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Rick Grimes - The Initiation of Truth

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The Initiation of Truth

"From the East shall come the Son of man. He shall walk forth out of these mountains, and in his right hand shall bear the Book of Life and in his left shall he have his commencement" In this painting you will see what you can see if only you will look. This represents the initiate as he comes forth from the high places and the low places to reside in all men.

(24) Twenty-four square feet, containing (3,456) three thousand four hundred fifty-six square inches. Thus, these digits combined equal the sacred number nine (9). Within this nine are all things manifest in the earth and yet have their completion in man (10), though their origin be ever with the Father.

Look and you shall find the matrix of life in four laws and three principles, and see also our glorious mother that hides her seven daughters beneath her veil. Also, the eye of conscience is concealed not by the storm, nor the seven virtues of the Pleiades by darkness.

Be still our brother. Herein lies a second key; take these twenty-four about this Son. Render them into six, add them unto nine, and find the one quintessence; which, when combined in one figure becomes the sun.

Within these twenty-four are sixteen which form, across the heart, a cross from which men are born, born to discover the seven seals of their being and the knowledge of their soul.

From the East the young sun, Apollo rises - held in the grasp of the mystery...

In the West sits the master with the mystery in the grasp of his hand - the eagle and the dove at peace in his being.