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Hermetic Journal 1992


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  • The Epistle of Dr. Hadrianus a Mynsicht: A Rosicrucian Alchemical Allegory - Alberto I. LaCava, Ph.D., FRC
  • John Dee and the Secret Societies - Ron Heisler
  • An Infallible Touchstone
  • Zosimos and the Inner Temple - Graham Knight
  • The Fountain of the Lovers of the Science
  • A Behemist Circle in Victorian England - Joscelyn Godwin
  • Michael Sendivogius and the Statuts des Philosophes Inconnus - Zbigniew Sydlo
  • Oath of an Adept
  • Foam of the Moon - Graham Knight
  • The Forgotten English Roots of Rosicrucianism - Ron Heisler
  • Michael Maier's Intellectual cantilenae on the resurrection of the Phoenix - Mike Dickman
  • Wood and Metal - Kabbalistic Orientation and Elementary Alchemical Returning - Gavin Bennett
  • Glauber's Dialogue on the Alchemical Process
  • Christopher Walton's Theosophic Symbols - Adam McLean