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P.O.N. Seminars 1992

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The Becoming of Man

Lecturer: Jean Dubuis
Translator: Patrice Malézé
Commentary by Russ House is indicated as [RH: ...]

I'm going to try to explain to you something that is not really easily explainable. Throughout my life, which has been rather long, I had some contacts with eternity. This is hard to explain in terms of the earth, for reasons that we are going to see. You have been trained to do a work that's hard to explain. I was able to grasp (this) and experiment. I believe that from that we are able to understand why we're here on this earth, we can understand the reasons and occurrences of this world and a lot of things that I hope will help you on your personal path.

The first thing to understand is that everything comes from the Absolute. That we are children of the Absolute, and that Man is created through the charity of nature to enable to assume the necessities of his future and becoming. I know that what I'm going to say is not very easy, and if it's too hard to understand people will be open to raise hands and ask questions.

From the start, the origin, the energy of our origin, there are focal points, and this is only an image, because you can't give reality. You can compare the thing with a point, which will form crystals in a liquid solution. And each point are the human seed; when I say men, women are included as well of course. And each point which starts from the origin will be anyway an infinite when it returns. I'm going to try to explain to you the trip.

The trip starts there (Jean points to top of chart) on the top. It is above in the unitary world. There's no time nor space. And under those conditions it is impossible to perform experiments, which enable to human conscience to develop. In order for Man to develop, Man has been forced to go through the worlds of duality where time/space experiments will enable him to forge a conscience. There is no original sin but there is a necessity for Man to create himself. Here (points to chart showing duality level) Man has a name, which I will try to speak to in 2 forms. The qabalistic one (name) Yod He Vau He, and the alchemical one - Fire, Air, Water, Earth.

From the unitary world there is practically no conscience, because then there's only one possibility of being and the name we get from the absolute being is Elohim. Elohim is not a name, it is the extension that is granted to us. The Elohim are us.

Note: There is an incomplete translation here. Jean has some discussion in French here.

From the origin we have one name, Yod He Vau He, and then there's every (geographic?) name, every being representing something. This means our structure can mean Elohim, is our function. If we had time to develop (the) qabala it would be the significance of - the significance of Elohim is the qabalistic function (extension). This will be a lot further - that extension from now. This name here (points to chart) is Yod He Vau He corresponding to 2 parts. The cross which corresponds to Air and Fire, which shows the soul, the animating power and Earth and Water, which are matter. We'll give that in more detail - Niter.

Here - Yod He Vau He - Man has every possibility but nothing within himself. He's the one who creates himself and creates nature in order to evolve, and advance, or rather evolve and evolve. (again and again)

(brief problem here)

Here (unity), this works Many ways in unity and is called the Garden of Eden, or any idiot name, because in this world of perfection nothing can be done. There must an incredible boredom in this world, that's why Man has only one possibility. To human sentiment there's one possibility, it's to go for his own - (creation) out of himself - creative work. Here we are dealing with a unitary world where nothing is Manifested in order to reach the level of duality. The human seed undergoes a sort of imitation, which enables him to go through the worlds of duality.

You have the name, Yod He Vau He. It's separated into 2 parts: "Yod" and "He Vau He". This is what was badly translated in the old texts. "He Vau He" is not "EVE" who provoked the Fall, who induced the Fall, but it is the separation of duality which permits to have 2 separate things: "He Vau He" and the animated element "Yod".

In nature when things are correct, doing fine, the animating element, in this case - the problem of Man - wouldn't have a solution, which is in fact in the world the only big reform. In the world is the attraction, is the universal attraction, and what's used in word and was hardly interpreted, it is in the fact (that) the word for Absolute tends to have everything integrated within itself and in order to make all this possible, He created Daath, and the sequence of Daath we can discourse. But it's powerful enough to induce, to force, to start evolution. But to bring down evolution.

To make (this) possible the perfect state of Man was broken, and in a way his new name gives him a name which is against the laws of nature. So that it is not attracted anymore, pushed back in order to descend. A small remark: In Manifested religions this force was personalized and in the qabalistic tests this is called Shaitan (Satan) and this was made into a name of a being, but in reality this is only the quality of a force and it doesn't exist as a being, just as well in the raising, this force goes towards light. And this was given the name Lucifer, but Lucifer doesn't exist as a being, but as a force. They are 2 aspects of divine love.

