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Samuel Norton - The Key of Alchemy

This transcription was made by W.A. Ayton in the latter decades of the 19th century, from the original manuscript in the Bodleian Library, Ashmole 1421. Samuel Norton was the great-grandson of the famous 15th century English alchemist Thomas Norton, author of the Ordinall of alchemy.
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Preliminary material [Transcribed by Peggy Brown]
Dedication to Queen Elizabeth [Transcribed by Peggy Brown]
The Preamble [Transcribed by Peggy Brown]
The First Treatise - Of the Vegetable Stone
The Second Treatise - Of the Mineral Stone [Transcribed by David Wyn Roberts]
The Third Treatise - Of the Animal Stone [Transcribed by David Wyn Roberts]
The Fourth Treatise - The Manner of Fermentation [Transcribed by Jerry Bujas]
The Fifth Treatise - Of the Mixed Stone [Transcribed by Jerry Bujas]
The Sixth Treatise - Of the Transparent stone [Transcribed by Jerry Bujas]
The Seventh Treatise - Of the Elixir of Life [Transcribed by Jerry Bujas]
The Eighth Treatise - The Rules of Multiplication and Projection [Transcribed by Jerry Bujas]