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John Reid's Course on Practical Alchemy

John Reid III has kindly agreed to make his book available to the alchemy web site as the basis for a Course on Practical Alchemy.


Dedication and Acknowledgment
Foreword first Edition
Foreword second Edition

Part 1 - Theoretical

1) The Philosophy of Alchemy
2) The Three Essentials
3) The Four Alchemical Elements
4) The Firmament
5) Closing remarks on Theory Section

Part 2 - Practice

1) Lab Equipment Needed
2) Production of Spagyric Herbal Extracts
3) Production Of Spagyric Herbal Tinctures
4) Production of Spagyric Herbal Essences
5) Alkahest of the Vegetable Kingdom
6) Oil of Rose Quartz
7) Production of a Spagyric Plant Stone
8) Preparing the Archaeus of Water
9) The Minor Opus in Words and Pictures

Bibliography & Suggested Reading List