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Specialising in metaphysics and astrology
Thousands of books on astrology, alchemy, anthroposophy, astral projection, buddhism, esoteric philosophy, hatha yoga, health, hinduism, i ching, kabbalah, meditation, mythology1 numerology, occultism, palmistry, pyramids, philosophy, psychic phenomena, para-psychological research, psychology, reincarnation, religion, rosicrucians, sufism, tarot, telepathy, theosophy, vegetarianism, yoga, zen, and many more.
Issues catalogues of out of print and rare books.

Paul B. Hudson
Middle Earth Books
251 Crestone Way
Co 80536

tel :- 970 224 5650
fax:- 970 224 5664

Most of their stock can be seen online through the Interloc, Bibliocity, Abebooks, and Bibliofind search services, which can be easily accessed through