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NEWSLETTER No 18 - May 1998

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Version 3 of the Alchemy Web site on CD-Rom is now
available. Apart from including all the material added since January,
and incorporating the new toolbar for easier navigation through
the complexities of the site, I have also included an excellent
search engine (Windows only) which runs off the CD-Rom
and has indexed every word on the web site. This makes
searching very fast and more comprehensive than the online
Excite search engine.
This new version 3 can now be purchased online using your
credit card from the alchemy web bookshop :-

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I have now entered into an arrangement with the well known
Barnes and Noble Internet bookstore, by joining their affiliate
scheme. I have set up a page listing all the books on alchemy
in English currently in print which are sold by Barnes and Noble.

If you purchase any of these books by clicking on the links on this
page I will receive a small commission which hopefully will help
towards my costs of running the web site and also allow me to
purchase books for the alchemy research library here in Glasgow.

I do hope some of you will, in future, consider buying your books
on alchemy through the links on my page, as this will provide
some small additional funds at no cost to you. Barnes and
Noble also offer considerable discounts off of some of these
books, which of course can be sent anywhere in the world.

Running the alchemy web site is quite expensive. There are so
many costs involved in undertaking the research to prepare material,
etc., and as everything is provided on the web site for free, I welcome
any means of raising some funds to offset some of my costs. So
please help support the alchemy web site by purchasing your books
only through the links on the web site page.

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I have not been able to make any more progress recently with prepar
-ing further Magnum Opus books for sale but you can check out the
Alchemy Web bookstore for full details of titles currently available.

I have been working quite hard on preparing some unique hand-coloured
prints I have made over the past 10 years which will be ready for sale in
June. I have also been clearing out some of my personal collection of
books and sifting out the items which I do not use any more. I intend to
sell these to help raise some funds. Look out for an announcement on
both of these items in the next newsletter.

* * * * *

Do check out the web site of the Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica,
which I help to organise. I hope to add some further pages to this in
the near future.

With my best wishes,

Adam McLean