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P.O.N. Seminars 1992

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Energies in Alchemy & Qabala

Lecturer: Jean Dubuis
Translator: Patrice Malézé
Commentary by Russ House is indicated as [RH: ...]

Before we start this seminar I'd like to say some words on the L.P.N. philosophy. [RH: The L.P.N. was a French-language association founded by Jean Dubuis. It is no longer operative. The Philosophers of Nature is dedicated to the same philosophical and ethical traditions, and presenting the courses of Mr. Dubuis and others.] We are not library alchemists but laboratory alchemists. And in all of these lectures we will give you the means to do the experiments. We will hand out photocopies. Because we believe that if we want to go further in alchemy we must understand perfectly what we are doing. We must keep free of superstitions, but verify experimentally. We think that when you have heard all our explanations, and the experiments and demonstrations that we will be having, you will be able to reproduce the experiments and to explain with certitude not from what people say (claim) but by your own words.

We will start with a lecture on energy. During our work we found out that the energies that are involved with alchemy, were the same as the ones used in operative qabala. So in considering this thing we will see teachings from Germany that are some kind of synthesis between alchemy, qabala, or operative magic and astrology. But the so-called astrology for practical reasons in alchemy is set to the planetary genius's probably. We think that we cannot work at random in alchemy. And we will try to explain how to manipulate properly the alchemical energies. First theory, then practice. For reasons of language we will mix both qabala and alchemy first. Because we have been brought to think during accomplishments and works, that qabala explains some kinds of problems properly and alchemy, others.

When we look at the text of the Golden Chain of Homer (points to picture on wall) at this picture here, it's in accordance with the qabala. It says that everything that exists comes from one energy and origin and that this energy originates matter but also consciousness and energy. To speak of this energy we will take the names of qabala. This energy starts with level 1, where it suffers and begins, in successive steps, to coagulates to the level of the density of our world and its level of power. It automatically condenses to many levels, we have 1-2-3 here (points to chart) and 1-2-3 here, of these we will speak very little. These levels do not concern alchemy or qabala except beginning on #3. We don't speak of these levels because they have very little influence on the earth work, because they are levels where no space and time occur. The levels consist of alchemy and a bit of chemistry. The job we will be doing will be to consider the nature of these energies of the upper worlds and the upper levels. There is no space or time and energy is unitary. We start in the kingdom of duality. Little by little with coagulation, appears a denser space/time. From this point on every law of nature by conception has a double aspect + and - etc. This part of energy is invisible. For the ordinary consciousness of man only level ten of coagulation is visible. Whatever process you use in alchemy you will always have to go by steps. All these levels of energy exist in everything, in the mineral, vegetable, and man. [RH: The levels conform to the levels in the tree of life. 1 is the most subtle, 10 the most dense. 1 is Kether, 2 is Chockmah, 3 is Binah. At level 3 the first duality as space/time forms as the primary energy coagulates. 4 is Chesed, 5 is Geburah, 6 is Tiphareth, 7 is Netzach, 8 is Hod, 9 is Yesod, and 10 is Malkuth. Malkuth conforms to "the density of our world and its level of power".]

To understand what is coming, that will be spoken of Sunday, we will only lightly speak of certain things, because today is a preparation so that you can understand what we will do, then we will go and do it. Every level constitutes what we call an inner world or a level in the universe. In each of these levels there exists things and elements that exist on the earth level. Energy is in degrees and it can match matter and can act on it, even in very subtle states in form. And when man can match his conscious with a level he sees that in each of these worlds he can live consciously, just like in this world; that rocks and animals exist - and that things are very little different from what people are seeing on this level (10). Except that consciousness has to adapt to the space/time at each level which is the biggest problem that we encounter. In fact the real work of alchemy or qabala and the real initiation is to go up the levels of the conscious of man, up one by one, so as to become conscious of these inner worlds. When dealing with alchemy or qabala it's important to know that the energy comes down always by the same way. It is something you have to remember when you will have complex experiments. Subtle energy in alchemy will be the same way: you will make it come down in the same first way, and in no alchemical experiment can you jump a level. That's the general aspect of energy. These energies have several aspects we can use in alchemy. If we consider the beginning up here (points to chart level 1) it is the origin from which the matter is being carried , both names - depending on the order and when duality appears the energy takes two aspects. An aspect which the ancients called nitre and an aspect called salt. In texts it's twice called salt of the sky and salt of the earth, then this energy divides into two - then appears the four elements on which lots of errors have been made and on which we will try to explain a lot of things.

