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Rare esoteric and masonic reprints
Kessinger Publishing reprints
Hermetic/Cabbalistic/Rosicrucian Books
Avalon Metaphysical Books
Todd Pratum Books
Alchemy Web Bookshop All Things--Esoteric and Spiritual, Occult and Metaphysical
Ediciones Indigo - Alchemy books in Spanish

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The Essential Oil Company
Alchemy-Gothic catalogue of jewelry and giftware
The Good Scents Company Absolute Oils
Big Sur tapes - recordings of lectures by many spiritual teachers
Enchanted Willow Alchemy Shoppe
Desert alchemy Flower essences
Al-Kemi Product List
Ayurvedic Products
Michel Gutkin - Spagyric Elixirs and Tinctures.
Ayurvedic Rasayanas