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The King's Library, Copenhagen

This is a list of 183 hermetic manuscripts in the King's Library, Copenhagen. This was compiled by scanning through the 19th century handwritten catalogue, which I had access to in a microfilm resource. The descriptions are inadequate in places but do give us a sense of the importance of this much neglected hermetic collection. There are a number of items in English. I would welcome any further information on items from this collection - Adam McLean.
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MS. 236.
15th Century. 166+ folios. Paper.
1. f1-29 Geber, Summa perfectionis Magisterii in IV libros divisa.
2. f29-38 Archelai summa s. expositio totius Alchymia.
3. f38-53 Archelai mappa, subjuncto indice capitulum.
4. f54-56 Joh. de Rupescissa Monachi liber lucis magisterii magni, editus anno 1354 et compilatus per Waltherum Walbreuere anno 1428.
5. f57-82 Raymundi Lullii Vade mecum s. Clausula Testamenti, scriptum et collectum per manus Walth. Walbreuere 1429, subjunctis variis excertis parvi momenti.
6. f84-85 Tabula diagramma mensurarum et ponderum cum gradu totius processus in opere diagrammate contenti.
7. f86-90 Arnaldi Rosarium [partly in Latin, partly in German, with some excerpts following.]
8. f90-93 Hali Liber chymicus [incomplete.]
9. f93-98 Morienus. Liber.
10. f98-108 Investigatio magisterii Geberi cum Summa perfectionis magisterii [with a prologue.]
11. f108-118 Archelai de solutionibus libri duo.
12. f119-127 De serico, lino, lana et corio tingendo varia [partly in Latin, partly in German.]
13. f127-129 St Thomas Aquinas. De essentiis essentiarum [excerpts.]
14. f129-130 [Various experiments with minerals, metals and colours.]
15. f131-144 [Unidentified work on alchemy.]
16. f145-154 [Unidentified work on alchemy.]
17. f155-165 Albertus Magnus. Semita directa [recta].
18. f166- Albertus Magnus Secreus Secretorum [with marginal annotations.]

MS. 237.
15th Century. Paper.
1. f1-12 [Treatise on various matters relating to metals and minerals, on f8v of which is a note with a question concerning the nature of the sun and moon, which is printed in the Theatrum Chemicum Vol V. p795.]
2. f13 De putrefactione et corruptione quaedam.
3. f14-18 Liber proportionum elementorum [with index].
4. f18-21 Ortulanus dictus Marlinus super expositionem Thelisini Hermetis.
5. f21-24 Quaedam super principium libri Geberi de investigatione veritatis et conditionibus essentialibus Tincturae, cum Excerptis ex libro ejusdem de perfecto Magisterio.
6. f24v-29 Aurea massa [in verse.]
7. f29-37 Thesaurus Philosophia.
8. f37 [Alchemical verse.]
9. f41-43 Formulae vel compositiones quaedam Germ.
10. f44-75 Aurora Glossa Thesauraria [in which are many lacunae. A note on f55 indicates that this was printed in Artis Auriferae Vol. I, f119.]

MS. 238.
15th Century. Paper. Folio.
Buch der heiligen Dreyvaltigkeit [Dreifaltigkeit]. [In German.]
[With various illustrations. Book I f38 has the date '1415', while the end of book IIl, f56, has '1416' and on f68v is '1417'.]

MS. 239.
Paper. Folio.
[Fragment of an alchemical-medical work in German. In the margin of the first folio is "Albumasar antiqui medicorum Evangelistam vocabant".]

MS. 240.
Folio. Gubelem
1. Isaac Holland. Opus Mineralium [in English, subtitled "The Book of the Condytions or qualytyes of the physycall stone". With other philosophical sayings and alchemical excerpts, by B. Penoti a Portu Aquitani.]
2. Raymund Lully. Apertorium [in English, with subtitle "a prescious water of this arte of Alkemy".]
3. Raymund Lully. Ars intellective cum praxis [in English by 'Th. Newton 1567'.]
4. Rosarius [in two parts.]
5. The Great Rosary.
6. Stella complextionis perfecti magisterii vel investigationis lapidis per Joh. Gübelem 1384.
7. Water of Everlasting Lyffe.
8. The questions and demandes of the archiebischop of Raeinaes, with the Answers of Guyllam de Cenes [with date '1216' at the end.]
9. [Unidentified alchemical treatise.]
[This MS. is inscribed in various places 'Liber Christophori Thaylour' (Taylor)].

MS. 241.
16th Century. Folio.
Liber Isaaci Flandri [Hollandi] de mineralibus et metallorum metamorphosi. [In German. With '1567' at end.]

MS. 242.
16th Century [1579.] Folio.
1. Opus Isaaci Hollandi Vegetabilium [in English.]
2. Septem conditiones hujus materiae.
3. A Correctory made by Richard the Englishe Man.
4. Carmen Edvardi Kelle militis [In English. Edward Kelly.]
5. [Various extracts on the changing of the elements.
6. Trytys of Hermes called ars.
[Written at the beginning of the volume is "Liber Christophori Taylour (Taylor).]

MS. 243.
[Work of Basil Valentine in German.]

MS. 244.
16th Century. Folio.
Guldein Theophrastus Paracelsus. Das Güldein Fliesz. [See Sudhoff, No. 77.]

MS. 245.
17th Century [1601.] Folio.
1. Tractatus de vitriolo.
2. A Discourse of Antymony, wrytten by Mr John Tychborn of London Anno Domini 1560.
3. [Work in German by Alberti de Brydewell, incomplete at end.]

MS. 246.
Paper. Folio.
1. A Discours of the quint-essentz of Lune, out of a Boke written by John Tychborn.
2. Elixir du Mr. Violet [in Latin, from papers of Sr Edward Kelly, 1599.]
3. De scientia occulta [In Italian, from papers of Sir Edward Kelly.]
4. [A translation of the previous item into Englsh.]

MS. 247.
Apotelesmata the Phylosophical efforts of Mercury in his triumphe by Arioponus Tephalus of Eutopia ad Rudolphum Secundum Romanorum Imperator.

