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In 1984 Frater Albertus came to Australia to teach for the last time. He
appointed Gregory Sneddon as the Administrator of Paracelsus College
After the death of Frater Albertus the College undertook to continue the
oral teachings with Greg and the valuable input of Dr. Werner Nawrocki
from Germany. During this time of transition Greg began training a few students
to teach the college curriculum.
In March 1990 Greg made the decision to withdraw and pursue his own work.
He duly appointed Jeannie Radcliffe as the next Administrator.
The Work has continued to this day. At the present time the college is run
by the 2 remaining teachers Jeannie Radcliffe and Rik Danenberg.

P.C.A. is a non-profit educational system dedicated to the furtherance of the
conscious evolution of the individual within the context of their physical
existence, as it is. To this end Alchemy provides a way that allows us to
observe and participate in the process of evolution as we work.
By understanding philosophically what is observed consciously, through
repetitive practical work, the alchemical process is imbibed into the psyche
to awaken the sleeping beauty within. That which is understood internally
becomes that which is observed externally. The two can become One, yet
still the vessel remains; One '0'.

The College system consists of three levels of:

Laboratory theory and practice to gain insight into universal processes.
QBL to understand analogical relationships.
Cycles and astrology to incorporate the principles of time and psychology.
Sacred Geometry to demonstrate the principles of space and the process
of resonant creation.

Paracelsus College Aust.

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