balzer-Graf's work to the Soil Association conference, Cirencester in 2000. The organisers would welcome contributions to the content and funding of this conference. Please direct all communications regarding the conference to

Richard Swann,
Orchard Leigh Camphill Community,
Bath Road,
GL10 3AY.

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