MS. 248.
1. [Alchemical work in English, though called "Scotica".]
2. Opus Veneris.
3. [Anonymous letters on the philosophers' Stone, in Latin.]

MS. 249.
Ars Magna et sacra, quam vocant Psammurgicen. Mysticen, et Chrysodoram, a Solomone Trismosino et Theophrasto ejus discipulo in lucem producta.

MS. 250.
1. Opus animadversionum ad Henr. Khunrath Amphitheatrum [Partly in Swedish partly in Latin.]
2. Theophastus Paracelsus, decimum librum Archidoxon. [Sudhoff, 65.]

MS. 251.
1. [Anonymous collection of alchemical and chemical formulae, recipes and experiments, in German, with an index.]
2. [Collection of alchemical excerpts in Latin, by a more recent hand.]

MS. 252.
357 folios.
1. Alchymistisch Kunst-Buch [The greater part in German, but with some parts in Latin. It contains alchemical and chemical formulae, recipes and experiments, collected from various authors. With an index.]
2. [Collection of various experiments in a variety of hands.]

MS. 253.
1. De metallis et compositione lapidis philosophici [in German.]
2. p217 Elixyr [in German.]
3. p241 Lapide philosophico [in German.]

MS. 254.
[Various processes on the Philosophical Stone, communicated to the Count of Hanau. Partly in Latin and partly in German, with an index.]

MS. 255.
1. Conciliarius naturae et artis [in German.]
2. [Work in German about seeking various tinctures.]

MS. 256.
Autoris miraculi mundi explicatio ejusdem [in German. Concerning the quest of the transmutation of metals.]

MS. 257.
[Treatise on Mercury, in German. The beginning is missing.]

MS. 258.
Luttichau Commercium Epistolicum Habrectianum.
1. Epistolae variorum Autographae ad Isacum Habrectum maxime de rebus as Alchymiam pertinentibus, ordine alphabetico.
2. Epistolae, quarum una Pantaleonis Kelleri ad Joh. Reinhartum Comitum de Hanau.
3. Epistola, Caspari Horn ad Jo. Henr. de Lüttichau 1626.
4. Epistola, Joachim Friderici Marchionis Brandenburgici ad Carol. Seniorem Comitem Mansfeldensem.

MS. 259.
1. Oeconomia [in German.]
2. [Alchemical-cabalistic work. In Latin?]
3. Theophrastus Paracelus, Tractatus de septem sigillis planetarum. [See Sudhoff No. 129.]

MS. 260.
[Mr. Hensaw's discourse on Nitre, in German.]

MS. 1689.
597 pages. Quarto.
[Collection of alchemical writings, partly in Latin partly in German, in the hand of Isaac Habrecht 1606 to 1609.]

MS. 1690.
[Collection of alchemical writings for the greatest part in the hand of Isaac Habrecht, but in some other hands.]

MS. 1712.
15th Century. Paper. Quarto.
[Alchemical miscellany Vol 1.]
1. f1-4 Opus subtilissimum lapidis Benedicti.
2. f5-111 Johannes de Rupescissa. De quinta essentia.
3. f111-151 Johannes de Rupesciss. Liber lucis magisterii.
4. f157-164 Tractatus de praeparatione salium.
5. f165-177 Liber Apollo Dei, de effectu planetarum.

MS. 1713.
15th Century. Paper. Quarto.
[Alchemical miscellany Vol 2.]
1. Epistola Arnoldi de Villa Nova ad magist. Jac. de Toledo de sanguine humano.
2. [Arnold de Villa Nova] Liber secretorum de virtutibus aquarum simplicium et compositarum ad curationem s. Salvationem omnium morborum.
3. Aurum potabile naturalissimum.
4. Ars Raymundii Lullii de aquis pretiosissimis.
5. Effectus aquae vita philosophorum lapidis s. quintae essentiae.

MS. 1714.
15th Century. Paper. Quarto.
[Alchemical miscellany Vol 3.]
1. Rosarius minor.
2. Ortulanus [on Hermes.]
3. [Unidentified treatise with the beginning missing, but with 27 paragraphs remaining.]

MS. 1715.
[Alchemical miscellany Vol 4.]
1. Lilium (Benedictium) inter spinas exerat in studio Heidelbergensi 1518 per Fr. Heckium artium magistrum et sacrorum canonum licentiatum.
2. [A summary of the previous work.]
3. [Treatise in German.]
4. Semita veritatis et virtutis.
5. Declaratio in arte alchemica [in German.]
6. Liber octo capitulorum, Avicenna. [Called 'Liber Semita', but actually by Arnold of Villa Nova.]
7. Alchymia Rasis Abubecker.
8. Secretum Orfulsci.
9. Gratianus Philosophus, qui dicitur fuisse Papa.
10. Arnold de Villa Nova. Epistola ad Pontif. quendam.
11. Geber. Liber de investigatione veritatis.
12. Testamentum Geberi Regis Tarsis et magni Philosophi.
13. [Alchemical processes of various philosophers. With various chemical-alchemical experiments.]

MS. 1716.
[Nurnberg. Alchemical miscellany Vol 5.]
1. Metra artis physicae pulchra.
2. Joh. Azoth. [A collection from many sources, concerning the diverse processes of the philosophers.]
3. Aqua Mercurii [in German.]
4. [Treatise in German by Georg Aichler of Nürnberg.]
5. ['Practica' collected from all the books of alchemy.]
6. Tractatus tertius de diversis processibus Philosophorum super Mercurium corporis Joh. Azothis et Arnoldi de Villa Nova.
7. Tractatus Philosophorum de lapide Arnoldi et de plana expositione aque vitae Philosophorum [with 'prooemio.]

