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Hermaphrodite Child of the Sun and Moon I

Translated by Mike Brenner. Copyright Mike Brenner 1997. Permission given to freely copy this, as long as this copyright remains attached.
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This figure is complicated, but to a philosopher, wondrous to behold.
In the center of the inner circle is the sun with 7 rays of warmth.
Above is the crown of celestial SAL-NITRE of the physical world and
the Nature-Spirit. The figure represents: (1) Chaos or universal
subjective nature as the purest birth of this Nature-spirit in the
center of the Earth, (2) Sulphur saturated with astral Mercury, (3)
the White Gold of the wise, (4) the many layers of the Earth, and (5)
Travisan's Fountain.

The outer circle represents the Zodiac where the 7 planets forever
course through the ether. The planets concentrate their influx of
energy into the world below, inducing the law: as above so below,
and as below so above.

The planets in this figure have an occult order, with Saturn in the
first, or lowest, spot. From above, Saturn congeals the One Substance
(the etherial Fiery-Water or the astral Watery-Fire with its ring of
coldness). It manifests right into the alchemist's hand and
continues throughout the Work. The golden Sun-Child already lays
concealed in It.

Jupiter is right above Saturn, the next step of the Work. The power
of Jupiter first lets black Saturn experience Composition, then
darkens the Sun and the Moon. Jupiter then sweeps up to paradise like
an airborne dragon, out of the stomach of Saturn. Jupiter transmutes
the dark Earth into the subtle elements from which the black child is
freshly born in the sky, the way a noble jewel is polished. Finally,
this enables Jupiter to completely discard the shadowy mundane world,
the old Adam.

At the top is the moon, snow-white Diana, the queen of solidity. She
starts her heavenly journey by drinking in and dissolving all the
tail colors of a Peacock in a heat. The Moon uses the Philosophers'
Stone to hermetically seal the pure liquid Air-Element. Continuing
through the dry gaseous Fire, the Moon journeys on the Path to the
celestial Solid Fire and the Red Tincture.

Next after the moon at the very top, is Mercury, the Initiator, the
Worker, and the Completer of the whole Work, the moist-radical or
base-moisture of the Stone. Now, Mercury swings from the top horn of
the crescent Moon down to Venus, entering through her silver chord.
Mercury starts out in liquid form at the Moon, but solidifies while
passing through Venus and Mars, penetrating through to the center of
the Sun.



Among the 7 planets I am called the Sun.
My pointy crown symbolizes the process:
First, we become completely subtle and pure
And bind with Mercury,
Then the black raven grows.
It is buried in the grave,
Rising anew,
Adorned with lillies, and betrothed.
Then at last the Sun-Child appears,
Bedecked with purple on his throne.


The mundane Nature-Spirit: (1) pours itself into the Central-Fire of
the earth, (2) starts working in that fire, (3) is bound in mercurial
moisture and liquid form, (4) is impelled to and fro, through the
Archaeum of the Earth, as a saturated wind, (5) is congealed by
Saturn, and (6) is thrown to the ground in front of the Alchemist,
like the true metallic gore (the metal's seed).

The Alchemist: (1) recognizes this as the most valuable treasure on
earth, (2) takes it home joyfully, (3) inserts it into the glass
coffin, (4) binds it with the gaseous Mercury, (5) seals the coffin,
(6) watches the black Raven grow in the putrefaction, (7) is reborn
in the Paradisiacal Kingdom to corporal Diana, and (8) is crowned as
the Child of the Sun.



Worship God, and love those
Who overcome their depression and cravings.
Give only the best to God and neighbor.
Come, I will show you
A Treasure that you will treasure:
A golden fountain and a silver spring
From the word of God and the Soul of Humanity.
I am that Treasure,
Better than all other good things.
Yet, I am also an poisonous dragon,
A furious lion with jaws open like an abyss.
All metals bow before me;
When I grab them, they bust to pieces.


The Alchemist should be a pious, sincere, lover of God and neighbor.
That way, better success will ensue in this highest mystery of
nature, which can only be given as a gift from God. The author of
this canon writes about the origin of the Substance of the Stone.
This One Substance originated from the very first moment of creation
when God said the all-powerful word FIAT.

The One Substance is animated by that emanation of Being Itself
called the Nature Spirit. Therefore, the Substance is as powerful for
this Work now as it was in the beginning, and ever shall be until the
end of the world. Now this is (1) Hermes' superior and inferior, (2)
Bernardus' little well, (3) Hermogenes' magic fire-staff, (4) silvery
Mercury springing from the forehead of God, (5) the highest good
from the time of the Fall, when people became poisoned by ignorance,
until the time they are reintegrated into Paradise.

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