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Hermaphrodite Child of the Sun and Moon II

Translated by Mike Brenner. Copyright Mike Brenner 1997. Permission given to freely copy this, as long as this copyright remains attached.
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This fire breathing dragon is Hermes' little bird, flying here from
the North. It is a celestial creation, consisting of fire and air.
Its fire-breathing mouth, therefore, has the power to (1) warm the
cold chaotic water, (2) transmute it into a virgin earth, and finally
(3) transmute it into a fire-resistant liquid-wax Stone, which is why
the Stone is called a Tincture.

The dragon wings have 7 indentations, to indicate the seven steps
Eleazer said are needed to chop off those wings (after Eleazer's
meaning). The first three steps involve progressing the dragon
gently and without corrosion through the 3 worlds in turn: the
Mundane (solid), the Paradisiacal (liquid), and the Celestial
(gaseous). The fourth step represents passing through frequent
barriers in the distant islands of the philosophers where the dragon
eats himself so full of Earth, that he can no longer fly, as if he
wanted to melt everything solid into liquid. In the fifth stage he
becomes a prisoner of Saturn's scythe. In the sixth stage, everything
turns around, liquid becoming solid again



If the sublime wisdom of the universe,
Prized about all else,
Had opened up clearly,
As told by Philaleth; and
If my mother, Nature,
hadn't grayed
My colorful Mercury; and
If my fiery life were revealed;
Then there would be as many Adepts,
As there are Sophists now.
But God wills
The greedy world not to
Grasp my nature or
Discover my Mercury.
So I am only known to those
Who God sends to my Master.
Who explains everything clearly,
And reveals my figure:
What to make out of the poisonous dragon,
And my solid red brother.


Physically, mentally, and emotionally turn to the Kingdom in your
heart. Only then can you truly understand our overall mother, Nature.
Only then can you comprehend the Mercurial Spirit hidden deeply in
her innards, which gives life, seed, and soul to all 3 kingdoms. If
the innumerable modern pseudo-Adepts would just recognize this, then
the world would be full of true masters.

But it is hidden from their mundane eyes, that can perceive only the
tranistory, that is, physically manifested things like minerals and
metals. The One Substance escapes them. They do not recognize the
seed and germ of all metals, where the glowing Mercury of nature lies
hidden, the seed which the south-wind provides in shining gray,
viscous liquid form.

Why? Because greedy, self important people, seeking only to satisfy
their cravings, are fated to lose this Treasure which the God of Gods
gives only to those in tune with nature, seeking with the heart of a
child. And only these, not the thousands of sophisticated
manipulators, know what to make of this poisonous Mercurial dragon
and his accompanying liquid Sulphur and viscous Earth.



My species gives me a grey belly,
but I'm neither male nor female.
Rather, I have both genders.
My flesh and blood prove it.
My blood is male, my flesh female.
The power of both is spiritual.
I have both male and female organs.
So people call me a hermaphrodite.
My treasure is the Earth Element,
where there are minerals, metals, and such.
Yet I'm nothing that you may suppose.
I am One Substance by my nature.
In my metal form I am simultaneously
hot and cold, wet and dry.


Here the author points out that the One Substance, is a viscous,
gray, hermaphroditic liquid. Its passive, feminine characteristic
comes from its liquid state and spirit of Mercury. Its active,
masculine characteristic comes from its solid state and spirit of
fiery Sulphur. In other words, physically it is Water and earth, but
spiritually it is Mercury and Sulphur.

The author's second paragraph shows the Substance born in the center
of the Earth and brought forth by the South-Wind. The author
empowers us with clear words: It is neither mineral nor metal. It is
an essence or substance with equal proportions of the characteristics
of the 4 elements.

Now what can sophists and vain seekers after this mystery say about
this atomic Substance, which has a hermaphrodite spirit and body, yet
is neither a mineral nor a metal? All their misconceptions are swept
away: there is no antimony, vitriol, saltpeter, salt, quicksilver,
sulphur, gold, silver, nor other metalic compounds. One Substance
only is needed. It encompasses all wisdom. Nature consituted It. The
wise use It. Discover it and recognize Its esoteric secrets, lest,
in all your science, you completely miss the target.

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