MS. 1717.
16th Century. Paper.
[Alchemical miscellany Vol 6.]
1. Rosarius per Joh. Anglicum [possibly by Arnold de Villa Nova.]
2. Abbreviarium fratris Eliae Ordinis fratr. Min. cum opere Magistri Raymi Alemanni.
3. Elixir vitae Hermetis, cum coronae aurea Hermetis.
4. Tractatus super compendio St. Thomae de Aquino datus Rainolii socio suo, declarans modum, quem tenere debet volens laborare in alchymiam.
5. Tractatus et Practica majoris Operis, editus a Joh. de Sayae.
6. Clavicula Raymundi Lullii cum declaratorio [with figures.]
7. Tractatus de secretis Naturae Magistri Antonii.
8. Practica Bonifacii Papae, de aquis corrosivis.
9. Liber Phoenix in declaratione libri Turbae Philosophorum Arnoldi de Villa Nova. [Together with his 'Rosa Novella'.]
10. Liber de magni Lapidis compositione et operatione, et varia experimenta chymica.

MS. 1718.
16th Century.
[Alchemical miscellany Vol 7.]
1. Compendium trinum Joh. Anglici in indagatione Trinitatis.
2. Tabula majoris Scientia secundum philosophos [With figures.]
3. [Work of practical alchemy, based on a text 'Librum Mireris'.]
4. Liber magistri Joh. de Brema per Roger Baconem eius discipulum.
5. St Thomas Aquinas [Commentary on 'Librum turba philosophorum de secretis naturae et lapide philosophorum'.]
6. Maria Prophetissa. Epistola.
7. Liber Stephani Medici.
8. Tractatus Doctoris subtilis [R. Lull] ar Regem Angliae.
9. Epistola missa Regi Alexandro per Aristotelem.
10. Menelai [also called Melayski]. Tractatus difficilis. Corporis physici de arte ignota.

MS. 1719.
16th Century [1582-83.]
Merkwurdige [Alchemical miscellany Vol 8.]
1. f1-29 Der kleine Rosarius.
2. f30-40 [Unidentified work on the Philosophers' Stone.]
3. f40-57 Practica magistri Arnoldi de Nova Villa, ex libri Alchymiae Brevecino.
4. f58-96 Raymundi Lullii. Kunst und Lehre zu machen den Stein und Medicin der Philosophie.
5. f97-115 Meisterschaft und Lehre Arnoldi de Villa Nova.
6. f116-187 Graf. Bernh. zu Ternis Neugensen. Buch von Vorenderung der Metallen ad D. Thom. de Bonia [Bononia].
7. f188-203 Roger Bacon. Buchlein von der Alchymy: Spiegel der Alchymey.
8. f203-215 Antwort des Bernhard von Tryer uf des Konigs von Franchreichs Doctoris Epistel.
9. f215-218 Merkwürdige Auszuge aus dem Testament Geberi.
10. f219-220 Die Smaragdinische Tafel von der Alchymy des Hermetis Trismegisti.
11. [Commentary of Hortulanus on the Emerald Tablet of Hermes, in German.]]

MS. 1720.
16th Century.
[Alchemical miscellany Vol 9.]
1. f1-47 Roger Bacon. Tractatus de compositione lapidis philosophici.
2. f48-53 Roger Bacon. De Oleo vitrioli secretum.
3. f54-62 [German verse on the philosophers' stone.]
4. f62-71 Johannes Trithemius. Tractat von der undere Astronomy das ist von der Alchymey.
5. f72-76 Tractatus de occulto lapide vera medicina, de vitriolo [Written above is "Thiele Ziegler Amtmann zu Konigstein".]
6. f78-85 Theophrastus Paracelsus. Buch von den Sachpfeiffen. [See Sudhoff No. 80.]
7. f86- Isaac Hollandus. Tractatus de Tritico.

MS. 1721.
Underrattelse Bergmaster Svariges [Alchemical miscellany Vol 10.]
1. Olaus Borrichius. Elementa Chymia.
2. Olaus Borrichius. Metallische Probier-Kunst.
3. Summariske Underrättelse om lapide philosophorum [in Swedish.]
4. Bergmäster Jona Snacks oforgrypelige Tanker om Sväriges Rykes Bergwerck og Mynt pro 1688.
5. p5-16 Thomas Aquinas. Tractatus von lapide philosoph. [and another treatise in German.]
6. p17-36 Alexander von Suchten. Liber de secretis antimonii.
7. p37-52 Anonymi Disputation zwischen dem Philosoph Stein und dem Golde samt dem Mercurio.
8. p53-145 Practica Abbatis Rudolphi Truth [with extracts from alchemical authors. In German.]
9. p146-189 Abbatis Trithemii ertz wahrhaftig Alchymistisch Buch.
10. p190-277 Hermes Trismegistus. Letztes Testamenti ausgelegt durch Rabbi Joshiel aus Arabien.
11. p280-367 [Various alchemical verses and extracts from a number of authors. Incomplete at end.]

MS. 1722.
Crugeri guldenen [Alchemical miscellany Vol 11.]
1. Handgriff F. R. Basilii cum Collectaneis Crügeri.
2. M. Magni Jacobi Antonii de Gromis, Secreta [Translated from Italian into Latin. With some material collected by Moser.]
3. ['Secreta' purportedly from a MS. of Trismosin to Theophastus.]
4. [Work of Michael Toxites, partly in Latin, partly in German. With figures.]
5. Roger Bacon. Tractatus von der verborgner Kraft des Rebis oder des güldenen Steins.
6. Guidonis de Monte. Secreta medicinarum Iatro-chymica, necnon tincturarum, et lapidis philosophici triplicis magnalia [in German.]
7. Anonymi Spagyrica consideratio in lapidem philosophorum [in Latin.]
[This manuscript bears the name 'Isaac Habrecht'. Damaged at end.]

MS. 1723.
[Alchemical miscellany Vol 12.]
1. p1-14 Processus Raimundi Lullii, Abbati Anglico communicatus, in monasterio Anglico repertus.]
2. Raymund Lull. Tractatus de investigatione Secreti occulti ad Coelestinum discipulum, quem edidit Anoniae in Coenobio Fratr. praedicat 1319, sive Compendium operis majoris.
3. George Ripley. Epistola totam arten complectens. Pragae ex libro Johannis Carpionis de Kaprstein 1618.
4. Alphidius. Liber, dictus domus thesaurorum.
5. Dicta Hermetis et Ortolphi Philosophorum.
6. Hermetis Regis Graecorum dicta.

