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The Heart
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A077. Alchemical heraldry from D. Lagneau Harmonie chymique, 1636.

A114. Democritus from Maier Symbola aurea mensae, Franckfurt, 1617.

A137.Frontispiece from Siebmacher Wasserstein der Weysen, 1704.

A139.Frontispiece from Alexander von Suchten Chymische Schrifften, 1680.

A143. Engraving three from Michelspacher Cabala: Spiegel der Kunst und Natur, 1615.

A144. Engraving four from Michelspacher Cabala: Spiegel der Kunst und Natur, 1615.

A155. Engraved title page from Michael Maier, Viatorium, hoc est, de montibus planetarum septem seu metallorum, Rouen, 1651.

A162.Titlepage engraving from Schweighardt Speculum sophicum Rhodostauroticum, 1618.

A170. Engraved titlepage from Michael Maier, Viatorium, Oppenheim, 1618

A213.Engraving from Basil Valentine, Chymische Schrifften. Hamburg, 1717.

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