Man then starts to descend. The first element which will be revealed within himself is the Earth element. Then to make it creative in every world of duality he will create the mineral world in which he will be created. He creates the mineral world, there, there, and there. (Jean points to chart) and he incarnates himself within it, within this world. This means that within your dreams, throughout your astral experiences you will note that the mineral world exists in all your interior worlds, which is created by Man.

At every level Man creates the reign, the kingdom, and incorporates himself within it. When Man reaches level 10 Man falls into its structure. The name becomes like this ("Yod" and "He Vau He"); the Yod becomes prevalent. This name in the state of 7 is in accordance with the forces which go up. It will go up through all the stages. And we'll go back to the initial steps. You know the sephirotic levels of the qabala, the mineral kingdom exists. This will permit a second trip in which the awakening element will be Water, and you will do the same trick creating the vegetable kingdom and we will go up again. (descending and ascending - involving and evolving) When those elements are created in all kingdoms, Earth and Water, which will deal with the creation of the animal kingdom.

This is the first trip of Man. He creates the animal kingdom in all levels, when everything's created and the world at that time will have the three kingdoms, mineral, animal, vegetable, that were created throughout the human seed in order for him to evolve.

Then within Man and in all levels of Man where you find the 4 elements, the 3 elements, there (Jean puts his hand on the chart showing the 3 elements at the air level of 4, 5, and 6. Note: this chart is called The Energies of Man's Universe) are awakened. In the beginning of the 4th trip is the true birth of Man as a name because it's where the self conscience will start. This trip of the Man will be different from the other trips. And it's said in the biblical sense "They were dressed with beasts skins." That means that the human seed in the 4th trip is directly incarnated within Man in the animal body of Man. But in the beginning of this trip Man is conscious of all the interior levels, which I did not explain previously, is that the consciousness of the level is given the powers.

At the beginning here, Man is a primitive being, but he has a total authority of nature. Time/space practically doesn't exist. And the consciousness there gives accurate readings of nature, although he's a primitive being there's no problem living on the earth. In the beginning there is being, it's a rather primitive life. Incarnation after incarnation, Man loses conscience of the high levels. And conscience is loosened and lost and there's a loss of consciousness of levels 4, 5, and 6, which are the ones of the solar astral (world).

In consciousness here and then to #6 (Tiphareth) human civilizations appear. And the descriptions of the Lemurian civilizations correspond sensibly to this level of conscience. You have to be aware of the ancient texts, this was called the Golden Era. And this was a terrible era for humanity. Tradition says that it was the Golden Era because it was the level of the sun, at the level of gold, but you have to bear in mind and remember that throughout his descent Man is reversed and had started to (feel?) the negative aspects of forces.

The descent goes on (points to same chart) 7, 8 and 9. Here are the Atlantean civilizations, which prepare for the birth and outcome of materialism. In this civilization Man has no longer access to his magical powers, but Man has still access to occult practices which deal with superstitions and sorcery, and black magic.

Then Man reaches level 10. This is where most of us are now. The thickness of the veils here and here (points to 2 charts depicting the veils of Paroketh) is that name completely separated from the divine source, perception-wise. The ancients said that at that time God got some rest. It's a bad interpretation, that in fact a Man is completely separated from the divine world, and he just cannot grasp it, and he's not open to that.

At that time there's a primary - there's something unseen which is coming then, it's the initiation of the Nadir. Nadir is the point - is the lowest point in the solar system. That means it's at the very bottom (of involution) and it (you) only ascend from there (evolve). This is initiation of the nadir - and I believe everybody here is going through that now - reestablishing the order, resulting in the interior worlds.

That means that "Yod" is above the "He Vau He"; the universal love will again attract Man, that anyway will have to go all the way up (evolve up the interior levels to unity again). And the problem that we're dealing with here, and we'll have the reason why we are here, is that we're in the process of ascending. The things that I'm explaining are Elohim, so they descend to give you more comfort in this ascending person, and more effectiveness in that person.

Initiation consists in going up the levels of conscience and I believe from the alchemists point of view, and qabalistic point of view you have to understand that the things of the ascending process are similar to the descending process. In particular, in our big trip we have awakened the Earth, the Water, the Air, and the Fire. And when you will be dealing with the initiation process at level 9, which is the first step of the ascending process you'll have to awaken every individual element per order of Earth, Water, Air, Fire. Unless you have the metallic stone.

