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Hermaphrodite Child of the Sun and Moon IX

Translated by Mike Brenner. Copyright Mike Brenner 1997. Permission given to freely copy this, as long as this copyright remains attached.
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A soaring eagle with heart aflame, with the Sun and Moon at the threshold
of its wings, bears tokens of dominion: the crown of influence, the sceptre of the king,
and the globe of the empress.

Its buoyancy in flight and its flaming heart show the etherial nature of this eagle:
wet outside, fire inside. It is our Liquid Mercury.

The Sun and Moon seek solace under the shadow of these wings,
basking in the pleasing radiation from the flaming heart.

To win the Crown of the Earth, fuse the power of the sceptre and the globe using
the Dry Fire of Mars and the Wet Fire of Venus.


This figure shows the power of the
Liquid Fire:
Cooking and melting
Solid into liquid.
Fire which slays the Sun and Moon then
Resurrects them.
Then the 4 elements turn
Solid red:
The Lesser Work gives way to the
Birth of the child of the sun.


Philosophers speak of four fires symbolize the four attributes of the elements:
moist and cold, dry and warm, each one serving as the cure and resurrection of another.
There are also two lions, one volatile drawn with wings, and one solid drawn without wings.
The latter magnetically attracts the wisdom to turn the solid to liquid,
and the liquid to solid, and to unite them together.

One is solar, and the other lunar. One is Red Sulphur, the other White Sulphur,
which must be made one with each other.

Here is the conflict between the wolf of ascent and the dog of descent, who bite
each other to death, melting into a pool of their own commingled blood.

When the solid is thus made liquid (when the Dry Fire is dissolved in the Wet Fire,
and the warmth begins to work in the moisture) then this mixture gives birth to the black
raven of solar and lunar eclipses which then dies.

The Lesser Work ends when the mystical Fire changes the 4 elements into Solid Fire
like a black, tarry, metallic gore. That is the beginning of the Great Work where the child
of the sun is born.


The black raven grows
For those who are able to
Stop the fire, and be patient,
Until the colors appear.


It seems impossible to change a black raven into a white dove or swan, but that is just
part of the hermetic work.

Noah first tried to use ravens to scout out whether the waters of the Sin-Flood had receded.
But the ravens found some dead carrion to feed on and did not come back, so he used doves.
That is why we drown the black raven in the Liquid Mercury, so it is resurrected as a white dove
that proclaims the white Stone.

The raven had nothing more to give except to stay submerged in the Liquid Fire until the
spiritual dove arrives.

This process of changing from black to white passes through all the colors of the
eacock's tail, or the colors of the rainbow.

While the Liquid Fire predominated, the black raven was born. As the Dry Fire surpasses
the Liquid Fire, the dry gaseous colors appear, but eventually turn into pure white.

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