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Portraits of Paracelsus

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The Flemish artist Quentin Metsys (c.1465-1530) who was a contemporary of Paracelsus made a portrait of Paracelsus. This original portrait may have been drawn from life. Unfortunately this does not seem to have survived, but it must have been around in the 17th century as at least three copies were made then.

Copy made in 1617/18 by Peter Paul Rubens.
Now in Brussels.

Copy made in the first half of the 17th century by an unknown Flemish artist.
Now in the Louvre.

Copy made in the first half of the 17th century by a pupil of Rubens.
Now in Uppsala.

There are a few engraved portraits of Paracelsus that follow these paintings.

Engraving by Wenceslaus Hollar (1607-1677)

17th century engraving.

17th century engraving by John Payne.

19th Century engraving by William Ridley

Most of the illustrations in books, however, are of the conventional image of Paracelsus with his hand on the pommel of his sword which has the 'azoth' hidden inside.

Engraved title page from Mathias Quad, Paracelsus-Flugblatt, Nuremberg 1606.

Woodcut from Astronomica et Astrologica, 1567.

Engraved title page, Dresden 1781, supposedly of a drawing by Durer.

Woodcut on titlepage Paracelsus Archidoxa, Munich, 1570.

Woodcut on titlepage Paracelsus Medicorum et philosophorum , Basel, 1570.

Section of engraved titlepage of Croll La Royalle Chymie, 1624.

Part of woodcut frontispiece Paracelsus, Philosophi vnnd Medicini. Basel, 1589-90

17th Century engraving.

Section of engraved titlepage Hydrolithus sophicus, 1625.

Woodcut portrait after Augustin Hirschvogel from Paracelsus Das Buch Meteororum, 1566.

Engraved portrait by François Chauveau after Tintoretto from Paracelsus, Opera Omnia, Tournes, 1658.