The first (ones) are Air and Fire, they are in fact the spiritual energy that animates things. These are the energies used in alchemy and these energies are totally or nearly totally ignored by the profane sciences. Earth and Water are the energies in the origin of the matter and structure. In alchemical conceptions of principles we consider Fire and Air to form the principle called Sulfur, the principle that animates things. Earth and Water form the principle of Salt - they are the structure of matter.

Between the spiritual and matter is an element called Mercury, it is between the symbols Air and Water. Mercury in every kingdom is the element and junction between spirit and matter. We will pause on the alchemical problem, as here there are delicate things to explain. The names of these elements do not mean their aspects. If we want a relatively correct picture of these elements, we must consider the sunlight. It seems white, and when it comes down through the rain or a prism it's a new color. The elements are colors of the primary unity and are included in it - there is an order of power in the elements. Fire is the strongest and in every initiatic or alchemistical process - Fire sets things. [RH: The term 'sets' is used interchangeably with 'determines'. This concept appears again in the lecture on 'Mendeleiev Table of Elements' and in discussions on 'The Secret Fire'. It is an important concept in Alchemy.]

The energy goes down by Fire, Air, Water, Earth (Homer chart is reversed for this), these (Earth) elements in man are the body elements. These are the salt - (traditionally?) we have produced a bad note by saying that when we go through death the salt separates from the body. What is said now will be right for man, for the vegetable, for mineral. When the death occurred there was only a transfer of the energy produced (at the time)? This may seem far from real alchemy but we will try to show you by experiment that it is possible to have the elements go up step by step. [RH: Metallic evolution.] In fact what we will say tomorrow, coming up [RH: though the levels] with the elements of matter, brings back the consciousness of the operator on this same level and he will be conscious of this level.

I will now come to a practical aspect. We had a little problem with the 6000 documents. We missed some documents of the alchemical work that will be important to remember, that whatever level we consider we find that in every level there's a series of things. In every level there is a level of consciousness and density, and space/time, and for our chemical work there are basic elements that have a planet related, symbolically or in reality. For instance here is mercury (points to chart at level 8), a metal, a day of the week - Wednesday - a crystal - orthorhombic (Note: Here Patrice says orthorhombic, however, mercury is rhombohedral) - and also a certain number of plants. And when we will speak on Saturday we will spend time to see what metal of -----? Back to our chemical work. In manipulating these energies we will talk a lot on the initiatic stones. Because a vegetable stone allows one much more quickly to have contact with inner levels. For instance we think we will be able to let you have an experience or at least a contact on this level (mercury), and we will explain later why we chose this level.

But the vegetable stone only gives temporary experience. To have a definitive experience we must work on the metallic stone. We will explain in detail how we can discover the level(s) of the stones. The stones belonging to the white work will allow one to accomplish contact at these levels (points to chart levels 9 - 8 -7) and the stones that are red allow to initiate these levels (points to same chart, levels 6 - 5- 4 -3), upper levels. We are rather short of time because the program we have for you is long. The consequences of initiation here will be followed (up on?) For us alchemy is a very logical and very --- kind --- and we do not believe in the value of ---- because we think that people, as will be explained tomorrow, that people who are not of the proper 'heart', who are not real knights will not succeed in alchemy.

That's for tomorrow, and we will explain to you the rules of the laboratory. The second part is, you must have a strong heart. The world was created as it is, and it is not credible to make chemical experiments if we do not understand what we are doing, and if we don't know the ethical reasons based on alchemical rules.

We think that during this seminar we will come to some interesting ideas and to make two KEY stones on the alchemical path, and we think that we will explain to you a problem on the metallic work. And Thursday the elements given will allow you to do at least two thirds of the Flamel work. We will speak on the third work but it brings on a bit of a problem. (long break)

While it seems illogical, we will start by explaining the metallic work in the laboratory. We are going to be working a lot on it. This will be the first series of basic ideas on it.

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