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NEWSLETTER No 15 - Febuary 1998

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In 1994 Kevin Townley of Cinnabar Press issued a marvellous edition of
the works of Eirenaeus Philalethes, the mysterious alchemical adept of the
seventeenth century.

Alchemical Works: Eirenaeus Philalethes Compiled - Edited by S. Merrow Broddle,
is an exact transcription of all the known writings of Philalethes in English, and it includes:
The Marrow of Alchemy - Ripley Revived - A Breviary of alchemy -
An Open Entrance to the Shut Palace of the King - Three tracts on the Great
Medicine of Philosophers - and other shorter pieces.
Over 500 pages of Philalethes' text, a preface and short introduction, a bibliography
and an extensive index, make this a most useful source work.
Only a few copies remain of this beautifully printed and bound edition and the publishers
are allowing me to sell it a reduced bargain price.
570 pages. Hardback.

24.00 (including post to addresses in USA)

28.00 (including postage to all other addresses outside USA)

This book can now be purchased using your credit card from the
alchemy web bookshop

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At the moment I regret I do not have any copies of the Bird of
Paradise CD-Rom available for sale. It proved to be quite popular
and I have sold out the intial stock. I hope to have new supplies
in a few weeks time.

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My friend and colleague Steve Ronan of Chthonios Books, a well known
and respected bookdealer in new and secondhand esoteric books, has
now set up web site at

Chthonios Books focuses on areas like Ancient Philosophy, Neoplatonism,
Ancient Religion and Paganism, Theurgy, Early Christianity (especially
heresy and unorthodoxy), Gnosticism, Kabbalah, Hermetica, Alchemy,
Magic, Mediaeval & Renaissance Esotericism, Esoteric Traditions, etc.
Chthonios now has a website devoted to the same areas. The Chthonios
site is not just a commercial venture, but will provide resources such
as translations of inaccessible ancient esoteric writings, and a
glossary of scholarly esoteric terms.
Besides Secondhand and Sale catalogues, Chthonios produces a New
Books catalogue which features hundreds of the best titles in the scholarly
esoteric field.

With my best wishes,

Adam McLean