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Images of alchemical apparatus

Apparatus for analysis and separation from Andreas Libavius, Alchymia..., 1606.

1. Smelting furnace with tools.
2. Smelting furnace.
7. Analysis vessels.
8. Vessel for shaking.
9. Decantation.
10. Filtration.
11. Arrangements for putrefaction.
14. For vitriol.
15. Arrangements for calcination.

3. Solution by deliquescence (deliquium).
4. Granulating instrument.
5. Removal of mercury from gold amalgam.
6. Destillatio per lacinias (cloth strips).
12. Dung bath.
13. Muffle for dung bath.
16. Calcination of antimony.
17. Calcination of lead and mercury.
18. Furnace for separating gold and silver by means of nitric acid.

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