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Introduction to alchemy
   Introductory reading list
   Some quotations on alchemy
   Some frequently asked questions
   Alchemical timelines
   Various ways of looking at alchemy

Present day resources
   Alchemical Preparations and supplies
   Magazines, groups and conferences
      Alchemical magazines
         Current publications
         Journals which have ceased publication
         Lists of articles on alchemy in specific scholarly journals
         General list of articles on alchemy from various journals
         Publishers and bookdealers specialising in alchemical and hermetic books
      Groups and societies devoted to alchemy
      Provisional list of modern Roscrucian groups
      Alchemy and spagyria conference
   Web sites with alchemy related information

Alchemical texts
   Texts primarily dealing with physical alchemy
      16th Century and earlier
      17th Century
      18th Century
   Texts primarily dealing with allegorical, philosophical and spiritual alchemy
      16th Century and earlier
      17th Century
      18th Century
   English alchemical verse from the Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum
   Various pieces on the Emerald Tablet of Hermes
   The works of Sir George Ripley
   Some pieces of Nicolas Flamel
   Some works of Sendivogius
   Alchemical allegories
   Rosicrucian texts
   Literary works influenced by alchemy
   Texts from the Musaeum Hermeticum
   Alchemical texts in Spanish
   Alchemical texts in German
   Alchemical texts in French
   Alchemical texts in Russian
   Alchemical texts in Italian

Bibliography of alchemy
   Introductory reading list on alchemy
   Database of alchemical books (4642 records of pre-1800 books)
   Database of alchemical manuscripts (4000 entries from 120 libraries)
   Catalogue of English alchemical books (pre-1800)
   List of authors of alchemical books (pre-1800)
   Provisional listing of modern books (post-1800) on alchemy
   Libraries and special collections of alchemical books and manuscripts
   Provisional list of Ph.D theses on alchemy
   Provisional bibliography of the books of the English Bohemists
   Alchemical compendia
   Statistical charts showing the history of alchemical publications
   Solomonic magical manuscripts
   Lighter reading - some novels etc.
   List of French books on alchemy in print
   List of German books on alchemy in print
   Pre-1800 books on alchemy in Italian
   List of modern Italian books on alchemy

Alchemical images
   Alchemical symbolism
   Searchable database of alchemical emblems [500 + images]
   Adam McLean's Art Gallery of hand-coloured alchemical images
   Alchemical graphics, emblems and drawings.
   Paintings and other artwork:
      Alchemy in art
      Three paintings by Rick Grimes
      Portraits of alchemists and hermetic philosophers
      Heretical Diagrams by Ian Howard.
   Images from manuscripts and books:
      Cabala mineralis manuscript,
      Nicolas Flamel - The figures of Abraham the Jew
      Illustrations from the Aurora consurgens manuscript
      Titlepages to Robert Fludd's books
      Woodcuts from Nazari
      The mystical heart diagrams of Paul Kaym
      Splendor Solis images
   Images of alchemical apparatus:
      Images from Greek alchemical manuscripts
      Images from Greek alchemical manuscript in Venice
      Images from Greek alchemical manuscripts in Paris
      Chemical utensils from Libavius Alchymia, 1606
      Vessels for digestion and circulation from Libavius
      Still heads from Libavius
      Other chemical utensils from Libavius
      Receivers from Libavius
      Apparatus for analysis and separation from Andreas Libavius
      Idealised design for a chemical institute
      alchemical and distilling apparatus from John French
      Late mediaeval Indian alchemical apparatus
      Indian alchemical apparatus
   Alchemical symbols for substances, processes and equipment:
      Alchemical symbols used in 17th century,
      Alchemical and chemical symbols used by Scheele (18th century),
      Chemical symbols used by Dalton (19th century)
   Other material:
      Enochian, Rosicrucian or Elemental Chess
      Alchemical music [from Atalanta fugiens]

   Articles by Mark Stavish
   Articles by Adam McLean
   Articles by Rafal T. Prinke
   Articles by Ron Heisler
   Articles by Joseph Caezza
   Articles by Mark House
   Articles by Layne Little
   Articles by other authors

Practical alchemy
   Some advice on safety in alchemical experiments
   Symbols for alchemical substances and operations
   Perpetual fires, luminous substances and phosphorus
   Alchemical substances
   Alchemical processes
   John Reid's Course on Plant Alchemy
   Model of a 16th century alchemical laboratory
   The extraction of antimony from its ore - liquation
   The extraction of antimony from its ore - separation
   List of plants containing planetary metals
   Transcripts of Philosophers of Nature Seminars 1992 - Jean Dubius

Discussion groups
   The alchemy forum
   Archives of the forum
   Scholarly e-mail groups
   Archives of these e-mail groups

Specialist sections
   Islamic alchemy [Organised by Prof. Hamed A. Ead]
      Old Egyptian Alchemy in the context of Egyptian Science
      Technical Arts Related To Alchemy in Old Egypt
      Medicine in Old Egypt
      Alchemy in Islamic Times
      Medicine in Islamic Times
      History of Islamic Science
      Portraits of Twelve Muslim Scientists in Various Fields
      Timeline of Islamic Scientists (700-1400)
   Indian Alchemy
   Chinese alchemy

Other pages
   Recent additions
   Information on this site
   Alchemical projects
      Alchemical Research Library in Glasgow
      Alchemy texts transcription project
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