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There are various ways you can gain access to the wonderful world of alchemical imagery.

Through the alchemy web site galleries of emblems. As of August 2004 there are 830 images online in the galleries, 251 individual images, 34 series containing over 500 individual emblems, and some 20 or so astronomical and other emblems closely related to alchemy.

Through the three volumes of Emblems CD-Roms I have prepared

You will find these on my alchemy web bookshop. These CD-Roms together include all the material up to August 2004, 830 coloured emblems in total.

Through some pages with descriptions of emblems on the web site:-

My database of alchemical iconography unfortunately incomplete as I had to abandon working on this due to lack of funding. It is still a useful resource.
My database of alchemical emblems again incomplete due to lack of funding. There are some pages with written descriptions of alchemical emblems . Again this is incomplete.
[If anyone feels they might like to sponsor further work on these projects please see the page on supporting the work.]

Through purchasing my signed prints. All 830 images are now available as high quality prints, at a very reasonable price. These are on 130 gram A4 paper (297x210mm  -  11.8x8.25 inches). I now sign each one. These are very suitable for framing. All the walls of my apartment are covered in these framed images! You can only get my coloured prints direct from my alchemy web bookshop. They will always remain specialist items as I am not interested in marketing this imagery.