MS. 1724.
[Alchemical miscellany Vol 13.]
1. Structura furni Philosophici Rouelaschi [in Latin and Danish.]
2. Regula octo Philosophico, opus aggredienti, observandae.
3. Auslegung etlicher Namen der Kunst.
4. Die Planetem, darunter gut oder bös ihren Fruer werken.
5. Symonyma Philosophorum.
6. Practica operis magni Philippi a Rouilasco Pedemontani.
7. Compendium artis secreta Johannis Titiniensis [with other alchemical processes gathered from various authors. In German.]
8. Roger Bacon. Tractatus de lapidis philosophici compositione [in German.]
9. Roger Bacon. Tractatus de oleo stibii [or] antimonii [in German, with marginal annotations in Latin.]
10. Roger Bacon. De vitriolo [together with a treatise 'de secretissimis naturae mysteriis supra coelestibus'.]
11. Colloquium Spiritus mercurii et monachi [in German.]
12. Das höchste Geheimniss des Steins der Weisen, nach den Proces und Meinung Theophrasti Paracelsi.
13. [Collection of chemical and alchemical processes, in German? For the most part written by Georgius Brockenhuus, in 1601.

MS. 1725.
[Alchemical miscellany Vol 14. All in the same hand.]
1. Hortulanus.
2. Dialogus in alchymiam.
3. Prologus supe Bachan.
4. Quaestiones et responsiones super totum opus philosophicum.
5. Tractatus Engelberti de Marca, Praesul Congris, quem Theodoricus de Scher, Canonicus ibidem, vocat matrem divitiarum, alias dictus vera via universalis [in Latin verse.]
6. [Alchemical treatise composed by an unknown author in 1325.] Quod quinta essentia quae nominibus lapidis appellatur, atque in animalibus, et vegetabilibus ac in mineralibus reperiatur.
7. Testamentum Arnoldi de Villa Nova [with a commentary.]
8. Tractatus de auro potabili secundum Johannem Ebemesne, quem Mag. Bartholomeus Thetzmensis, Medicus Ducis Austriae Leopoldi tertii, transportavit in juventate sua a civitate Damasci. [Followed by a work concerning the 'quinta essentia'.]
9. Tractatus Altemari, alias Alte vel Aldemari, Canonici Caturcensis, super librum perfecti Magisterii Geberi.
10. Tractatus de metallis et mineris.
11. Epistola Salomonis Philosophi ad Sapphirum juvenem.
12. Ars scilicet doctrina Hermetis de transmutatione metallorum.
13. Capitulum de magno albationis regimine et rubrificationis et operum divisione,
scilicet, Tractatus pulcher de lapide philosophorum.

MS. 1726.
[Alchemical miscellany Vol 15.]
1. Tractatus anonymi de serpente aquarum.
2. Tractatus de aqua vitae philosophorum pro amnibus agritudinibus cujus libet corporis imperfecti.
3. Epistola Joh. Pastini ad Dom. Stapilton Cardinalem.
4. Opus combinationis naturae, naturaliter operantis.
5. Tractatus de animalibus et vegetabilibus.
6. Modus faciendi Elixir mineralium, vegetabilium et animalium.
7. [Unidentified treatise.]

MS. 1727.
[Alchemical miscellany Vol 16.]
1. f1-8 Annotationes et practice Raymundi [in English. Habrecht notes 'Auriga Benedictus Spagyicus Figuli'.]
2. f9-40 Breviarium Naturalis Philosophiae Thomae Harryson [or Charnock]. [In English.]
3. f41-53 XXX questions essential demanded by the Archbishop of Rheims of the M. Guillyam, item Questions accidental.
4. f53-62 Certayne notable Instructions writen by right special God.
5. f62v-67 [Two alchemical verses in English.]
6. f68-77 The parable of two Philosophers, drawne out of an Olde Boke.
7. f77-86 Artium alchymiae.
8. f86-93 Liber Philosophorum [in English.]
9. f96-100 Gemma salutaris.
10. f101-118 Opera Aristotelis cum erroribus hujus operis et aliis quibusdame de lapide philosophorum.
11. f118-128 Liber Multipharie, or, a compendious abstracte of alchamie.
12. f128-131 Visio Johannes Dastyn [Dastin.]
13. f132- [Various alchemical excerpts.]
[This manuscript belonged to Christopher Taylor and later to Isaac Habrecht.]

MS. 1728.
[Alchemical miscellany Vol 17.]
1. Auriga Benedictus per Figulum, oder Beschreibung des lapidis philosophici aus Arabischer, Chaldaischer, Franzosischer, Lateinischer Sprache vertirt.
2. Scriptum mysteriale Cabbalisticum de visione Divino angelica super opus lapidis philosophici Francisci Crellii Noribergensis, Colonia ipsi facta, ex recensione propria autoris. [In German.]
3. Practica Michaelis Pecelii, civis zu Alten Stettin.
4. Zeugnis der alten Philosophie von lapide philosophorum.
5. Alchymistische Kunst, in qua prima Tuciae praeparatio.
6. [Various alchemical experiments in Latin.]
7. [Alchemical excerpts from various authors.]
8. Libellus de experimentis medicinae Chimicis probatissimis D. Mosani.
9. Sylloge Experimentorum ejusdem generis signata No. 3.
10. [Indexes.]

MS. 1729.
17th Century.
[Works in German, including 'Lapidis benedicti universalis Rogerii Bachonis'.]

MS. 1730.
16th Century.
Praeparationes Chymicae [in German.]

MS. 1731.
Tincturae. [Alchemical processes, in the form of excepts and compilations in various hands. Isaac Habrecht's name appears on the first page in a note that this work was sent from 'Guilielmo Cassono Anglo Eboracensi Chimico, anno 1608 Argentino.]

