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Apart from running the web site I publish a number of books on alchemy and hermetic philosophy. The classic Magnum Opus Hermetic Sourceworks series which was established in 1979, the Hermetic Studies series begun in 1997 which has a number of coloured books, and other books. I also have published a number of CD-Roms devoted to the Alchemy web site, the back issues of the Hermetic Journal, and three CD-Roms with coloured alchemical images. I also now produce a large number of coloured prints on hermetic themes, and have seven study courses on alchemy.

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This newsletter will keep you up to date on new publications and also on developments on the web site and my other alchemy related activities.

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Below are some examples of the past issues of the mailing list newsletters. [I am sorry but have not had time to format and enter the rest of the newsletters. There have been 51 issued up to August 2005.]

Newsletter No. 20. July 1998.
Newsletter No. 19. June 1998.
Newsletter No. 18. May 1998.
Newsletter No. 17. April 1998.
Newsletter No. 16. March 1998.
Newsletter No. 15. February 1998.
Newsletter No. 14. January 1998.
Newsletter No. 13. December 1997.
Newsletter No. 12. November 1997.
Newsletter No. 11. October 1997.
Newsletter No. 10. September 1997.
Newsletter No. 9. August 1997.
Newsletter No. 8. July 1997.
Newsletter No. 7. June 1997.
Newsletter No. 6. May 1997.
Newsletter No. 5. April 1997.
Newsletter No. 4. April 1997.
Newsletter No. 3. March 1997.
Newsletter No. 2. March 1997.
Newsletter No. 1. February 1997.