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This idealised design for a chemical institute in Andreas Libavius, Alchymia..., 1606,
contains a main laboratory with furnaces for water-baths, ash-baths, and steam-baths: distillation apparatus for upward and downward distillation, with and without cooling: sublimation apparatus, fireplace; reverberatory furnace and large bellows. The analytical laboratory contains assay furnaces and analytical balances, some in cases. The private laboratory contains a philosopher's furnace. There are also in the institute a preparation room with press, a pharmacy, a crystallisation room, etc. The laboratory has water laid on, and in the open air there are facilities for making alum and vitriol, and a saltpetre plantation.

1. South-east front.
2. North-east front (with the chimney-stack of the main laboratory).
A. East entrance with small door.
B. Main room with galleries.
C. Spiral staircase.
D. Garden.
E. Drive.
F. Vestibule of the laboratory.
G. Chemical laboratory.
H. Private laboratory with spiral stairs to the study.
J. Small analytical laboratory.
K. Chemical pharmacy.
L. Preparation room.
M. Bedroom for the laboratory assistant.
N. Store room.
O. Crystallisation room (coagulatotorium).
P. Wood store.
Q. South store room.
R. Fruit store.
S. Bathroom.
T. Aphodeuterium (closet).
V. Vegetable cellar.
X. Wine cellar.
Y. Laboratory cellar.
Z. Water supply.
aa Doors to the laboratory cellar.
bb Entrance to the wine cellar.
cc Steam-bath.
dd Ash-bath furnace.
ee Water-bath.
ff Distillation apparatus for upward distillation.
gg Sublimation apparatus.
hh Ordinary fireplace.
ii Reverberatory furnace.
kk Distillation apparatus.
ll Distillation apparatus with spiral condenser.
mm Dung bath.
nn Bellows, which can also be brought into the laboratory.
oo Coal store.
pp Philosophers' furnace in the private laboratory.
qq Assay furnaces.
rr Analytical balances in cases.
ss Tubs and vats.
tt Distillation "per lacinias" (table with vessels).
xx Equipment and benches for preparations.
zz Water tanks.

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