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British Library MS. Sloane 2731.
32 folios. Oblong folio.
Lemegeton, Clavicula Salomonis or Little Key of Solomon which containes All the Names, orders and offices of all spirits that Ever he had any converse with; with thir seals or characters Belonging to each Spirit; and the manner of Calling them forth to visible Appearance. In five Parts called Books.
[Note in margin]: January ye 18: 1686 began to wrote this Book.

British Library MS. Sloane 3825.
f1-99 1. A treatise entitled "Janua Magicae reserata".
The most incomprehensible and abundant God hath formed too images like unto Himself, and they are the world and Man.
f100-179 2. Clavicula Salomonis or the Little Key of Salomon the King which containeth all the names, orders and offices of all Spirits that ever he hadd any converse with, with the seales or characters belonging to each Spirit and the manner of calling them forth to appearance in five parts.

British Library MS. Harley 6483.
Liber Malorum Spiritum seu Goetia.
[at the top left of f1 ‘Thirty Sixth sheet Dr Rudd". This links it with Harley 6482 which ends with a similar note in the top margin "the Thirty Fifth sheet of Dr Rudd".]

f1. This Book Contains all the names, orders and offices of all the Spirits Salomon ever conversed with.
f2r-112 Lemegeton secretum Secretorum Goetia
f113-200 The 2nd Part of Clavicula Solomonis Regis Theurgia Goetia.
f201-264 The Third Booke of Clavicula Salomonis Regis called The Art Pauline of Solomon.
f265-279 Here beginneth the Fourth Part of this Booke which is called the Art Almadel of Solomon, ye King.
f280 The Notary Art of Solomon shewing the Cabalistic Key of Magical Operations, the Liberal Sciences, Divine Revelation, and the Art of Memory.

Wellcome Institute MS. 4665.
[Description of title as in Catalogue entry]
p1 The Key of Solomon Which contains all the Names, Orders and Offices of all the Spirits that ever Solomon had any convrse with togewther with the Seals and Characters belonging to each Spirit and the manner of calling them forth to visible appearance. In Four Parts [Goetia, Theurgia Goetia, The Pauline Art, the Almadel of Solomon - however this MS. contains only part of the Goetia].
p3 The first book called Goetia
[Begins with Bael, Agares, Vassago,.. and ends at p24 with Halphas, after which a section of another work is inserted p26-61, then Goetia continues with Gamigin and Marbas where the work ends on p64.]
[Inserted section has series of drawings of circles and sigils, and the planetary magical sigils and magic square from Agrippa's Occult Philosophy. There are also fragments of texts on planetary magic, Angel magic and Talimanic magic.]