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Hermetic Journal 1989


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  • The Alchemical Salt - Charles Upton
  • The Four-fold Shin and the Gates of Creation - Graham Knight
  • The Sky-Father-God The Earth-Mother-Goddess and the Opening of the Mystic Gate - James Clark
  • Report on Grningen Conference on Alchemy
  • Rosicrucianism: The First Blooming in Britain - Ron Heisler
  • Hermetic Heraldry - Rafal Prinke
  • The Consideratio Brevis of Philip Gabella - Translated by Christopher Atton
  • An Allegorical Letter about an Alchemical Adept
  • The Number Philosophy of Philo of Alexandria - David Moir
  • Monas Hieroglyphica and the T'ai Hsuan Ching: Extrapolation and Synthesis - Andrew Gaze
  • Michael Maier and England - Ron Heisler
  • A New Look at an Old Anachronism - Nicholas Tereshchenko
  • Kabbalistic and Pythagorean Theory - Robin Waterfield
  • Robert Fludd: A Picture in Need of Expansion - Ron Heisler
  • Transformations of the Alchemical King in the Allegories of Merlin and Duenech