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Newsletter No. 13 of alchemy and hermetic books

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NEWSLETTER No 13 - December 1997

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My best wishes to all on my mailing list at this festive time of the year.

I have been very busy recently with various pieces of research,
but regrettably have not been able to work on producing any new books.
Although I have two books close to completion, they need much work in
preparing the layout. I hope to be able to announce publication of these
in the next few months.

Among the research I have been undertaking is a project to devise a
complete documentation of the alchemical engravings and woodcuts
in printed books. Eventually this will be made available on the Internet
or in the form of a series of printed books.

In July I announced the formation of an alchemy research library
here in Glasgow. I have now had a number of items donated but I continue
to need donations of books for this alchemy research library. Through
the generosity of a number of people, I have now collected 316 books,
and there remain a number of glaring omissions.
In particular this library needs to have some of the French books of
Fulcanelli, Canseliet, Roger Caro, as well as the many scholarly texts by
French authors. There is also a terrible lack of modern German material,
as there is so much original and exact scholarly research published by
contemporary German scholars.

I have put up a list of both French and German books currently in print at

and I can provide people with details of how to purchase these items
online through French and German bookstores. Please send me an
e-mail if you want to do this, and I can send you details.

If you want to read about the alchemy research library project see

where you can see the present list of items and a wish list of acquisitions.
I would also welcome microfilms of alchemical manuscripts in other
collections. If anyone has any microfilms they now longer need - please
send these to me. If you would like to purchase a microfilm for the library
please e-mail me at

I am also donating my copies of articles on alchemy from various obscure
journals. I want to make this as comprehensive as possible, so if you
have some articles (even photocopies) that you know of from scholarly
journals or magazines that you might wish to donate to the library, please
e-mail me to make sure that I do not already have this. (No need to include
the items in Ambix as the complete run is in the library). There is an
especial need for rare material in languages other than English.

Best wishes,

Adam McLean