The stone starts to awaken the Earth element, you will find that you experience - that you will live and experience troglodyte experiences through tunnels and subterranean life. But little by little - and I know that through experience and through several confidences - we notice that light is raising throughout this type of light.

When the light of the Water element has risen you have to change in matters as an initiating process in order to awaken the Water element and so forth for the Air and Fire. However, I will point out 2 characteristic forces which will enable you to go ahead. When one of your elements awakens to the Air element, you're flying. The aspect of the sky, dark at the beginning, will clear up, little by little, throughout the process, until the initiation is over. It is specific for which I believe valid for most of the people when the Fire element awakens you have influxes of God love - divine love.

If there are errors or mistakes in your initiating process you have either dreams or reality in matters of teeth O.K.? The letter shin of the fire in the qabalistic world is symbolized by the teeth. The teeth problems indicates that you have to meditate in your initiatic process and there's something wrong.

Then I have to explain to you what is happening at each step. The best naturalistic way to understand questions is to see that every single world is linked to a planet and in ancient mythology and particularly in Graeco-Roman. The attributes given to the gods are the attributes of Man along those levels (points to chart). For example, (when) Man has reached that level there (4) he has all the attributes given to Jupiter in mythology. I had conflicts regarding that problem with esoteric orders that say that you shouldn't look for power. It's not a problem looking for them or not, your own level (in the) initiating process will automatically give you the occult powers of this level. There is no question of being for or against it, it's just that you have to discern what to do with them and not go crazy about it (them).

If you want to know what you can expect you have to read the Graeco-Roman mythology which details all those things, and which is a good instrument for your conceptions. I'm going to give you some details of this interior world, for the practical aspects you have the sheet here.

Note: The chart referred to here has the eye in the triangle at the top and is called absolute.

Little by little in the ascending process the matter will lose density, but (as) energy increases the time/space weakens in density, but doesn't disappear, contrary to a lot of religions and esoteric groups. The aspects of men and women doesn't disappear in the worlds of duality. The (hydrogen???) space will only appear at the end of the trip when you reach unity. There is something which is hard to explain and grasp that I really want to say. When you are in those worlds you see them and you hear and live with them, but your interpretation at the level of this earth is very tricky. Because every single level in these interior worlds, every single level only sets things, which only correspond to some things like here (points to chart), which correspond to salt, because you have your ancient interpretation of things.

For instance, if you have the perception of the qabalistic world of Yesod you will have the lunar aspect of things, not of others. If you have the conscience of Hod you will have the aspects of Mercury, not the others. That's why you have to be very careful and cautious, that all the interior images are incomplete and that perception for this earth is only valid if you have the same perception at the level of Tiphareth. This explains all the catastrophic prophecies and the numerous errors of all the fortune tellers and soothsayers who don't have sufficient perception of things.

On the other hand, time/spaces are different which is a hard thing to understand at the level of the earth. There is no automatic time savings between the interior world and the times of the earth.

Note: Translator apologizes for his jet lag.

The perceptions when you have all this, when you have them, is what is called in some schools Akasha. Akasha can only be complete and valid at your own level. It's very serious to give pieces of advice to others if you don't have a sufficient level of this world. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

For the duration of this trip if you compare the earth time, which descend and ascend, (this) takes between 12 and 14 billion years living here. But you cannot be afraid of this, the state of conscience is different. I will try in the next sessions to explain this further. One second in the interior world can be equivalent to one time (incarnation?) on the earth here.

Q. Are we here for one life in the physical or are we here for many? Reincarnation?

A. In order to return from the trip you have to go through many incarnations and there are many incarnations: vegetable, animal, mineral. When somebody tells me that this is his last incarnation, I'm saying that there are as many as 500 to go through. I have to rectify a common mistake. For occult reasons, not for reasons of curiosity, but for occult reasons, I have examined thousands of people, and individuals never return to the animal species. Those that say that are ignorant and idiots. (Laughs.)

Q. (Can't be heard.)

A. Yes. It starts with animal, vegetable, mineral. It's hard to respond to that question. When the 4 trips are finished, are over, Man returns to the absolute unity. To zero, to start over from the beginning, and becomes the infinite. I will try to explain this further.

