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Ancient Wisdom
Centro Ernesto Soares de Iconografia e Simbólica -Portuegese site on iconology and symbolism.
WWW Virtual Library for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine.
The Hartlib Papers project at the University of Sheffield
European Texts and Images from before 1620
The Ecole Initiative on Jacob Boehme
Girolamo Cardano Web site
Rolf Claessen's excellent site devoted to chemistry - links to chemistry journals, databases. etc
Medieval and Renaissance English literature
Michael Moore's extensive site on Herbal/medicinal plants
Pico Della Mirandola on the Net
The best of the Hermetica Mailing List
The Center of the Circle: A Mandala Resource Center
Hildegard of Bingen web site by Bonnie Duncan
History reference materials with some alchemical illustrations
Biblioteca Arcana
The Homepage for Chemists
Website and archive on Salt
Comprehensive website on Jacob Boehme organised by Bruce Janz (Augustana University College)