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Newsletter No. 17 of alchemy and hermetic books

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NEWSLETTER No 17 - April 1998

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Over the past few months I have been helping to develop a web site
for the renowned library established by J. R. Ritman in Amsterdam, the
Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica. Working together with the other
members of the library staff we have been able to make a few
pages available to provide information on the library, its collections,
activities and publications.-

Do check out this site and find out more about this important library,
which will, no doubt, become recognised as the most important
institution in our times promoting interest in hermetic philosophy.
This site will be actively developed and many more pages will be
added over the next months. Initially the pages are in English, but
eventually parallel pages will be available in Dutch, German and

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Over the past month I have been gradually updating the structure
of the Alchemy Web site, to improve navigation. Each page now has
a standard navigation bar, which allows one quickly to get back to
the key index pages. This necessitated my manually updating each
of the 1200 pages, and I expect I must have introduced some errors
while doing this over the many hours I had to spend on this task. I
would welcome any feedback on problems with individual pages,
suggestions as to how to further improve the interface, or any typos
or proofreading errors which need correction.

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I have bound up some small batches of the Mutus Liber, Crowning
of Nature, Splendor solis, Chymical Wedding, Atalanta fugiens,
Dream of Poliphilus, Maier Cantilenae, Fludd Divine Numbers,
and the Jane Lead Revelation of Revelations, and
these are now available at new lower prices. For details see:

I hope to bind up copies of some more of the Magnum Opus titles
over the next month or so. Book sales have been quite slow recently,
and I am rather sad at the few copies sold to date of the Hermetic Studies
series - No. 1 Khunrath and No. 2 Alchemical Coins. I was hoping
that this series would be economically self-supporting and provide a
vehicle for publishing research into alchemical and hermetic themes.
I have pencilled in a number of titles for this series, but with such small
sales I will find it difficult to justify devoting the time to this project. It seems
a great pity as I was hoping that such booksales would help to
subsidise the costs of running the Alchemy Web site which provides
a mass of information free to the user, but costing much of my time
and energies to research, collect and organise.

Check out the Alchemy Web bookstore for full details of titles currently

With my best wishes,

Adam McLean