MS. 1732.
1. Secreta Philosophorum scilicet tractatus de naturali alchymia, dictus via veritatis.
2. Subtilis tractatus de lapide Philosophorum.
3. [An elucidation of the previous treatise.]
4. [Unidentified treatise] De praeparatione lapidis Philosophorum, quo omnes infirmitates corporis humani sanantur.
5. Praxis Clavei super lapidem Philosophorum.
6. J. W. La Cronauw. Libellus de secretissimo Philosophorum opere hermetico [Autograph.]
7. [Unidentified treatise on the Philosophers stone.]
8. En tydsk Tractat de lapide philosoph me adskillige Tilsaetninger og nogle Concepter derom til Slutning.
9. Kurzer waher Begrif aller Philosophen von dem uralten Stein der Weisen.
10. Practica des grossen Werks lapidis Philosophorum [with figures.]
11. Prima materia od Anfang des Werks von dem Philosophischen Stain.
12. Operationes ad Lunam [or] de lapide philosophorum albo.

MS. 1733.
1. Fortegelse over Alchymistiske Böger.
2. Testimonia doctorum. artem chymicam, esse Scientiam, probantia.
3. Callistenes Philosophus.
4. Tractatus Fratris Heliae.
5. Tractatus de Alchymia, 14 capitibus constans.
6. Opus philosophicum Bolemyr de Sigillis magicis septem planetarum.
7. Secrets Chymiques par Monsieur le Colonel P. de Bono.
8. Die Worte de Heimlichkeit Hermetis oder Tabula Smaragdi.
9. Vier alchymische Kunst-Stücke.
10. Hermetische Regulen und Observationes, ex impresso Marpurgi 1608.
11. Libellus anonymi de mercurio corporis, lunae et Solis [incomplete at end.]
12. [The same work as item 11 but in another hand, to which is added a philosophical work in German verse.]
13. Monsieur du Cayre, Consellier de Monsign le Duc de Savoye, ad Servatium Rorich [in German.]
14. Tractatus aureus in gratiam Aureliae aureae conscriptus [with verses 'de rosario philosophiae'.]
15. Anonymi tractatus de elementis cum variis adversarius.
16. Arcanum de tartaro.
17. De processu extractionis Mumiae spiritualis aus einem lebendigen Menschen.
18. Von den Tincturen.
19. Tinctura Jovis verissima.
20. Praeparatio spiritus metallici, cum quo corpora Solis et Lunae in essentiam tingentem reducuntur.
21. Discursus philosophicus de mercurio mystico.
22. Isabella Cortesa. Opera Camphorae und insonderheit die Beschriebung Dirici Des Abts zu Colonia.
23. Etiche Chymische Experimente.

MS. 1734.
Worter Bucheren [A collection of chemical and alchemical operations.]
Verstandt etlicher Theophrastischer Wörter in der Medicina der Bücheren von der Artzney.

MS. 1735.
[Defective collection of chemical and alchemical books, including 'Trifolium novellum Henrici Pragensis', and 'Magister artis Liber primus' or observations on distillation.]

MS. 1736.
Philosophia Hermetica ad tabulam Smaragdinam Trismegisti examinata.

MS. 1737.
15th Century. Paper. Quarto.
1. Geber, Summa perfectionis Magisterii Philosophorum Libri III [with figures].
2. [Another section compiled from and correcting this, and including an explantion of the figures.]

MS. 1738.
16th Century. Quarto.
Geber. De argento vivo necnon de Sulphure s. verius Excerpta de his argumentis, ex Geberi Summa perfectionis collecta Elbingae 1598.

MS. 1739.
Rasis Malechiae. [Collection of various pieces.]

MS. 1740.
Rasis Malechiae. Liber Lumen luminis, in the same hand as the preceding MS. 1739.

MS. 1741.
1. Artefius. De opera vegetabili, animali et minerali [communicated by Isaac Habrecht.]
2. [Translation of this first work into French.]
3. Artefius. De arte occulta atque lapide philosophorum libro secreto.

MS. 1743.
1. Aurora consurgens vel area horae.
2. Aurorae glossa thesauraria.
3. Aurora massa [in Latin verse, from a most ancient manuscript description, communicated by D. An. Frey Harbrecht.]

MS. 1744.
14th Century. Paper.
L'arte del partire lo auro da lo argento secondo l'ordine de Maestro Zacharelle de la Cirate.

MS. 1745.
Johannis de Tetzschen. Lumen Secretorum [Latin verse, from a manuscript of 1452.]

MS. 1746.
George Ripley. Medulla Alkemiae [Translated from Latin into English in 1533 by David Whitehed, Doctor of Physik.]

MS. 1747.
Johannis Garlandi de praeparatione Elixir libellus.

MS. 1748.
A Compound upon the Philosophers Stone sent unto Kinge Edward the IV from Louayne. [George Ripley.]

MS. 1749.
Notes out of James Latinius Collections [by Christopher Taylor, subscribed "P.H.T.T.G."]

MS. 1750.
Apologia artis chymicae monachi cuiusdam [Frartris Reneri de Lothringae] contra H. Cornelii Agrippae inquam censurem de eadem, in libro de vanitate Scientiarum.

MS. 1751.
Tractatus chymicus 1488 a monacho Dantisci in monasterio Fratrum Nigrorum defossus. communic Is. Habrechto ab abbate Gingenbacensi per Dn. Johannem Casparum Dedingerum 1631 [in German.]

MS. 1752.

MS. 1753.
[Alchemical and chemical collection, partly in German and partly in Latin. With an index.]

MS. 1754.
Processus mysticus de Cygno incombustibili F. Hieronymi ord. S. Francisci 1498.

MS. 1755.
Die Chymischen Zeichen, Gold, Silber, Eisen, etc. [in German.]

MS. 1756.
Paracelsus, de natura rerum das achte Buch; de signatura rerum das 9te buch. [See Sudhoff No. 24.]

