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NEWSLETTER No 14 - January 1998

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I have now updated the Alchemy Web site CD-Rom to version 2.
This contains a mirror image of the web site as on 12th January 1998,
50 megabytes (thousands of pages) of information on alchemy in all
its facets. Divided into 1200 sections and providing thousands of pages
of text, over 1500 images, 180 complete alchemical texts, extensive
bibliographical material on the printed books and manuscripts, numerous
articles, introductory and general reference material. The filenames are in
8 +3 format and will run under the Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and MacIntosh
operating systems.

It also contains a new searchable graphical database of alchemical emblems,
in addition to the databases of alchemy books and alchemical manuscripts.
It also contains a program to assist with Latin translation. These programs
will run under Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. They will not run on the MacIntosh
operating system (though some users report that they do run under some of
the MacIntosh emulators for Windows.)

This CD-Rom can be purchased online using your credit card from the
alchemy web bookshop.

Due to the falling prices of CD-Rom blanks I have been able to reduce
the price to

22.50 UK pounds (including air mail postage)
21.00 Uk pounds (Europe or UK postage)

So this is now an incredible bargain. A total of 76 megabytes on alchemy
for just over 20 UK pounds!

For customers who purchased the first version, an upgrade is available
at a reduced price. See

Best wishes,

Adam McLean