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NEWSLETTER No 19 - June 1998
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I am pleased to be able to announce that I am now making
part of my collection of handcoloured alchemical emblems
available for sale through the alchemy web bookstore.
A number of people have been asking me about this for
some time, so I have spent the past months preparing
these for sale, mounting them, and setting up the web pages
to display them.

Over the past ten years or so I have been making handcoloured
emblems by painting with watercolours copies of woodcuts and
engravings from printed books and some manuscript drawings.
In colouring these I made use of my intensive study of the original
coloured manuscripts of the 15th to 18th centuries, which have
been the main focus of my research over the past years.
I have often found that by contemplating and meditating on these
handcoloured images one can resonate with and enter into
the complex symbolic world of alchemy. Originally these were
made for my own interest, though I have sold or given some of
these to friends and colleagues over the years, but now I am
willing to make these more widely available through the alchemy
web bookshop.

I have now provided these unique items with mitred mounts, and
each image is, of course, signed by myself on the painting and
also on the mount. There are four different mount sizes.

Initially there are 70 emblems which can be seen in my galleries

If a particular 'buy' button is inactive this will indicate that the item
has been sold. I still have some further items from my collection
which will be added to these galleries over the next few months.
As the packing costs and air mail postage are significant factors in
pricing these items I cannot guarantee to hold the prices at the
current levels.
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Version 3 of the Alchemy Web site on CD-Rom is now
available. Apart from including all the material added since January,
and incorporating the new toolbar for easier navigation through
the complexities of the site, I have also included an excellent
search engine (Windows only) which runs off the CD-Rom
and has indexed every word on the web site. This makes
searching very fast and more comprehensive than the online
Excite search engine.
This new version 3 can now be purchased online using your
credit card from the alchemy web bookshop :-

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With my best wishes,

Adam McLean