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Contemporary artists influenced by alchemy

Eleonore Weil. Artist working in Spain, inflienced by alchemical imagery which she incorporates into many of her paintings.

John Eberly. Writer, painter, musician influenced by alchemy

Michael Dan Archer - British sculptor interested in and influenced by alchemy

Sieben Magische Blaetter. Seven etchings by Peter Proksch containing alchemical/magical symbols.

Eleonore Weil - Produces etchings influenced by alchemical ideas

Adam McLean - Creates paintings based on alchemical manuscripts

Vincenzo Marano - Italian artist produces series of paintings based on the Atalanta fugiens

Art and Alchemy of Mark Maxwell

Ann McCoy - Artist influenced by alchemy

Vasily Kafanov - Paintings influenced by alchemy

Rick Grimes - Paintings

Ruary James Allan - Dreams, Myths and Inner Landscapes

Heretical Diagrams - A suite of 20 prints by Ian Howard

Alchemical artwork of Paul LeBlanc

Carousel/Alchemy - Kurt Godwin

The Cosmic Christ: a Christian Mandala - series of paintings by Robert Ellaby

Images based on alchemical apparatus - Todd Bartel

Janet Laurence [Australian artist influenced in some of her works by alchemical symbolism and manuscripts. In her multi-panelled piece Periodic table works she illustrates the mystery and flux of alchemical processes.]

Natalia Gerasimenko - Ukrainian artist

Jan Svankmajer - Alchemist of the Surreal

Alchemical imagery

Graphic signs for
substances and processes

Images of alchemical apparatus, from Greek, Arabic and European sources.
Alchemical emblematic
imagery from books and

Paintings on alchemical themes

Other material:
Enochian, Rosicrucian or Elemental Chess
Alchemical music [from Atalanta fugiens