MS. 1757.
Liber de quatuor materiis doctoris Bartholomaei Karrichters weiland Keiser Maximiliani II Lieb-Medici Apographum.

MS. 1758.
16th Century.
[A collection in German of various alchemical works. written in 1535-36. With figures.]

MS. 1759.
[A collection in German, including 'Tavle samt ein Wunder Buchlein".]

MS. 1760.
[A collection of chemical and alchemical works in German.]

MS. 1761.
Das Buch des erwürdigen Doctors Bernhard Pfaltsgraf un Graf von der Mark [Bernard Trevisan?].
[At the end is 'Tabula, quam invenit Hermes in valle Hebron.']

MS. 1762.
Johannis Isaac Hollandus. Liber de minerali lapide et vera metamorphosi metallorum [In German. Written in Prague 1572 from a manuscript of M. Bartholomeus Schultet of Gorlich.]

MS. 1763.
16th Century.
Pandora magnalium naturalium, aureae et benedictae, de benedicto lapidis philosophici mysterio.
Is. Hollandi ausfuhrlicher Bericht von der praeparation de Steins der Weissen, wie auch von allerhand metallischen metamorphosi in 9 Tractaten verfasset durch Benedictum Figulum Utenhoviatem Francum Apographum.

MS. 1764.
[Unidentified treatise on the Stone of the Philosophers, in German. Written in 1594.]

MS. 1765.
16th and 17th Centuries.
1. Heinrich Khunrath. Amphitheatrum Sapientiae aeternae solius vera, exar. Lips. 1595, cum Figuris coloribus et auro pictis, et praemisso Artis transmutatoria Schemate. Autograph. Latine nebst Judicio darüber.
2. Heinrich Khunrath. Lux in tenebris, oder Licht und Wegweysung derer, die in Alchimie mit Finsternatüs umgeben, descripta 1614, men synes ikke sluttet.
3. Schatzkammer der Natur, sien dubio Ejusd., skreven 1616.
4. Arbor Scientiae boni et mali. Figuris expressa.

MS. 1766.
1. Raymund Lull. Medulla [in German.]
2. Raymund Lull. De auro potabile [in German.]
3. Gastonis Clavei Duclo [or] Dulconis, subpraesidis Nivernsensis. De recta et vera ratione progigendi lapidis philosophici dilucida et compendiosa explicatio.

MS. 1767.
1.Gastonis Clavei Duclo [or] Dulconis, subpraesidis Nivernsensis. De recta et vera ratione progigendi lapidis philosophici dilucida et compendiosa explicatio.
2. Joh. Martini Sagkl, nobilis Carinthi in Trefen. Scriptum ad Israelem Spachium Med. Doct.

MS. 1768.
Dialogus Theophili und Sylvani von der Alchymie [in German.]

MS. 1769.
Philippus Jacobus Gustenhoffer. Devretum magicum [in German.]

MS. 1770.
16th Century. Quarto.
M.L.G. leichte Tinctur auf bleich Gold [part written in 1599.]

MS. 1771.
Franciscus Hyara, Philisophi Mantuani. Manuale Chymicum.
[At the end are some process with colours, partly written by Habrecht, and partly by other hands.]

MS. 1772.
[Work on alchemy, for the most part in Italian, but with some parts in Latin.]

MS. 1773.
1. [Unidentified treatise on the chemical art, in German.]
2. Rythmi penegyrici de rosario philosophico.
3. Roger Bacon. Tractatus de oleo vitrioli.

MS. 1774.
Johannis Richardus Scheffer, J.U. D., Electoris Mogient Consiliarii 1604. Praxis Alchimiae de lapide philosophorum.

MS. 1775.
[An alchemical treatise of J.C.S.A Chej. Written at Strasburg 1604, in German.]

MS. 1776.
Epistola Nobiliss. Matronae de Martinella ad Dom. Overcetanum. [With annotations by Isaac Habrecht. Translated from French into Latin. Stuttgart 1615.]

MS. 1777.
Gazophylacium Naturae colloquio Philadelphi et Theophrasti appertum [Translated from English into Latin. 1613.]

MS. 1778.
Nulb Gabr. Nülb. Pienensi. [Collection of alchemical operations without a title. In German. 1613.]

MS. 1779.
M. Joh. Walchii Schorndorffensis [teacher of Isaac Habrecht in the alchemical art] Epistola rem chymicam et praecipue opus lapidis Philosophorum concernentes, ad Dullossium Metensem Med. Doctor 1619-20.
Testament Chymic. Joh. Walchi descript. 1617.
Epistola [Walchi] ad Jac. Azamum eleemosynarium levis armaturae Regis Galliae.

MS. 1780.
Sim. Packmanns [Glassworker from Halbrun]. [Collection of chemical and alchemical works, in German.]

MS. 1781.
[An untitled small collection of chemical and alchemical operations, in German. Aarstellet, 1623.]

MS. 1782.
Processus secretissimus universalis medicinae G.B.D.W. et M.D. communicatus a Davide Ehingero Augustano 1626 et illustratus a L.G.O. 1627.

MS. 1783.
Universale secretissimum super mercurium et alia corpora imprefecta, quod fit mercurio minerali miro modo [Written in 1630.]

MS. 1784.
The hole compound of Alchimye or Elixzeres of the Philosophes by H. Lock.

MS. 1785.
fur erklaret LX Figurae chymicae Hieroglyphicae in Anglia inventae. Chymische Figuren von einem Engellend Philosopho emigmatisch für gebildet, et in Hochdeutsch erkläret. [Illuminated figures.]

MS. 1786.
[Continuation of MS. 1785, with 2 illuminated figures.]

MS. 1787.
hochguldene Andr. Lauterbach von Colditz. Buch de hemmlichen Weisheit das ist zimmliches hochgüldene Heldenhorn 1647.]

MS. 1788.
[Unidentified work on alchemy in German and Latin.]

MS. 1789.
[Two alchemical treatises of Lorentz Weiskopfs.]
1. De materia universale.
2. Superius Hermetis.