When I explain this a lot of people think, how's he going to tell all these billions of people - to describe this? If you make the experience of eternity you will know this and it's not a problem. If you try to explain the fact that in eternity there's no problem of inserting all those thousands of beings - there's no limit. If you're interested we can go further. I've been trying to associate all these experiences in the current world. I believe that creation is going to one thing but it's not easy to explain. It's impossible to explain mathematical knowledge and critical knowledge. Einstein said that there was equality between energy and matter. By the time that you're ascending, matter will become more fluid and lighter, but the energy increases. The Einstein theory is valid within the interior worlds. And after some experiments in the Einstein equations and the speed of light, by the time you ascend the speed of light and energy increases. The more you ascend the more it increases. When you reach the level there (Level A on chart - Saturn) the speed of light is infinite. And then there's no space nor time. And the work of creation of the absolute is simply to break the infinite speed of the energy. And he says that your interested in everything on earth, but you just pretend not to (be). (Laughs.)

Q. How is it possible to experience the interior worlds?

A. You don't experience it, you just live it constantly.

Whenever I want to please women I always do the washing up to (encourage?) the initiation, so that men are doing the washing up also. (Laughs.)

Q. The earth appears to be the only place where conscious beings live, which is Man?

A. Jean doesn't really want to talk about what's happening after the earth. But for once he will make an exception. The universe is a gigantic cosmic - the earth is there in this universal matter a (misplaced cell?) All the people have ascended to this interior world and know that the earth is located in the middle of the left side of such existence of the universal Man and there's a lot of work to be done before it reaches his brain. In the awakening of the initiation of the solar system. O.K.?

Q. You said that the Elohim ----

A. Each trip is done one after another. But each trip is about 12 million years.

Note: Jean opens a forum for any question, having no secret affiliations to prevent his answering.

Q. Do the biological micro-organisms play some role in the mineral kingdom as the yeasts do in the vegetable kingdom?

A. Yes, Mainly. Talking about Kervran in all the animal beings they're alchemical faculties in their bodies. I'm sure that it's very true because I insist on eating and drinking everything which is dead. I think it's the interior alchemist within myself which permits me to be alive.

Q. Question about using wine to take the stone of caraway.

A. In the vegetable stone, the one which was given out yesterday it was rendered red through a long incubation, but it's not a red stone in the alchemists sense. The red color will come as you charge with Fire. Every time you charge with Fire you go towards red. And the vegetable stone remains in the vegetable world, but it's just charged with Fire. But it's not what you call a "fire stone". The energy is in the alcohol itself. But yesterday you had some wine along with the stone because in your stomach the stone dissolved in the alcohol of the wine. The acid in your stomach breaks down the alcohol and then the energy appears throughout your whole body, preferably in your solar plexus.

Q. Can you give us some words of advice when we become frightened or emotional when experiencing the inner worlds?

A. There is one solution, It's so picturesque that I can't even tell it here in public. (Note: The accent of the French of this joke is so thick I couldn't make out what was said, maybe you can and will giggle a bit about it once it's understood.)

Q. What we are learning now is the externalization of what has happened within our time, we?

A. Yes.

I hope that you are satisfied with what has been done here this morning with this too short exposure and that matter will enable you to go further and localize a start in your personal path.

Q. This is a question about the weather. Does Man have an influence on the weather and the fauna and flora. We've had a lot of catastrophes lately etc?

A. It's a very complex question. Evil and bad feelings of humanity can influence these things which are happening. But on the other hand there's another aspect which you can - the conscience of Man can change the time/space. And when it's useful you can change time/space and live in different time/spaces. It's not very complicated to do in the occult world. But it's not in my intentions to mention all this now. There are risks in experiments and experiences and when ever it's necessary I can give them to you, but I usually don't talk about these things. Because if you make a change in the time/space you don't exist on this earth anymore and you disappear from the earth, and if there's a change in the time/space, for one second of your life there it will be equivalent to one hour on this earth. So if you're not really aware of it you will be lead to believe that you have disappeared from the earth. I would say that I have made a lot of experiments on that matter, when I had 40 years of qabalistic knowledge, but before it's not very prudent. It can be risky.

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