MS. 1790.
Caspar Herbach [Letter to Frederick III in 1656 concerning the operations of alchemy ascribed to Johann Rudolf Glauber.]

MS. 1791.
Bened. Campens. Tractat von Lapide Philosophor. [Dedicated to King Frederick III, 1664. In German. Autograph.]

MS. 1792.
1. Chemia varia. Lettres a Monsieur du Chesne par une docte Demoiselle de France.
2. Excerpta ex scriptis monachi Franciscani Galli [with a letter of 1661 or 1662 about a chemical process.]

MS. 1793.
[Letters from Noyers, Marigner and others on alchemical operation in the years 1682-93. In the hand of Johannes Grammius. In French.]

MS. 1794.
Sententia et praecepta diversorum Philosophorum. [An alchemical treatise in Latin.]

MS. 1795.
Secretum Bilsianum.

MS. 1796.
Fasciculus variorum de Marco Farner et laboratorio Svecico Holmiensi 1701-3.

MS. 1797.
Otto Spreling. Arcana Chymica, item Processus lapidis Philosophorum.

MS. 1798.
Leon. Zach. Wenzels. Curiose Philosophische Tabelle. [J. C. Schwerdfeger 1732.]

MS. 3498.
15th Century. Paper. Octavo.
[Alchemical miscellany, in a number of hands.]
1. [Various alchemical excerpts, gathered by 'Johannes de Prussia Magister totius-artis'.]
2. De croco Martis.
3. Das Werck und Arbeit Arnoldi de Villa Nova von der Materie des Steines [in German but with notes in Latin added.]
4. Practica de compositione Lapidis Philosophorum, nec non Lapidum pretiosorum.
5. Quaestiones tam essentiales quam accidentales Magistri Arnoldi de Villa Nova super compositione Lapidis.
6. Altitudo divitiarum sapientiae.
7. Opus Hermetis, et Liber triginta Verborum in Alchymia.

MS. 3499.
15th Century.
1. Orationes variae. Prognosticis, ut videtur Alchymico-Magicis.
2. Canon artis Geomantiae.
3. Gebete von unser lieben Urauen
4. De confectione lapidis flammosi.
5. Secreta Artis Alchymiae et verissima.
6. Liber Thesbit fil. Thorae, de imaginibus.
9. Liber Ptolomaei de imaginibus super facie signorum.
10. Ad faciendum Lapidem Philosophorum.

MS. 3500.
The Openinge of the Secrete of Secrete by the Art of Philosophie, By Raymund Lullio.

MS. 3501.
16th Century.
Practica Testimenti Raymundi Lullii [with figures.]

MS. 3502.
The Practisae of the graat Works of Bieryc.

MS. 3503.
Thomas Norton. Ordinall [in Latin?]

MS. 3504.
1. Gastonis Clavei Apologia Argyropoeiae et Chrysopoeia adv. Thom Erastum ad Lud. Gonzagam, Nivernensium Ducem. 1590.
2. Robertus Vallensis de veritate Artis chemicae et pulveris v. auri potabile Lugd. Bat., 1593.

MS. 3505.
[Alchemical-chemical receipt book in German by Jeremia Wuldenero, 1599.]

MS. 3506.
[Alchemical treatise in German.]

MS. 3507.
566 pages.
Practice Basilii Valentini de Auro potabili.

MS. 3508.
1. Disputatio lapis philosophorum.
2. De lapide Philosophico Splendor Solis.
3. Summa opus naturae lapis Philosophorum dictum.
4. [Work in German.]

MS. 3509.
[Alchemical recipes in German.]

MS. 3510.
Benedictus Figulus Stück und Tincturen in der Alchymey, 1619.

MS. 3511.
Arcana arcanorum singularium rerum Artis Alchimiae [in Latin and German. With index.]

MS. 3512.
Arcana arcanorum singularium rerum Artis Alchimiae [in Latin and German. This is smaller format and shorter version of the work in MS. 3511.]

MS. 3513.
Alberti Eph. Herthover von dem philosophischen Stein an den Hertz. Ulrich zu Mecklenburg.

MS. 3514.
[Alchemical recipes in German.]

MS. 3515.
Buchlein Secret Büchlein, 1659.

MS. 3516.
Albertus Pickerolus Virragidgium Veronensis Speculum Smyrnaeum, d. i. Warheits Speigel wider die Alchymisten und betriegerischen Sophisten, 1661.

MS. 3517.
[Alchemical recipes in Danish.]

MS. 3518.
[Alchemical recipes in German. Tinctura Corallorum.]

MS. 3519.
Gunburgk [Alchemical recipes, 'Die Triesmosinische Oleische Tinctur dem Herrn von Günburgk..."]

MS. 3520.
Guil. Sedacerii, Philosophi, ordinis fratr. b. Mariae de Monte Carmello, Opus.

MS. 3521.
Davids Psalmer anvendte paa Alchymien [in Swedish and Latin.]

MS. Thott 207.
[Greek writings on alchemy, copied by D.G. Morhofius from a manuscript in the library of the Duke of Altenburg, with notes and a preface by Thomas Reinesius. With a dissertation by Reinesius in German on the authors and contents of this work.]

MS. Thott 208.
Le secret des secrets, autrement la Clavicule de Salomon, ou le Grimoire [with elegant illustrattions.]

MS. Thott 209.
16th Century [1591.] Paper. Folio.
Alchymia. Tractatus de auro potabili [in German.]

MS. Thott 210.
Paper. Folio.
uber Heldenschatz. Ein wunderbarliches geschriebens Buch, gennant rathsames Bedenken bey und über Vulkanischer auch naturlich magischer Fabrefaction armorium Achillis.

MS. Thott 211.
Chymia de Patris Antonii aus dem sogenannten Rathenburg. [In German, with variois appendices.]

MS. Thott 212.
Das Universal Vollkommen oder Lapid Philosophorum, durch W.L.H.R. 1719.

MS. Thott 213.
Practica. Chaos Philosophorum catholicon naturaliter triunum, de lapide Philosophorum. [With elegant figures.]

MS. Thott 262.
Octavo. Nutzen
1. George Aurach de Argentina. Donum Dei. 1475.
2. George Aurach de Argentina. Hortus Divitiarum sapientiae et scientiae.
3. Unterricht von Nützen des bittern Wassers.

MS. Thott 263.
Enchiridion praeparationum spagyricarum, in memoriae subsidium in peregrinatione mea Christianus Bordingius Danus collegit Patavii 1608.

MS. Thott 264.
17th Century.
Collectanea Alchymica.

MS. Thott 265.
Alipili. Centrum Naturae concentratum. [From printed work.]

MS. Thott 266-269.
[Four volumes on the Philosophers Stone. Including Bartholomaeus Carrichters, De quatuor materiis, and other alchemical treatises.]

MS. Thott 270a.
Lampertus Mardus. Palingenesia Hydrosophica [Dedicated to Queen Louisa, wife of Frederick IV.]

MS. Thott 270b.
Miscellaneorum Chemicorum Tom I. Pentapoli. 174-.

MS. Thott 271.
Oblong Octavo.
Misellanea Alchymica.

MS. Thott 272-273.
Index Alchymistico-chymicus [in 2 volumes.]

MS. Thott 735.
Alchymia vornehmer gelehrter Philosophen und Alchymisten 1550. [With figures.]

MS. Thott 736.
De mysteriis Alchymiae et lapide Philosophorum [in Swedish.]

MS. Thott 737.
Buchlein Kunsten Erklarung Worter Worter Kurze 1. Von der philosophischen Verehlichung der Liebe, welche genant wird Chaos.
2. Büchlein von den verborgenen Künsten und Heimlichkeiten der alten Philosophen.
3. Theophrastus Paracelsus. Schrieben von tribus principiis aller Generaten. 1573.
4. Theophrastus Paracelsus. Liber vexationum.
5. Theophrastus Paracelsus. Thesaurus Thesaurorum Alchymistarum.
6. Onomastica. Erklärung heimlicher Paracelsischen Wörter und Nahmen.
7. Verzeichniss aller Charakteren, wie die anstatt der ganzen Wörter, der Verborgenkeit oder Kürze wegen gesetzt werden.

MS. Thott 738.
Universal-Arbeiten. [Contains various alchemical operations in German, with an index.]

MS. Thott 739.
Olaus Borrichius. De praeparatione magni lapidis philosophorum.

MS. Thott 740.
Erklarung 1. Testamentum Hermetis Trismegisti, ans Licht gebracht durch Ernst Pfeffer Itzehoensem.
2. Ernst Pfeffer Erklärung des grossen Universals und Particulars [with figures.]
3. Ernst Pfeffer Hydrolithus Sophicus.
4. Einige alchymische Processe aus Potts Collegium.

MS. Thott 741.
Refutatio famae Hermeticae per Adeptum quendam 1726 [from a manuscript of Johannes Christ, or Jessen.]

MS. Thott 742. Quarto.
[Chemical and alchemical processes, with figures.]

MS. Thott 743. Quarto.
[Various alchemical process from the works of Kunkel, Raymund Lull, Geber, Johann Isaac Holland, Theophrastus Paracelsus, Basil Valentine, Albertus Magnus and others.]

MS. Thott 744.
Olaus Borrichius. Praelectiones Chymicae. 1685.

MS. Thott 745-748. Quarto.
[J. Hofmann, Neumann and others. Lectures on alchemy, in four volumes.]

MS. Thott 749. Quarto.
Kratzenstein. Systema Chemiae. [In German.]

MS. Thott 750-776.
18th Century. Quarto.
[Collection of Alchemical and chemical works in 27 volumes, made about 1730.]

MS. Nova Regis 68f. Octavo.
Grondal' Artephius. De arte occulta atque lapide Philosophorum liber secretus [extracted from various large manuscript books by 'Bened. Gröndal'.]

MS. Nova Regis 74c.
18th Century.
Mysterium Magnum, Studium universale [In German, with coloured figures.]

MS. Nova Regis 74d.
18th Century. Folio.
Schlussel Schlüssel der Weisheit zu dem grossen Geheimisse aller Geheimnisse.

MS. Nova Regis 338.

MS. Nova Regis 338a.

MS. Nova Regis 339.
18th Century. Quarto.
Clavicula hermetica scientiae ab Hyperboreo quodam horis subsecivis calamo consignata. Holmiae 1732.

MS. Nova Regis 340.
18th Century. Quarto.
Entwurff chemischer Charactere und Frases. 1717.

MS. Nova Regis 341.
forste [Mag. Christian Petersens] Chymia Sommerknop eller Diana Duers förste Vinge. 1678.

MS. Nova Regis 342.
uber Gegenstande Thomas Henry. Versuche und Beobachlungen über verschiedene Gegenstände aus der Chemie.

MS. Nova Regis 343.
Mich. Wibes. Recueil de secrets Remedes et Curiositez [concerning chemistry]. Tome I.

MS. Nova Regis 343b.
Drom vuser Hans Egedes Philosophisk Dröm og Parabel, hvorudi hand vüser, hvorledes hand procedered for at berede Lapidem philos. Afhandling om Mineralier.

MS. Nova Regis 343d.
[Untitled German manuscript about chemistry and alchemy. At end "Uhrsprunglicher Bericht Artis Probatoria oder Probier Kunst einer wahren erfahrung eines Metals haltung..."

MS. Nova Regis 350.
Parchment. Quarto.
Speculum trismegisticum. Vera atque brevis declaratio totium Hermeticae Philosophiae, opera et studio Cornelii Petrai Hamburgensis, Hermeticae Philosophiae Studiosi, 1612. [With pictures.]

MS. Nova Regis 556.
Stuck fur Benedictus Figulus. Ettliche Gewisse undt Gerechte Particular Stück undt Ticturen in der Alchymei, für Nicolas Teiszen, Anno 1619.

MS. Nova Regis 1685.
Paper. Folio.

MS. Nova Regis 2778.

MS. Nova Regis 2780.